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Stand Up Fucking Tall

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I was still shell shocked. How could he, I thought. I couldn't finish off my sentences. I knew the answer he was never mine in the first place. I got down to Gee's room and sat on his bed. Mikey came down soon after. I hugged him so tight and just cried on his houlder. I had a feeling mikey knew, and I could trust him.
"Mikey you know about how I feel for your brother, don't you?"
"Yes Frankie I do." I cried even more and I heard the basement door creek open.
"Frankie, you okay?" I froze and tensed in Mikey's arms, I knew he could feel it as he started to rub my back in circular motions. It wasn't weird Mikey was like my younger brother. I loved him. Not in the way that I loved Gee, but I still loved him.

"Gerard can you just go for a bit please." I heard Gerard say a few swear words and then the door slam. I cringed he was pissed off at me now. I couldn't help but cry more onto Mikey's shoulder.

"Frankie are you good enough to go back up now? My tops soaking wet and we've been sat here for at least 45 minutes." I had cried quite a lot, and only calmed down about 10 minutes ago. Thinking that because I loved him, I just wanted him to be happy.

"Yeah Mikey." I lifted my head from his shoulders, adn I suddenly felkt sorry for him. I don't know why maybe it was the fact, that he'd had to put up with my crying jag.
"Thank you Mikes so much." I gave him a quick hug and went upstairs, Mikey following behind me.

"Frankie!" Gee ran over to me and hugged me straight away, I was going along with the plan as as long as he's happy soon. I hugged back the best I could. My stomach couldn't stop making back flips and it felt full of creatures crawling around.

"What happened back there Frankie?" he pulled back to look at me. His eyes were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. They seemed more green then hazel today. Maybe it was because he was happy.
"Nothing sorry, just ummm...bad memory that's all." he knew I was lying because his face was a 'you want me to believe that crap fine then.' I just hugged him tighter to me, this could be one of the last times I get to do this. Hold onto him, feel so comfortable like I belong there in his arms.

I pulled away and did he look hurt? I pushed it to the back of my mind and went and grabbed the red lip and nose ring so i could put them in. I had black ones in at the moment, I'd had them for ages now. I quickly changed both and walked to the couch, where Gee now was. His eyes were vacaant, I wnated a hug though. Maybe he'd think it was a bit weird, me always hugging him. I just left it, I could hug him later and feel his arms surround me, like he's protecting me.

I ran down to Gee's room, grabbed and pen and ran back to the couch. I was secretly hoping he's move but he didn't. I had an idea for a new song
We could be perfect one last night
And are like star crossed lovers when we fight
I couldn't think anymore, because Gee had moved closer, to see what I was doing. I could feel gis hot brath down my neck and if I turned around I could kiss him. One touch of the lips won't hurt. I started to move hy head but stopped myself.

And we can settle this affair
If you would shed your yellow, take my hand
And then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity
This riddle of revenge please understand it has to be this way

I don't know what had gotten into me, but feeling Gee's breath, knowing I would never be able to have him fired me up.

Stand up fucking tall don't let them see your back
Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again.

I stopped there my brain hurt, and not only that. I could smell Gee it was putting me off, I didn't want to accidently write down one of my thoughts.

"Woe Frank these are just wow, I don't think I could write anything like this." he took th epaper out of my hands.
"Well why don't you finish it then, but make sure you use 'stand up fucking tall don't let them see your back and take my fucking hand and never be afraid again' it can be like a chorus thing." I smiled and he nodded before taking the pen out of my hands.

Gee was deep in concentration, his face screwing up every now and again. His tongue sticking out the side of his mouth. I couldn't help but smile, he was so gorgeous, sweet, kind, loving, caring I can go on if oyu want. Just he's everything i'd ever look for in a boyfriend. Yet he's straight, and i'm never going to be able to have him. Beth will though. I sighed and Gee looked at me. I'd probably been staring for at least 10 minutes. He flashed me a smile which made my heart stop, and then carried on.

"Right Frankie, I think I have it done but I did change the take my hand bit on one of the chorus' 'cause it fit better." I smiled and took the sheet out of his hands. It was bloody amazing. I let out a grin.

"I think we should start the band now." Oh fuck. It was only playing through my head. I didn't want to say it I doubt Gee and Mikes were ready, and we needed a drum player maybe a second guitarist. I was probably as red a tomato and Gee looked at me.
"Yes Frankie, I think we should." I think my jaw must've dropped as Gee pushed it back up. I blushed even more if that was possible not because I thought I had said something stupid and he's agreed to it but because his touch left a burning sensation on my skin. I loved him yet I couldn't tell him.
"Maybe we should go and tell Mikey our plans? Maybe he knows people that play instruments." I nodded and got up. This was going to be an adventure, I knew it was. Maybe we would only be a small band, maybe we would grow who knows. I was happy though with whatever as long as Gee was involved.
"Hee Frankie, Our Lady Of Sorrows. That's what that new song is going to be called." I smiled as I loved the song name. I think he knew I did and called Mikey.
"Right so about this band....
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