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Norrington returns...

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Wondering what it was James wanted to ask me, I looked up into his eyes expectantly. Smiling slightly, James leaned down to take my hands. He started to speak and then abruptly stopped. Wondering what was wrong, I opened my mouth to speak, but James was quicker. His smile vanished and he turned my hand over so that he could see the ring on my fourth finger.

" married?" James asked. I looked down at the band on my finger that marked me as Ian's property. Looking sad, I nodded, "Yes, I got married." James nodded, biting his lip. He looked at the ground and recomposed himself. Putting a fake smile on his face, he said, "Oh. Well, congratulations. May I ask who the lucky man is?"

Lucky man? Ha! As if Ian considered himself lucky to have me. Trying not to sound sarcastic, I replied, "Ian Mercer." James nodded and sighed. He gave me a stiff smile and said, "Well then." James looked around awkwardly, obviously trying to think of something to say. I gave him a funny look. What had he been about to ask me? Would he have wanted to

"James?" I asked, catching his wrist. "What were you going to ask me?" I searched his eyes, trying to read his answer within them. James looked sad for a moment and quickly went back to his expressionlessness, "It doesn't matter anymore. None of this does." James paced and went to stand by the window so I couldn't look at his face.

Watching his back, I murmured, "So what are you going to do now, James?" James still didn't turn around. It took him a long time to answer me. Finally, he replied, "I'm going to go after that pirate. It's a long story, but a certain man called Jack Sparrow escaped. It's my duty to go after him. Besides, there's nothing for me left here."

James turned around and gave me a nod before moving away, "Excuse me, but I have things I must attend to." I stared at him and quickly ran after him. Grabbing hold of his arm, I looked up at him and murmured, "James...?" James turned and I could see a battle waging within him. Finally, he chose a side and leaned down to kiss me.

"Go," James pointed towards the door. "If we're meant to be together, we'll see each other again." Still shocked from the random kiss, all I could do was nod silently and hurry towards the door. It was probably a good thing that I finally left. My back was smarting from the whipping from earlier and I was getting desperate to lie down.

As I hurried outside to Cutler's home, I reflected on what had just happened with James. Had he seriously been about to offer to marry me? It sure seemed like it, but then again, I was ranked much lower than him. Unfortunately, I would never know James' true intentions. My thoughts ended up being dominated by my pain by the time I finally reached Cutler's house.

Not bothering to knock, I stepped inside and kicked the door closed behind me. Leaning up against the door, I took a few deep breaths and then looked around for Cutler. To my delight, he was waiting for me. When he saw me, he hurried over to me and wrapped both arms around my waist. He lowered his lips to mine and kissed me passionately.

I wrapped both arms around his neck and pulled him tightly to me. His mouth massaged mine as hie brought a hand to the back of my neck. I shivered with delight at his touch, glad to finally have someone touching me in a loving manner. Partially because of that and partially because I was desperate for real love, I pounced up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist.

Cutler glanced down at my legs without breaking off our kiss. His blue eyes stared into mine affectionately as he tightened my legs around his waist and ran a hand over my thigh. I clung to him desperate, pressing passionate kisses all over his mouth. Cutler held me tight and brought me to the bed. If I said this hadn't been my intention, I would be lying.

Cutler laid me down on the bed, not noticing how I winced. My backside was still raw and for all I knew, I could still be bleeding. Nonetheless, I was too frantic for Cutler to think of anything else. Cutler hastily pulled my skirt up to my waist, exposing my bare legs. His eyes traveled up them before, he gently spread my legs and sat between them in front of me.

Reaching behind me, Cutler leaned his head on my shoulder and started undoing the ties of my dress that I had hastily done this morning. Eager to get to his bare skin, I unbuttoned his coat and shirt. I ripped them off and brought my mouth to his neck as I fumbled with his pants. Sucking upon his neck, I managed to strip him completely.

By this time, Cutler had pulled my dress over my head and was removing the lace from between my legs. He tossed my clothes to the ground next to the bed and started kissing my neck relentlessly. It felt so good that a tingling sensation ran through my body and made me squeak with desire. Cutler gave my neck a long lick and then stopped and turned to me.

"Don't stop!" I begged, "Keep going!" Cutler did as I told him and slid his lips back and forth over my collarbone before traveling them up the side of my throat to my ear. Unintentionally blowing warm breath into my ear, Cutler whispered to me, "Are you sure you're going to be okay with this? What if you see Ian? I don't want to be the one to scare you."

"Don't be stupid," I murmured. "You know I want you." To make Cutler move, I flopped onto my back, leaned up to put both hands on the back of his neck, and pulled him down on me. Our lips fused and the two of us kissed incessantly for a few minutes. I was very wet with him pressed up against my thighs and with his mouth sealed to mine.

When we were both desperate for breath, we finally parted. I focused on filling my lungs with air while Cutler positioned himself to my slit. Rubbing my body gently, he slid inside me...and everything went fuzzy. My eyes clouded and I was suddenly no longer in Cutler's bed. No, I was in a dusty, dark closet with spiderwebs hanging creepily from the ceiling.

How the hell had I gotten here? Where was this place? I looked around the closet desperately, trying to desperately find a way out. My eyes eventually found the door, but it was closed and locked. I struggled to get up, but something was pinning me down. Feeling nervous, I looked up and met dark, evil eyes. My heart jumped into my throat as I looked straight at Ian.

I started whimpering and struggling, trying to escape him. Ian merely smirked. He started ripping and tearing his way down into me. Grabbing my nipple, he twisted it in circles and spat into my face, "Like that, bitch?" I stared at him helplessly until the pain sank in. By then, I was screaming, "Help! Somebody help me! Don't hurt me...please..."

The scene before my eyes blurred and I was brought back to reality. Unfortunately, I had been screaming and whimpering far before that. God, I didn't think I could've screamed any louder. Stupid me. I looked up nervously at Cutler. He had frozen and stopped moving completely. Seeing my eyes on him, he immediately slid out of my body and rolled over to the far opposite side of the bed.

I started taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself. Everything was shaking and trembling. Why had that just happened? Why had I had a randomly flashback of Ian? Ian wasn't here in this room right now. It was only me and a man who wanted to make love to me, not rape me. So why was I scared? Why had I thought of Ian? Those same questions kept spinning around in my head.

Finally, I stopped shaking and eventually regained a normal heartbeat. Unfortunately, by this time, I had completely scared Cutler away. He sat as far away from me on the bed as he could, looking out the window with blank eyes. He had his arms wrapped around his knees and just looked depressed. I knew I had hurt him. A lot.

"Cutler?" I asked, moving over towards him. Cutler held up his hand to stop me from coming closer to him. Now it was my time to look hurt. I stopped and gazed up at him with pained eyes. It was awful. I wanted to love him, but he was poison to me right now. It didn't help how he looked so beautiful next to me with his marble-like ivory skin and naked body.

Still holding up his hand to keep me away, Cutler said, "Don't. You'll get scared again." I sat back on my legs, not moving closer to him, but not moving away from either. After a few minutes during which neither of us moved, I gingerly stretched out my hand and rested it on his thigh, seeing if he would at least look at me. He didn't.

Instead, he slapped my hand away and said coldly, "Don't touch me." That really was too much for me. I returned to my side of the bed and put my head in my hands as I started crying. Tears streaked down my face as I thought of how Ian had abused me and now how Cutler didn't even want me. The tears fell harder and faster. I had to leave.

I slipped off of the bed and grabbed my dress. Tossing it over my head, I hurried to the door feeling hurt and betrayed. It wasn't long before I head a voice behind me, "Jenna, stop." I didn't stop. I was mad at the whole world for doing this to me. Before I could reach the door, two hand gripped my shoulders and turned me back around.

This time, I was the one to glare up at Cutler and spit, "Don't touch me!" However, unlike me who was always quick to obey, Cutler did not let me go. He pushed me up against the wall and pinned me there. I didn't struggle since to be honest, I kind of wanted this. Cutler seemed to know that. He searched my eyes, looking for forgiveness. I gave it.

Cutler put his hands on my hips and pulled me in for a kiss. His hands slipped a little lower, brushing over the cuts from earlier. I froze and bit my lip to keep from screaming. This time, Cutler realized I was actually in pain and wasn't just having a flashback. He looked at me and asked, "What is it? You're hurt, aren't you? You should have told me."

Not really wanting to give him a view of my bloodied backside, I shook my head and tried to deny it, "No, I'm not hurt. Really, I'm fine. Just sore, that's all." Cutler rolled his eyes at me and took my hand, leading me back to the bed, "I don't need a lot from you, but I am going to ask for honesty. I think that's a fair trade. Now, are you still not hurt?"

There was a long silence. I knew better than to lie to Cutler. After all, he would figure everything out in the end anyways. What was the point of trying to hide this from him? Deciding there really was no point, I sighed and shrugged, "Maybe, but it's nothing serious. I'm fine." I tried to pull away, not wanting him to look at me there.

Cutler, however, would have none of my resistance. He entwined his fingers with mine and kept a firm grip on me until we reached the bed. He frowned as he noticed bloodstains on the bed that I had left there earlier. Oops, so apparently I had been bleeding and hadn't even realized. A strange expression crossed Cutler's face. He pulled back the sheets and laid me down.

"Cutler," I murmured, "I don't need anything." Cutler gave me one of those what-the-hell looks. He gently started untying my dress. This time it was gentle and slow, not hurried by the effects of sexual tension between us. I still didn't want Cutler to see my marks. I glanced over my shoulder and whispered, "Please don't..." But oh no, I was too late. Shit.
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