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Jenna almost gets found...

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Ian stared at me for a long moment. His gaze went from me to his knife to the remaining slices of meat on the plate. I could just see the wheels in his head turning. He was probably thinking how he should torture me next. I figured it would be with the knife, so when he set it aside, I was very shocked. However, he turned to the food instead.

Grabbing a piece, he tore it into very large chunks and gave me an evil look. Leaning forward, he pulled my mouth open and pushed the meat down my throat. I sputtered and choked as my air supply temporarily got cut off. By the time I had managed to unblocked my esophagus, Ian was coming with another piece of meat. This time, I knew better than to fight it.

So as not to die from choking, I chewed up the large chunk of meat when Ian shoved it into my mouth and then tried to swallow it. Sadly, it still didn't go down easy. It also wasn't helping that Ian hadn't bothered to give me a single thing to drink. As Ian stuffed more and more food into my mouth, my belly stretched more and more to the point where I swore I was going to burst.

Ian shoved the last piece of food down my throat and smiled at me. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them as he smirked, "I'm going to make those nice and fat so I have something more to squeeze." Leaning down, he slapped my ass and added, "And slap." Pain shot through my when he hit my backside. Tears filled my eyes and dribbled down my face.

Looking down, I noticed just how big and awful my stomach looked. Ugh, I was fat. And it was all because of fucking Ian! I hated him so much. Working myself up into a hysteria, I felt food rising into my mouth. No matter what I did, I couldn't keep it down. It was just too much and it was killing me. The food came spilling out of my mouth and vomit splattered onto the floor.

I was sick. Very, very sick. My belly ached, my body was in constant agony, and I felt like I could die here and now. Ian turned around when he heard the vomit hit the floor. Raising his eyebrows, he gave me an ugly look. He grabbed the silver knife from the table and lunged towards me. I squealed in shock as the knife flashed before my eyes.

Ian dug the knife into the rope binding me to the chair and set me free. I was so shocked that I just stared at him. Unfortunately, Ian wasn't done. He pushed me into the floor and glared at me menacingly as he said, "Eat it, bitch!" My eyes widened as I realized what it was he wanted me to do exactly. Did he actually expect me to eat my own vomit? What the hell?

Kicking me into the puddle of vomit, Ian said, "Aren't you listening? You're just a little piece of shit, aren't you?" Silent tears ran down my face and I lay unmoving. I wasn't going to eat my own puke. I didn't care what the hell happened. He could kill me if he had to, but I would not eat the puke. Ian seemed to realize that.

Leaning down, he grabbed globs of my puke and shoved it in my face and hair. I snapped my eyes shut and curled myself into a ball. When Ian had covered me in vomit, he raised his foot and kicked me hard into the opposite wall. A loud whimper came from my lips as I went crashing to the hard wall. I lay dazed for a minute as Ian looked at my broken, bloody figure lying against the wall.

Ian shook his head at me in annoyance before turning and heading into the bedroom. I gazed after him for a few minutes. My long, dark hair fell into my face, obscuring my view. Seeing absolutely no reason to stay awake, I let myself fall into unconsciousness. If Ian decided to kill me in my sleep, at least I wouldn't be able to feel it.

~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning, I awoke to a lot of banging noises. My eyes shot open and I looked around nervously as if I expected Ian to come flying out from nowhere with a big butcher's knife in his hand. A few minutes later, Ian clunked into the kitchen looking like he was in a hurry. He wrinkled his nose when he say me and muttered, "There's a tub filled with water in the bedroom. Wash off. I can't fuck you covered in vomit and blood. Put on that dress when you're done. I want you to look pretty when I come back."

Pretty? I hate to laugh at that. Hell, I was anything but pretty. I was exactly like he had said last night: a piece of shit. I watched Ian run out the door and then slowly tried to get to my knees. My thigh hurt and my stomach still felt bloated, but I was able to stand. I tottered over to the bedroom wondering where Ian was going in such a hurry. Must be somewhere important.

I stepped into the bedroom and looked around suspicious. Just as he had said, there was a small tub in the center of the room. Surprisingly enough, the water was clean and fresh. Dying to get into it, I hurried forwards and slipped inside. Cool water engulfed my body and I let out a sigh of relief. It felt so good to get the vomit and other shit off my body.

I closed my eyes and washed my hair, ducking my head into the water. When I was done washing, I came back to the surface and took a look at the water. One look at the now dirtied water sent me flying out of the tub. It had turned an ugly brownish-red color and looked utterly disgusting. No way was I getting back into that grimy water.

Stumbling around the room, I looked for something to dry off with. When I couldn't find anything, I picked up one of Ian's shirts and dried off with it. Mind you it was a clean shirt and not a dirtied one. I knew I would probably have to deal with his anger later, but I was kind of in the mood to piss him off at the moment. After dressing, I finger-combed my wet hair and decided not to look in the mirror.

Now that I was all cleaned it, I decided to go visit my lover. I slipped out the door and hurried across the street to Cutler's house. I knocked, but there was no answer. Fuck, what was up with that? As usual, I went ahead and opened the door and went inside anyways. There was still no sign of Cutler. I checked every room in the house including the bathroom, but still no Cutler.

I could wait for him. After all, he had to be coming back at some point, right? That would've been the reasonable thing to do, but unfortunately, I am not at all reasonable. No, I thought at that moment that the best thing would be to go out and try to find Cutler. Yes, stupid plan, I know, but at the current moment I wasn't thinking very straight.

I hurried out into the streets and looked around in every direction. Coming to the left, I heard a loud commotion an say lots of soldiers. Wondering what the hell was going on, I followed them until I reached a clearing. It looked like a wedding was about to take place. A beautiful young woman was standing with flowers in her hand as ran poured down.

I didn't really mind the rain and I ended up forgetting all about it when the young woman turned around. It was Elizabeth! Across from her was Will Turner, but surprisingly enough, the soldiers had his hands shackled behind his back. When Elizabeth turned and saw him, she ran to him. I tried to wave at Lizzy, but she couldn't see me since I was so short.

Elizabeth said something to Will that I couldn't hear. A few minutes later, Governor Weatherby Swann appeared in the crowd. He glared at the soldiers, "Put your weapons down at once!" He went on to interject how they had no authority or right to arrest Will. I was kind of with him at first. I didn't see any reason to arrest Will. What had he done?

A small figure appeared in the clearing looking much too gorgeous despite the rain. Putting his hand on his hip, he said something to Governor Swann that I couldn't hear. The governor looked around and looked wide-eyed at Cutler, "Cutler Beckett?" His eyes traveled up and down my lover's body as if he was surprised that Cutler was still alive or something.

"It's lord now, actually," Cutler said in a stuck-up voice. I couldn't help but smirk. Cutler could really stand up for himself if he had to. Governor Swann didn't seem nearly as impressed by Cutler as I was. Balling his hands into fists, Governor Swann proceeded to exclaim that Cutler had no reason to arrest Will. Wait...Cutler was arresting Will? Why?

Cutler pulled out a piece of parchment and handed it to Governor Swann. It was apparently an arrest warrant. Suddenly, I gasped. Standing loyally at Cutler's side was none other than Ian Mercer! Okay, I knew I should get out of here as soon as possible. That would've been the smart thing to do. Unfortunately, I wasn't that smart. Too involved in the situation at hand, I didn't move.

I continued to watch the scene before me. Governor Swann started to read the arrest warrant and stopped. His eyes widened and he burst out, "But this one's for Elizabeth Swann!" Cutler smirked at the governor's shock and raised an eyebrow as he replied, "Oh, is it? That's annoying. Arrest her!" Ian gave Cutler another document.

"Here's the one for William Turner," Cutler said, giving Governor Swann the new document. Governor Swann started reading the document out loud. I couldn't hear that well because the goddamn rain was falling all around, but I got the main idea of what he was saying. Basically, Will and Lizzy were being arrested because they had helped that pirate, Jack Sparrow, escape.

"For which the punishment of these acts is..." Governor Swann trailed off as he read Elizabeth's and Will's fate. Cutler's full lips turned up into a little smile as he replied, "For which the punishment regrettably is also death." Stepping forward, he leaned close to Elizabeth and Will and asked, "Perhaps the two of you remember a certain pirate called Jack Sparrow?"

Will and Elizabeth glared at him and snapped back, "Captain!" Cutler's mouth split into a smile and he nodded knowing, "Indeed, I thought you might." He pointed to the soldiers and murmured, "Go on. Take them." With those orders, the soldiers grabbed Lizzy's and Will's arms and started dragging them off to the Port Royal jail.

Looking around the group huddled in the street, Cutler raised another paper and said, "And I have another warrant for a Mr. James Norrington. Is he present?" James? Cutler wanted to arrest James? This was going a bit far. I almost ran forward to protest, but then I remembered Ian. Good thing I did or else I would've ran straight into my grave.

Governor Swann interjected, "Commodore Norrington resigned." Cutler turned slightly to face him and raised an eyebrow, "I don't believe that to be the answer to the question I asked. Come along, Mercer." Cutler turned to leave. The soldiers were bringing Elizabeth and Will to their cells right next to where I was standing. Elizabeth looked right up at me. Oops...

Lizzy's eyes met mine and she smiled at me despite the situation, "Jenna! I haven't seen you for so long and I have so much to tell you. Come visit me!" She couldn't say much more because the soldiers were dragging her off. All I could do was nod and wave to her. Lizzy shot me a small, sad smile as she disappeared from view.

Unfortunately, I suddenly realized that she had said my name. And of course, she had said it rather loudly too. I jerked my head around to see if Mercer had noticed me. Surprisingly enough, he hadn't. Cutler had though. He had frozen and turned his head in my direction. When he met my eyes, he gave me a what-the-hell look and gestured with his head for me to get out here.

I ducked just in time because at that moment, Ian turned his head and looked exactly where I had been standing moments ago. Knowing that I had to get back to the house before he did, I ran back to the house as fast as my legs would let me. It was hard to run and I probably wobbled more than ran, but hey, at least I was moving.

By the time I finally reached the house, I wasn't even sure if Ian had seen me or not. I hurried into the bedroom and sat down heavily on the bed, trying to catch my breath. I had a horrible cramp in my side, but there was no time to worry about that right now. Only a second later, there was a loud creak as the door opened. Thank god I had beat Ian home!
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