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Cutler and Jenna hide...

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Cutler sloshed through the bedroom and back into the parlor. The water was up to his knees and parts of the roof were flying all around us along with a lot of other unidentifiable shit. Cutler ran to the door, but a big tree had fallen in front of it, blocking off any chance of escape for us. Feeling very scared, I clutched to Cutler tightly. What if he tied trying to save me? I would never forgive myself. It was bad enough for me to ruin my own life, but I couldn't bare hurting someone else.

"Oh shit," Cutler muttered when he saw the door was blocked. He searched for any other doors in the house, but none were to be seen. Cursing under his breath, Cutler sloshed back into the bedroom. The only route of escape appeared to be the window. It was at least five feet above the ground. Cutler hesitated, looking from me to the window and back to me again.

Finally, he cupped my chin in a hand and whispered, "There's only one way out. That's through the window. You can't get out there by yourself, so I'm going to have to toss you out. Are you going to be okay with that?" Cutler's face showed every sign of concern. He obviously didn't want to throw me out of the window, but the only other option was letting me drown.

Knowing that and because I was more concerned about Cutler getting out of the house, I nodded. Cutler pressed a hurried kiss to my forehead and held me up high. He pushed me out through the window. A big gust of wind caught hold of my body and I supposed I was lucky not to have been blown away completely. Luckily, only a moment later, Cutler dropped out of the window as well.

He saw me lying on the ground and scooped me up in his arms. Looking around hastily, he started running towards the center of town with me in his arms. I was almost about ready to pass out again. The wind whipped around our bodies and flying objects were everywhere. The rain soaked us both and made it almost impossible to see.

"Where are we going?" I asked, half asleep. Cutler squeezed me tightly to him and didn't bother looking at me as he fought to run against the wind. Getting off the beach and onto the street, Cutler answered me, "To my office. We'll hide in the basement if we can make it." As Cutler ran, I saw a body trapped under a tree branch. Blood was seeping out around him.

I stared at the man, horrified. Cutler grabbed my chin and turned it so that I was looking at something else. Frowning, he yelled, "Don't look at the bodies. Just try to keep conscious." We made it to the center of the town and were only a little ways away from Cutler's office. The streets had been evacuated completely and nobody was anywhere to be seen.

A large gust of wind swept Cutler's hat off and it went flying through the air. Kind of out of it since I had swallowed so much water, I frowned when Cutler kept running towards the office and pointed at the hat, saying, "But what about your hat?" Cutler glanced down at me and gave me a what-the-hell look as he shouted, "Fuck the hat, I just want to keep us both alive!"

Cutler ran through the last strip of the street, leaped over a tree branch and smashed open the door to his office. Going over to the couch immediately, he pushed it aside and lifted up a piece of the floorboard. He pushed me down into the darkness below the ground and quickly followed me. I landed in something soft that didn't smell too great: dirt.

Cutler flopped onto his back with exhaustion and panted. I laid on my back as well, curling up into a little ball as I coughed up more water. A loud gust of wind could be heard even from where we were lying. I squeaked as I heard a loud crash from somewhere above us. I shot Cutler a nervous look and whispered, "What's going to happen to us?"

Moving closer to me, Cutler turned to face me and panted, "I'm not sure. We can only wait and see at this point." He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. It was only a moment later before his eyes got funny and he passed out from exhaustion. For a moment, I thought he was dead and I panicked. However, after pressing my ear to his chest and hearing a heartbeat, I relaxed and took a steadying breath. After that, I passed out myself.

I must've gone into a coma. I didn't wake for days. When I did, I was lying on something soft and fluffy. A warm blanket was covering my body and a gentle hand was stroking my shoulder. It felt pretty good, so I decided to pretend to be asleep a bit longer. The hand continued to move down my chest and stroked my breast gently. felt so good to have someone rubbing my body after so much abuse. The hand moved over my nipple and I couldn't keep silent any longer. I moaned with pleasure and arched my back. The hand immediately stopped rubbing me to my disappointment. a hand lifted my eyelids and whispered, "Jenna? Are you awake? Thank god, I thought I lost you..."

Deciding to keep my eyes open, I peered around and mumbled, "Where am I? What happened?" Cutler's face appeared above mine and he explained, "Remember the hurricane? You wouldn't wake even after it was over. I thought you had died. I couldn't give up hope though. And look, it's paid off. You're with me once more. I couldn't bare to lose you..."

A tear dripped down onto my forehead. I didn't think I had ever seen Cutler cry before. He wiped the tear away hastily and climbed onto the bed so he was sitting next to me. Without taking his eyes off me, Cutler asked, "How do you feel?" I thought for a moment before answering. My body was sore, that was for sure. My back killed thought. That was the main problem.

"Um...I'm okay. I could be worse," I told him, trying to act optimistic. Cutler nodded, assuming that meant not very good, but at least I didn't feel like I was dying. Yawning widely, I admitted, "My back hurts though." Cutler thought for a moment and nodded. Finally, he said, "Yes, I know, but I'm not sure what to do about that. Will it hurt if I move you?"

"Yes, probably," I admitted. Cutler scratched his chin and finally asked, "What should I do for you now? Anything? I'd treat your wounds, but I think that will just make you hurt even more right now. I think we could do it tomorrow, but I don't dare do anything to make you go unconscious again just in case you don't...don't...don't..."

Cutler couldn't seem to finish his sentence. I raised an eyebrow at him and asked, "Don't what?" Gulping, Cutler didn't meet my eyes as he added, "Just in case you don't wake up." Oh. So was I really that near death? I couldn't move, but I didn't feel that bad besides for that. Finally, I remembered his question and said, "Why don't you just keep doing what you were doing?"

Frowning, Cutler raised an eyebrow and asked, "What was I doing?" I yanked the sheet down my chest to expose my breasts and answered, "You were rubbing me, remember?" Cutler smirked as I tugged down the sheet to expose him to my bare skin. He reached down and started rubbing the soft flesh in circles, being careful to be gentle with me.

I sighed in pleasure and closed my eyes. Cutler kneaded my breast and murmured, "You're so beautiful. Perfect, really." Even in my half-unconscious state, I knew he was lying. Popping my eyes back open, I said, "Oh, come on, Cutler. Don't try that on me. Probably every girl in this town is more beautiful than me. I mean, just look at Elizabeth. She's drop dead gorgeous. You know, when I was watching you and her the other night, I kept thinking what a beautiful couple you too would make."

"Elizabeth and me?" Cutler asked, wrinkling his nose. "The girl is wild. I much prefer you. Your breasts really are perfect." Cutler looked over my chest with approval. Still not getting how he could possibly think that, I replied, "Ian says they're too small." I remembered him saying that. It was when he had first raped me and had already made me feel unwanted.

"Too small?" Cutler repeated, frowning. He squeezed one of them gently and commented, "I don't know how he could think that. They're so round and little and perfect." I frowned and closed my eyes again as I said, "So they are small." Cutler shrugged and murmured, "I suppose so, but I like small. Your whole body is small, so it fits you."

"Hm..." I murmured, feeling very drowsy. "I think I'm going to fall asleep." Cutler nodded and replied, "Yes, you probably are. You look like you're talking in your sleep. Go ahead and sleep, darling. I'll be here for you when you wake up. I'll never leave you. You know how much I love you." Feeling comforted, I let myself float off to darkness with Cutler still kissing my breasts.

When I woke up again, I felt ten times better. I was actually able to sit up. Proud of myself for making such a great accomplishment, I called out happily, "Cutler? Where are you?" Footsteps quickly sounded in the doorway and Cutler appeared. He smiled when he saw me sitting up and quickly rushed to my side. He sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulder.

"I'm here just like I promised," Cutler told me. "So, shall we wash you up now? I need to help you with those wounds." I frowned and thought for a moment. It was certainly going to hurt with Cutler washing my burns, but I supposed it really did have to be done. Sighing, I nodded and replied, "Yes, but I really do hope you're going to be gentle..."

"Of course I'm going to be gentle," Cutler promised. "Come here." He stood up and leaned down to pick me up. I held out my arms to him. Cutler picked me up and let me cling to his neck. We crossed the room and out into the parlor. Surprisingly enough, he already had a tub sitting in the center of the room and it was already filled with water.

Before he set me in it, I said, "Um, Cutler? There's something I wanted to show you." Cutler nodded and said, "Yes?" Feeling a bit embarrassed, I pointed to my side and said, "It's on my body." Cutler's eyebrows knotted together and he frowned. Laying me down on my back on the couch, he asked, "What exactly am I looking at here, Jenna?"

"This," I said, pointing to the dried wax that had hardened on my left hipbone. Cutler gentle put a hand on it and felt around. His frowned deepened and he looked up at me with concern, "What is this stuff? Did Ian put it there?" Remember how the wax had dripped from the candle, I shrugged and replied, "It's candle wax."

"Hm, well, we'll have to get it off of you somehow. I suppose our best option is to try to wash it off with some soap when you're in the tub," Cutler said. "Anything else...oh..." Cutler looked at the naked strip of flesh between my legs that was raw and irritated looking. Resting a hand on my thigh, Cutler asked, "Did Ian pull all those hairs out or did they fall out?"

"Ian pulled them," I said, pushing my legs together to save him the view. Cutler didn't seem to mind, but he did look very angry at Ian. Picking me up against, he kissed my neck and said, "I have never met a more evil man then him. He just wants to humiliate you in every way possible, doesn't he? Goodness, I'm just so sorry..."

Cutler forgot to watch my back and accidentally touched my burn. I squeaked and froze in his arms. Cutler bit his lip and moved his hand down lower on my back as he held me close and whispered, "My poor could he do this to you? I love you so much, you know. This is killing me." Silent tears flowed over and started streaming down Cutler's cheeks.

Tears started dripping down my cheeks too as I clung to Cutler. Cutler held me tightly as if he would never let me go. Finally, I had steadied my voice enough to ask, "What exactly did Ian brand onto my back? I could tell he was writing something." Cutler froze for a minute and tried to change the subject, "Maybe we should bring you to the tub now..."

He started lowering me into it while I gave him a stop-avoiding-the-question look and said, "Cutler." Cutler looked at me innocently as he put me into the warm water and asked, "What?" When I just stared at him, he finally said, "Oh, alright. He wrote 'My body belongs to Mr. Mercer'. It's all written quite small since he had to fit it all on there. And it's rather hard to read so not many people will notice..." Cutler trailed off, realizing that wasn't going to make me feel any better.

Anger bubbled up inside me as I cursed, "Fuck him! I belong to nobody." Cutler made no comment and picked up a bar of soap. Cooling down a bit, I shot him a sideways glance and murmured, "Don't take that the wrong way. I'd give myself to you willingly. You know that." Cutler kissed my cheek and nodded. He ran his down my side until he felt the spot with the wax.

He offered me the soap and asked, "Do you want to do this? Or do you want me to? I don't want to end up hurting you in any way." I looked from Cutler to the soap and then to my side. Frowning, I took the soap and tried to wash the wax off. Nothing happened. It wouldn't budge. Next, Cutler tried. Still, nothing happened. This couldn't be good...
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