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Cutler tries to feed Jenna...

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After we both tried to get the wax off my skin and failed, Cutler suggested, "Well, let's just try to get it off once we get you out of the tub, hm?" Noting that we didn't really have any other option, I nodded. Cutler gently placed his hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear, "I really want to wash your back. It will hurt a little. Will you let me do this?"

I nodded. I knew it was going to hurt, but at least I could trust Cutler to be gentle. He had always been gentle with my body. Cutler looked relieved and motioned for me to get to my feet, "Go ahead and stand up. It will be easier that way." Always quick to obey, I stood up a little too fast and started to slip. Cutler grabbed my waist just in time to keep me from falling.

Cutler's hand ran down my side and rested on my hip as he kept a firm grip on me. Blushing, I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled, "God, I can't even stand up these days." Cutler sighed and didn't seem to find any amusement in that fact. After thinking for a moment, he suggested, "How about I put a hand in front of you so that you don't fall while I do this?"

I wasn't quite sure what he meant, but didn't really care since it was Cutler doing it after all and I did trust him. So I just went ahead and nodded, waiting for Cutler to start washing my back. He put an arm just under my breasts to hold me steady and picked up the bar of soap. I leaned over his hand, but luckily, didn't fall over it. Cutler gave me a tentative look and started rubbing the soap on it.

I immediately bit my lip. It hurt to have anything touching those burns, especially soap. Trying not to whimper, I tensed as Cutler started scrubbing my back. He could tell I was in pain from my short breaths. Trying to do something to make me relax, Cutler took the arm that was holding me up and started rubbing my abdomen and belly with it.

My body relaxed slightly under Cutler's gentle touch. Well, temporarily anyways. Cutler rubbed my back with the soap for about ten minutes before he started to get upset. Grabbing the soap, he started scrubbing my back vigorously in an attempt to wash away the letters that Ian had burned upon my skin. Unfortunately, they weren't just going to disappear.

The vigorous scrubbing was way too much for me all at once. I screamed and crumpled down in the tub. Cutler immediately dropped the soap and whispered, "Oh shit." He leaned down so he was at eye level with me and asked, "Are you alright? I didn't mean to do that. I just...need to get you away from Ian. Soon. You can't keep going like this."

"It's not my choice," I hissed through clenched teeth, waiting for the pulsating pain in my back to go away. Cutler took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. He sat next to the tub and took my slick hands in his. He cupped them between both palms and looked into my eyes as he said, "I'm sorry. Are you going to be alright? I can get you out now if you like."

I nodded and held up my arms to him. Cutler picked me up with one hand on my lower back and the other under my legs. It was hard to find a place to touch me since I had so many burns and cuts. Cutler laid me down on a towel he had spread out on the floor and went to get something. I looked around at the room without really seeing things. My thoughts were on Ian.

Cutler came back with some bandages, a little jar, and another towel. I raised an eyebrow at him and asked, "What are you doing with all that stuff?" Cutler dumped it all down on the floor and sat down next to me, "You'll see." He picked up the towel and hesitated as he looked down at my slick body. His eyes glazed momentarily before he blinked and brought the towel up to my neck.

"What?" I asked with a funny look, "Don't tell me I can actually turn you on when I'm so messed up." Cutler didn't answer and dried my neck and moved my chest. He tried it off and moved down to my legs. As he moved the towel over my thighs, he finally answered, "Perhaps you do. You are naked, wet, and beautiful. And you know I love you."

My thighs trembled slightly as Cutler dried the insides of them. He stopped before he reached my sensitive areas, knowing that his touch would only make me more wet. Next, he grabbed the salve and unscrewed the lid. I peered at it apprehensively, remembering that yucky goo that he had tried to rub on me last time. I sure hoped this stuff wasn't the same.

"Um..." I said, trying to come up with some distraction to keep him from putting the globs of shit on me. I finally came up with an excuse and pointed to my side, "Shouldn't we try to get this wax of a minute?" Cutler looked down at my side and nodded. Thankfully, he closed the jar and turned his full attention to my side.

Gently, he put his hand over the clump of wax and tried to pull. It didn't budge. Frowning, Cutler stated, "It appears as if it got embedded in your skin. Don't worry, it'll come out with time. Can I pull a bit harder?" Shrugging, I went ahead and nodded. Cutler tried to slip his hand under the wax, but it didn't move. He pulled even harder, but still there was nothing.

"Fuck, I don't know what to do!" Cutler said with a frown. Irritated, he dug his fingers under the wax and pulled on it hard. A loud scream ripped from my throat and I trembled as Cutler tore the wax off my body. Looking satisfied, Cutler held up the large clump of wax and said, "There! Oh my god..." His look of satisfaction was wiped off his face and immediately replaced with a look of horror.

Wondering what was wrong, I gazed up at him and asked, "What?" Cutler, frozen, didn't say anything. Wondering what the hell was the matter, I looked down at my hip and gaped as well. When Cutler had tore the wax off my skin, he had pulled off the skin as well. Thick blood was starting to swirl down my leg. God, what else could go wrong?

Cutler snapped out of his paralysis and started wrapping the bandages over my hip. He didn't speak at all while he worked. Despite his silence, I could tell so much was boiling up beneath the surface. His blue eyes flashed and he looked like he was going to lose it. I put my hand over his and took the bandages and did them up myself.

Breathing heavily, Cutler watched me work. Thinking he needed a little time to himself, I motioned to the kitchen and suggested, "Why don't you get something to drink?" Cutler paused and looked between me and the kitchen. After I gave him a meaningful look, he needed and disappeared through the door. I finished bandaging up my hip, watching the bandages turn red. Luckily, the blood didn't start dripping through it or anything. That would have been disgusting.

Once I was done with the bandages, I lay back down on my back, thoroughly exhausted. From in the other room, I heard lots of cussing and several loud smashes. Deciding that I didn't want to know what Cutler was breaking in there, I closed my eyes and curled up into a ball. Unfortunately, just as I was falling asleep, Cutler came back in.

The door opened and he stepped back inside with a bowl and a spoon. My eyes narrowed, but thankfully, he just set the bowl to the side and didn't make me eat it. Taking a deep breath, he opened the jar of glob again and flipped me so that I was lying on my stomach. Glancing over at him from over my shoulder, I asked, "What exactly are you doing with that?"

Cutler gave me the first smile for today and said, "It will help with the burns. Trust me." I had to resist making a face as I kept myself from protesting. As if he could read my mind, Cutler said, "And no, it is not the same stuff as last time." Hearing that was certainly a relief. I relaxed and nodded happily, "Oh, okay. That's good then."

Cutler rolled his eyes at me and started rubbing the cream on my lower back as he said, "Was that stuff from last time really that horrible?" I thought about it for a minute and then nodded. That stuff had been pretty gross, there was no denying it. Cutler worked down my back and then rubbed the salve over my backside. I bit my lip a little, but at least he was gentle.

Unfortunately after that, there was nowhere to go except for my back. Biting my lip, I waited for Cutler to glob some up there. He started on my shoulders and gently worked his way down. Obviously, it hurt, but at least it was bearable. It was all good until Cutler started getting frustrated again. He slapped some of the salve down right in the middle of my burns and rubbed it around much too hard. I mean, I could understand the frustration at Ian, but why the hell did he need to take it out on me?

"Cutler!" I whined loudly. "Please at least try to pay attention!" Cutler frowned and nodded, quickly lightening up on his pressure on my back as he replied, "Sorry." He worked in silence for a few more minutes until he had managed to cover me completely in the salve. Surprisingly enough, it had a cooling effect on me and I no longer felt the burns nearly so much.

"Now that we're done, I need you to eat just a little bit," Cutler ordered. I could endure a little pain, but eating? I didn't think so! I gave Cutler a dirty look and shook my head, "No, I'm not going to eat. I'm not hungry and besides, look at my belly. I have ugly stretch marks and I haven't even had a baby or any of that kind of shit. I'm just fat."

Cutler sighed and pleaded with me, "Please, my dear? Do it for me? It'll just be a very small amount. It won't hurt too much, I promise." Cutler put his mouth on my neck and licked and sucked over it. Sighing, I figured I could eat just a tiny bit for his sake. Trying to sit up, I nodded and said, "Well, okay. But only a little. What exactly am I eating?"

"This," Cutler said, pointing at the bowl. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. I leaned into his chest and said sarcastically, "Yes, I know that. But what exactly is 'this'? For all I know, 'this' could be shit or something." Cutler dipped the spoon into the bowl and shook his head, "No, it's porridge. I would never feed you anything bad."

"Right," I said. I knew I probably shouldn't look into the bowl, but god, I couldn't help myself. I peered over his shoulder and looked at the porridge in the bowl. It looked okay besides for the fact that there were big grayish black globs in it. What the hell was that shit? I didn't know, but no way was I going to eat something with black in it!

Cutler watched me stiffen and asked, "What's wrong?" I didn't get why he even needed to ask me that. I pointed to the porridge and asked, "What the fuck is that?" Cutler tried to play innocent. His blue eyes denied having any idea what I was talking about as he stroked my wet locks and asked, "What is what, darling? That's just the porridge..."

"Cutler," I sighed, "You know what I'm talking about. You know, the black spots?" Cutler looked guilty for a moment and said, "Ah, yes, the black spots." I noticed he didn't directly answer my question. Cutler must've forgotten who he was dealing with. I was going to get a straight answer from him sooner or later. Frowning, I asked, "What are the black spots?"

Avoiding my eye, Cutler started, "Oh, well, you see there was this recipe I read about..." I rolled my eyes at him. God, I didn't care about stupid recipes! All I wanted to know was what the hell the black spots were coming from. But a hand on his, I said firmly, "Cutler, I don't care about recipes. Just tell me what those things are before I throw up."

"It's banana," Cutler said, eying the porridge a bit nervously. "I suppose it turns brown if it's been exposed to air for too long. I'm not quite sure. But don't worry, it's only banana. I'm not trying to poison you or anything if that's what you're thinking." I shook my head, still eying the banana globs nervously. I didn't like banana and the globs were just plain disgusting.

"Let's just try one bite of it, shall we?" Cutler encouraged. "One bite can't hurt." He spooned up some of the porridge and tried to bring it to my lips. I eyed it nervously and shook my head, "No. If you want me to eat a bite of that shit, you're going to have to get all the black spots out of it first. There is no way I will be eating that shit."

Sighing, Cutler said half-heartedly, "It's not really shit..." Nonetheless, he spooned around in the porridge until he found a bit without any black gobs in it. I still eyed the spoonful nervously. It was a strange pale yellow color due to the banana. However, I had promised Cutler that I would at least try a bite of it. Closing my eyes tightly, I opened my mouth.

Cutler gently slipped a spoonful into my mouth and waited nervously for my reaction. All I have to say is that it was fucking gross. I mean, yuck! It was so sick! I could stand porridge. After all, I had eaten it many times at home before. But porridge and banana? My god, that was a very different story. I turned to Cutler and made a face.

"That bad, is it?" Cutler asked me with a frown. I nodded. Sighing, he took one more spoonful and brought it to my lips, begging, "Just a few more bites, alright? I'll get you something to drink after this to wash it all down. Just take a few more bites, alright?" I gave Cutler a look like he was crazy and shook my head, "No. I won't eat any more of that!"

Annoyed at him for trying to get me to eat that shit, I complained, "You try it! It's gross." Cutler sighed and accidentally tilted the spoonful of porridge that he had been holding up to my lips. It dripped down onto my neck and started dribbling down my chest. Very annoyed, I pointed at it and cussed, "Damn, now look! I have shit all over me."

"Oh dear, you're right," Cutler sighed. "Oh well, I did tell you I would taste it..." Wondering what he was up to, I watched as he leaned down over my shoulder and started licking the stuff off my neck and between my breasts. I squealed and flopped onto my back. Cutler licked me until I was all clean again and then laid down next to me.

Putting his arm around me, he kicked the oatmeal aside and said, "I think we'll just forget about that for now, don't you agree?" I nodded, smiling happily. Cutler looked me up and down and murmured, "Oh god, come here you pretty little thing." I scooted closer to him. Cutler wrapped his arms around me and before I knew it, we were both asleep.
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