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Caught in the Act

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Cutler and Jenna get caught...

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The next morning, Cutler woke me up bright and early by kissing up and down my neck. I flipped my eyelids open and tried to pull him down on me, sighing with satisfaction. Cutler let me grab his chin and kiss over his mouth before he gently pulled away and said, "We have a dilemma concerning Ian. You see, he's due to be back from his assignment today."

Oh god, so Ian was suppose to come back today? What was I going to do? No way could I go back to him! I just couldn't. I immediately sat up in bed and shook my head as I began shivering violently, "No, no, I can't go back to Ian. I just can't! Please don't make me. Please, Cutler, please keep me here with you. If you love me you'll-"

Cutler cut off my sentence and frowned, "You know I don't like it when you say things like that. Calm down, baby. I thought of a plan out of this. You do remember how I told Ian to spy on those friends of yours? I'll send him back after Mr. Norrington and tell him to bring James to me. I'm sure that will take him a long time and you'll spend all that time here with me."

"Really?" I asked, immediately perking up at that suggestion. Cutler nodded and lifted me out of bed. I leaned naked against the bedpost as he dug through a wardrobe for something or another. As he searched, Cutler told me, "Ian's home pretty much got destroyed with the bad weather. I'll tell him that you were found in the wreckage and that you are dead."

My eyes lit up even more and I jumped up and down with delight, unable to keep my excitement inside as I exclaimed, "So I never have to go back to Ian then? I'll stay here and marry you?" Cutler sighed without turning around and contradicted, "No, you will have to go back to Ian eventually. But for now, you'll stay here with me. It's the most I can do."

"But why? Why will I have to go back? Can't we just pretend I'm dead?" I whined, not wanting to ever have to go back to Ian. Unfortunately, Cutler didn't agree with this idea. Shaking his head, he replied, "No. We can do that for a little while, but it is much too risky to do it long-term. I could get in lots of trouble if Ian discovered you were staying with me. No, when Ian comes back with Mr. Norrington, I'll have to say that by a miracle, you survived and you'll have to go back."

I knew I should be grateful to at least have a little while with Cutler, but I didn't like the idea of having to go back to Ian eventually. Sighing, I decided not to protest. Cutler selected a dress for me to wear and turned around to find me looking depressed. He put a finger under my chin to make me look at him and begged, "Cheer up, my dear. It's not that bad. Can't you just enjoy our time together?"

Thinking about it, I decided that was the most I could do for now. Sighing, I nodded and cleared my face of any sorrow, "Yes, I can. You just know how much Ian hurts me." Cutler nodded with a frown and then held out the dress to me, "I bought you this while you were unconscious. What do you think? Do you like it? I thought the color would look fine on you."

Looking at the dress, I saw it was dark brown with a lighter brown bodice and a low neckline. The browns would go nicely with my hair. Cutler was too kind. After all, dresses were really quite expensive. Grinning, I threw my arms around him and squealed, "It's lovely, thank you! The last time I had a new dress was about eight months ago."

Cutler gently put his arms around me, careful not to touch any of my burns. Stepping back, he asked, "Shall I help you put it on?" Feeling kind of weak and helpless still, I nodded. It was hard having to have someone do everything for you, especially simple tasks like dressing and eating. But at least it was Cutler and not Ian. Ian wouldn't help me at all.

Cutler helped pull the dress over my head and tied up the strings. He stepped back for a better view and nodded with approval, "It does look very nice on you. Hm...let's do something about your hair though." Cutler picked up a brush and a comb and sat on the bed, motioning for me to come over to him so he could brush out all my snarls and tangles.

I sat on his lap and tilted my hair back so he could have better access to it. Cutler started gently combing through the knots. I had forgotten, but I had always loved to have someone else brush my hair. It felt quite nice, especially when someone like Cutler was doing it. I was actually disappointed when he stopped and said, "Hm, I don't think you could look any more beautiful."

"Really?" I asked, feeling pretty just because of his compliment. Cutler nodded and said, "Perhaps we should go to my office now? That's where we're going. You can hide when Ian comes. Well, if he comes today. I am expecting him any day now though, so most likely today." I listened to him, nodded, but made to move to get up. Neither did Cutler.

"Baby, we really have to go," Cutler commented. I nodded, but still didn't get up. Cutler hardened against me and kissed my neck, sighing, "This isn't fair. You're teasing me, you know. Now get up because if I get up first, I'm going to drop you on the floor." I didn't want to get dumped on the floor, but I was really enjoying sitting in Cutler's arms. There was no place I'd rather be.

"Why am I teasing you?" I asked, still unmoving. Cutler groaned and gave me a little push, "Because you know I want to love you and I can't so please get off me." I tilted my head and murmured, "Why not?" Exasperated, Cutler picked me up and set me on the floor, saying, "Because you're hurt and I'm not going to make it worse. Now here we go."

Cutler took my hand and the two of us stepped outside. I was immediately taken off guard at the new buildings and ruins from the storm. I gaped and Cutler hurried along, tugging me along with him. Looking over his shoulder, he hissed, "We don't want anyone to see you, remember? I don't want this getting out to Ian or else I could lose my job."

Nodding, I hurried along behind Cutler, keeping my eyes on the ground until we reached his office. Cutler ushered me in and shut the door behind me. He motioned to the chairs as he sat down at his desk and started sorting through letters, "Go ahead and sit wherever you like. I have some work I have to get done. I'm sure you can find something to entertain yourself with."

I sat down in one of the chairs Cutler had pointed out to me and sat there, bored. There wasn't really much to do here. I stared at one of the pictures above Cutler's head. To be honest, it was very boring to look at when a gorgeous man sat right below it. So instead, I looked at Cutler and noticed all his wonderful features: the creamy skin, pink lips, cerulean eyes...

I couldn't help myself any longer. I picked up my chair and dragged it across the room. Cutler looked at me out of the corner of his eye, smiled, and then tried to go back to his letters. I brought the chair directly next to his chair and sat down on it. Giving him a hinting look, I stared at him to try to get his attention. Cutler was doing his best to ignore me, pretending to look absorbed with whatever letter or document it was that he was currently working on. I knew better though.

Despite the fact that Cutler was pretending to read a document, his eyes weren't moving back and forth. I scooted my chair a bit closer to him and gave him a flirtatious look. Cutler narrowed his eyebrows and tried to bury his face in the document he wasn't reading. Frowning, I pushed my chair up right next to his and pressed my thigh against his.

Cutler frowned, still trying to ignore me. I put my head on the desk and tilted my head up so that he was forced to look at me to some extent. Still trying to ignore me, Cutler continued pretending to read the document. Rolling my eyes, I put a few fingers on his thigh. I felt him tense, but he continued to act like I wasn't sitting next to him.

I started stroking Cutler's thigh and crept it across to the inside of his leg. Cutler dropped the document he was "reading" and stared blankly in front of him. I continued moving my fingers until I reached the inside of his thigh. I stroked there lightly and then moved to a more intimate place. Cutler let out a low moan and automatically stiffened under my touch.

I leaned forward and rubbed him there in that special place. Cutler grabbed the edge of the table, staring expressionlessly in front of him. I was really starting to wonder what it was going to take to get him to look over at me. Leaning between his legs, I started to unbuckle his pants. My tongue ran up and down his naked flesh as I stuck my head between his legs.

By this time, I had pushed Cutler to his limit. He grabbed me and sat me down next to him. His hands traveled up and down my sides and his mouth encompassed mine as he murmured, "God, you sexy little thing..." We kissed very passionately. I suppose it might've looked like we were trying to eat each other's mouth off. But honestly, Cutler just tasted so sweet that I couldn't stop.

I forced my tongue into his warm mouth and rolled my tongue around in his saliva. Cutler pressed his tongue down on mine as his hands continued to travel over my body. I started touching him too. After stroking his shoulders, I helped him slide his coat off and started helping him shed the rest of his clothes, wanting him stark naked.

We got a little forceful, and before I knew it, I had knocked Cutler over onto the floor. I landed on top of him and kissed every bit of him that I had access to. Cutler moaned loudly and murmured, "Baby, no, not here, we have to stop..." Despite his pleas, I really was in no mood to stop. Frowning, I continued stripping him, replying, "But I want you..."

"Yes, that's apparently," Cutler replied as I stuck my head under his shirt to lick his chest. "But we're in the middle of my office and someone could walk in on us at any-" Cutler's sentence got cut off as there was a loud knock at the door. A very familiar, foreboding voice pierced the air as our groans and noises of desire faded, "Lord Beckett? May I come in?"

"Bloody hell..." Cutler whispered. He grabbed me and put me under the desk, whispering, "Don't you dare move an inch. If Ian finds you, I lose everything." Cutler quickly stood, buckled his pants back up, and sat down on the chair. He put his hat back on and picked up a document and pretended to read it as he called calmly, "Yes, Mr. Mercer."

From under the desk, I could see Ian's shoes approaching Cutler's desk. He paused and turned to Cutler, asking curiously, "Are you alright in here, Lord Beckett? I heard some strange noises." Oops, so Ian had heard us making out. Cutler cleared his throat and frowned slightly as he replied, "Yes, I'm just fine, thank you. Any news of Mr. Norrington?"

"Yes," Ian told Cutler. He paused and pointed to the document Cutler had picked up and was pretending to be reading as he asked in mild concern, "Are you reading that backwards?" Cutler stiffened and quickly put the document down. He blushed a crimson color which was rather odd for Cutler. He rarely blushed. I don't even remember the last time I saw him blush.

Ignoring Ian's question and giving him a rather stern look, Cutler put the document down and folded his hands in his lap, "Tell me about Mr. Norrington." Ian nodded and started talking, "The previous commodore was found at Tortuga as well as Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann." Ian looked at Cutler darkly and for a moment, I imagined he was looking down at me right before he raped me.

I started shaking under the desk. I accidentally bumped up against it, causing it to rattle rather loudly. Ian froze as Cutler grabbed loose papers and prevented them from flying off the desk. He gave Ian a forced smile and started to talk, but Ian was already asking, "What was that? Is someone here?" Ian started to walk around the desk...oh shit...
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