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All Good Things Come to an End

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Jenna flirts with Norrington...

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I stayed slumped against Cutler's house for about ten minutes without really moving. My eyelids shut and tears rolled down my cheeks as I sobbed my heart out. I couldn't believe Cutler had traded me in already. It had only been one day, and yet, he had already invited another woman to his bed. What had happened to me? Had he forgotten me already?

Feeling very sorry for myself, I figured I might as well get back to Ian before he realized I was gone. Sighing, I made myself stand up. The wind whipped around my hair and the torrent continued. I started trudging through the rain back to Ian's house, ignoring the fact that I was getting all muddy and dirty. Did it even matter now? In my opinion, no.

After walking through the dark, the rain, and the wind, I finally made it back to Ian's house. Stumbling into the bedroom, I was surprised to find that he wasn't already home. I knew it was kind of a giveaway that I had been out from my wed hair and muddy legs. I tried to wipe them off with a pair of Ian's black pants. After all, black and mud-colored things blend...right?

Well, perhaps they didn't blend exactly, but I wasn't in a mood to really care. I sank down in a heap in the corner of the room and curled into a little ball as I tried to forget the world. I still couldn't believe Cutler had given his love away so easily. Had he never been sincere all those times when he had been with me in an intimate way? Had it all been a lie?

Not really wanting to know the answer to that, I choked and closed my eyes. It was a wonder that Ian still hadn't come home. Tears continued to pour down my eyes. I didn't think I had ever felt so alone before. There was absolutely nobody left for me to love or anyone left to love me. I had lost my lover and Ian would never give me love, only abuse.

After crying for hours on end, I finally fell asleep. Once I fell asleep, I stayed asleep for a long time. This was all unintentional actually. I would've gotten up early to appease Ian in hopes to please him just a bit, but no, I ended up sleeping late into the afternoon. Finally, Ian woke me up by calling in my ear, "Jenna? We're going out, so get the fuck up."

Blinking drowsily, I looked up at him in confusion. We were going out? Where were we going out to? We had never gone out in the past. Scrambling to my feet, I looked around for something to wear as I asked, "Where are we going out to?" I found my dress from yesterday, but it was still wet. Not wanting to get into trouble, I put on my old burgundy one instead.

Ian dressed quickly in some of his best clothes and replied without looking at me, "Just to a party. Cutler Beckett is holding it. He just got married last night, you know. That's where I was all afternoon. Of course, I did stop a few places afterwards too." Ah, so that's where Ian had been all day yesterday. The beautiful woman was now Cutler's rightful wife. Damn her.

The last place I wanted to go was to some party Cutler was holding, but what choice did I have? Not surprisingly, there was no choice involved. Whatever Ian said I was going to do, I had to do. There was no choice in the matter at all. Sighing, I smoothed the skirt of the dress I was wearing and hoped I didn't look too bad. Actually, my hair was a rat's nest after last night though.

Ian turned around to look at me. He nodded with approval at my body, but frowned when he moved to my face. He reached up and grabbed a clump of my hair, hissing, "What the hell happened here? Did you intentionally go tying this in knots or something?" Gulping, I shook my head and hoped he wouldn't hurt me. It's not like I would ever intentionally mess up my hair.

Finally, Ian tossed a comb and some makeup at me, saying, "Clean yourself up. You look like you've been crying." Peering in the mirror, I realized Ian was absolutely right. My eyes were swollen, red, and puffy. My skin was sallow and my lips were thin. I did look pretty miserable and it certainly did help that I looked so fat in my opinion.

Doing my best to cover up, I yanked the snarls out of my hair and then smudged dark eyeliner around my eyes in an attempt to hide the fact that I had been crying. When I was finished, Ian looked over me and nodded with approval. He held out his arm to me and I took it. We walked across the roads in a dignified manner until we reached the building where the party was to be held.

I would be lying if I said the building was not impressive looking. The ceilings were high, the building was immense, and all the decorating had been done in a skilled manner. Ian stepped inside with me as I gazed around in awe at the dome ceilings and the famous paintings hung on every wall. Ian talked to a few people while I looked around and gaped.

After a few conversations, Ian brought me close to him and whispered in my ear, "You can go ahead and do whatever you like for a bit. Just don't leave the building." Ian's eyes strayed to a pretty blonde girl. Even without him saying anything, I could tell exactly what he was thinking. Poor blondie probably had no idea what she was getting into.

Deciding not to worry about blondie, I shrugged and let Ian wander off. Bored, I leaned against a wall and waited for this stupid party to end. I was starting to think it was going to last an eternity when there was suddenly a tap on my shoulder. Jumping, I turned to see James Norrington standing next to me. He looked very nice and was wearing fine clothes and had managed to clean himself up.

"James!" I burst out excitedly and threw my arms around him in a very unladylike manner. But seriously, who cared at this point? I was just happy to see someone who might actually care for me. James and I hugged for a few minutes until James pulled away to look me over. Smiling, he caressed my cheek and took one of my hands in his free one.

"You look lovely, Miss Cook," James commented. "Forgive me, I know it's Mrs. Mercer now, but you'll always be Miss Cook to me." I grinned at that comment and stroked his hand in mine as I replied, "Believe me, James, that's more than fine. Oh, excuse me, I'm losing my manners, Commodore Norrington." I tried to brush over my little slip at using his first name.

James didn't seem to mind at all. He took my other hand and tilted his head at me, "It's actually Admiral Norrington now. Lord Beckett promoted me." James looked very pleased with himself as he added, "But to you, I'm just James. There's no need for fancy titles. May I have this dance with you?" James' green eyes looked up hopefully at me.

I couldn't believe he was asking me to dance with him. Of course I would love to dance with him. I nodded vigorously and let him lead me to the center of the room. Meanwhile, I suddenly felt eyes on me. As James wrapped his arm around my waist, I leaned up and propped my head on his shoulder for this slow dance. It was to a beautiful tune and I didn't think I had ever enjoyed dancing so much. Okay, yes, I'm kind of a clumsy dancer, but James wasn't exactly an expert either.

As we danced for a few minutes, James arms got tighter around me and slid down to my lower back. I wrapped my arms around him tighter and tilted my head to the left to murmur in his ear, "So what does the new Admiral rank mean? Are you staying here in Port Royal?" I sure hoped he was staying here. If not, my very last hope was gone.

"No," James interjected, dashing my hopes immediately. "I'm sailing on the Flying Dutchman as Admiral. Apparently, it's my duty to make sure Davy Jones does what he's told. I board the Dutchman in five days." Tears actually came to my eyes at his. I pressed a quick kiss to his neck and sighed, "But I don't want you to leave, James. I want you here...with me..."

James looked a bit shocked at my words and murmured simply, "I know. I would stay if I could, but Lord Beckett's word is law." Knowing he was right, I leaned against him and felt James' hands move down to my ass. He stroked me gently and I started to feel the sexual tension between us. I felt something else too: someone was staring at me.

Turning, I saw a familiar pair of blue eyes looking at me in a hurt manner from across the room. It was Cutler staring at me, looking hurt. Fuck him. How the hell was he the one looking hurt? He was the one who had given his love away to that woman, not me. I had never betrayed him and yet, he had betrayed him. Stupid fucking Cutler.

As the song ended, I looked up at James sadly and sighed, "I'm going to miss you, you know that?" James slowly let me go and nodded, looking sad as well. Finally, he said, "Perhaps we can be together sometime when I get back." I wasn't quite sure what that meant. Together as in sleep together or together as in just visit each other? I had no idea.

"Yes, I would like that a lot, James," I smiled sadly up at him. "Goodbye." As I said those last words, James leaned down and kissed me sweetly. It was like our last two kisses, but this one was differently and more meaningful. As we kissed, I took James' hand and put it on my breast, giving him permission to touch me wherever he wanted.

James' green eyes widened in surprise, but surprise quickly turned to pleasure. He ran his fingertips over my breast gently and kissed me passionately. Unfortunately, the next song was starting and we had to part. Why did all good things have to come to an end? James and I parted with a wave an a smile. I went back to leaning against the wall as James went off to talk to some other high-ranking Navy person who I was not familiar with. I watched James and was completely caught off guard when someone grabbed me. I was going to scream, but a hand clapped over my mouth as I was dragged into a room behind us.

The door shut with a clank and I was pushed against the wall. Someone was kissing me hard and lifting my skirt. A hand ran up my thigh and under the lace that ran across my pubic parts. The person stroked my slit gently and kneaded my breast hard with the other hand. I had to admit that it felt good, almost too good to have my body touched like that.

A low moan ripped out from my throat and I closed my eyes before I realized that it would probably be a good idea to actually find out who was touching me here. Blinking, I opened my eyes back up and saw it was none other than the man who had betrayed me. He was kissing me fiercely and god help me, I had been kissing him back. What the hell? How dare Cutler think he could act this way towards me after last night? He was married for fuck's sake and had to right to touch me like this...despite the fact that it felt so good.

Trying to make myself see reason, I yanked away from him and pulled my skirt back down, ignoring the fact that my leg was dripping now. I backed against the corner and shot Cutler a hateful look. Cutler tilted his head at me and looked hurt. He slowly reached out a hand to touch me, but I slapped it away and hissed between clenched teeth, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Darling, what are you talking about?" Cutler asked, looking into my eyes searchingly. I almost had to laugh with the irony. He wanted to know what I was doing when he was the one who had just gotten married and made love to another woman? Um, no, I certainly wasn't the one doing anything in this situation and if he knew what was good for him, he'd fuck off.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," I told him, eyes flashing. Cutler gave up trying to touch me and tilted his head at me in confusion. He shook his head and said, "I don't see what I did wrong. I'm just trying to love you as always. Is that really that bad of a crime? If I saw things right, it was you messing around with Admiral Norrington."

"Messing around?" I choked out, getting hysteric. "You're saying I'm the one messing around here?" Cutler gave me a lost look, obviously not following me. I grabbed his shoulders and yanked him to me so that there were only inches between our faces. The way we were pressed up together might have looked sexual, but it was just because I wanted Cutler to really pay attention.

"You know what I saw last night?" I asked him in an irritable tone, looking deep into those blue eyes. Cutler closed them off so that he looked expressionless and said, "Do explain what you're going on about here." Very annoyed that Cutler wasn't even getting my point, I slapped him hard on the cheek and said, "Stop acting like you don't fucking know what I'm talking about!"

Cutler looked blank and unfazed as he stared down at me. I got quite flustered when he said absolutely nothing. I grabbed his shoulders and shook him, saying, "You loved her! That gave it all away to her and lied to me. You fucking lied and I fucking trusted you. Everything was a lie. I was just something you could use to release your sexual tension with, wasn't I? All that shit you told me about love was a lie. God, fuck you, Lord Beckett. Go to hell."
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