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SoloAlice's Final Defense

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 10

SoloAlice's Final Defense

Inside the Principle Office, AndrAla saw what Andy was using against Clockwork, and said, "How strange, those powers are usually only in Game Cubes." Everyone turned, and Ray asked, "You're sure?" AndrAla nodded, and suddenly Dot said, "Something is coming through, and heading in our direction." Glitch suddenly beeped, and Turbo was on the line. "Bob, it's us, we've come to lend a hand, in deleting Clockwork. We've also got some friends of AndrAla and Matrix with us. SoloAlice suggested to let them live in Mainframe," Turbo said. "Alright, bring them to the Principle Office, when you get here," Bob said. "Will do!" Turbo said.
In three nanoseconds, several portals appeared, and after the guardians came out, with Backup and his group, Turbo said, to a short, red haired, green skinned guardian, "Take Backup's group to the Principle Office." The man did as Turbo ordered, and then Turbo said, "Use the sour power!" The large group of Guardians followed Turbo, to where SoloAlice was, and then, using their keytools, they all fired the sour orange.
Inside the Principle Office, Dot said, "Fire the sour peach, when you get there." "Understood, mam' will do," the CPU leader said. The CPU army went to the battle, and fired the sour peach. Dot said, "Bob, AndrAla, go help them. Bob nodded, and suddenly, before anyone could make a move, Frisket looked up. Young Enzo asked, "What
is it boy?" Bob looked back at Glitch, and said, "Something else is coming in." "Our scanners aren't picking up anything," Specky said. "Then why are Glitch and Frisket picking it up?" Ray asked. "I'm sure there is a reason for it," Bob said, "Let's go!" "Bob..." Dot said.
As Bob and AndrAla left, followed by Matrix, to help everyone, a portal appeared right above Clockwork, and Andy asked, "What is that?" "It's a time portal, now keep firing!" SoloAlice said. Clockwork hadn't noticed the portal, had started to get used to Andy's Diamonds, and struggled to step towards SoloAlice. "What's wrong?" Turbo asked SoloAlice. SoloAlice had stopped Enter, her keytool, from firing, and reached for something on her side, that was invisible. "Enter isn't giving me enough power, so I need to use my other weapon," SoloAlice said, as she now had a Codemaster's pike aimed at Clockwork. Clockwork looked at her, and before she was able to fire her weapon, Clockwork scratched her icon, and the icon started spinning.

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The final two chapters of this story will be posted next week! I am working on a sequel to this story, along with some other Reboot fanfictions, but it may be a while!
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