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Sour Power

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 9

Sour Power

"What in the net are they doing?" SoloAlice asked. Suddenly, SoloAlice's keytool beeped, and SoloAlice raised her arm; Lens was on the line. "SoloAlice, use the sour energy. I have used it once on this creature, and it decreased it's energy, before it escaped," Lens said. Lens was a creature, that looked like a praying mantis, that walked. "Understood, I'm on my way," SoloAlice said. SoloAlice turned to the group, and everyone blinked. SoloAlice said, "If you have any sour energy of any sort, use it. Normal energy is like sugar to him, but sour energy, should make him lose energy." SoloAlice then left, and was followed by Andy. Matrix then looked at AndrAla, and asked, "Something wrong, AndrAla?" "There's something familiar about Andy's energy," AndrAla said, "I can't put my finger on it, though!"
When SoloAlice and Andy came out of the Principle Office, SoloAlice said, "Andy, be careful, remember, I was the one that granted you that rebooting icon." Andy nodded, and took out a 12 inch silver stick, which turned into a three-bladed sword, from inside his shirt. SoloAlice nodded, and the two ran towards the Codemasters, and Lens asked, "Andy, you heard what I told SoloAlice, right?" "Yes, sour power! Where I come from, we're all given sour powers!" Andy said. "Where do you come from, anyway?" Lens asked. "We'll talk later," SoloAlice said.
SoloAlice then raised her arm, and said, "Enter, get me
Turbo!" After a nanosecond, the keytool had Turbo on screen, with a yellow Sprite and some Binomes in the background, and said, "SoloAlice, did you find something?"
"Yes, Clockwork will lose energy if it is fed sour energy. That's what Lens, the Codemaster, said," SoloAlice said, "And where are you, I thought you said you were on your way!" "We're trying to find a place for Backup's family, they lost their home due to a system crash from a game that they didn't get to in time," Turbo said, "I think they know Matrix, and AndrAla too. We were able to evacuate most of them, before the crash." "Well, if they are friends of Matrix and AndrAla, then why not send them to Mainframe?" SoloAlice asked. "Oh, you know that just might work, and thanks for the tip; we're on our way," Turbo said.
SoloAlice then said, "Sour banana! Fire!" The Codemasters fired their own sour grape at the virus, Clockwork. Andy pointed his tripple-bladed sword at the virus, and said, "Sour power!" The sword spit out 5 inch thick blades of diamonds at the virus, who could do nothing about it.

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