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The Reveal

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 8

The Reveal

G01011 said, "Step back everyone." Everyone did as she asked. G01011 said, "Anti-virus appear." A file labeled AVG came from her wrist under the cloak, and dropped into her hand. G01011 said, "Phong, I trust you know what to do." "Bob, come with me," Phong said. G01011 gave Phong the Anti-virus, and Phong and Bob left to go into the back room.
After five nano seconds, Bob went out, and threw the Anti-virus to the virus, clockwork, who caught the Anti-virus in his hand. G01011 said, pointing her arm towards the screen, "A. V. G. Activation!" The item in Clockwork's hand, suddenly started to shake, and Clockwork started to holler. "Is it working?" Andy asked. "Yeah, but the energy is being drained. It's not going to last," G01011 said. G01011 looked like she was getting worried.
Suddenly, an alert appeared on screen. "Looks like we've got company," Dot said. "Oh, my!" Phong said. "Get a closeup, Phong," G01011 said, as Bob came back in. "Alright," Phong said. Another screen appeared, and G01011 said, "Good, the codemasters are about to appear. They can help. The rest have twenty microseconds, till they'll be here."
Bob saw the look in G01011's eyes. "Did someone give you something to communicate with the guardians, by chance?" Bob asked. "No, I have a communicator," G01011 said. "Let me see," Bob said. "Honey, just tell
him," Mouse said. "Mouse!" Andy said. "No, Andy, Mouse is right, I should tell them," G01011 said. "Tell us what?" Dot asked, removing her glasses. "Listen, my name is not G01011, that is simply a newer code, which only codemasters and guardians use, when undercover. My real name is SoloAlice; I'm a Guardian-Codemaster," G01011 said.
"Did you say you are SoloAlice?" Bob asked. "Yes," G01011 said. "So, you do remember her?" Dot asked. "I only met her once, before; I was a cadet at the time. She was only at the 1,000th leval, when we passed by. I later learned that she keeps at the top, by playing hard games," Bob said. Suddenly the Codemasters came through, and their leader said, "We must destroy it using the sour grape."

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