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Nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
cycle= week
second= day
minute= year

Chapter 7


After 30 nano seconds, the game cube lifted, and a voice said, "Game Over! User Wins!" "Wait a minute," G01011 said. "Yeah," Andy said, coming to the board. "What is it?" Dot asked. "I'm sensing a viral deletion in the area, where the game dropped. It's weak though," G01011 said. "Is it clockwork?" Andy asked. "No, but Clockwork is there too. Why he hasn't moved, I don't know, but..." G01011 said.
"Get a visual of the area," Matrix said. The window showed the area, without a null in sight. There was a dust pile in the center, and the virus stood on the edge. The virus had a clockface, and looked like Gigabyte, but didn't have claws, and had a spear in his hand. "Well, one virus died, but clockwork is still alive. This should make it easier, because half of his power is drained, from the looks of it," G01011 said.
"Who is clockwork?" Enzo asked. "The virus," G01011 said. "So, why isn't he moving?" Bob asked. "I'm not sure," G01011 said. The virus stood for forty microseconds more, and then headed straight for the Principle's Office. "Easy, people, we've got to slow him down, as much as possible," G01011 said. "Slow him down?" Dot asked. "Don't worry, in ten nano seconds, the calvary will arrive," G01011 said, "Phong, whatever you have, use it." "Hey, G01011, what about combining that anti-virus program, with whatever he has?" Andy asked.
"Yeah, you're right," G01011 said.
"You have an anti-virus program?" Dot asked. "Wait a nano, only someone, who has been to the supercomputer has one of them," Bob said. "I've been avoiding using it, because it didn't work to well on Daemon, but being which this one is now weaker, it now might work," G01011 said. "Then let's do it," Dot said.

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