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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 6


As G01011 dropped down from the sky, Hack and Slash were chasing after Nibbles, again. Hack and Slash looked like rolling teapots, without the pourer, one was red and white, and the other was blue and white. Nibbles is a green and white striped worm-like creature, which is called a null. "Alright, what are you two doing?" G01011 asked, landing. "We're going," Hack said. "Hack, she's just a sprite," Slash said. The two started to babble, and G01011 looked up, and shook her head.
After looking down, she looked at them, and said, "Come on, Nibbles will find it's way to safety." She then grabbed Hack and Slash. They asked, "Hey, where are you taking us?" "Where do you think? To the Principle's Office," G01011 said. "Oh," Hack said. "Okay," Slash said.
Suddenly, G01011's keytool beeped, and stopping, she raised her arm, and asked, "What is it?" "The virus is able to absorb energy, and is a X ranking," a man said. "You have got to be joking," G01011 said. "Sorry, I know it's bad, but we will try and send a hard game on the virus, and maybe it'll destroy it," the man said. "Then, it is bad," Hack said. "Silence," G01011 said, "We passed bad three micro-seconds ago.
G01011 turned back to her keytool. "Alright, I'll warn the group not to enter," G01011 said, "Oh, boy, they're not going to like this." "I understand, SoloAlice," the man said,
"Be careful. With you being at the top of the game winners, you'll be the first target." "I will, thanks," G01011 said. G01011 then continued towards the Principle's Office, with Hack and Slash.
Nano seconds later, G01011 came through the door, with Hack and Slash, and in not a good mood. "Not a word of what happened outside, coprendo?" G01011 said, annoyed. Hack and Slash nodded. "Hey, something wrong?" Andy asked. Phong stood there for a nano-second.
G01011 turned to the group. "I just found out, that this virus... well, it's... a rank X, and a energy absorber," G01011 said. "Say what?" Dot asked. "Also, stay away from the incoming game. I don't know when it's coming, but it's not a normal game. It's going to be a level, well several hundred levels higher than the normal ones. The guardians are trying to destroy the virus," G01011 said. "This is bad! Very bad!" Bob said. "Has everyone gotten inside?" Dot asked. "Well, Matrix and AndrAla..." Phong started to say. "Are back, with old man Pearson," AndrAla said.
The one binome was knocked out, and AndrAla gave him to Andy. The one binomes are creatures, that had three boxes one on top of the other, in a straight line, with legs and arms (their mouth is usually on the second box, with their small arms and have one eye on the top box, with their legs on the bottom. "I'll take him to the others," Andy said. After Andy left a voice said, "Warning, incoming game!" "Oh, great! Not now," G01011 said. "So, we stay away from the game, I'm guessing?" AndrAla said. "Precisely," G01011 said. "G01011, what's wrong?" Enzo asked.
"Nothing, just thinking," G01011 said.

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