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My First Show

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Ashkie POV

I just sat there after Frank kissed me and smiled at Pete and Tiff saying, "Yup. So uh…. yeah now you know." Pete laughed saying, "Yeah we'll be your secret keepers." Frank and I let out a huge sign if relief and said, "Thanks. "

When we were sure they were gone we went back to our kissing. Only to be interrupted by someone yelling, "Okay My Chemical Romance your up!" We smiled at each other and ran off to find the guys thinking that this could either go amazingly well or terrible wrong.

Gerard POV

I had been walking around checking where everyone was when I heard Ashkie say, "You won't tell Gerard right?" I thought that was pretty weird and automatically said, "Won't tell me what?" The look on Ashkie's face was one of pure horror. I could tell I caught her saying something she didn't want me to know.

She took a deep breath, shot a panic look at Frank, and said something about how here birthday was coming up and it was gonna be her 16th birthday. I smiled as she said she didn't wanna tell me cause she knew I was gonna throw a huge party. I walked away smiling and thinking how to throw the sweetest sweet 16 ever.

I had made a few calls to different people including one to Charm City Cakes. I had seen their cakes on Ace of Cakes and knew that they should make Ashkie's. I wanted the best cake I could find so I called them. As I waited for someone to pick up I hummed Mama until someone said, "Hello this is Mary Alice at Charm City Cakes. How may I help you?"

"Hi yeah uh I would like to order a sweet 16 cake for my little sister."

"Okay I need your name, number, date of the event, where the event is, and how would you like the cake to look like?"

"Oh. Well my name's Gerard Way, number 973-856-9281, um the event is on May 18 in a week at 6pm, and uh the event will take place at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida."

I was a little nervous ordering a cake like this and that she would figure out that I was the lead singer in My Chemical Romance. I was about to continue, but the lady on the other end, Mary Alice, interrupted me saying, "Uh… Mr. Way, we are located I Baltimore and do not ship things anywhere unless you provided the transportation."

I signed and said, "Okay I'll arrange it that a private jet will pick up the cake and whoever is in charge of it, Duff I think it is."

"Sir, I would have to ask Duff if he would go to assemble the cake. You can't just order him to come out there. Okay now what do you want the cake to look like?"

"Oh well I just want this to be special for my sister. Oh right the cake. Well I would like a giant cake that's focused around music, mostly around the band My Chemical Romance. She's is a huge music fan as I said. To Ashkie music is her life. She loves Rock, Alternative, and Punk music. I would like you to include the bands Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Green Day, and Blink-182. Can the colors be black, white, and red?"


"Uh.. Marble, White, and Yellow."

I waited for Mary Alice to reply and started humming Mama again. Finally she said, "Okay Mr. Way I will talk to the team and call you later."

I smiled and said, "Okay can you call me in like two hours from now I have to do a show."

"Okay goodbye."


We hung up and I smiled thinking about how amazing this is going to be. I put my phone away and went to the bus to get ready.

Mary Alice POV

Okay that was like the weirdest phone call ever, I thought. The guy, Gerard Way, seemed like he had no idea what he was talking about and his voice sounded familiar. "Duff!" I yelled out to get his attention, "You need to come check out this order bring the team with you!"

Soon both Duff and the team were sitting in front of me and I said, "Okay now I just got this order and its for May 18. It's a Sweet 16 birthday cake and the customer sounded familiar like I've heard his voice somewhere."

Duff looked at me and said, "What's his name? Maybe he stopped by one day or maybe he's some famous person."

I looked down at the sheet and said, "Gerard Way."

Duff, Elena, and Katherine lit up and said, "Wait you don't mean Gerard Way as in Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance." I smiled and said, "Yeah! So that'd who that was."

I laughed and continued saying, "Okay well the cake's for his sister's sweet 16 down in Orlando, FL at the Amway Arena. He'd sending a private jet here to pick up the cake and as he put it whoever is in charge of it. Which I'm guessing means he would like some of you to go and set the cake up for him."

Almost immediately Elena and Katherine volunteered to fly down with the cake along with Duff. "Okay now what's the cake about?" Duff asked. I replied saying, "Okay well he wants a giant rock, alternative, punk, music cake revolving around My Chemical Romance mostly. He also wants us to put some All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, and Blink-182. With the colors black, white, and red."

I smiled and Duff said, "Alright team lets get working on this."

Gerard POV

"My Chemical Romance your up!" someone yelled. I smiled and started walking towards the stage with everyone. I then turned around to Ashkie and said, "Okay sis you stay here. We'll call you on in the middle of Mama, which will be like our 3rd out of 5 songs. Lets hope this goes well."

She smiled and said, "Okay I'll just sit here and watch you make some Frerard." Frank and I glared at her as she burst out laughing. Soon everyone except Frank and I were laughing. Then Frank started laughing and finally I did too.

As we entered the stage everyone started screaming our names and saying 'Gerard I Love You!' or 'Will you marry me?' Ugh it got pretty annoying. Oh well, big rockstars like us just have to get used to it. We started out with Welcome to The Black Parade then I talked to the crowd for a minute. Next we sang Famous Last Words and finally we came to Mama. As I sang the last part of the first verse I said, "Okay everyone, I'd like to introduce my little sister Ashkie Way."

Everyone started cheering even louder as Ashkie came on and we sang the rest of Mama, then Dead!, and finally I'm Not Okay. I looked over at Ashkie to find her laughing and having a blast. As normal the crowd cheered for an encore so we sang Under Pressure with Ashkie doing Bert's part.

When we were done and of the stage I went up to Ashkie and said, "You are one amazing singer sis." I watched as Patrick Stump came up to her and said, "Wow! Ashkie you're really good." She blushed and shyly said, "Yeah I guess so." When I turned around I saw Pete and that girl, Tiffany, making out on the coach. I laughed and turned back around to find that Ashkie and Frank weren't there. Oh well I'd just talk to them later.
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