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Maybe I Should Just Go Home

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Mikey POV

We had a blast when Ashkie came out. She definitely brought a whole new type of energy into our performance and I'm pretty sure the fans love her too. I wanted to tell Ashkie how well she did, but I couldn't find her. I walked over to Gerard and said, "Hey Gee have you seen Ashkie? I wanted to tell her what a great job she did."

Gerard shook his head saying, "No I haven't, but I needed to talk to her. Lets go look for her."

I nodded and looked around saying, "Sure. Have you noticed how whenever Ashkie is gone Frank is too?"

He looked around saying, "You know I never really noticed that until now. Lets go look for them. I'll head over towards the stage and you can check out the buses."

"Okay. Meet back here in 30 minutes?"

Gerard nodded and walked off towards the stage as I walked back to the buses. We had about 5 hours until we had to be in the buses and off to New York. Tours are probably the best park of the whole music business besides making all the music of course. I smiled to myself and ran off to find Ashkie and/or Frank.

Frank POV

Ashkie and I had snuck away from everyone hoping to get an hour or two to be alone. We walked up onto the stage and I looked at Ashkie and said, "Hey Ash?"

She looked at me with her big beautiful hazel eyes and said "Yeah?"

"You know I love you," I said as I pulled her into my grasp.

She smiled and hugged my saying, "I know, you know I love you right?"

I nodded and kissed her. We sat down on the stage making out loving life.

Gerard POV

As I made my way to the stage I heard Frank and I Ashkie talking. I stopped to listen only making out the words 'I Love You.' As I turned the corner I saw Ashkie and Frank making out right there in front of me.

I couldn't believe this! My best friend and little sister were secretly dating under everyone's noses! I was so pissed! I couldn't believe they never told me! At least then I might have been okay with it, probably not though.

I looked back out at the two and yelled, "What the fucking hell!" They both looked at me with wide eyes and Ashkie said, "Gee! Uh… we were…."

I cut her off screaming, "No! I can't believe you two would do this! You're my little sister and my best friend!"

Frank started to say something, but I cut him off screaming, "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!"

I started to walk towards Frank who had pushed Ashkie behind him. As I got closer I could see Ashkie shaking her head at me; crying and whispering, "No. Please no. Stop Gee." I could also hear Frank saying, "Its okay Ashkie. Its okay." This just pissed me off even more as I thought about how long they've kept this from me.

I charged towards Frank and tackled him to the ground. Ashkie screamed for me to stop and I heard a bunch of people running toward the stage. I turned around towards the sound of people only to be tackled by Frank. I shook him off and stood up facing him. As I walked towards him someone behind me said, "Gerard stop this! It's not their fault!"

I realized it was Billie Joe and said ,"Go away Billie Joe! He betrayed me! He's going out with my sister and never even told me!" I kept walking towards Frank with my fist clenched when Ashkie stepped in front of him. I looked at her in the her sad eyes as she said, "Gee stop. Please stop. You have to know that we were going to tell you after the tour. Pleas Gerard stop."

I didn't want to hear any of this shit. They fucking lied to me and now Ashkie was trying to defend Frank! I shook my head at her and slapped her across the face screaming, "YOU LIED TO ME!"

She looked at me with tears running down her face as she held her hand to her now red cheek. She shook her head at me and said, "Maybe I should just go home." She then ran off somewhere crying. As soon as I had slapped her I knew I had gone too far. No one was going to forgive me, not after this. I looked at Frank who was still on the ground and started to say, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean…"

I never got to finish because Frank shook his head and said, "Save it Gerard. Save it for her. You're the one who hurt her the most. Just give her time to cool down." I hung my head in shame as I realized he was right. God dammit why did I have to be such a fucktard! Ugh Ashkie was probably never going to forgive me. Okay now it was time to apologize to everyone, especially Ashkie.
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