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Don't Go Home, It'll Be Okay

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Ashkie POV

When Gerard saw us making out he like blew up! When he stood back up after tackling Frank I tried to explain. That was a pretty stupid thing to do cause I only got to be slapped by him because he wouldn't listen. I then ran off crying not believing that he had done that and pretty sure that they didn't want me around anymore. I sure as hell didn't want to go back and face him so I ran off to cool down. I ended up just sitting on one of the seats in the arena crying my eyes out.

I couldn't believe that Gee did this to me. He slapped me and I had a mark to prove it. I just sat there balling my eyes out until I felt good enough to go back. Sure I felt better, but I sure as hell wasn't going to go back on our bus for the ride to New York. I knew people would be out looking for me so I made a quick decision on whose bus I should got to for now and ended up choosing Green Day.

As I walked towards Green Day's bus I saw Gee walking alone towards the direction I was in. Shit, I thought to myself, I can't let him see me. Or anyone really. I ran quickly in the other direction praying I would make it to Green Day's bus without being noticed.

Once I made it to the bus I climbed on praying no one was there. Luck was on my side today because nobody was in there. So I curled up on the couch waiting for one of them to come in.

Billie Joe POV

I still couldn't believe that Gerard would do that. I mean sure he was an alcoholic once upon a time and all of that shit but, I honestly couldn't believe he slapped her. He had defiantly hurt Ashkie and now she was nowhere to be found. Everyone was out looking for her when I had this strange feeling to go back and check the tour bus. So I walked back to our bus and sure enough there was Ashkie curled up on our couch crying.

I walked up to her and said "Ashkie do you want to me to go get Mikey? Or do you want to stay on our bus until New York?"

She looked up at me with her sad hazel eyes and softly said, "Can I just stay here for a while."

I just nodded and said that I'd be right back. I was going to go talk to Mikey to grab a few of her things.

-At My Chem Tour Bus-

"Hey Mikey?" I called out into the bus knowing he'd be the only one there.

"Yeah Billie? What do you want?"

"Ashkie is on our bus. She's still pretty shaken up after what just happened. She's wants to stay on our bus for the ride over to New York, so I was wondering if you could get me some of her stuff."

He looked at me and smiled slightly saying, "Okay. I knew she's head to on of the other buses. If I were her I'd have done the same thing. There would have been no way in hell that I'd stay on the same bus as Gee if he did that to me. Come on in; I'll grab some of her stuff."

I nodded saying 'thanks' and walked in after him. When I got in I just smiled. Their bus was a mess compared to ours with clothes thrown all over the place. As I looked around the room Mikey was over in Ashkie's bunk grabbing a bad full of clothes and other stuff.

When he walked back to me he handed me it and said, "Just take care of her okay? She's my little sister and I hate to see her like this."

I nodded and said "I will Mikey you can trust me on that. We'll have her back to her old self before we even get there. Just tell the guys okay?"

He nodded as I left with her stuff. I turned around one last time to see Mikey texting everyone that Ashkie was with us and that it was time to leave. I smiled to myself and walked up onto the bus. I found Ashkie was in the exact same spot as she was when I left only that Mike and Tre where next to her.

I smiled at the guys and said, "Hey Ashkie I got some of your stuff." She looked up at me, smiled a lil bit, and said, "Thanks. I'll go back to my own bus after the trip to New York if i don't go home. But I don't think I'd be able to face Gerard yet."

I nodded and said, "Its okay sweetie no one expected you to and you really shouldn't go home. Gerard didn't mean what he said or did, you know how he gets sometimes."

"Yeah. You're welcomed here anytime, okay?" Mike said.

She nodded and hugged all of us while saying, "Okay now what?" I smiled as we thought of some sort of thing to do after we sleep for a while.

Gerard POV

I hate myself! I was such an ass to Ashkie and Frank. Even if they did go behind my back I didn't have to react that badly. Ugh! This sucks! I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from freaking out. I was still looking around for Ashkie to apologize when I got a text from Mikey.

It said…

Hey Gerard Ash's with GD. She's gonna stay with 'em 4 the ride 2 NY. Come 2 the bus it's time 2 head out.


I smiled a little and thought, Well at least I know she's safe. Looks like I'll have to apologize later. I walked to the bus still beating myself up for how stupid I was. I couldn't believe I had actually slapped her! I don't know what happened to me to make me slap her. God I feel like a fucktard.
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