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Part 1 Chapter 4 - Annihilator of Water, Pt. 1

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The Cerosa family becomes whole again. Introducing the third Annihilator, Epona Cerosa. Who is Jess Arabac, really? It's the start of confusion, and the end of realization. Elion's role in Brian's ...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 4 - Annihilator of Water, Pt. 1

[N] After stopping on a distant planet, one day, Epona Cerosa decided to stay, train, and help the humans who lived their. These monks welcomed her presence, but James was saddened to see her go. Though even if separation, her blood keeps them bonded. Perhaps now is a good time to explain. The Cerosa bloodline is even a mystery to the brothers. It's a mix of blood that seems to alter metabolism and stop it at the age of twenty one. Among other things, it's a miraculous blood that makes a Cerosa a true Cerosa. James and Max outlived everyone else on Earth, and still live to this day, alive and kicking. This, it would seem, is what keeps the family strong. Even Brian, who had been missing since dead, has gotten a dose of the blood, making him a true Cerosa. Now, their family would become a whole again, and Leon's dark light would fade...

[OD] Cerosa Bloodline - A type of blood passed down through the Cerosa family line. It stops aging effects at 21 years, enhances strength, and gives them the will to survive, even when things seem hopeless. If the user's age is beyond 21, it will stop them at whatever age they're at. After researching thoroughly, it appears to be a combination of A- blood and an unknown strand...

[S] On the Aeros 5, Brian had become James' son once more. Never had James been so happy that he actually wanted to start bonding with his son as soon as possible. Seven years away from him, seven years to rot and die in loneliness, seven years hear Elion laugh at his misfortunes. Brian, sitting next to James in the Aeros, looked suspiciously like his father now...he was given a quick haircut the night before, and was currently observing his father's gift, the penumbra knives. Also the night before, he was given a dose of Cerosa blood, then inscribed with the customary memorycraft seal.

[CD] Brian Cerosa - Age: 12. Birthplace: Earth/Daemon Prime. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: July 19, 2000. Physical Description: 5' 6", 167.3 lbs., black hair in bowl-cut style with strands of blue-dye in increments of each hair, green eyes, Annihilator symbol on forehead, memorycraft alchemy symbol on arm. Clothing: Black mage silk robe with blue patterns etched into the fabric, black cape with blue Annihilator symbol, black loose-fitting pants and black armor constructed with oricalcum for defense, boots with kachin plating, a CTIPS, and a CUTD. Type of Magic User: Mage. Occupation: Annihilator of Darkness.

[A] Brian was eager to see Epona again, being away from her for so long (and for obviously unavoidable reasons). James and Max also longed to see her. Three years ago, she requested to stay on a planet inhabited by monks that could teach her how to fight like James could. She'd need it for the battles with Leon to come...above all, she felt it necessary.

Brian - So how's mom been since...well, you know.

James (gazing out the window at the stars) - She's been...okay, I suppose. I'm sure she still cries herself to sleep thinking about you.

Max (piloting) - Five minutes to touchdown on Lubaf.

[A] That was something that always bothered James. The ship could go at massive speeds, so why did it take so long to planet hop? Truth-be-told, he found it to be that fuel consumption was a huge issue. Hyperdrive was only for extreme use, when no other option for escape was left, and even then the hull needed to be replaced because of the strain. At maximum speed, fuel was consumed more rapidly, therefore you'd go somewhere faster, but "gas" would become a little...pricey.

Brian (also gazing at stars) - Dad...when do I get my mage powers?

James - Well...that depends. As I've mentioned, it's a bit unpredictable.

Max - Means a week at max.

James - The Release is the most dangerous part of this. Most people die during it, but I managed to survive mine, so I should be able to help you.

Brian (puzzled) - Release?

James - Because you've created a Chaos weapon, you're Release is close by. When you can finally fluctuate energy properly, the Release will occur, stripping your entire body of harmful built-up mana that has accumulated over the years.

[AD] The Release - A point in time when an Annihilator releases stored-up energy gathered over time and thus is able to partially control their powers until training to gain complete control. Before the Release, signs of powers appear randomly, and cannot be controlled. Maximus Cerosa has figured out that the Release is usually close-by once a Chaos weapon can be created from Leon.

Brian - Sounds...painful.

James - To be honest, it is...but I'm sure you'll get through it.

[A] Five minutes passed, and the planet of Lubaf came into focus. As the Aeros pierced the atmosphere, the planet seemed thriving. Dense forests were broken only large towering temples that seemed similar to those of ancient China. People inhabited the streets and were everywhere. Buildings as far as the eye could see in some places. A storm was about to come in, suddenly...


[S] A dark room where Jess is once again surrounded by people in the shadows. Marius stands by her side

??? - So, this you think he'll be able to fuel it?

Jess - I can't tell yet. Without his Release outta the way, he might not have any mana to give us.

??? (different voice) - That does not matter now. James Cerosa moves to gather the Annihilators. We need to get the odds in our favor now. Leon has been inactive lately, so he's of no concern...

Marius - Then what should we do?

Jess - I'll retrieve him...I raised him, so I think I should do the honors.

??? (different voice) - Please don't tell me you still have feelings for left us seven years ago, and that was even before we started to become big. Why do you still care for pathetic human lives?

Jess - Because I wanted to raise them all to be my like'll never understand a mother's love.

??? - Yet you're old now...there's no reason to care for children who can't even defend themselves...spending all your time disguised as an old lady could not keep you from coming back, no matter how clever you were.

??? (first voice, booming) - That's enough!! If Ms. Arabac wants to finish what she started, then by all means, let her see the boy again...

Jess (saluting) - Understood.


[S] The rain fell on the passageway to a large temple, where nearby was parked the Aeros. Max, James, and Brian walked through the rain, wearing hoods (except for Maximus), and getting noticed by the many people that lived around there.

Brian (walking) - Why're they all staring at as?

Max - We're strangers to them. They have no clue what's going on.

[A] Most of them looked like people that lived in India, wearing flowing orange robes and tunics. Most of the men were bald, and the women all had long hair.

James - Just keep going and don't pay any mind to them.

[A] The cobblestone streets escalated into slight hills, and more people followed them to the temple, where they were greeted by two guards with halberds.

Guard - Business, please.

James - We're here to see Epona Cerosa. Tell her...that her husband's arrived.


[S] The temple insides had marble flooring and large pillars. Requested by the guards to remove their boots and robes, they did so at the front and walked through in black socks. Apparently no one on this planet wore shoes...another monk, much older than the guard monks, came forth.

Monk - Welcome, great mages. I hear you're here to see our fair maiden?

James - Indeed...can you tell us where she is?

Monk - Well, I regret to inform you that she's currently out at the moment. She'll be gone for a few days, so it's best to wait for her.

James - I you mind if we stay the night here?

Monk - Not at all. I'll prepare some rooms for you.


[S] The stay at this monastery wasn't so bad. Even though it was raining, a clear view could be seen of the town, which had a Japanese feel to it. It was apparently a festival time, where lanterns were hung on strings of lights, just like other Japanese festivals would be. It was eerily familiar...the three of them all got different rooms, but Brian was a little nervous being alone. Going out for the night for the festival seemed like a good idea, though Brian was a little hesitant at first.

James - Trust me, you'll love it.

Brian - I'm not so sure...

[A] Once they got started, however, it seemed to be much better than Brian had hoped. Max stayed behind to work on the Aeros, giving it upgrades and such, while the two of them had the night to have fun. It seemed like a festival that celebrated the Goddess of the Heavens. James, however, realized that they referred to Epona with this remark. Her emotions would sometimes trigger weather phenomena, so he figured that the people depended on her to be here. He almost felt sorry them, having to get her to come and all.

Brian (inspecting a bowl of soup) - that stuff any good?

James - Yeah...I'm going for seconds.

[A] Opposite personalities, it seemed, yet Brian was anxious about something. His Release was coming around, so who knows what might happen to him. Will he end up dead? He dared not think of the ramifications to come.


[S] The next morning was awoken with a feeling of strangeness in the air. Everyone in the building, it seemed, had gone to greet the returning Annihilator. James, managing to get out of his bed and wake Brian, went to the lowest level and out of the temple to watch as she came back, welcomed by the villagers and everyone else. Heading for the temple, she noticed the two of them. Brian seemed nervous.


[S] James, sensing Brian's situation, let him avoid drawing attention to himself by Epona by having him go play around town. It was something he actually welcomed, being that it was complicated to explain things to his mother. James and Maximus obtained a room where they could talk in private.

Epona - I see you haven't changed much...

[CD] Epona Cerosa - Age: 21. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Female. Birthday: December 21, 1989. Physical Description: 5' 10", 169.0 lbs., brown hair reaching down to shoulder-length, hazel eyes, Annihilator symbol on forehead, memorycraft alchemy symbol on arm. Clothing: Blue mage silk robe with yellow patterns etched into the fabric, blue cape with yellow Annihilator symbol, Annihilator symbol on forehead, black loose-fitting pants and black armor constructed with oricalcum for defense, boots with kachin plating, a CTIPS, and a CUTD. Type of Magic User: Mage. Occupation: Annihilator of Water.

James - Epona...there's something we should tell you.

Max - Ever since that day three years ago, we've lost great strength from you. Leon has become more dangerous, and ULEP is increasing their efforts to get after us. Johnathan won't even stop until he drives himself into an early grave.

Epona - So you need me back, is that it?

James - We don't just need you back...we need all of the Annihilators. So far, we have half of them. Now we need the other half...

Epona (confused) - Wait a second...half? From what I can see, you and I are the only ones.

James (solemn look) - There's one other...and you'll never guess which one it is.

[A] Epona knew exactly what it was when she remembered Brian standing next to James.

Epona (serious tone) - How, is it even possible?

James - I thought he was dead for seven years. Turns out he was just growing up further. He found his way to a strange old woman on Daemon Prime who took in lost and abandoned children and raised them. She worked for the government, apparently, and said that Brian just came to her one night. It was seven years ago, she said...

[A] Epona was confused to no end.

Max - It was an incomplete soul possession...the first one ever in history. He got the looks, but somehow had no memory of events before he died. Leon...he touched him and did something to him, like gave him back his memories or something.

Epona - Not that...what if he swapped his souls.

Max (suddenly) - What the hell do you mean?

Epona - I have a hunch about this, but it could be just a small guess. What if, during the soul possession, the other soul didn't leave, and instead remained in control, other than the looks part. What if, for some reason, Leon managed to switch who had control over the souls?

[A] Obviously James was stunned. Epona must've gained amazing knowledge since her stay here. She knew more about this than they did.

James - I could check it out, if you want. If something's wrong, I'll know.

Max - That'd be wise...


[S] Jess had finished giving her report to a man. A boy stood next to him, likely his son, and another boy stood behind him.

[CD] Johnathan Hews - Age: 35. Birthplace: Terras 2. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: November 1, 1977. Physical Description: 6' 3", 194.4 lbs., black hair reaching down to mid-neck, green eyes. Clothing: Black uniform with a black vest of a lighter shade, black jeans, several gun holsters on his vest, and kachin-plated shoes. Occupation: Leader of ULEP.

[CD] Richard Hews - Age: 14. Birthplace: Terras 2. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: November 28, 1998. Physical Description: 6' 1", 179.7 lbs., short black hair, blue eyes. Clothing: Black uniform with a red vest, black jeans, several gun holsters on his vest, and kachin-plated shoes. Occupation: Vice-Leader of ULEP.

[CD] Sirius Logisca - Age: 12. Birthplace: Daemon Prime. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: February 17, 2001. Physical Description: 5' 5", 178.0 lbs., short black hair, brown eyes, one pierced ear. Clothing: Black uniform with a black vest, black jeans, kachin-plated shoes, and a silver earring with a small golden gem imbedded within it. Type of Magic User: Lightbender. Occupation: Personal Bodyguard for Richard Hews.

Jess - That's all I have. Half of the Annihilators are united, now, and Brian Cerosa is still without powers.

Richard - My, my...that certainly is interesting news. If you're done here, you can be on your way. You know your mission, correct?

Jess - Yes...

[A] She started to head for the door on the other end of the room.

John - Wait...before you go, lemme ask you a personal question. Exactly why'd you quit ULEP?

Jess (serious tone) - If you want the truth, it's because I hated what I did. I don't know why you insist on having me take care of soldiers, or lead assassinations on leaders of worlds, or even do your personal errands. But mark my words, I'll get even for what you've put me through.

John - Brave words...for someone so old.

Jess - Appearances can be deceiving.

John - Sometimes I wonder if it's just to act like the elderly person you are, but why do you see the need to be around children? They're so whiny and...uneducated.

Jess - Call it my upbringing...

[A] She left.

John - Upbringing...if that's what she calls it.

Richard - Now what?

John - We wait for our package...heheheheh...


[S] Jess walked down the hall, hoping to get her mission over with, when she saw Marius coming from the other way.

Marius (jokingly) - So it's finally out of hiding and back to here, eh? I've missed you...

Jess - You're the last person I wanted to see...

Marius - Ouch...tough. But you must realize that this is all destiny. I know you hate work here, but you would've come back whether you wanted to or not.

Jess - No, I wouldn't of, now leave.

[A] A pair of red wings made of mana appeared on his back.

Marius - I have more to say, and you'll hear it.

[A] Now a pair of blue wings came from her back. Many ULEP scientists and soldiers walked by, but one seemed to notice them. It's like they were invisible.

Marius - If it weren't for Elion, none of this would be happening right now. You're here because Elion led Leon to kill the Annihilator, which he drove to you by means of "other sources". Then, Brian leads us to you, and it goes from there.

Jess - I was hoping he'd grow up to defend me from you. With my protection gone, there obviously wasn't any choice. I'm restricted to this body, but that's my own fault. Leave...I must do my job now.

Marius (stepping to the side) - As you wish.

[N] Jess Arabac, the God of Youth, left Hell to escape from Elion. Now, she finds herself coming back to his aide. What exactly is the secret behind Brian? Is Epona truly ready to join again? How will she take the return of her son? Pt. 2 will show you the light, and the Annihilators will be one step closer to becoming whole again.
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