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Part 1 Chapter 5 - Annihilator of Water, Pt. 2

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Epona, James, and Maximus fight an epic fight with ULEP to end their use of Brian as a power source. Little do they know, Brian's Release is just around the corner...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 5 - Annihilator of Water, Pt. 2

[N] Epona knew things that even Maximus never knew. She knew Brian's predicament with his soul possession, and she had perfect insight into it. What are her secrets? Not even I know. But perhaps my daughter would know more than anyone...the so-called "Goddess of Youth" is nothing more than an angel that loves all children. Having escaped Elion, she was blackmailed into joining ULEP, but soon abandoned even that. Destiny led an Annihilator straight to her so that he would be safe until the gods gave him powers. She had other ideas, which were quickly crushed, and the Annihilator was thus born again. Now...his powers will finally be revealed. Annihilators of the white and black souls...


[S] James ran everywhere through the castle, seeking help from other men also searching for Brian. No one could find him, not even Epona, whose special water creatures searched everywhere.

[MD] Water Form (Epona) - Turns water into living, breathing creatures of mana that are similar to Aquaforms, but not as smart. Used best as shields or distractions.

James - He's nowhere...what could've happened to him!?

[A] Epona, sitting against one of the pillars, was approached by several Water Forms, who all melted to the ground and crawled up Epona's robe. From a deep state of sleep, she awoke.

Epona - Nothing...Brian's gone, and not even a trace of anyone who took him.

[A] Maximus jumped in through the window, walking towards them.

Max - There's something you should see...


[S] Jess walked straight in through the door of the temple, clapping her hands and touching the guards that threatened to slice her. They both exploded in a cloud of dust and blood. She seemed to look younger than she originally did. More guards heard the cries of the dead gatekeepers, and ran to help, but she clapped again, touching the ground to transmute a set of spikes and impale all of them. Finally, looking back, she drew a large array on the ground, which completely stopped everything from moving around her. Time was stopped, but it took her at least a minute to prep the array. She made her way to top floor.


[S] The three of them stood over the remnants of a transmutation circle.

Max (pointing at the corpses) - As you've seen, these are the only bodies we could find near this point. Looking closer at this array, it was rubbed out after being made.

James - We know all of that. But what is this seal?

Max - Not even I's complicated, and it's not any kind of forbidden alchemy.

[AD] Forbidden Alchemy - There are 12 alchemy symbols that have been restricted of use all throughout the universe. By applying the basics of alchemy, one can actually construct these without prior knowledge. Each one is dangerous, and could even take the user's life in the process. Each one is also one of the elements of either Chaos or Annihilation.

Epona - It's a time stopping seal...

Max (stumped) - A what?

Epona - I've read things about it in the archives here. It's a type of forbidden alchemy, but not classified as it because it's not used as much as the others.

James (questioning) - Does anyone else find it weird how you know so much?

Epona (laughing) - I didn't spend nearly four years just training, you know...

Max - There's something else. People in the town have witnessed a mysterious old woman inspecting points of entry into the building, and some of the guards said she tried to get in a few times...think she did this?

James - More than likely...


[S] Jess walked up several flights of stairs before her time seal wore off, at which case she ran to the top while trying to sneak past another set of monks with halberds. This time, she stayed out of sight, clapped her hands, touched the wall, and created an explosion in the other room, which drew their attention. She walked in, sealing the door with another clap, and touched a guard on the back, exploding him into a cloud of blood. Another one saw this and tried to hit her with his halberd, slashing a total of three times, all delivering metacalibur her way. The slashes of mana hit her, but she wasn't fazed by it. She drew her knife and stabbed him in the heart, then slashed his neck, and ended it with a shot to the head. Touching the ground, it pulled the corpse, blood and all, underneath. Another one ran in, but she ducked his thrust and pushed him at the chest, making him a human bomb, which she kicked out the window. Landing on the ground, he exploded, taking out some of the buildings.


[S] The three of them now moved to the middle floor, Max unblocking the sealed door with his own alchemy. From what they could see, only one puddle of blood was there, but an imprint of a monk screaming for life could be seen, as well as the gigantic explosion with plenty of other people dead.

Max - So you're sure you didn't pass this room on the way up?

James - It was blocked, so I climbed the side of the castle.


[S] Jess knocked down the door with a blast, somehow not waking Brian from his sleep. She hovered over his bedside for a second, touching his chest for some reason.

Jess (glaring at him, whispering) - I know I said I would always love you...but you're no longer the boy I came to know. Hews can have you...

[A] Again, she clapped her hands together and touched his bed.


[S] Now they inspected Brian's room. His bed had been transmuted into something, and little of it was left. His bow was sitting in the corner, his knives on a nightstand, his CTIPS next to the knives, his robe and armor hanging over a chair. The castle/monastery was actually furnished with several inter-planetary imports, such as couches and chairs that were made of the finest woods, and tiles of marble covered in lavish carpets. This room, ironically, brought all notice from James to this little...detail. For monks, they weren't as isolated as originally thought. Truth-be-told, Lubaf used to be famed for its exports of goods, supplies, and minerals. Now, it has few relics left from that day.

Max - And now we're back to square one...

Epona - He didn't take anything with him, so he's been kidnapped.

James - But by who?

[A] James had noticed a disk-like structure on the nightstand. No, it hadn't been there before...he reached for it?

James (examining it) - It's a...hologram projector?

Max - ...?

[A] A button on the bottom was noticeable. When he pressed it, a blue and static image of Johnathan Hews appeared.

John (smiling) - Ahhhh, I see the Cerosa family is, or was, once again complete. I also see that you're missing one of your members...that is courtesy of one of my best soldiers.

James - You...!

Max - Hews...

John - In...the flesh. The two of you seem fine, and it's good to see the bitch again, but I must say this is a bittersweet confrontation.

Epona (clenching her teeth) - What've you done with my son!?

John - At the moment, he is the very thing that powers my special Project'd really be surprised at how much power he can give out...but that's not all he's about to be good for. I'm about to give you a chance to free him...if you can find my base, you'll be the first to test my new strength...versus yours.

Max - A fight? Not really fair pitting normal versus magical...

John - I assure you, you'll see my own genius when you get here...and I know you know where to find me. Until then...


[S] Brian was tossed into a large containment unit with an eerie green glow coming from it. He was wide awake now, and John, Richard, and Sirius appeared from the outside of his prison. Marius had come in accompanied by another man.

Marius - Once the Release begins, his energy output will fuel all of our armies, and then-some. Until then, Project Genesis can still begin, and his current power can be tapped for whatever needed.

Richard - dad, what now?

John - This is all I need...I want everyone else, and I mean everyone, to evacuate the station.

Marius (panicking) - But sir! What happens when Cerosa attacks?

John - That doesn't matter right now. I want you all to exit and get to the main front of our battle. I'll hold them off and get as much mana out as I can for our invasion. Project Genesis should work, correct?

??? - soon as the PFG is activated, it will either begin or speed up the Release. If I'm right about this, his power should be more than anything we've ever seen.

[CD] Genji Dematrius - Age: Unknown. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown. Physical Description: 6' 0", 214.9 lbs., short brown hair, blue eyes. Clothing: Black uniform with a black vest, black cargo pants, and leather shoes. Occupation: Leader of Intelligence and Technology Departments (ULEP).

John - Very well...all units dispatch!!! We'll beat those sons of bitches till we walk away with blood on our helmets and triumph on our shoulders!!

Everyone - YES SIR!!!

[OD] Project Genesis - A special program created by ULEP to give normal soldiers the powers of magic users of all kinds. Created by Genji Dematrius.

[OD] Particle Flux Generator (PFG) - A device that takes in the surrounding energy and transfers it to another location (or uses it for devastating weaponry effects). Magic energy (mana) is said to give it the most annihilating effects, capable of even killing the Annihilators. It's mostly used as an energy source for ULEP machinery.


[S] Genji and Marius walked down the hallway, leading thousands of other soldiers to the docking bays of the large satellite space station complex. Everyone got in a large ship, save Richard, Sirius, and the two of them. Another soldier led them to the front of the ship, pretty much known as the VIP portion. As they took off, Genji looked worried.

Marius (conversing telepathically) - What is it?

Genji (conversing telepathically) - I'm worried about this...starting another Annihilator's Release might help spread corruption, yet it could pose trouble for us, should they live to see the future.

Marius - I'm not so worried about that. What matters is that Hews doesn't suspect anything. What if Project Genesis doesn't work?

Genji - It'll f**king long as I assist in helping the energy flow. Brian's mana should suffice for powering Genesis, while I can assist our forces in the invasion. As long as my connection to the Annihilator remains strong, I'll do what I can to prolong the Annihilators. Let's hope Hews doesn't see that the output is too much...

Marius - As long as you pull things off effortlessly, you'll fool that man with no problem. All we need, now, is for Project Genesis to kick off. Make sure you don't go overboard with the mana...

Genji - I shall.


[S] Brian tried banging against the containment unit, which was connected to another large machine that had a special bracelet sitting on top of a pedestal. He tried everything to break it. Still in his pajamas, he felt a little hopeless while not dressing the part of a serious warrior.

John - Well now Brian...this is an unexpected first meeting, but I should say that it'll be our last.

Brian - I don't know who you f*king are, but mark my f*king words...I'll get outta here, and I'll stab your heart until you die!!

John - Brave...but still stupid. I am Johnathan Hews, leader of ULEP, the Universal Law Enforcement Patrol. For four years I've waged a war with your father and uncle, but now it comes to an end.

Brian (smiling) - Whatever you're trying to accomplish won't work. They take you down without even trying.

John (pacing about) - That's where you come've always wanted your mage powers, right? Well, you're about to get them a little early. But the last thing I need is another soul manipulator on my ass. It's such an archaic magic that I sometimes wonder if the gods were damned. And who said I'm trying to kill them now? Sure, that'd be a good thing, but...right now, I'm only stalling. Their deaths will come soon enough. In the meantime...(grabs the bracelet, slips it on) you're the fueling force to my powers! You'll help me take over the universe, planet by planet, if it's the last thing I do!

Brian (shaking his head) - You're crazy. Not even I have that much power...

John (holding up his index finger) - All it takes is one planet to start a chain reaction of war. My men will start it, and I'll buy them time to finish the first of many crushing blows. Not even the Annihilators will stop me...and I get the pleasure of settling things with your asshole of a father. How sweet this will be.

[A] The bracelet was golden with three green orbs on it. It was likely made of some hard metal, probably oricalcum, to keep it from breaking. Brian, of course, had no idea about any of this, but soon got a small crash-course in it when Hews turned a knob on the machine besides the gigantic container. It was dome-shaped, the cell, and big enough to hold at least a thousand or so people while they were standing. Brian, starting to feel pain, backed up to the exact center of it, and held his stomach.

Brian (in anguish) - Wh-what's happening!?

John (eyes widening) - Project Genesis!!!

[A] The orbs turned red, and Brian began to pulsate with a black aura. Mana was being ripped out from him in strands. It was coming from everywhere on his body. He lost consciousness, and his Release slowly began...mana was coming out in large beams and going towards the top of the dome, which had some kind of collection grid that transferred it to the other machine, then to Johnathan. His body floated in mid-air, and his energy flowed through the prison...


[S] The Aeros, with all of its technological computers, systems, and interfaces, pinpointed the exact location where the CUTD locator was active. Some type of mana obstructed the signal, so it was only faint...Epona, sitting in front of one computer, issued the coordinates. Max piloted, and James stood as co-pilot.

Max (bringing up an image on-screen) - There...that's ULEP's base, or at least one of them...

James (amazed) - It's huge...

[A] Much like the space stations of Earth, this had many rings rotating on an axis, only this had rings rotating in all directions, like a gyro. Truly a technological marvel...

Epona - I'm reading intense mana levels inside...unlike any that I've ever seen or felt!

James - It's Brian...

[A] They moved closer and encountered no resistance to enter the docking bay, which they used to exit out of the Aeros and enter the rest of the station. They noticed no other ships present...they ignored this fact and proceeded, finding an elevator that took them up to the top floor. This elevator, it seemed, ran along one of the gyros, which was connected with a large dome at the top. They were in a type of tube-like elevator, where they could see far into space. It was marvelous, but also mysterious. They finally reached the top, only to find to their horror...

John - Welcome, Cerosa...

[A] Johnathan Hews seemed transformed somehow. His eyes were filled with orange and black mana. His aura was overflowing with the same energy and colors, and James' eyes widened when he saw that Brian was doing all of this. On several screens above the machine were the images of ULEP conquering a planet with this energy.

James (horrified) - didn't! You know you're not supposed to do this...the universal law prohibits the use of magic users

John (smirking) - The starting point of a war? Yes...the energy is overbearing, the mana so overzealous. It's something that can make wars into mere invasions, where the enemy stands no chance...I've obtained the privilege of being the first exception to this rule. And to take things further...

Max - You're using Brian's Release to twist your own perceptions of what power cowardly...

[A] A wind of mana came from him, caused by anger, it nearly knocked all of them down.

John (angry) - You insolent piece of s**t!!! How dare you mock me!!!? I have power the likes of which you've never seen!!!

[A] Holding out his hand, he formed an orange energy blast, which he sent straight for the three of them. It exploded, but was caught on a barrier instead.

[MD] Crystal Shield (Epona) - Crystallizes water with energy to create an incredibly resilient shield, colored blue, that holds well against physical onslaughts, but lacks defense against magical attacks.

James (as the shield dissipates) - If it's a fight you's a fight you'll get...

[A] All three of them ran off in different directions after dodging a large blast that swerved until hitting their location. James jumped right over Hews, trying to get to the PFG, which was protected by a shield. He was then hit in the back with an energy blast, but stood his ground and retaliated by trying to smash his face in with his swords. This failed miserably, as he was too fast. Epona then summoned her chakrams, throwing one and hitting him in the back, causing a small metacalibur explosion.

[OD] Halo - Epona's chakrams. Colored blue with small yellow runes, they bear an unusual sharpness on the outside of the ring, which are laced with a blue aura.

[A] He quickly ran from the smoke, but found himself confronted by Max, who clapped his hands and made a giant fist from the floor, which was swiftly blown up by an orange energy blast. Hews made a slicing motion with his hands, which sent blades of orange and black mana in Max's direction. He couldn't dodge them, so he created a wall to block them. Being too strong, however, they ripped through the wall and knocked him out. A large collection of souls whipped out and grabbed Hews' arm before he could lift it and finish Max off.

[MD] Soul Chain (James) - Forms a connection of souls that bond together and reach out far to deliver an attack or wrap around something.

[A] John used the other hand to send a wave of mana in the form of rings along the chain, straight for James, who had it wrapped around his own hand. Epona appeared from nowhere, forming an icy crystal in her hands, which slowly stretched along the floor, sending itself into a frenzy of spikes and stalagmites.

[MD] Crystal Ice (Epona) - Crystallizes water with energy to create an ice impervious to even the strongest flames. The ice can even form into dangerous spikes to impale foes.

[A] He held out both hands, sending a wall of mana that crashed through it, breaking it into shards. This also knocked Epona back. Max regained his consciousness and hit the ground with his hands, sending a spike right up the side of Johnathan's back. He turned around after the pain and kicked him. Maximus did a handstand and got back up, running for him with his katars. After at least ten thrusts and a few slices of metacalibur, he wore himself out, and was punched to the ground, lifted up, and tossed at James, who easily caught him at put him down.

John - Don't you see what you're doing? I'm getting stronger, and you're losing the battle.

[A] An energy blast hit John's face, and he finally lost it. He clapped his hands together, sending a solid wind of mana that pushed everyone back and deformed the room in all ways. It came crashing down as all of them tried to get out of the way of the masses of the room. Maximus found his legs to be hurting, and saw that they were both impaled with a spike. James picked him up and off the spikes before the large wave of metal came down on him. He gave him to Epona, who touched his wounds. After a flash of blue light, they were back to normal. Epona, in a last-ditch effort to stop him, touched the ground, and a spike of ice crystals were created right next to him. She tried again, but couldn't concentrate, and kept missing her target. An energy blast came to her, and she blocked it with a shield while the wind was still blowing at her. The shield shattered, and she blacked out. Before that, she concentrated all of her energy on a single polished pillar of ice, which looked suspiciously clear.

[MD] Healing Water (Epona) - By crystallizing water into a half-sold/half-liquid form and combining mana with it, anyone that it touches will be healed. However, some limitations do apply, and most of the remaining body must be left.

[MD] Crystal Ice Transfer (Epona) - Forms a crystal spike from anywhere that the mana is transferred or concentrated.

[MD] Crystal Lens (Epona) - Amplifies energy that comes in through any side and out the other end.

James (reaching for her, shaking her) - EPONA!!!

[A] Energy blasts were coming from everywhere, now seemingly nonstop.

Max - Don't worry about her!! Just stop him!!

[A] They were running out of options. James had never faced something or someone so strong. He had to think fast as they hid behind a large spire from the ground.

James (seeing the pillar, thoughts) - Okay...I've got one shot at this.

[A] He held out his hand and held a soul in it. Charging up mana, the energy from John made his hand waver. He finally braced his hand, and fired it.

James - Soul Star!!!

[MD] Soul Star (James) - Draws in energy from the surrounding area, making a blast of mana so powerful that it can rip dimensions apart if used incorrectly.

[A] It accelerated through the obelisk of crystal gemstone, first as a small ball of light, then making the transgression into a widespread beam that hit John with all force. Throughout the entire fight, Brian's Release had apparently lasted. At this point, however, it began to die down. James, with Johnathan down and not moving, rushed over to the shield boundary and scribed in an alchemy symbol at the base.

[OD] Flashfire - Forbidden alchemy of Fire. In the presence of extreme heats, this seal creates a dimensional pull that attracts mana and heat sources within the area, storing them inside the seal, which detonates shortly afterwards.

[A] The shield broke into shards and was absorbed by the seal, along with all of the energy in John's body. He summoned his swords when this was done and carved the seal out of the ground, throwing it at the PFG containment unit and breaking it open in the explosion. Johnathan's bracelet broke in half, and Brian's Release was over.


[S] In the aftermath, Johnathan was still blacked out, but Epona was alive and kicking again. James held Brian in his arms, giving him back his CTIPS, which changed him into his mage robe in a flash of particles after James pushed the button. Brian was fast asleep...James slipped his knives into holders at his mid-arm length under Brian's robe, likely what he did with his own guns. The images of the war were still going on. As Maximus and Epona got up, all three of them circled around Johnathan, staying a few feet away from him still. As he woke up, he simply smiled maliciously at the three of them.

John (on the ground) - Though you win this battle, the real fight is still open for war. I take my leave of you...

[A] On his vest, he pressed a button, which lowered him into the floor somehow. James ran to stop him, but only met the ground. Max walked to the window and saw a single rocket escaping from the side of the station.


[S] The gigantic ship that left the station was leaving the planet when it spotted a rocket that looked suspiciously like John's escape pod.

Marius - Looks like he's accomplished his mission...


[S] Johnathan Hews was once aboard the ship, receiving congratulatory salutes from his men. He was met by Richard and Genji, who were followed by Sirius, who stayed in the shadows, eying Richard (it was his job to guard him, after all).

John - So, how goes the spoils of combat?

Genji - A crushing defeat.

Richard (proudly) - Our numbers have multiplied now, and the planet is thus lost to even the gods.

John (pleased) - Heheheheheheh...heheheheheheh...wonderful...


[S] On Lubaf, Brian was asleep in the Aeros, while James, Maximus, and Epona walked up the ramp into the spacecraft. The people of Lubaf had come to wish Epona good luck after her four years on the planet. A girl about five years old came up on the ramp, tugging on her robe.

Girl - You'll come back someday, right?

Epona (rubbing her head) - Absolutely...

[A] James saw how Epona had bonded with them. As the ship rose, everyone waved goodbye to them, and an Annihilator had joined the group, making them one stronger.


[S] ...

Elion - So it is that ULEP has started their spree of death and destruction. Leon...I trust you'll do as I command from now on?

Leon (in a trance) - Yes...

Elion -'ll build up your past strength on the blood of thy enemies. But you will not touch the Annihilators until you've gained enough power to suffice. Understand?

Leon - Yes...

Elion - Very well then. You will take over as many planets as needed. Leave none behind to tell the tale, drink their blood to fuel your rage, and report back to me when you're ready for your final feat of power. And above all, you will not touch the planet Earth. I thus release you once again...let the sky shine red again, and all kneel before the power of my demi-Chaos!

Leon - Understood, master...


[S] James, Epona, and Maximus stood on the battlegrounds of the planet ULEP had destroyed with their army. They gazed at the death and all of the hunks of metal and scrap that surrounded them. This was a graveyard of lost souls, and James attracted all of them that he could. They flew into his body, and he felt their dread.

James - No...what could've happened here? This is...unlike anything I've ever seen them do before.

Max (staring) - We were too late...this is the way that a battle goes when you have magic on your side. The universal government must be slowly corrupting from the inside, so it's only a matter of time before they control at least half of the government.

James - Somehow I think Hews is acting alone on this one. This was only the start of his wrath...

Epona - There will be more to come...what should we do?

James (finishing his collection, observing the bullets in the ground) - What we can only do...fight them, and fend them off.

[A] This was the result from ULEP's invasion. None were left alive, or were just taken hostage and forced to fight. In a matter of hours, they took over using Brian's powers. Brian was awake, and staring out the open ramp of the ship in complete silence. The sorrow in the air was saddening to everyone.

[N] Brian - And so it came to pass that I, Brian Raem Cerosa, obtained my powers that my father obtained himself. But at what cost? The lives of those on this planet? ULEP used me, and I intended to return the favor. But I suppose it's only natural how this worked...the lives of everyone in the universe are saved with the sacrifice of a trillion lives. I know this was gruesome, but their sacrifice was not in vain...for they brought me forth, and who knows what could've happened if my Release had killed me in the process? The Annihilators will rise over this, and avenge their death...I am the Annihilator of Darkness!
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