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Part 1 Chapter 6 - Thirst for Blood

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Leon begins gaining his strength back from the brink. As he prepares for the inevitable showdown with the Annihilators, his actions start to become noticed...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 6 - Thirst for Blood

[N] Leon, upon Elion's command...has begun to start gaining his past glory back. Yes, even Jelos grows nervous at this as Leon wipes out planet after planet. The date is April 9, 2013, as he tries to wage a killing war with ULEP. By spraying the blood of the innocent and otherwise, his power grows increasingly ominous each time he eliminates a planet. With death counts in the quadrillions, he kills more people than ULEP, and he has no interference with the Annihilators. His conquest has only begun...

[S] Leon walked through a large city, slashing people with his hands in the form of long claws. His minions also assisted him by attacking them and destroying the buildings by forming into a large tidal wave of black substance and rising over it, engulfing it in one swoop. Blood went flying everywhere as his millions of black soldiers helped him kill. Bullets, shells, energy blasts...all were engulfed by his body and fired back, destroying anything that confronted him. With several red and black blasts of his own, he shot tanks and fighter planes into submission. Mages and alchemists all failed to pierce his dark attacks. With a motion of his hand, he set a wall of fire through the city, and a prison of dark mana lifted up the people and objects nearby, crushing them as they closed. Alchemy spiked him and his body absorbed the blow and reformed. His fires and dark prisons burned all, destroyed all, and gave him strength. His men invaded the land, and none could stop him. As he approached a single mage that he had trapped in a circle of fire and a dark mana cell...

Man (clenching his teeth, trying to break free) - You'll never get away with this!! Our lives will be avenged!! Mark my words Cerosa!!

Leon (raising his hair, revealing his Chaos symbol) - I'm not Cerosa...

[A] Often confused for James when he went on killing sprees, this obviously got James into a lot of trouble. In fact, a few years back, he had destroyed a set of planets, which caused ULEP to blame James for the death of nine trillion. That was ULEP's first true war with the Annihilator of Light. It was 2010, and John and Richard still mourn their loss of family to this day...but that is a story for another time. What is important to know is that James Cerosa had first encounters with ULEP in 2008, but it was obviously too late for them to notice the difference between Leon and James. So far, only seven people know the real truth of that day...but I suppose I ramble on.

Man (confused) - What!?

Leon (smiling, clenches his hand) - Goodbye...


[S] The entire planet was almost completely in genocide. Leon drew to the top of a gather of his minions that formed together in a pile and lifted him up. He held both hands up high, gathered energy into a massive ball, and it exploded in his hands. The planet existed no more, and a strand of black gunk drifted through space, impaling the chunks and debris that was left over by jabbing it quickly, like a spear. It jumped from each one until gaining enough momentum to travel by itself.


[S] Leon, wearing dark sunglasses, walked through the alleys of another city on another planet. He walked into a bar, instantly gaining attention (and losing it), sat down, and ordered a drink. After he was done, he simply got up without paying, and the bartender noticed.

Bartender - Hey've gotta pay for that first!

Leon (stops at the door) - Suck it...

[A] The man pulled out a gun and fired it into Leon's back. His body absorbed the shock and transmitted it throughout his body like a ripple. The bullet dropped to the floor. Leon turned around and extended his arm into the man's neck with a spiking form, killing him by beheading him. His neck squirted out blood like a fountain for a second, then dropped to the floor.

Leon (forming his fingers into longer spikes) - Anyone else?

[A] Everyone, who had been watching him, simply turned around and continued getting drunk. He walked out the door.


[S] Cars crashed as Leon shot energy blasts at them from the darkness, setting fire to buildings as well. He slowly began to spread his corruption, but was interrupted when he felt someone standing behind him. He summoned his Arinya and sliced it behind him, stopping short of an old man in armor, who held a simple card at Leon's throat.

Leon (squints) - You...

??? - Yes, me. I should ask you why you're here, but I don't think that's necessary.

Leon (lowering his scythe) - So...Jelos has you checking up on me, eh?

??? - I came here of my own accord...but he is getting worried. If you keep following my brother's orders, he'll make you into something worse...

Leon - Hmph...right. Like I have any control over that. I'm his to command, nothing more and nothing less. All I can do is obey, and then crush the Annihilators...

??? - So, nothing can change you're mind? Jelos can help you if you're willing...

[A] Leon slashed his scythe, and the man jumped back, shielding himself with several cards from his belt, which withstood the metacalibur blast.

Leon (angry) - If you keep talking about this, worse things will happen if I respond!!! Leave me Maxwell!!

Maxwell - Very well...I'll see you soon.

[A] The man known as Maxwell sprouted wings and sliced the air, sending out his cards, which teleported him in a flash.

[CD] Maxwell - Age: Unknown. Birthplace: Heaven. Species: Angel Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown. Physical Description: 6' 2", 199.9 lbs., short grey hair, blue eyes, two blue wings on his back. Clothing: Armor with angelic runes on the plating, colored black and red, leather shoes, a sword sheath, and a belt with a large deck of cards in two holding cases. Type of Magic User: Runemaster. Occupation: Personal Guardian and Servant of Jelos, God of Memories.


[S] Another planet was falling to the demi-Chaos of Form. With dark and fire magic, he sent his shape-shifting minions in and blew up countless metropolitan cities on several planets. Keeping count, this was the twelfth planet he laid to ruins, and his power kept growing. He even felt confident enough to get the kills of people on a planet that was, as before, being overrun by ULEP. Bullets were flying, his minions were dying, but he had the upper hand by the sheer amount of soldiers he had and could form, each one just reforming as they died. However, with high exposures to mana, namely in the form of ULEP's tanks, they were disposed of. Leon wasn't giving up, and gained more power from his simple skirmish with them than any other. He succeeded in the end, and another planet exploded.


[S] John and Richard Hews, as well as the ever-silent Sirius, were listening to a progress report of the war so far from Genji. This, of course, included the recent confrontation with Leon Paranai.

Genji (reading from a paper) - April 10,'s been estimated that, in two days, Leon Paranai has destroyed thirteen planets, including the recent conquest of Andrius, which was a huge loss for troops of ours he confronted and a loss of supplies, minerals, and an oricalcum mine.

John - How many casualties have we suffered?

Genji - Only twenty three million, three thousand and seventy nine. May I continue? (clears his throat) Currently, the Annihilators have been slowly impeding our progress by attacking our shipping lines, and confronting some soldiers of ours, destroying few bases of operations. It's also worth noting that the universal government is still in question of our operations, but have not yet taken action. By June, we'll have enough power to overthrow them.

Richard - Very may leave us.

John - Not yet...there's one more thing.

Genji - Ahhh yes...Project Genesis, which was used to stall James, Epona, and Maximus Cerosa, has been officially classified by myself as a failure. Though it powered the army forward on the spurs of our invasion, it took more power than expected and wasn't permanent. Any power not used was immediately released, and the absence of our power source was insufficient to truly harness the power. That is all...I take my leave of you.

[A] Genji walked out of the room, which contained a long table and many chairs, sort of like an office meeting room, via an automated door.

Richard - So...we've gotten ourselves into a fight with the what?

John (thinking) - Mmmmmm...the Annihilators and a demi-Chaos aren't too hard to beat...actually, I take back the demi-Chaos part. If the great god himself couldn't do it, then we can't either. But how do we at least stall...?

[A] Then, a miraculous event occurred (well, you'd call it one if you knew). Sirius, who seldom spoke, did so.

Sirius - All things in this world live and die by mana. These are no different...the demi-Chaos is more resilient, but enough exposure to high-grade mana should do sufficient damage. The Annihilators are thus only human, so their deaths can be done as normal.

[A] Then...silence.


[S] Leon, before destroying yet another world, took the time to explore and think. An image of a cloaked angel appeared before him after a few minutes, his face shrouded in darkness, his black wings of mana coming from outside of his brown shroud.

Elion - So, Leon, how was today's set of explosions?

Leon - Minimal resistance. Fires and shadows moved right through their strongholds before even noticing. My own minions become restless and yearn for more death. I am controlling myself from my impulses. How much more do you request of me?

Elion - Leon Paranai, demi-Chaos of Form, wielder of shapes, sizes, and have much more to come, but your task will be done soon. More destruction awaits...

[A] If you haven't noticed already, Leon had once trained as a magic user before turning evil and becoming a demi-Chaos. He only got to the level of a sorcerer, learning advanced fire and darkness magic, before becoming a mage under the spell of Elion.

[CD] Sorcerer - A mid-level magic user that can cast spells without a wand, but uses a spellbook to do the work. Usually, the book is what holds the magic. But on rare cases, the user is the one who projects the spell. In some of these cases, the user has mastered their element and required no physical object to regulate their power other than themselves.

[A] By day four, it was all over the universal internet. Twenty planets gone so far to Leon, and more to come. The fourth day only brought two planets down, thanks to heavy interference by ULEP and the armies of the planet.


[S] Leon, on his twentieth planet, before he demolished it, decided to go sightseeing. What he found was an old woman, walking through the alleys, looking for someone. Maxwell emerged from the shadows, greeting her with open arms. Elion, linked with Leon through a strong psyche, watched it all play out, instructing to have Leon take her to him when it was done.

Jess - Thanks for helping me...I can't assure you we're safe.

Maxwell - Don't worry. My brother can't see us here. You're safe...

[A] Knowing this, Jess Arabac started to glow, first forming her wings, then changing her entire image completely.

[CD] Jess Arabac, True Form - Age: Unknown. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Angel Human. Sex: Female. Birthday: Unknown. Physical Description: 5' 9", 178.8 lbs., short blond hair, red eyes, two blue wings. Clothing: Armor with angelic runes on the plating, colored blue and white, leather shoes, and a sword sheath. Type of Magic User: Alchemist. Occupation: Goddess of Youth.

Jess (coming closer) - Listen, I don't have a lot of time...Elion's eyes are everywhere, I assure you. I need a safe haven from him, and don't even suggest removing the soul lock! That'll take me straight to him, and then who knows what the hell will happen!

Maxwell - Alright...I've been trying to convince Jelos to let you stay in Heaven. I know you're an outcast, but he's reconsidering it. The lesser gods are furious at the atrocity, but the favor is on your side. If the time to truly invoke this overruling comes, you'll be free to stay. In the meantime, don't attract too much attention to yourself.

Jess - I know I'm a fallen, but I still don't wish to stay in Hell with that madman. I'd rather die for real than go back.

Maxwell - Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I'll forever love you, in spite of your errors in judgment. If you ever get outta this, never marry someone like him again...

Jess (rolls her eyes) - Don't worry, I won't...

[A] Maxwell laughed at this, but was interrupted when they heard a crash of trash cans come from down the alley. Leon was there, his robe currently absorbed into his body to reveal a space-like essence inside himself, complete with a scene of a nebula.

Leon (smiling) - Hate to interrupt...but Master Elion requires your presence...

Jess (looking at Maxwell) - I...I can't...

[A] Maxwell hugged her, and nodded to her sending her off with Leon. She said she could go there by herself, so he backed off.

Maxwell - Why'd you have to ruin everything? She was my daughter...

Leon - I don't care for feeling...I only obey Elion.

[A] Maxwell vanished in a flash, and so did Jess. Leon transformed into a raven and flew off. It began to rain heavily, and the planet was set to die.


[S] ...

Elion - Jess...I told you time and time again not to talk to him.

Jess (still in her angel form) - Piss off...I'd rather die than follow your orders...

Elion - Ironically enough, that's why you're here. I have a present for you...

[A] A gun was tossed her way. It was enchanted with strong Chaos magic.

Elion - If you ever tire of your services, feel free to pull the trigger. I have no real use for you anymore...however, you're final command is to stick with ULEP through their war. You'll grow to love the scent of fresh blood, and you might come to like being my servant. Until then, fair goddess...

[A] Jess left, and a voice came from the darkness.

??? - Are you sure that's wise, master?

Elion - I have no use for the bitch...if she wants to throw her life away, she can feel free to do so. Keep an eye on her, though. Make sure she corrupts herself completely...I can feel the energy gathering, and the suffering commencing...

??? - Yes master...but what about your brother?

Elion - Let him live...killing him would spark a battle with Jelos, and I couldn't let that happen. Not now, at least...Leon, step forth.

Leon (appearing from the shadows) - At your command...

Elion - The time has come to do as you please with the Annihilators...the next battle will be their grave. will accompany him...keep your identity hidden.

Marius - As you wish.

Leon - Let the ground be stained with their blood!!!
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