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Part 1 Chapter 7 - Prelude to Annihilation

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Brian finally shows his powers as he helps liberate a planet under ULEP's control. His true strength, however, has not yet been tested.

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 7 - Prelude to Annihilation

[N] Brian, having recently gained his powers, has been practicing with them, still hoping to use them to help his parents fight the war against ULEP, along with the many denizens of the planets that were being taken over. They couldn't possibly hope to win against such a massive army, which was growing increasingly larger, preparing for their complete control over the universe (or at least half, which they were fast approaching). Three extremely powerful magic users, along with their own army of surviving bioforms (humans and other species included), were steadily gaining an advantage, however. Little did they know that Brian would slowly tip the war in their favor...

[S] Jess, now in her old form, was using alchemy to mow through any resistance that her troops she was left to command were confronting. With their guns of mana and bullets, they were a true force to be reckoned with, but eventually the city fell, and everyone was taken prisoner. It was a city full of intricate and complex design, ruled from a large building in the center that exhumed a fantastic light. Keeping a personal record, she had killed at least a billion so far (not bad for a single alchemist). As Johnathan Hews approached to greet her and congratulate the men on their job of invading the city of this planet, Marius watched her under the veil of his sunglasses. He observed how she still carried around the gun given to her by Elion. No weapon of this realm could kill an angel, but obviously this wasn't a normal weapon...

[OD] Realm - A large and expansive universe, usually called a "dimension". Several realms exist, including Heaven, Hell, the Soul Gate, and Universae (our world). Each one is connected to another or multiple realms, but none has access to every dimension in existence.

[A] As he came closer, coming from a large dropship, everyone saluted him, then went silent.

John - At ease, Jess, how goes your campaign here?

Jess (expressionless) - The new mechs performed better than planned, but still lack complete control. This one was taken in under two hours.

[OD] Mech - ULEP technology. A large semi-automated suit of armor that is piloted by a bioform, but thinks on its own in certain situations. It carries a multitude of weapons, including a sword made of pure physical energy, missiles, guns, lasers, and other types of weapons.

John - I see...well then, I expect you to be leading us to victory at our battle at the capitol city. (pointing at the crowd of men) Their army is tough, but I expect each and every one of you to kick some major ass. Understood!!?

Men (saluting) - SIR, YES SIR!!!


[S] Brian was practicing his knife skills against Epona, who was using her Halos to fight with him. He was very skillful and acrobatic, especially in the stone-tiled arena, as he jabbed from left to right, using the penumbra knives with metacalibur and pulling off highly intricate moves. He held his knives, which were both long-tipped and symmetrical, like, for example, his right hand holding the handle with the blade pointing out to the right (instead of using them like you would a kitchen knife). Epona, however, was equally fast in her retaliations and chops with the Halos. Both were situated like rings around her wrists, but she held the bottom of them with her hand and used them like cestuses. Now starting his advanced training, they both used their own powers to sway the battle in their favor, while James had upped the ante from last session by randomly firing bullets from his guns, this time preferring the black gun, setting it to create a spray of mana bullets in one shot.

Epona (stepping back, tired) - Is that all you've got?

[A] Brian got hit in the back from the spray, but kept going. He lunged forward with his knife, and when she stepped to the side, his eyes widened. Learning from his past experiences, he did a handstand into a twist that swung his legs around, knocking her hands to her side, in which he swiftly got to his feet in the middle of his attack and stabbed at her with a knife in his hand, pointing up this time. She formed her shield of crystals and he managed to get the knife through and get it stuck. She kicked him back, and he threw an energy blast at her, which was instead blocked by a pillar of ice. She finally tried to finish it with a wind of crystals that failed when he stabbed the ground with both knives. Performing a quick Crystal Ice Sneak, she got him to jump in the air, where she fired a blast at him, but he came down hard, holding the knife to her throat and slitting it.

[MD] Crystal Wind (Epona) - An upgraded version of Crystal Ice. Crystallized water rises into the air, blown by a wind of mana, to cut anything it comes across.

James (stopping a stopwatch) - Five minutes, twelve seconds...he's getting better.

Brian - Considering she wasn't even trying, I did fairly really should give me a challenge mom.

[A] Epona rose to her feet in a flash of blue light, a Healing Water, that healed her wound to her throat.

Epona - Well, you could try going easy on me...I haven't faced off against another mage since four years ago, so I'm a bit rusty.

Brian (rolling his eyes) - What-the-f**k-ever...

[A] Epona, slapping the back of his head so hard that it hit the ground and created a cracked replication of his face, smiled.

Epona - I'd say it's time for target practice...this time don't gimme your s**t when I get beaten.


[S] Brian spent most of his time inside his room on the Aeros, deep in a Scribe of Memory-induced trance, learning his education and teaching himself how to battle through memories of ancient heroes. It was Maximus' idea to have him do this, after requesting that James lend him the scribe. Max could sense that Brian was a little disappointed with not learning as much as he wanted, plus he could feel his anxiousness for battle. The scribe would be his gateway to the future, as well, planning out future fights, which he saw that he would be in if he played his cards right. Ironically, the scribe worked for lots of future predictions and looks into his life, but only to extents beyond his own knowledge. This was why he only looked a few days ahead...that being beside the point, he also took time to learn his family history and the past Annihilators before him. All were killed either before, or during, their Release...obviously, he was lucky. Nothing, however, could be found on the first Annihilators, the First Age, or anything on Heaven.

Brian (reading the scribe in a trance, thoughts) - Hmmmmmmm...interesting...Orius, then Arbitsram...

[A] At the moment, he observed an upcoming fight between the Annihilators, their collective resistance, and ULEP (well, not a three-way, but you know), which would inevitably include him (if he managed to find a way into it). He also managed to sneak a look at a few fights between himself and truly worthy opponents (such as Leon). Looking into the past, he also found secrets to his father's past, which he dare not even speak about, as well as some other things he can't begin to remember, less risking pain in the form of nightmares. Other than that, he had visions of past Annihilators, races Leon had eliminated, and possibly things that not even his dad or uncle had known about.

Brian (still in a trance, thoughts) - Fire...Water...Earth...Wind...Darkness...Light...all will come together...but not if I don't fight to live...

[A] As his trance broke, he drifted to sleep, lying on his bed. The scribe fell out of his hand and to his side. Maximus came in to find him asleep, took the scribe, and noticed his daggers (I suppose it's proper to call them daggers rather than knives) were on the nearby table.

Maximus (thoughts) - Battle...hmmmm...(smirking) I've got an idea.


[S] Brian, who was being left behind on the planet where he was training, which looked suspiciously like Lubaf, only it was covered with more forests, was pleading James to take him with him for the battle.

Brian (begging) - Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!?

James - No.

Brian - Come on, dad! I really wanna do this! How am I ever supposed to know if I'm any good...?

Epona - Your father says you can't come, so you can't come dumb ass...

Brian - Awwwww...

[A] In a stone courtyard, surrounded by many shrines, a monk was with them. The Aeros, parked nearby, was ready and waiting to take off with Maximus inside. The monk wore a red hooded robe that seemed too big, dragging along the ground and extending out past his hands.

Epona - We trust you'll take care of him?

Man (holding up his hand) - You have my word.

[A] Brian, situated underneath the monk's other arm, watched in sadness as they took off, breaking through the atmosphere. Brian, after he saw that they were out of sight, smirked, feeling around in his pant pocket for a small stone that had an alchemy circle on it. He woke up to find it on his bedside, next to his knives, with a note from Maximus attached: Warp. No explanation necessary to figure things out...


[S] The Aeros descended on the planet that was Orius. Maximus took them a bit farther down, into a city controlled by ULEP. Well, it looked perfectly normal. It was repaired, and everyone was walking around, doing their own business. Except they were all depressed, oppressed, and afraid. ULEP soldiers were stationed everywhere with machine guns, handguns, and a multitude of weapons, all guarding their areas. Ships passed to and fro from the space ports set up, and it was a crowded sky, perfect for sneaking in. Constantly, you could see resistance, shooting, and people getting dragged away after defying the law. ULEP was ruining this planet, and the people wanted to fight back. Cloaking the Aeros and landing on a large building/skyscraper, he looked down and saw several fighters for the collective resistance that had built up from world to world, waiting for James' commands to attack. This city, laid out in a complex fashion with streets that had several layers to them and ships flying everywhere, looked like a central hub for everything, so likely it was important that ULEP gain control, as noted by the soldiers in all directions.

James (looking through the ship's monitor) - Well...that's a bitch. Enemies everywhere, and they don't even stand a should we handle them?

[A] It started to rain, and Max was typing something into the computer. It was apparently creating a plan of attack on its own.

Brian (standing next to James) - There's at least a thousand. It can't be that hard.

James - Considering I've dealt with worse...wait a sec. Something's...not right here...(looking around) let's'd that get there...wait, Brian!!?

Brian - Yo.

[A] Epona, who was just coming in from out of her room, was equally surprised. Max just smiled and laughed.

James (picking Max up by his collar, shaking him) - This is your fault, isn't it!? You bastard, he's not supposed to be here!!

Max (still smiling) - Give it a rest, bro. He has to start sometime, and that time is now. If he's ever gonna have experience, why not teach him the basics of combat with real combat?

Epona (puzzled) - Exactly how'd you get on the Aeros? We saw you as we left...

Max - Again, my doing. Now then...I think we need to solve this issue quickly, so I recommend picking them all off one by one.

Brian (excited) - Sweet! I finally get to kick some ass!

Epona (smacking him on the back of his head) - You're not going anywhere!!!

[A] He fell to the ground, his head still throbbing, got up, and kicked Epona in the head, sending her into the chairs next to one of the ship's computers.

James - What the hell was that for!?

Brian (angry) - Will you shut the f*k up!!!? I'm sick and fking tired of you guys!! Just because you think you know what's best for me doesn't mean you do!! I'm going out there, and I'm fighting, and I don't give a s*t what you say!!

[A] Epona, who was now getting, was a little pissed, and was about to hit him again, when she saw him lower the ramp to the Aeros, James trying to stop him, and he ran out, jumping off the skyscraper. Maximus ran to the edge and looked down as he dove head first with his arms at his sides, knives in both hands.

Max (yelling) - You'll need this!!

[A] He threw a ring down at him with huge strength. Even while in the air, he grabbed it, slipped it on, and kept falling. James held out his arm in Brian's direction, pushed a button on his watch, and a long strand of white string-like substance came out, chasing Brian and trying to tie his legs together. Brian cut the strand as it wrapped around him, took hold of it, and used it to lash out and spike a nearby spacecraft that was passing near him. He jumped from vehicle to vehicle on his way down from his high-up perch, landing on several more buildings, bewildering the people that walked on all various levels of the city and its streets. Eventually, however, he hit the ground with full force, landing in the shadows. It was the lowest level.

Brian (grasping his leg) - Owwwww!!! God damn son of a bitch!!!

[A] A nearby ULEP officer heard him in the alley, not knowing what it was, and he went to investigate. Brian got over the pain and hid in pure darkness, blending in perfectly. The man, who thought it came from the shadows, reached in. Horrified, he tried to remain calm. This was assuaged as his hand somehow reached right through him, like he was phased out or something. He went back to his post without a word.

Brian - And I thought I've seen it all...


[S] The adults, who were looking for Brian in the cover of night and the veil of rain. They tracked him through an infrared signature on their watches, and confirmed positions with a signal his own watch gave out. James and Epona wore their hood attachments on their robes, while Max preferred to walk in the downpour without anything. Brian was on the move, trying to avoid them.

James (image on Epona and Max's CTIPS) - Why's he running? Does he really hate us so much?

Max (sympathetic) - Why the hell do you think? You wouldn't let him come, then you tried to keep him from trying. Sometimes I wonder if you really remember how to be parents...

Epona - Don't lecture us on parenting! You've got no idea what we've been through!

Max (points at himself) - Do I? Did you forget that I was once like this? How ignorant...

James (calmly) - That's enough...both of you. We'll draw attention...what the...!?

[A] His signal cut off, and explosions ripped through the city as he was spotted and identified.


[S] Brian was still trying to figure out what to do...he heard explosions and gun shots coming from nearby. He looked to see not only ULEP soldiers running towards the blasts, but several other aliens and humans chasing them, killing them, and fighting back. He peered out and heard one mention of the word Cerosa. It was definitely enough to get him going. Still in the shadows he ran through the alleys, his boots splashing in the puddles, his hair getting wet from the torrential stream of water from the heavens.

Brian (thoughts) - Showtime...

[A] As he went, though, he saw a wall of soldiers with machine guns, rocket launchers, mechs, and tanks blockading a bridge. He saw the same people trying to riot past, forcing their way through. Some made it, others were crushed or blown apart by shells. Brian could suddenly see a fresh crop of souls coming from their bodies. As his memorycraft circle on his arm glowed red, the ring reacted. He could see a small fragment of the Scribe of Memory imbedded in it, and he knew instantly what he had to do.

Brian (thoughts) - Dark...blast?

[A] He clenched his fists and ran out, reaching out as he ran towards the bridge from the darkness, taking a soul from the air and holding it firmly in between his hands. The soul turned a dark black, but still radiated purely within its aura. His speed was uncanny, and his movements were precise enough to dodge every bullet and shell blast that came close to him. He got right up to a soldier and stabbed him in the heart, backed up and sliced another's neck, then kicked another in the head, then followed with both knives to the neck. Another one snuck up behind him with a single rapier-like sword of pure energy, sliced, but met the oricalcum knives, effortlessly bouncing off. The soul that Brian had held was hovering around him, and it bashed him straight in the chest, did an uppercut into his head, then all the soldier saw was his own blood as Brian stabbed through his eyes, low-kicked him to the ground, and jumped to avoid a mana-charged bomb that came from the large tank. A giant fist from one of the two mechs came for him, but he, again, effortlessly dodged it in the air by taking his hand and bouncing up to the top of the fist with one movement, ran up the arm, and onto the head, which opened up small holes that fired out bullets of mana and matter. Several hit points in his armor which were unprotected, slicing through him and making him bleed. He'd seen this coming, but knew he couldn't dodge it no matter what. He fell to the ground, landed on his feet, and took the soul in-between his palm again. It started to glow with black light.

Brian - DARK BLAST!!!

[MD] Dark Blast (Brian) - Pulsates energy through a soul near the hand, amplifying it into a destructive black energy blast. Stronger than the Soul Grenade.

[A] The Dark Blast hit the cockpit area of the mech, causing a large chain reaction inside, leading to an explosion as Brian hurried over to the other end of the large suspended bridge over the city streets. The explosion claimed the lives of the hundreds of remaining soldiers, destroyed the mech and some tanks, and some of the resistance fighters (Brian used the scribe to figure out exactly who they were). Many were still left, and he tried to dodge the bullets heading his way. Many bounced off his armor, poking many holes through his robe, while others continued to hit weak spots. A trail of blood formed behind him, pooling and dispersing with the falling rain. As more things began to chase him, he turned around, summoned his bow, and shot at the bridge with metacalibur in a single arrow. It pierced the structure with a hole, but appeared to slice all the way across with mana, severing the entire connection. It rumbled and roared as it fell, the screams of the men and women soldiers filling the air, and the collection of souls gathering around Brian, entering his body, and becoming black.


[S] In a never-ending flood of soldiers, way more than the thousand estimate, James sliced his way through them as they came at him with guns, swords, and other weapons. Mechs, above all, were the last thing he wanted to see. His Raem couldn't hold them off for long, his souls couldn't either, nor would his Soul Grenades. Epona had arrived to set up a shield which was being broken through constantly by their concentrated efforts. Max had just completed a complex alchemy circle which sent blades of mana in all directions, breaking off chunks of the streets overhead and restricting entry points. Dropships were also problematic, as they served to transport more men in and out, as well as provide cover fire. It seemed to be a fight against at least ten thousand...

James - Rapid Soul Grenade!!!

[A] He sent them in all directions, but nothing could stop the flow. Even the resistance fighters were having trouble keeping them occupied. They were outnumbered, and out of time.

James - This is useless! All they do is keep coming back!!

Epona (using Crystal Ice) - We have to try, James...we'll die if we don't!

??? - Concussion Dark Blast!!!

[MD] Concussion Dark Blast (Brian) - An upgraded version of the Dark Blast, amplifying the energy tremendously.

[A] It tore straight through anything in its path. Bodies flew around, dead, and Brian emerged from the darkness. The three of them never looked so happy to see him. He drew his bow back, and fired a single arrow that multiplied into thousands, killing many soldiers, but not all.

Brian (smiling) - Looks like I came just in time!

[A] Now he pulled it back again, this time sending a single arrow flying, covered in dark mana. An equally large explosion rocked the area, and bullets were flying everywhere in panic.

[MD] Black Arrow (Brian) - Imbues an arrow with dark energy that explodes on impact.

[A] Epona took control of the water beneath them, still falling from the sky, and sent it in the form of Water Forms and tidal waves of death to kill everyone else. Mechs stood their ground, but met a Soul Grenade from James, then a spike of water from Epona. Max was also on a killing spree with his katars and quick alchemy bombs. Brian, firing another arrow, this time created it with a soul.

[MD] Soul Arrow (Brian) - Imbues an arrow with a Dark Blast that explodes with great force on impact.

[A] Instead of fighting, everyone was trying to get away from the attacks that followed them. Max, as a final gift, scribed a small alchemy symbol into the ground, and slammed his hands to it.

[OD] Planeshift - Forbidden alchemy of Matter. With enough power to cause massive destruction, the entire ground beneath the seal shakes and rolls, forming differently, as well as contorting and twisting into an unnatural form, swallowing objects whole and crushing anything that can't stand the pressures of it.

[A] A wave of mass, once the broken ground beneath them, crushed the fleeing soldiers and mechs, and spikes of it came out to destroy the dropships. Everything was dying, save the allies and innocent.


[S] In the capital city, everyone was in a panicked frenzy. Word of the Annihilators had gotten out, and Jess was struggling to calm them all down. Apparently they were coming for the capital, and their defenses had to be raised. Jess spoke to Johnathan on a monitor that had been set up in the main building, which was a large spire that had such an intricate design, it was almost...creepy.

Jess - We'll hold them off for as long as possible, but reports say that the little one's got some major ass power now...

John - That's interesting...nevertheless, I want you to abandon Orius if things get dicey. How many fighters have they gathered in the collective war resistance?

Jess (thinks for a second) - On this planet...two million approx.

John (laughs) - Let's hope they're not dependent on their forces...I take my leave of you. I expect that you won't die...

[A] The monitor turned off.


[S] Artillery and cannon fire surrounded the area outside the main city (which was humongous, by the way) and in the city, coming from two sources, one of ULEP and the resisting forces. A large tentacle of water was ridden by Epona into the walls of the metropolis, and Max busted a hole large enough for the forces to come through into the wall. James and Brian walked seemingly dramatically in the distance towards the city, both ready to fight. They drew the attention of the soldiers so that Max and Epona could take over with minimal challenge.

James (walking ahead) - Sure you're ready for this?

Brian - You're not taking me back...I'll kill every one of them if I have to.

James - That's what I wanted to hear...

[A] Brian drew his bow, James his swords, and they lunged head-on into the massive crowd of soldiers, at least a million strong. Brian, with his Splice, delivered a Breaking Arrow. This time, however, they all raised their shields with special packs on their belts, and it proved useless.

Brian (pulling back again) - Okay...if you wanna do this the hard way...Breaking Black Arrow!!!

[MD] Breaking Black Arrow (Brian) - Combines each arrow from a Breaking Arrow with dark energy, each able to seek out its target.

[A] It took only one arrow a piece to kill each soldier, each one hitting their heart and exploding them from the inside.

Brian (thoughts) - Ouch that was messy...

[A] James was handling things on his own quite well. Mechs were focusing on him, but he managed to grab them all with several Soul Chains, easily tossing them into other units that flooded the ground and sky. After this, he covered his entire body in souls and advanced with Brian, who did the same. Units were now arriving from space in massive ships, and they were never stopping their. Lasers from these ships and mounted guns in the city hit the two Annihilators, cutting an explosive path wherever it traveled. Instead of any damage, both of them, with white and black souls, fired Soul Grenades and Dark Blasts, destroying the source.

[MD] Soul Armor (James/Brian) - Forms souls into an armor that covers the entire body and retaliates with Soul Grenades or Dark Blasts when struck.

[A] In addition to bashes with white and black souls, Brian fired off two arrows from his bow at the same time. One had souls in an arrow that multiplied, the other a single shot with a soul and covered in dark energy. A rain of arrows blanketed the scarred battlefield, while one arrow hit a dense crowd. The damage was unfathomable...

[MD] Breaking Soul Arrow (Brian) - Combines each arrow from a Breaking Arrow with souls that create Dark Blasts upon impact.

[MD] Black Soul Arrow (Brian) - Combines an arrow with dark energy and a Dark Blast for extra destructive power.


[S] The entire city was now under siege. The citizens, under capture, broke free when a large group of alien soldiers bashed the ULEP soldiers' heads in. Maximus' alchemy was destroying everything it confronted in large blasts of electricity that was being ripped from the power lines and sent straight through the bodies of its victims, as if it were alive. Epona manipulated all of the water and rain falling to become razor sharp, rise up from the ground in pillars, and bring a life of its own. Jess watched from a window at the top of the large building. She sighed and turned around, only to find Brian standing in the doorway. He firmly closed it behind him and pulled out his knives.

Jess (calmly) - Do you remember me, Brian?

Brian - ...

Jess - No, I wouldn't think you would...but whatever you remember, it all ends here.

[A] Brian, with the most serious look on his face, leapt forward as she clapped her hands and hit the ground. A large fist of metal was created, which he stepped to the side of with ease. With god-like speed, he came right up to her and saw her draw her knives, then got his back against her chest, held his right hand's knife against her neck and his left at her knife she was pulling out. He didn't move, or speak, until a few seconds of silence passed. Jess was stunned.

Brian - You move...and I'll kill you where you stand. And don't think being an angel saves you...even these will do something.

[A] With absolute horror in her eyes, she broke into tears, still not moving herself.

Jess (crying) - You're not the boy I came to know...what demon are you?

Brian (in a demonic voice) - Ask not to this shattered frame, where soul and flesh meet, but to the mind of the end where you're essence will go when you die.

[A] Jess backed up, dropping her guard, signaling that she was done. It was over in seconds, but she felt like she should've at least tried. The room they were in was small, but packed full of chairs, tables, and desks of all shapes and sizes. It seemed like the legislature met here.

Jess (sad) - I commend your efforts, Andross. But in the end, we'll fight again. When it comes, I'll fight till I die if necessary.

[A] Brian, turning around, watched as she walked out of the large door, and disappeared without a trace...


[S] James was a little silent now. The remaining forces pulled out, as if commanded to do so, which was not the ULEP way. It was every unit...the citizens rejoiced as their freedom was obtained once again. James was conversing with a strange alien, probably commander of the resistance. He was an alligator that walked on two legs, which was definitely not normal...Brian didn't bother to listen. He only watched as he saluted his dad and walked out.

James (looking at Brian) - You coming?

[A] Filtering past him were more fighters, alien and human alike. This hall was small and had two doors, one of which was at the top of a large flight of stairs. The blue marble flooring was an antiquity in its own. As Brian got up to go out, he heard something drop from the ceiling, and the scribe told him everything. James was right outside the door when Leon formed up behind Brian, stretched his arm out, and welded the tall door shut with his own body. He closed the next door, and Brian was trapped inside with Leon.

Leon - Well, now...quite unexpected...

[A] Both of them could hear James pounding on the door, trying to get in.

Brian (serious tone) - For whatever reason you're here, you'll regret it...

[A] Brian took a small soul out and crushed it in his hand, breaking it into shards and turning around, throwing them at Leon, pinning him against the wall.

[MD] Soul Break (James/Brian) - Splits a soul into shards, each keeping a portion of energy, which can all be manipulated and controlled like any soul, but are much more powerful.

[A] Leon slipped out of these in a liquid-like form and hurried to Brian in his human form, which then met the front of a Dark Blast from Brian, who jumped in the air. Parts of his body that were separated from him in the explosion tried to rejoin, but were met by an arrow of energy from Brian's bow. Even still they formed again, and Leon shot an energy blast at the boy, who was flung against the ceiling by the impact. Falling to the ground, Leon tried to meet him there, but instead got the front of a kick from Brian who landed on a handstand into a spinning kick. He was knocked against the wall, and reformed from his damage to send both fists out in a flurry of constant punches, all of which were dodged, save one which barely hit Brian in the chest. Leon was being fast as well. Taking out his Arinya, he sliced it and created seven fissures of metacalibur, which were dispersed when Brian fired an arrow at the center of them using his own metacalibur.

Leon (laughing, smiling) - You're pretty damn skilled...more so than the god that makes up you.

Brian - Thanks...we should end this.

[A] He pointed his bow at Leon, who formed a hole in his body, making it pass through. Now a Breaking Arrow was fired, this time being absorbed and fired back at Brian as Leon walked closer. Brian dodged them with little success, and saw that, as he got up, the scythe was positioned at his neck.

Leon - Game, set, and match.

Brian (suddenly smiling) - ...Likewise.

[A] Brian held his knife to Leon's heart. Leon didn't say anything.

Brian - Well? What're you waiting for, halfy? Make your move...

Leon (furious) - DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT!!!

[A] Brian ducked to avoid getting his head chopped off. Leon had never liked his status as only a demi-Chaos to be a point of deciding who he was. In other words, he got really pissy. Brian had snuck a soul up behind him in the commotion and transmitted a Dark Blast through it, knocking Leon to the ground before he could go for another swing.

[MD] Dark Blast Sneak (Brian) - Fires a Dark Blast without having it near the hand, made possible by pulsing mana to the soul quickly.

[A] Brian looked at Leon, but he appeared unscathed. He just started to laugh.

Leon - Heheheheheheheh...yes, good. Master Elion will be pleased to see how you've grown...I suppose you deserve to live, but that, in its own, is temporary.

Brian (confused) - What!?

[A] Leon slowly sank into a puddle of black mana in the floor, perhaps of his own body it seemed.

Leon (lowering into the floor) - In due time...

[A] Right as Leon vanished, a soul appeared at the door and blasted its way through. James came running in, panicking, but felt better when he found that Brian was okay. He knew what had just happened, without any explanation.

[MD] Soul Grenade Ambush (James) - Fires a Soul Grenade without having it near the hand, made possible by pulsing mana to the soul quickly.

James - I...used the're not hurt, are you?

Brian (brushing himself off) - Hmph...he's a weakling...

James - Believe me, he could've killed you if he could've tried...

Brian - ...!!?

[A] Leon was not instructed to do so, so he let Brian live...for another day. In the darkness, the rain stopped, and the Annihilators gathered together to attend the ceremony for saving Orius. In Brian's mind...he had something worse in store for him next time they met...
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