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Part 1 Chapter 8 - Angels of the Codex, Pt. 1

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Elion stages a false trial against the Annihilators, but for what purpose? His eyes are now fixed on Jess, for one reason or another...does he really plan for her to die?

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 8 - Angels of the Codex, Pt. 1

[N] The Cerosa family has been through hell and back, with the death of their son, to several fights with Leon, and all the way to waging war on ULEP to prevent their conquering of the universe. They've made their way to Arbistram, with several confirmed readings of the Scribe of Memory from all four of them, in hopes of stopping ULEP when they get their. Arbistram is the planet where all universal law and governments hail from. Leon, whose powers exceed the mana of a million mages, has traveled there to gain more power, but not from the deaths he can ancient flame burns from deep within the planet, containing mana beyond compare, which creates the laws and enforces them. A living flame...the Arbitrice.

[OD] Arbitrice - A living flame of mana, colored white, blue, and black at the same time, that is a sentient being. Its power is said to come from the gods, as its sheer amount of mana is that of a thousand suns. Somehow, its life is in the form of every planet's core, which allows it to be anywhere at any time, able to enforce the laws either it or the universal democracy makes. Most of the time, the Arbitrice can be found on Arbistram, and is speculated to be a god in itself.

[S] ...

Elion - The Annihilators head towards the planet of law as we speak...this could be where we gain another member.

Marius - If you speak of the bitch, it's not likely...she'll commit suicide before she ever does anything like that.

Elion - That's where you're wrong...Jess Arabac, daughter of my brother, my wife...she'll see the darkness soon. All we need is for her to walk into the corrupted Arbitrice. Then and there she'll see her errors...

Marius - An interesting proposal, but what of the Annihilators? Don't we need them dead to open the gate?

Elion - That will have to wait. Arbistram will be where the Annihilators are heading next, and ULEP will be there as well. I, of all people, appreciate drama, so I might as well watch things play out. Satisfy their egos and all...

Marius - Should I be there too?

Elion - I don't see any need, should watch over Jess for me. Make sure she doesn't die, and don't fight until I say so. Of course, not words will be'll know when you can spring into action. In the meantime, I'll prep the flame. Demi-Chaos Leon...

Leon - Yes, master?

Elion - You know what to do...kill only those that need be.

Leon - As you command.

Elion - I love manipulation...Marius, you can take leave now.

Marius - At once...


[S] The Aeros 5 flew through the vast recesses of space, piloted by Max and co-piloted by Epona. James was in one of the back seats of the main control room with Brian sleeping at his side, his head on his shoulder. Epona and Maximus made sure to pay attention to the front view through the Aeros' windshield. Many spacecraft were starting to crowd the area, traveling to a single location in the distance. The Aeros, however, maneuvered gracefully through the crowd.

James (looking at Brian as he sleeps) - So when do we get to Arbistram?

Epona (panning her head to look) - Judging by the traffic...not much further.

Max - More importantly, how'll we handle things when we do arrive?

James - The grand court's our destination. We should meet with Grand Arbiter Tobac.

Max (realizing) - Tobac!? Are you f**king crazy!? He's been grand arbiter for ten years, and that's plenty of time for him to know what we did!!

Epona (curious) - What you did...?

James (grim look) - I'll see, three years ago, when you left, we began searching for Leon, or some way to at least keep him off our asses. But...about a month after you left...something happened. Terras 1, 2, and 4 were destroyed, and we were to blame...

Max - Before that, we'd engaged with few encounters with ULEP. After that, however, Hews swore revenge, and obtained permission from GA Tobac to pursue us. Thus, we were wanted all across the universe.

Epona - So was Hews born on Terras or something?

James - Terras 2...only he and his son survived. His wife didn't...

Epona - Lemme was Leon, right?

Max - Only one that could've pulled it's stupid when you think about it. No one can quite tell the two of them apart...

Epona (smiling) - With a face like his, it shouldn't be that hard.

James (sad) - Knock it off...just fly the damn thing and get it over with...

[A] Epona knew well not to prod too hard. Returning to the matter at hand, Arbistram was nearby, and they were finally closing in.


[S] Through the atmosphere, the air was thick with clouds and rain, and it was (as always) nighttime. In the middle of the clouds, a large flying fortress-like structure could be seen, emanating with a large light. Getting closer, it appeared to be a large connection of flying domes, held up by a white mana flowing from the bottom. Each dome was at least three miles in diameter, and there had to be at least nine of them. A group of buildings, shops, parks, and all sorts of things were inside each one. Epona gasped at its brilliance.

Max - There it is...the universal court and hub, Arstrius.

Epona (eyes wide) - It's...beautiful.

[A] Brian had just woken up, and still knew exactly where they were. It was a true technological marvel to any eyes...the Aeros, along with many other ships, approached the bottom of one of the domes, seeing another smaller one in the middle of the collection, only in the under parts. A long shaft connected from it way down to the ground of the planet, which was likely ocean. This part was, obviously, shielded from the rain. A large hole was opened there, which the Aeros went into. It was a docking bay for ships.

James - Wait a sec, Max...won't they check our registration? That'll completely blow our cover!

Max (laughing) - Don't worry...I've already thought ahead and changed it. They'll have no f**king clue.

[A] As the Aeros landed, the bottom opened up and a ramp came out. The four of them walked down, and were greeted by a man, who promptly reached out with his hand held open.

Man - Registry, please.

[A] From Max's watch, he produced a small card, which was then scanned by a small device the man held.

Man - You're clear to proceed.


[S] Now they walked through the city, which surprisingly seemed more like a mall than anything else. All sorts of species came through here, shopping and crowding the walkways.

Brian - Arstrius, huh?

Epona (looking around) - It seems bigger on the inside...

[A] Security cameras were everywhere, and all four of them could sense it, but the density of the crowd was too much to see them, and they made sure of that by splitting up. Max told them all to look for a system of elevators to lead down into the grand court, where they could find Tobac. As a flood of creatures progressed, however, they were all separated.


[S] Brian, who wandered the mall-like area, walked up an escalator, trying to gain elevation to see his parents after he just realized he was alone.

Brian (looking around, thoughts) - Nothing...I swear to God I hate this place...

[A] He turned around to head forward, but was confronted by four guards, who appeared to be with ULEP. They looked at him, but not with any intentions of his capture. He walked through them, but noticed one of them was shorter than the others (by at least a foot), and looked different. The boy's eyes followed Brian as he stepped past, and he thrust his arm back with a knife in his hand, holding it at Brian's throat.

Sirius - You look familiar...

Brian - Well I've never seen you before, so if you don't mind...

[A] Brian lowered Sirius' knife from his throat, and he put it back into a small sheath. Brian walked away and glared at him before just turning his head forward again. Sirius did the same.

Sirius - Let's go the grand chambers...


[S] James and Max had found each other, and used the watches to find Epona, who was simply standing against the wall of a restaurant, filing her nails. Now together, they were all around the town looking for Brian. In the darkness, it was harder than expected to find him, even with the watches.

Max (complaining) - Damn it...wish I would've taught him how to work the damn thing...

Epona - Can't we know? Use the...

James - Oh yeah...I guess we can.

[A] As he pressed a button to establish communication, they saw Brian run by with gun fire chasing him, followed by ULEP soldiers. To their horrors, ULEP was apparently on Arbistram. James pulled out one of his guns and fired three shots simultaneously that hit the heads of all three soldiers. Brian stopped running to see his family standing there.

Max - This...isn't good at all. We should warn the arbiter.


[S] They found themselves passing through a long hallway, where four different halls beckoned them, plus another one to their left, which had the words "Grand Court" on it, and below it, an electric neon sign that read "Not in Session".

Brian - So he's open...great.


[S] All of them walked into an elevator at the end of the hall, which was actually connected to a vast series of elevators that ran from each dome to the grand court. They could see out the tube that it ran down, and they looked down at the massive looking chamber below them.

James - Whatever happens...don't try anything.

[A] The others were silent. Brian had heard what his dad had said about the planets of Terras. He thought back to a previous reading of the scribe that he did with Epona, which revealed an image not too different than what he described. When they reached the bottom, they walked into the large audience stands where thousands of chairs sat, empty and vacant. In the bottom, a group of nine old men in flowing white robes were talking and conversing, but still quite deep in thought. One, however, was very outstanding from the others, wearing a brown robe, his face completely shrouded in shadow other than his mouth and nose.

James (yelling) - Excuse me...which one of you is the grand arbiter!?

[A] They stopped talking and looked over at James, high up in the speculators' stands. He stepped forward and onto a platform that lit up and took him down to the depression of the floor at an angle. Max and the others followed on another platform. The man in the brown cloak spoke.

Tobac - I am Tobac, Grand Arbiter of the Arbitrice.

James (bowing) - It's an honor to see you again...but...

[A] James paused to look at him. Tobac was supposed to be old, like the others, yet this man was hardly even thirty years old from what James could tell.

Tobac - But what?

James (regaining composure) - Nothing...I come bearing a message for you, sir.

Tobac (laughing) - Well now...this is truly a surprise...(announcing) my fellow councilmen! What you see before you is the great James Elonis Cerosa, Annihilator of Light!

[A] This raised a slight commotion among them, which was settled quickly.

Max - Grand arbiter...we bring a message regarding ULEP, which I'm sure you already know about.

Tobac - Indeed...we were just discussing the issue.

Man 1 - As we speak, they head towards Arbistram with intentions to rule. The other council members of the other dome subdivisions have all agreed to come to a decision.

Man 2 - We had a plan to fend them off, but it was discontinued to provide with another solution.

James - Solution?

Tobac - We couldn't come to any agreements with defense plans. They've already stated their demands, and we have no choice but to comply.

Max - Lemme guess, arbiter...they want control of the universal government, and supplies for their army?

Man 3 - It's unfortunate, but yes, and if they gain authority here, we'll be supremely screwed. We cannot accept the deal...

Epona - If you want, we can help you to fight them. We regret to say that they might already be here...

Man 3 - That, in itself, is a problem. According to the Arbitrice, we're not allowed to accept help from S-rank criminals, and thus you are dead to our cause.

Tobac - We've been trying to gain support from the eternal flame, but he refuses every request. And so, we're left with one alternative...

James - And that is?

[A] The four of them heard a noise and looked up to the balcony. Johnathan and Richard Hews came in, followed by Sirius, Marius, and Jess.

Man 4 - ULEP has requested that we capture you...

James, Brian, Max, Epona (thoughts) - S**t!!!

[A] They all ran in different directions, meeting a large group of men with energy swords and guns of all kinds. They were backed into a corner.

Man 2 - Tobac...what should we do now?

[A] Tobac waited for them to gather into the large open stage before them, in front of the large podium where they stood, and he threw his arm out in front of him. All of them grasped themselves in pain, and one by one, they fell unconscious. Max clapped his hands to produce a large spike of metal from the ground, which was pushed back by an unknown mana coming from Tobac. He, too, fainted...


[S] They all awoke to find themselves shackled to large crosses, watched by at least a million people in the chamber (as an easier picture, think of the one council meeting chamber from Star Wars, Episodes I to III, where the emperor gave speeches and fought Yoda). The nine men stood before them, but at a distance, behind a gaping hole. Tobac was ready to speak.

Tobac (addressing the audience) - Friends...fellow people...the Annihilators lay before you, guilty of committing crimes against a society which is enforcing order in the universe as an act of domination under our command. Perhaps some of you come from planets that have been liberated. I regret their actions if any you've loved has been killed or massacred. But now is a time for peace, and a time for them to atone for their sins. James Elonis Cerosa and Maximus Preduce Cerosa are the ones that must face their actions, but who's to say that the entire family must not suffer for their actions. Who thinks that they must live with pain, just as you all have!!!?

[A] Everyone in the audience reacted with yells of agreement.

Man 5 - The grand arbiter has spoken...bring forth the Arbitrice!!!

[A] Cheers led them on as the hole became alit with a blue flame. Epona and Brian could swear that it felt alive to them.

Max (depressed) - It is alive...the Arbitrice is a god in this universe.

[A] The flame spoke suddenly.

Arbitrice (god-like and booming voice) - What is it that thou hast laid before me? 'Tis James Cerosa again? I thought I would never have to see his face again...!!

Man 4 - Forgive us, master...we require you for this brief trial.

Arbitrice (calming down) - Very well...grand arbiter, what is it that you ask of me?

Tobac - One moment, your lordship. For those who don't already know, three years ago was the massacre of Terras, which will live in infamy always. Arbitrice, eternal flame of knowledge, I ask of you to show us who committed this act of true hatred...

[A] In the blue flame, a clear image slowly evolved, and the flame grew larger. What appeared to be James and Max stood in a shadow-like form in the flames of a grand city (or once grand). This sight made John and Richard sweat, and Jess simply left the room. Marius followed her. Everyone else gasped at the sight, some covering their eyes and watching as blood dripped from the buildings that had been laid to ruin. The flame shrunk back down, and Epona looked over at James, who kept a cool complexion.

Epona (angry) - How can they seriously believe this load of s**t...?

James - ...

[A] Tobac made a motion of the hand, which released all four of them from their shackles and into a circle surrounded by light. Brian pounded on the walls of translucent light.

Brian (punching and kicking the light) - It's not budging!!

Max (pushing Brian aside) - Let me try!!!

[A] Max clapped his hands and hit the wall, while James and Epona stood up. It wasn't working...nothing was. A small disk above them, on the outside of the shield, was controlling it.

Man 6 - Keep're getting nowhere! Master Tobac, what should we do now?

Tobac (out loud) - We must administer the punishment!!

Arbitrice - And as the ruler, I shall decide their fate!

[A] Max gave up, as it was hopeless. He saw the faces of thousands of soldiers watching him, and John and Richard at one of the highest levels, smirking happily at the sight of their death as it was about to occur.

Tobac - Before you do, great Arbitrice, I have something to say!

[A] The room fell silent as Tobac cleared his throat.

Tobac (quieter voice) - James Cerosa...before we proceed with your punishment, you no doubt would like to know something...yes, something that's been bothering you for a while now, hasn't it? Check your pocket and look at the scribe...

[A] James was a little speechless, but he fumbled around for it, took it out, and read it while his symbol on both his arm and head glowed red.

Tobac (conversing telepathically) - Get ready, Leon...

[A] Leon Paranai was situated in one of the highest stands, looking down and waiting for the chance to strike. James had almost finished reading the scribe for whatever it was he was supposed to find, when his face became horrified and he looked at Tobac.

James - can't be him...YOU CAN'T BE!!!

Epona (rushing over to him) - James, what's wrong?

[A] The others joined her and looked down at him as his eyes widened and he held his head tight.

James (whispering) - Elion...

Max, Brian - What?

James (whispering) - Elion! That man!!

[A] Now they all saw why they needed to be afraid...

Tobac (smiling) - Now for the sentence...

[A] Leon suddenly lunged from the top of the chamber with his scythe in both hands, slashing it down and freeing the Annihilators from their prison in one slice. Everyone had no clue what was going on until the smoke cleared and Leon stood in front of the Annihilators.

Leon (standing still) - Left, elevator, go now.

Brian - What?

Leon (looking back) - Just do it!

[A] A barrage of guns went off, but a wall of souls from James blocked it as the four of them ran. Leon stretched his arm out to clear the soldiers out, giving them room to make their escape. John saw this happening and touched his ear.

John - All units prepare to blockade the exit...(hand off of ear) Sirius, you know what to do.

[A] Sirius saluted, and left. Richard was watching this all play out, until he eventually left with his father.

Richard - This is troublesome...

John - It was all staged...that's never good.

[A] Leon lunged forward in a single spike of ooze, trying to hit Tobac. The other eight men scattered.

Tobac (conversing telepathically) - Yes, good...make it look convincing.

[A] Leon smiled and punched forward, then low-kicked, then an uppercut, all of which were dodged by Tobac. As everyone else realized the danger they were in, they ran, and so did the council members. A remaining group of ULEP soldiers fired a spray of bullets, which were absorbed by Leon and fired out of his body in all directions with orange mana. He killed the soldiers and others with this. Tobac pointed his hand to the ceiling, making a cylindrical container drop on Leon, crushing him. Instead, his body came from underneath it and engulfed it, crushing it inside his own self. Leon made his body into a large wave of spikes that came crashing down on where Tobac was, right as he dodged it and landed back.

Man 3 - Grand Arbiter Tobac! You must hurry!

Tobac - I'll stall him! Get everyone else to safety!!

[A] Now Leon ran forward after forming himself again, raising his hand into the air and slamming it down, missing Tobac again. Tobac pushed both hands out to make a wall of energy that slammed Leon into the wall. He took his arm and cracked the wall, taking out chunks of it and throwing it, all of which were destroyed by mental blasts. Leon came up and punched the arbiter in the face, and he stopped there as he saw that everyone was now out of the room. Tobac got up, his hood surprisingly still on, and took a small portion of the debris, formed it into sharp spikes, and hit Leon with it, impaling him in several areas around his body.

Leon (spitting the spikes out) - Hey, hey!! Relax...everyone's gone now.

Tobac - Yeah...but that was for punching me in the face.

Leon - My bad...

Arbitrice - What the hell's going on?

Tobac (smiling) - Ahhhh, good to finally see you again...

Arbitrice - Master Elion...!?


[S] From a large platform/elevator, the Annihilators came up, and found four hallways, similar to earlier.

Max (thinking) - Uhhh...uhhhhh...ummmm...okay guys, pick your poison!!

Brian - Wait a second! You're not suggesting we split up, are you!?

Epona - Any one of these could be blocked, so we need to find which ones work.

James - She's right...dibs on far right!!


[S] Marius stood in the middle of a large room, which was plain and ordinary.

Marius (conversing telepathically) - I don't see why I have to fight said...

Elion (conversing telepathically) - I know what I said...but ULEP is watching you to make sure you hold off the Annihilators. They've gone for more reinforcements, so they're paying close attention to you. Remember, make it look convincing...

[A] James creaked open the large and tall door to the room, and he was greeted by Marius, who was currently looking around at all of the security cameras.

James (disappointed) - Awwwww, son of a bitch!!! I was hoping you wouldn't show up...

Marius - Looks like it's just your luck...listen up and listen up good! This floating city will be subject to destruction by ULEP in under an hour. So unless you've got some kind of bright ideas, I'd suggest you surrender.

James (summoning swords) - Yeah I'd miss an opportunity to fight full-on with you!

Marius - I don't understand...

James (smiling) - Then lemme show you...

[A] James closed his eyes for five seconds, and opened them back up to reveal that they were now red like blood.


[S] Brian found Jess in a similar room, only this was one that was warped beyond natural recognition, with plenty of different metals and shapes lying around.

Brian - Hmmmm...I guess we were destined to cross paths again...

Jess (standing there) - You remembered me, didn't you? I know you know who I am...

Brian (angry look) - Okay, fine! I'll admit that I was lying, but I'm not stupid. Just because you're an angel, don't think that you're that superior.

Jess - I don't know how you figured it out, but I do know that you can't just simply kill me. But I'm already dead to this world...nothing matters anymore.

Brian - As far as I can tell, you're not invincible.

Jess (sighing) - True, but slicing my throat won't solve anything...

Brian (smirking) - Last time, I was actually about to stab your heart if you would've moved. This time I won't miss.


[S] Sirius' room was different. It was covered in high-intensity lights that blinded Max as he came in, but he quickly adapted.

Max (laughing) - So, long's it been? A year?

Sirius - I won't lose this time...I'm not fit as a bodyguard if I can't win...

Max - We'll see...(looks around) looks like you're in your natural element. That's fine...I'm good here too.

[A] Max scribed a Sunburst into the floor, extended his katars, carved it out, and threw it.


[S] Epona found herself in a room that was normal, like James', only it had a peculiar man standing in the middle, dressed like he was going somewhere fancy.

Epona (summoning her chakrams) - And you are?

Man - Ahh, my sweet mademoiselle, you are beautiful today, are you not? My name is Darius Gomda, and I hope to see you again if I don't kill you today...

Epona - A sweet...

[CD] Darius Gomda - Age: 24. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: June 30, 1988. Physical Description: 6' 2", 210.2 lbs., short blond hair, green eyes, beard. Clothing: Black formal attire (suit, tie, belt, and pants), and kachin-plated shoes. Type of Magic User: Sorcerer. Occupation: Leader of Foreign Operations (ULEP).

Darius - I've been entrusted by Master Hews to fight whoever comes my way. I had no idea there were such beautiful Annihilators to find. You're married to an uncivilized barbarian, did you know that?

Epona (smiling) - Yeah, well he's better than you, if that's what you're asking...

Darius (laughing) - My mademoiselle of the Annihilators...shall we dance? I'm no weakling after all.


[S] Through cameras, John watched as people ran from the grand chamber to get off the planet, and he saw all four of the warriors.

John (smiling) - Four battles against four of my best men...I love these odds.

Author's Note - Please excuse me if this chapter feels a bit rushed. You'll love how Pt. 2 plays out ;)
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