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Part 1 Chapter 9 - Angels of the Codex, Pt. 2

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The Annihilators face off against a group of ULEP's most elite magic users, only to witness the birth of a new member to Elion's angel society...

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Author's Note - I'm not so good with fight scenes, so please forgive me if I'm a little vague on descriptions (for the arenas and the actual fights). Use your imaginations, and it'll turn out fine ;)

Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 9 - Angels of the Codex, Pt. 2

[S] Marius stared into James' eyes, his pupils now red like blood.

Marius - I still don't understand what those are for.

James (smiling) - Really? Lemme give you a walkthrough!!

[A] Like Brian, James was fast now. Ducked low and running, he managed to get to Marius, who was a few meters away, in only two seconds. Marius took out his whip to block the slice of James' Raem up, but managed to stop only one, which was thrust into his stomach and pulled back. Blood dripped from the black sword, and James shook it to remove the blood.

Marius (holding his chest, in pain) - That was good...but I've seen better.

[A] In a flash of red mana, the wound was gone, and his clothing was repaired.

James (eyes widening) - How the hell...!?

Marius (laughing) - Hehehehehehahahahahah...there's much you have to learn about fighting a member of the Codex.

James - Codex?

[A] Marius drew a summoning circle with mana in the airspace in front of him, which gave him ten small leviathans that flew through the air and at James, pinning him to the wall with their teeth.

Marius - Obviously you have no idea how to fight someone like me.

James (clenching his teeth) - I beg to differ...

[A] White souls came out from his body in large numbers, jetting out and bashing the leviathans, tearing them apart in malignant ways. James still held his swords, and he ran a short distance to deliver about ten strikes with his sword to Marius, who dodged seven of them, but was scratched by the other three. He healed the wounds again.

Marius - When will you learn?

[A] This time, a circle appeared below him, and it sent out mana that suddenly made the ground spike up and many sand-colored worms burst from the floor, one nearly tearing his leg off if he hadn't sliced it a few times. Another circle, this time making walls of fire come from Marius, then another than did multiple fiery fissures, another for blasts of fire, and another for more leviathans. Now this seemed impossible, but somehow James dodged each one that came for him, while still getting a few metacalibur attacks off on Marius, who blocked them with a bone wall. The mini-leviathans were everywhere in the room, this time trying to get James with full force.

James - Fine...I can see where this is going.

[A] Souls from everywhere tore them apart and tried for Marius next, this time meeting a slash from his whip that dispersed them. He then saw James heading straight for him, this time seeing James weaving several strands of light that latched onto his arms when he threw them out.

Marius - Ain't this a bitch...?

[A] He was now getting flung around by his arms and into the walls, and he came back to meet James' fist in his face. It had amazing force behind it, which seemed worse when he found that he was using a soul to transfer more energy to the punch. Marius got up fast, and just laughed for a few seconds.

James (getting ready to strike) - What now?

[A] His laugh slowed, and he did another summoning circle, which sent balls of red mana into the corners of the room, where they destroyed the security cameras.

Marius - If you'll be serious...I'll be serious too.

[A] His body glowed, and he suddenly seemed to transform.

[MD] Marius Centrion, True Form - Age: Unknown. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Angel Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown. Physical Description: 6' 6", 253.5 lbs., bald, hazel eyes, black skin, several tattoos on his body, two red wings. Clothing: Armor with angelic runes on the plating, colored red and black, leather shoes, and chains wrapped around his arms. Type of Magic User: Summoner. Occupation: Personal Guard of Elion.

Marius - Witness the power of Elion.


[S] Elion, still in his guise as Tobac, stood in the grand chamber with Leon and the Arbitrice.

Elion - goes your new life?

Arbitrice - What do you think!? I'm stuck here in the essence of every planet, whole and yet not at the same time, in the form of a God damned flame that can't even fight.

Elion - Ouch...I feel your pain. Sucks for you, though. Next time you'll listen to what I have to say before attempting a head-on attack.

Leon (eyes closed) - Master...Marius requests to talk with you.

Elion - Very well.


[S] Marius was now fighting even with James, spewing his blood everywhere with his own attacks. In a series of quick kicks and punches, James was backed against the wall, and ducked to avoid another kick that went for his head, which got stuck in the wall.

Marius - You think you're so fast? Try it against a real speed demon...

[A] Marius took his leg out of the wall and used his whip. It split into six other whips and all tried to hit James. He did several backflips and other acrobatic feats to dodge every one of them, each carrying metacalibur inside, and Marius retracted them into a single lash again.

James (breathing heavily) - So you're an angel, huh? Funny...the scribe never said anything about this, or the fact that Elion would show up...

Marius - There're a lot of ways to bypass the scribe. Trust'll find that you can't always rely on that piece of crap.

[A] James went in with both swords, slashing his way to Marius, who continuously made bone walls and spears come up from the ground. He eventually got through and kicked Marius in the stomach, then impaled him again, one in his right arm, the other in his right leg.

Marius (in pain as James pulls his swords out) - can you keep catching me off guard!?

James (in striking pose) - Maybe you're not seeing the overall picture.

Marius (thoughts) - Are those eyes doing anything? They didn't seem to...wait...his expression. He looks so...angry. And those eyes...

[A] Before he could finish his thoughts, James was there to bash him with a soul, then another, then a Soul Grenade to the head. After all that was done, Marius stumbled back to heal his wounds.

Marius - Fine then...(holds his hands in the air) I summon thee, the bringer of fire, the servant of destruction, the dragon of Lord Elion...come forth, Levius!

[A] The gigantic summoning circle he scribed into the air formed into a large gateway that brought a large and slender-bodied dragon, light red in color, through it. With his coming, the walls of the room crumbled, revealing a strange new room shrouded in darkness as far as the eye could see, as well as several towering crystal structures of all different colors.

Levius - Why have you summoned me, Centrion?

Marius - Your task is to bring me the head of James Cerosa...

James (looking around) - This place...what is it?

[A] The dragon Levius flew straight for him, crashing into the platform he was on as he put souls beneath his feet and jumped up.

Marius - This is a special part in Master Elion's palace...what you see before you is the Crystal Hell!!

[A] Levius flew up to try and swallow James, who used souls to push him to the side, but was slapped by Levius' tail and into a wall. This was followed by a blast of fire from Levius' mouth, and a summoned lightning stream from Marius. An explosion occurred, and when the smoke clear, James stood up, holding his cape in front of him, and let it go to his side again.

Levius - You're persistent...I love that in meals.

[A] Levius flew toward him now, but met a Raem to his mouth, which sliced right through his head in one movement with metacalibur.

Marius (hardly fazed) - Just as I thought...those eyes. What exactly do they do?

James - So you sent that bastard after me just for that? Pathetic...I have no clue why I have these, but the angrier I get, the stronger I become. Don't ask why, but it happens...

Marius - I see...looks like it'll be harder than I thought.

James (smiling, striking pose) - By the brother can do it too.

Marius (horrified) - What!!?

James - You heard me...we're not that easy to take down.

Marius (sweating, thoughts) - Both can do this...I'm having so much trouble already. Elion won't be happy...

[A] Marius regained his composure and took out his whip, then extended his chains, which dangled from his arms to his ground. James did a soul-infused jump to the platform of gemstones that Marius was standing on, which was more or less like the previous room they were in, in terms of length. He lunged for him with his swords, but on was caught by the whip, which was bypassed by stabbing his sword into the ground, then the other one, and jumping onto the fully-extended whip, still holding onto the handle of the sword, and running across it.

Marius (thoughts) - Oh crap...what to do, what to do!?

[A] James jumped up on the whip, landed down, and jumped up even higher, like a trampoline. Marius saw an opening, took his whip in hand, and brought the Raem out from the ground and into the air, where it traveled straight for James. He saw it coming, touched it in a swift motion, and suddenly came onto the top of it and ran down the inverted whip into a kick to Marius' face. He flew for a good five feet before he took a chain, wrapped it around James' leg, and sent him flying into the air and into the ground hard. James did a Soul Grenade at Marius' chain, breaking it apart. He then got up and quickly ran for Marius, summoning both swords to him. Marius took up his whip again, formed it into thousands of different whips that all went for James.

James (running) - Soul Armor!!!

[A] The lashes broke apart the armor, but not without blasts from it hitting them. James had to take a few, but it was worth it to finally slice Marius' head off with a single swing, then an energy blast for good measure.

James (thoughts) - Man...I hardly even got to use the eyes...maybe some other time...(looks down at Marius' body) I know you'll be back again...

[A] The dimension's walls crumbled, and he found himself in the same room again. He was tired, his red eyes were now gone, and he walked out of the room with holes in his robe and his swords in his hands. He closed the door behind him, and Marius' head reattached.

Marius (eyes closed) - That didn't last long...

Elion (conversing telepathically) - I trust our friend beat you to a bloody pulp.

Marius (conversing telepathically) - Well, it didn't do much for my pride, but I did restrain from using the powerful summons. Levius might've suffered a bit, but he did quite well.

Elion - Excellent...Jess is currently in a heated battle with Brian Cerosa. It seems that Brian knows how to kill an angel now.

Marius - Let's hope she's still alive after that. We could still use her as a member.


[S] Brian was fighting tooth and nail with Jess, who was using her own knives to fend him off. They'd been at this for thirty minutes already, and only Brian was tiring. She clapped her hands and pounded the ground, raising it into pillars in a straight line. He evaded them and struck back with a Dark Blast, which didn't seem to do much except for push her back a bit.

Jess - think that'll work against me?

[A] He did it again, only it turned out to be a Concussion Dark Blast, which actually made her entire body hurt. From the smoke, he jumped onto her and stabbed her breast, but found her still alive after he jumped off.

Jess (in pain) - You missed...

[A] He came back with another few slashes, put his knives away quickly and got out his bow, hitting her with a metacalibur arrow, then jumped onto her back and threw her to the wall by using his arms hooked around her own. He was beginning to get tired.

Brian - Come on...die already!!

[A] Jess got up and was anxious to end the fight. She began the final stage of this by clapping her hands onto the wall and taking bolts of energy to the cameras. With this, she was finally free to show her real form. Brian ran for her with great speed and tried to stab her, but was instead met by a stab from her sword, straight through his robe and into his chest (an area unprotected by the armor). He gasped for air and looked down at the blood coming down her sword that impaled him in the air. She lowered him down and tossed him aside.

Jess - I can see where you're a weak opponent...your father's had four hundred years to prepare his talents, and you've only had a week. How pitiful...

Brian (getting up) - How dare you...

[A] Again and again he tried to swing at her with his knives, but missed every time, and she simply touched him at his arm, chaining an explosion to him, but not blowing his arm off. He was already defeated.

Brian (weak, lying on the ground) - You bitch...I'm not done yet...

[A] She thrust her sword into his other arm and he cried in anguish.

Jess - When we meet again, I won't be so merciful. Until then, you'd better follow your father's example...

[A] She disappeared into thin air, and Brian got up and limped to the door.


[S] Maximus' Sunburst hit Sirius straight on, sending him flying back. Max followed up with a lot of stabs from his katars, punches, and kicks, only half of which actually hit Sirius. The rest were blocked by a single knife from Sirius, who, unlike Brian, had at least a few years of experience in fighting. Sirius then struck back with a concentrated ball of light that knocked Max into a light on the wall, which then turned into tendrils that restrained him.

Max (panicking) - Okay, maybe you have learned a few new tricks.

[A] Max drew a small alchemy circle on the glass that held the light, which ruptured the glass and the light faded. He blocked a knife stab that Sirius initiated, then retaliated in an entwining flurry of slashes and metacalibur.

Sirius (fighting) - Sure I'm not better than you?

Max (pushing him back) - Don't hold your breath!

[A] Sirius launched another ball of light, this time much larger, followed by multiple small ones. Max inched closer to him, successfully blocking each with a katar. Before he knew it, a small blast of energy came from his behind. He turned around to find what it was, but met more in the face from the screens of light that blanketed his body. He was suddenly stabbed in the back, and he stumbled forward and to his knees.

Max (breathing heavily) - Heheheheh...nice. You'd do my brother proud. However...

[A] He got up, and he had the same red eyes as his brother.

Max - I've fought worse...

[A] He was no racing around everywhere, dodging the blasts heading his way and fighting Sirius head-on with stabs that actually pierced his armor and hit the boy. He could no longer block the fast attacks, and Max kneed Sirius, who coughed up blood, and struck back with quick thrusts. Max was moving so fast that Sirius could no longer see him, and before he knew it, he was being choked by a large arm.

Max - Ready to give up yet?

Sirius (smiling) - Nope.

[A] Big pain followed those words as the boy bit into Max's arm and did a backflip to get farther away from him. Max grasped his arm and looked at it, then clapped and touched the ground, sending a shockwave through the room. Sirius had to jump up to avoid it, but was smacked down to the ground by Maximus, who was flying through the room at lightning speed. After his punch to Sirius in the air, he landed and sent strands of metal out of his sleeves that grabbed hold of the boy, and he flung him into a wall, then into a light, then to the ceiling and back to the ground. He lifted him up and kicked him, then five punches to the stomach, then a low-kick, and finally a clap of the hands to create a prison from the ground, caging Sirius.

Sirius (grabbing his stomach) - could've gone a bit easier...

Max - Be thankful I'm sparing you...

Sirius - Believe me, you'll regret this later...

[A] As he said this, Max was walking to the door and stopped abruptly. He kept walking...and left the room.

Sirius (slouching to the ground, hand on ear) - This is Sirius Logisca to ULEP...I've successfully slowed Maximus Cerosa. You're clear to proceed with the capture...

John (voice in Sirius' ear) - Good work...I trust you can return unassisted?


[S] Epona stood there before Darius, still observing him with a bit of...disbelief. He was a gentleman, which is something she hadn't seen in a long time.

Epona - I'm guessing you wanna fight?

Darius - Mmmmm, not just fight, my dear. Might I interest you in a duel?

Epona - A duel?

Darius - The rules are simple. We do this with honor, and we go in turns. On our turn, we use one attack and one attack only. You can defend against it if you like, but remember that the winner is whoever's left standing. Sound fun?

Epona - What makes you think I'd agree to something like that?

Darius - It's your choice, miss, but if you don't...

[A] He pressed a button on his belt, revealing a huge bomb underneath her when the floor retracted to become glass. In the middle of two glass walls sat the bomb, which sat above the ocean below in the clouds.

Epona (realizing) - Oh...

[A] Pressing the button again, the floor became regular again.

Darius - I am ULEP's best sorcerer...I will not lose to you.

Epona (in fighting position) - We'll see...

Darius (straightening his tie) - I'll start...(clears throat, holds out hands) Gibatacor!!

[A] From his hands was sent a stream of darkness that twisted into all sorts of shapes, splitting up and rejoining, confusing Epona as to how she would stop it.

Epona (thinking) - Uhhh, uhhh...Crystal Shield!!

[A] A blue hexagon appeared in front of her hand that she held out in front of her, which enlarged and blocked it all. When it stopped, she could see that it had cracked. Judging by his aura and mana level, that was a weak one.

Darius - Now you...

Epona - Crystal Ice!!!

[A] The ice started from her feet, then began to travel out in stalagmites.

Darius - Zachair!!

[A] A blast of lightning shattered all of the ice, nearly hitting Epona.

Epona - Crystal Bomb!!

[MD] Crystal Bomb (Epona) - Forms crystals into a bomb with a compressed mana core that will explode on contact with anything.

[A] Covered in spikes, the bomb flew at Darius, who sidestepped it and let it hit the wall. The explosion hit his back and knocked him forward.

Darius - Not bad, Annihilator. Gibatacoruke!

[A] The same dark stream was back, this time a lot larger and it traveled along the ground as well as through the air. Epona focused her shield a lot more this time, but the darkness broke through it, and he found herself burning and bleeding.

Darius - Well now...have I already won?

[A] Epona got to her feet and healed herself. She still felt the immense pain.

Epona - Not yet...Crystal Ice Transfer!!

[A] From the floor came multiple spikes of ice crystals, each one after the other, seeming to follow Darius as he ran to avoid them.

Darius - Zachairganda!!

[A] Lightning from his hands split into five separate strands that went for Epona after shattering the spikes. She dodged it after putting a shield in the way to impede its progress.

Epona - Crystal Ice Transfer!!

[A] Now it took the form of a pillar, sending Darius flying up (the room was a lot larger than the grand chamber). He jumped off, but found he was dropping down to a pit of spikes around him.

Darius - Zachair!!

[A] The pit was destroyed.

Darius - Zachrandaga!!

[A] A cloud appeared over Epona, raining down bolts of lightning quickly. She put up a shield to stop it.

Epona - Crystal Bomb Cover!!!

[MD] Crystal Bomb Cover (Epona) - An upgraded version of the Crystal Bomb. One bomb becomes ten, each able to split up into more smaller bombs.

[A] She sent out several bombs now, each one at a different location. Darius held out his hand.

Darius - Darcrata!!

[A] A shade came up from the floor and stopped all of the bombs, but the explosion from each came straight through it, damaging Darius again.

Darius - Zachairdarcolak!!

[A] Lightning and darkness intertwined, forming a large wave of energy.

Epona - Crystal Shield!!!

[A] First, one shield, then another behind it, then another, then another, then another.

Epona - Hold it...hold it...hold it!!!

[A] The wave hit the shield from all angles, which is why she formed it into a dome shape. It crashed through every one of them, nearly doing the fifth, when it seemed to die down, but raged up again when...

Darius - Zachairdarcolak!!!

[A] She fell to the ground with the crack of her shields. For a few seconds, she appeared dead.

Darius (praying with one hand) - I was happy to have this battle with you...may you rest in peace...

Epona (suddenly) - Pray for someone who needs you...

[A] She stood up, bleeding, even after healing, but still alive.

Darius - My, you're resilient. Very well...proceed with your turn.

Epona (angry) - My pleasure...Crystal Lens!!!

[A] The lenses came up from a sheet of ice made by Epona. Each one pulsated with a blue and yellow aura (but not green, one on top of the other).

Darius - That all?

Epona (confident) - For now...

[A] Darius' aura was now out of control. He began charging for a single attack.

Darius - Baozachairgorukia!!

[A] Lightning from everywhere: ceiling, floor, and walls. Epona didn't move as it closed in on her. It was only a few meters away when...


[MD] Crystal Trap (Epona) - Takes crystals and traps energy inside them until released.

[A] An orb came up in front of her breasts and sucked the energy in, cracking the orb open a bit.

Darius (startled) - Wh-what!?

Epona - Game over!!!

[A] She threw the orb at the lenses and it cracked open completely, sending the energy spewing into the lens and through the room, where Darius was incinerated.


[S] James walked through the populated dome city at night, bleeding from his injuries. People ran from him, but he kept walking, trying to reach the space hangar. He saw Marius positioned ahead of him.

James - Son of a bitch, will you stay down?

Marius (laughing) - Don't you realize I'll never give up? I have orders to hold you off, and that's what I'll do.

[A] James closed his eyes and they became red again. Marius made summon circles everywhere (sky and ground). He'd been waiting for him. He noticed that he was in normal form again. It was probably to keep attention off of him. He activated a few of the circles, creating fireballs that were skillfully dodged by James, using souls to disperse some and jumping in between the others. He landed and met a leviathan with a Soul Grenade, then used a Rapid Soul Grenade for a smaller version of Levius that came near him.

Marius - Running outta steam, Cerosa? I've got plenty of juice left!!

[A] James was now focused on running to Marius, this time not stopping for anything, even injuries from burns or pierces. He got as far as his throat with his white Raem before he stopped from exhaustion. He was then brutally kicked in the face until he trembled to the ground.

Marius - Sorry, Cerosa, but it's Elion's orders to keep you busy.

James (on the ground) - That reminds me...(reaches into his pocket, pulls out a notebook) this is for you.

[A] He threw the book at Marius after touching it with his mana, and Marius shot it down with an energy blast.

Marius - Are you quite done?

[A] James laughed...Marius took the bait. The book exploded as soon as it hit the ground. It was full of alchemy symbols he'd drawn when he was imprisoned, plus some more over time. Marius' entire front body was disintegrated, but formed again when his heart, revealed and beating, glowed red and produced mana. Marius was pissed, and he stomped James' head into the ground. But backed off when he saw that Max arrived, still with red eyes.

Marius - Looks like I have no choice but to retreat...

[A] Marius turned around and saw a huge battalion of citizens and ULEP soldiers coming towards them, carrying knives, swords, clubs, guns, and anything else they could find. John, Richard, and Sirius were at the front, as was Darius (he must've escaped somehow). Epona held Brian on her back as she ran up to them.

Epona - We've gotta get outta here!!

John - I don't think so...

[A] A tube of light energy surrounded each of them.

James (laughing hysterically) - Hehehehehahahahahahahahah!!! Oh my God, that's ironic!! The only way you can actually win is to tire us out first!? That's your plan!? My God, you're a weak ass!!

[A] James quieted down and started to cry, but didn't show it. He was about to die...


[S] Jess walked into the grand court chamber, where Leon, Elion, and Arbitrice were conversing. They all sensed her come in...

Elion - So you've come to a decision...?

[A] Jess didn't say anything or change her expression for a few seconds. She took out the gun and pulled the trigger, hitting the wall and causing a huge boom that sent chairs flying and on fire in a burst of concentrated mana.

Jess - I had a choice to end it there...but I'm willing to follow you to the end of Hell itself. Besides...there's someone I must test before I really die.

Arbitrice - Then you'll be welcomed into the Codex with open arms...

Elion - Jess Arabac, daughter of Maxwell Daemon, wife of Elion Daemon, and fallen angel of joining the Codex, you will truly become my wife, and join us as Jess Daemon!! Come...step into the dark fire of the Arbitrice, and cleanse your soul of good!!!

[A] Leon threw a small piece of his body into the Arbitrice, which turned black and red. Jess walked forward and into the flames, which surrounded her body. Her eyes glowed red with an eerie feeling to them.


[S] The four heroes lay before their death, behind the curtains of light made by Sirius. Max tried everything to get out, but a PFG behind the large group of soldiers supplied enough energy to keep it up. John was handed a handgun and aimed it first at James' head through a small hole in the barrier.

John (aiming) - I'm gonna enjoy this...


[S] From the outside, a ripple of dark light came from the grand court dome, where Jess was slowly unleashing her new fury. Bolts of mana and energy blasts careened towards the first dome, crashing through and surprising everyone as it killed some and destroyed the buildings. John stopped aiming and looked around, and the four heroes saw Jess mysteriously appear in front of them. She looked back, and with a motion of the hand, sent black energy blasts and alchemy fissures along the ground, parting the light and freeing the Annihilators. Another motion summoned the Aeros to their side. As they ran to get in it, Jess watched them leave while still holding everyone else off. With the energy coursing through the dome, it was about to explode, so everyone evacuated. John tried shooting James a few times, but each shot missed when Jess held the bullets back with mana.

Jess (yelling over the noise) - Brian Cerosa!!! Next time we meet, you won't be so fortunate!!!

[A] The Aeros took off after Max grabbed James and took him into the Aeros. Max piloted the ship out, Epona healed everyone, and Brian and James slept.


[S] ...

Maxwell - Lord Jelos...I'm sorry to report the news about my daughter. She's joined Elion in the Codex.

[CD] Codex - A society of fallen angels, created by Elion Daemon. Consisting of members such as Marius Centrion and Jess Arabac, this group is set to invade Heaven once all of the Annihilators that have had Releases are killed, and Jelos is weakened temporarily.

Jelos - Yes...this is a setback, isn't it? Are my Annihilators still alive?

Maxwell - Not just alive...but about to become whole again. ULEP moves for Earth, or so the scribe says, and Leon will be joining them under Elion's orders to bring out their Releases.

Jelos - But his plan will fail, and I will be reunited with them is written as so, and I shall see that it happens. Now then...what of our friend Arbitrice?

Maxwell - He's now connected with Elion was a mistake to banish him like so. But in time he'll be no threat...

Jelos - Very well...the Chaos symbol grows bright under Elion's control of Valrin, but the Annihilator symbol shall banish the demi-Chaos. I trust that these Annihilators will not die like all the others...something about my new Nebula seems...different.

Maxwell - James might be the one to solve the mysteries behind Leon...he's had a long time to live and think about this, has he not?

Jelos - Mmmmmm...Maxwell. You must make sure my beloved children don't die...I sense Elion is making plans...

Maxwell - Yes master...


[S] ...

Elion - You say their eyes were red?

Marius - Yes...and they became faster and stronger in their rage. It was ungodly...what do you think it was?

Elion - I byproduct of their blood...they'll be a nuisance for now, but if Leon dies...heheheheheheh...

Marius - Master?

Elion - I can only have one demi-Chaos at a time, and that's all I can make with Valrin's power by my side, but should Leon die, I'll get a much better soldier to my ranks...

Marius - I see...then should that day come, all of the Codex will toast in victory.

Elion - Until then, our supreme demi-Chaos of Form will live as my greatest creation. He will not disappoint...though I'm rather concerned with using one of the Cerosa time, I suppose...
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