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Part 1 Chapter 10 - Ready for Battle

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As the Annihilators prepare their powers, ULEP still thinks about invading a particular planet. Thought impossible at the moment, Leon Paranai might have the power they've been searching for. Does ...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 10 - Ready for Battle

[N] The Annihilators were all gravely wounded, but nothing beyond Epona's healing powers. Over the next month, they spent the time training and enhancing their powers, and Maximus was isolated for most of the time, working on new inventions, perfecting old ones, and keeping up on news concerning ULEP. They'd become quiet all of a sudden, losing a valuable member to their team and all. The trickery that the one claiming to be Tobac had also shown them was more than enough to dent their pride. Elion was ready to make his next move, and none of the Annihilators were safe...the following events take place on or before May 15, 2013.

[S] Brian and James were sparring while Epona watched, ready to provide first-aid, should either need attending to. They were on the planet Lubaf again, practicing in a stone courtyard in the sunlight, at a shrine-like area.

Brian - Dark Blast!!!

[A] As it came near James, he jumped it with a frontflip and it careened into a small temple that was nearby. Instead, however, it was blocked by a blue hexagonal shield. James was pushed ahead by two souls on his back and used his swords to slam down on Brian, who was ready to block with his knives. One of his swords made it passed him, and tore through the robe, but hit the oricalcum-plated armor beneath. Brian responded with a kick to the stomach, then a bash to the head. James lit off a Soul Grenade at Brian's arm, rendering it useless and causing it to drop dead to his side. It burned straight through the robe and blackened his skin.

Brian (cocky) - Pretty watch this!! Soul Chain!!

[A] Black souls from everywhere took hold of James arms, one of which shook free, and sent him flying, where a Concussion Dark Blast met him in mid-air, but was absorbed by a soul. He landed and fired a Soul Grenade at Brian, who was going fast along the court and it completely missed him. Taking out his Splice, he fired nine arrows in one pull of the string, each a Black Soul Arrow. The explosions didn't concern James, but through the smoke came a stab from the penumbra knife that was still held in Brian's right hand, the other one placed in his mouth as he bit into it. The thrust cut through an opening in the armor, and blood came gushing out.

James (in pain) - Okay, so I didn't see that one coming...

[A] Epona livened things up with a Crystal Ice that created a large collective of spires that impaired vision greatly. James sliced his white sword, bringing a hail of energy bolts from the sky that destroyed some of the chunks of ice, some hitting Brian. His response was a Breaking Arrow. Only ten arrows hit him in vulnerable spots, going through his mage silk robe.

James (arrows disappearing from his body) - You're so f**king lucky I don't have my guns right now!! Soul Break!!!

[A] The shards came straight through every spike.

Brian (knife in mouth) - Soul Wall!!!

[A] The wall blocked it and dispersed, but Brian saw his mistake when James came to him with a punch that held a soul in front of it. He was knocked to the ground and spun around to gain footing once again. He took two souls to his hands and began to connect punches and soul blast attacks with James, predicting every move, save a few. After some strikes, he began to release hundreds of souls from his body to counterattack the blows he was sustaining. Instead, every soul he launched at James was dodged and evaded.

[MD] Soul Blizzard (James/Brian) - Sends many souls into the air to attack targets or unleash soul energy blasts.

[A] James landed once again from the air and saw Brian charging up a soul, and another one behind his back apparently.

Brian - Dark Sprawl!!!

James (horrified look, thoughts) - Oh s**t!!!

[MD] Dark Sprawl (Brian) - Collects energy from the surrounding area, creating a huge blast that rips apart matter molecule by molecule.

[A] James had to think fast as it was released from the soul.

James - SOUL WALL!!!

[A] The Dark Sprawl tore the souls apart and they burst into tattered shards. Now Brian used the one behind his back.

Brian - Dark Blast Roundhouse!!!

[MD] Dark Blast Roundhouse (Brian) - An upgraded version of the Dark Blast. Makes the Dark Blast split before impact, amplifying power, damage, and spread radius at the same time.

[A] James didn't see this one coming and saw it hit him in the chest, burning his entire robe off and revealing his black armor underneath. Again, through the smoke came Brian, holding his knife in his surviving arm to his neck.

Brian (smiling) - I win.

James (smiling back) - Actually, it's a tie.

[A] James already had his black Raem positioned right at Brian's heart.

James - Damn,'re getting good.

[A] Epona was walking over to them, taking care of Brian first by touching his arm and producing a blue light of mana. It still hurt a bit, but he managed to hold his other knife again. She then proceeded to James, simply touching his chest and stopping all of his wounds.


[S] For a month the four of them had been practicing their skills, which they had developed to a level that they could be proud of. James also noticed a slight change in Epona and Brian. Epona became a bit more quiet than usual, but was always in a good mood. Brian would seldom show emotions around people he didn't know, and could often be found lurking in the shadows to spy on others (it was something the monks taught him to do to gather information). Brian spent a lot of his time either training with close-quarters combat against the temple monks, or practicing his bow skills. Epona was mostly going around town and having some fun with her own powers. James approached Max in a small room in the temple, which was filled with all sorts of blueprints, charts, gadgets, parts, and other things. At his workbench, he was working on James' guns.

James (looking around) - Has it really been a month already?

Max (working) - Personally, I'm a little surprised that I managed to get all this done in such a small amount of where's Epona?

James - She's out right now. She also took the scribe, but she didn't say why. It's probably to gain some remembrance...

Max - You two used to be so in-touch with each other. Now you're just a little outta the loop.

James - It's not my fault...we've been separate this whole time, and now she comes back and expects to see nothing's changed?

Max - You know, you didn't have to let her stay here so long...

James (staring aimlessly) - It was her choice, not mine. But now we're a family again, and I swear we'll pull together by the time all this is over.

Max - All what?

James (face cringing) - Leon...

[A] Max fell silent, and went back to work. A few minutes later, he was done, and handed James his guns.

Max - I've improved pretty much everything: speed, power, and mods. I haven't tested them yet, obviously, but it should perform exceedingly well.

[A] James inspected them carefully, noticing their white and black auras were a lot more developed. A small screen on the back of each gun and a few buttons were there. He pressed some, and some options came up, which he found very interesting.

James - Spread, scatter, speed, power-shot, synthesis, God you've done a lot...

Max (smiling, pleased) - Just my way of helping.


[S] A small lizard crept around on the ULEP mother ship, black in color. His eyes were concentrated on each destination, as so not to get squashed. He reached the main area in the front where he saw John, Richard, and Genji.

Genji - It's interesting at best...we still haven't had any news concerning the Annihilators, and the demi-Chaos has stopped his murderous rampage. It gives me an eerie feeling in the gut...

John - Hmmmmm...we need some kind of planet to conquer next. Some place big and important...something that'll draw our friends to us...

Richard - Well, whether or not we have some support for the universal government is of no concern to us. But...I suppose we need as much help as we can get.

??? - Did you

[A] All three of them looked over in the corner where they thought they heard the voice coming from. Nothing. But then they noticed a black lizard on the floor, only two inches long. It started to creep towards them, and its form contorted and twisted to show Leon, who added light effects to his transformation as he stood up, particles of his body moving everywhere in blue mana.

Richard - Cerosa!?

John - How the hell'd you get in here!!?

Leon (sighs) - You're f*king kidding can't tell the difference? S*t you guys are worthless...

John (angry) - What!?

Genji - Both of you must surely recognize the great demi-Chaos of Form? Look closely: the robe's different, and his symbol is different. Plus, Cerosa can't change shape.

Leon (smiling maliciously) - Looks like I finally get some respect.

John - I remember. I've done a lot of research on you in the past, but I never imagined you'd come to me...

Leon - Let's just say I have personal reasons.

Richard - Personal reasons?

Leon (thinking) - ...I've come to make a deal with you. I'm growing impatient with the Annihilators, who are currently getting stronger as we speak. From reputation, I also found that you guys hate them too, especially James...

Richard - Go on.

Leon - A deal...that's why I'm here. I help you kill the Annihilators in exchange to give you all the planets you want.

John - There's a catch, isn't there?

Leon - Oh, damn straight there is...but we can work on that later. I'll give you the Annihilators if you let me do the killing for you. I have a nice method for this...

John - You're kidding, right? For three Annihilators, that's not much of a deal, considering you'll get stronger every time you kill someone.

[A] Leon now smirked heavily.

Leon - Who said three Annihilators? I'm talking about the entire set!

Genji - All six of them!?

Leon - Think about it...I've been instructed to kill the Annihilators, which is what I'll do, but I'll still give you the satisfaction of doing it. We both want Cerosa dead, right? Well, one of my bargains in that you can kill the others, but I get him.

John (thinking) - Cerosa in exchange for the others...I'm not so sure about that.

Richard - If we do team up, we'll see Cerosa dead. That's good enough for me.

Leon (smiling, bowing) - So do we have a deal or what?

John - Mmmmmmm...

Richard - Can we trust him, dad?

John (shaking his head) - No son, we can't. But what choice do we have? Infinite power at our disposal would be a waste not to use it.

Genji - That must mean yes.

Leon - Then I accept your terms...

John - Hold on there...first off, there'll be some of our own rules. No killing our own soldiers, no executions without first consent, and obey us at all times. Understood?

Leon - Fine.

[A] They both shook hands.

Leon - And by the way...I have the perfect planet for you to's not only of great importance, but it's where the remaining three Annihilators are.

Richard - By chance it wouldn't happen to be Earth would it?

Leon - Yes...

Genji - We were planning on going there for some time, now, but we never had enough power to truly do so. We'll show you why when we get there...

[A] As the ship took off, John was deep in thought.

John (thoughts) - I should've told him I saw through him from the beginning. That might be a bad idea. I hope this doesn't complicate things now...can we really win this with his help?

[A] Looks like John knew something the others didn't.


[S] Nearing Earth, the monitor closed in, and all of ULEP's commanding officers were in the room observing Leon.

John - That structure there is what's known as the Watch Tower. Earth is protected by hundreds of mutated humans, or something like that.

Richard - I believe the proper term is super heroes.

Genji - Our forces would never stand a chance against them. Their leader is Superman, and they say he's Kryptonian.

Leon (jumping at his last word) - Kryptonian? My, my, this is interesting...

John - So Leon...what now?

[A] Leon smiled and extended his fingers into blades.

Leon - Just leave them to me...

[N] Johnathan Hews had researched the demi-Chaos for a long time, so naturally he knew all of his tricks and deceptions. But now taking a good look at him, he fears that he might be fighting a useless battle. However, that aside, he still blames Cerosa for everything bad that's happened recently. He'll never give up on his grudge, it seems. Their ship closes in on the Justice League...
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