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Part 1 Chapter 11 - Invasion, Pt. 1

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ULEP takes over Earth with Leon, starting with the Justice League. Still on Earth, however, is one hero who's not feeling the pressure. The Annihilators have been located...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

Part 1 Chapter 11 - Invasion, Pt. 1

[S] John watched the Watch Tower carefully from the front of the main ULEP ship, making notes of the heroes that came and went. They were at least a few miles away, zoomed in on the screen. Marius stood by him and Leon was supposedly sleeping against the wall in the corner.

Marius - Sir...I know you very well. In fact, I've known you for a while now. But I still don't understand why he's here.

John (staring ahead) - Call it curiosity.

Leon (eyes closed) - That's a new one...

John (sighs) - Before I became leader of ULEP, I was a great scientist for the universal government. One of my "projects" was researching a small piece of our friend there that had been retrieved from a ruined planet. The demi-Chaos, it seemed, was made of a substance that could change its density, hardness, appearance, and other factors, basically becoming something completely different. I didn't wish to admit my association with you when you came, so I acted as if nothing happened. I don't want my son to know that...

[A] He stopped suddenly.

Leon (opening eyes) - Know that you know the truth? Yes, that would completely destroy his sense of reality. (shrugs) So I blew up a few planets important to you. Does that mean that he needs the truth, so that he can grow to distrust the world he lives in? You told him James did it, and he doesn't want that to be a lie. Sometimes, a lie is better than the real aspect in order to keep something or someone safe.

John (serious tone) - But still...I still have perfectly good reasons for hating him, and so does he, be that the real truth or just a lie. He killed my wife, not you, and that's reason enough to hate him.

Marius (thoughts) - And to think that he's been hiding this all the time. (actually saying) Now you're sure Fire, Earth, and Wind are on Earth?

Leon - My Chaos symbol's been glowing randomly for a while, but the closer we get to there, the brighter it gets.

[A] He lifted up his hair to reveal his Chaos symbol. It was pulsating with red mana.

Leon - Please, I'm not an amateur at this. I wouldn't be here if I didn't know. By the way, do realize that attacking would attract the Cerosas, right?

John (sighs, turns around) - Leon...can't know, change your look or something?

[A] Leon was puzzled.

John (angry) - You're the demi-Chaos of Form. I hate that look! Can't it just be someone other than Cerosa!?

Leon - I could, but then you wouldn't recognize me.

John - Well don't you have a real body? A true form?

Leon (laughs) - I haven't used that one in four millennia, and I'm not about to. (closes eyes, turns around) In time, you might be the lucky first to see me...sometimes the greatest of us prefer to keep our true selves shrouded in mystery...

[A] After saying this, he looked at Marius with a quick glance, but Marius saw him do this. He walked out through an automatic door with the push of a button. As he did this, John saw his memorycraft symbol on his right arm. This drew immediate attention to him for some reason. A strange fact about memorycraft was that it was known to be done only by Tenalian humans (otherwise known as humans from the First Age), or anyone with the Cerosa bloodline in them (which is quite odd). This has been proven by Leon possessing the seal, and the fact that no one without the bloodline can inscribe the symbol and get it to work (James and Max have tried this several times on other people).

Marius - What could he really want?

John - Whatever it is, he can have it. My revenge and conquering of the universe is enough.


[N] of these things are rare traits in the dimension of Universae nowadays. However, all of these things are possessed by a special few who can devote themselves to being a true hero. In the summer of 2011, a young boy met a dog from a planet that had been destroyed by an unknown force. Krypton was an ill-fated world, indeed, but there are greater mysteries behind it. Krypto-El and Kevin Whitney: a super-powered dog and an ordinary Earth boy. Sure everyone knows Superman, or by his real name Kal-El, but few people knew of his dog until Krypto became a superhero himself. Kevin Whitney, however, was a lonely boy who moved to a strange new place, but had no one to call a friend. It's been one and a half years approximately since they met, and nothing could separate the two of them. But the full story is much longer. The Justice League protected the planet, and they had nothing to worry about...until that day. May 16, 2013...the day when their destinies took hold...

[CD] Justice League - A group of intergalactic heroes, all of which constantly patrol Earth and all other planets with needs of inspection. Their base is located in a collection of satellite space stations orbiting above Earth. Led by Superman (Kal-El), founded by Batman (Bruce Wayne).

Author's Note - Remember how much time has passed since their first meeting and now. Some of the characters have indeed grown. Also, please notice the descriptions of the animals. Normal position is when they're on all four paws. On hind legs would be their length when stretched out and measuring them from tip to tip of their paws (try to imagine it). Also, Kryptonian dog years are a bit different from regular dog years. Also, please don't nag me about any incorrect details regarding JLU or KtS characters. The story might require some knowledge of these shows.

[S] Krypto rested his head on a pillow in Kevin's bedroom. He was sleeping, recalling the painful memories from days past. Fires and blood flying was painful for him to experience these dreams, or rather nightmares. It was a bright day in Metropolis, and Kevin was out with his friends, but Krypto was inside, not because he wanted to be, but because he had to be...

[CD] Krypto-El - Age: 4 human years, 22 Kryptonian dog years (approximate). Birthplace: Krypton. Species: Kryptonian Labrador. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown (due to years of suspended animation and slowed metabolism). Physical Description: 2' 11" in normal position, 4' 0" when on hind legs, 45.2 lbs., white fur, black nose, black eyes, opposable thumbs and fingers while still maintaining a semi-paw shape. Clothing: Yellow collar. In Superdog form: A tag similar to Kal-El's "S" logo is attached to his collar, as well as a red cape. Occupation: Superdog.

[A] A knock came from the window, and he woke up, getting on his paws, and looking out. Streaky was outside, hovering in the air.

[CD] Streaky - Age: 3 human years. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Tabby Cat. Sex: Male. Birthday: July 11, 2009. Physical Description: 1' 5" in normal position, 2' 2" when on hind legs, 19.1 lbs., orange fur, black nose, black eyes, lightning shaped streak on his sides, yellow-tipped tail. Clothing: None. In Supercat form: A blue cape, starting from his neck, halfway to his tail. Occupation: Supercat.

Streaky (voice muffled by the glass) - Hey Krypto! Come on, it's a beautiful day out!

[A] Krypto unlatched the window and opened it up, and Streaky got a little closer to him.

Krypto (sad) - Please, Streaky...the last thing this city needs is Superdog again...

Streaky (sighs) - Krypto, this isn't supposed to be that big of a deal. Look, maybe it really happened, but it doesn't mean you're the one to blame. I mean, Mechanikat was...

Krypto (interrupting, angry) - They're dead and I'm the one to blame!!!

[A] Streaky was caught off guard by this outburst. Krypto became depressed again.

Krypto (going back inside) - I'm sorry, but...I need some time alone. (lays down) To think...

Streaky (reassuring) - Well, I suppose all the villains are mine today. It'll be my treat.

[A] Krypto smiled at this thought.

Krypto (eyes closed) - Two hours...I'll come out in two hours.

[A] Streaky began to fly off when a high-pitched voice called from below. It sounded older than it used to.

??? - Uncle Streaky!!

[A] Streaky panicked and dropped from the air slightly. Krypto realized he forgot to close the window, and went over to it, seeing Squeaky in the yard below.

[CD] Squeaky - Age: 2 human years. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Tabby Cat. Sex: Male. Birthday: December 2, 2010. Physical Description: 1' 1" in normal position, 1' 7" when on hind legs, 8.4 lbs., orange fur, black nose, black eyes, yellow-tipped tail, high-pitched voice. Clothing: Blue cape. Occupation: None.

Streaky (rolls his eyes) - Just when I thought it'd be good today, you show up...

Squeaky - Awwww, come on, Uncle Streaky! You promised you'd come to the fan club today!

Streaky (floating down) - Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just a bit...busy today, that's all.

Krypto (smirking) - Go on, Uncle Streaky. I'm sure the city won't mind for a while...

Squeaky (jumping up and down) - Oh, hey Superdog! Are you gonna come and fight crime today?

Krypto (stops smiling) - No, not right now...but hey, there's always tomorrow.

[A] He closed the window.


[S] Krypto was down in his rocket now, sleeping with a pillow and blanket. He was tired of the inconveniences and disturbances from his pals, and hoped that the Dog Stars wouldn't be calling him. He did, however, smile slightly when he was woken by Superman on the screen in a full image of his body.

[CD] Kal-El - Age: Unknown (speculated between 20 to 30 years). Birthplace: Krypton. Species: Kryptonian Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: Unknown (due to years of suspended animation and slowed metabolism). Physical Description: 6' 6", 257.1 lbs., black hair smoothed back slightly, brown eyes, very muscular. Clothing: Spandex-like suit colored blue in the chest and leg areas and red in the abdominal areas, "S" symbol on his chest inside a gem-shaped polygon with red rim and "S" and yellow inside coloring, red cape, red boots. Occupation: Superman.

Krypto - I was wondering when you'd call.

Kal - It's great to see you feeling better, Krypto. I was hoping to ask if you'd like to come on a mission with me.

Krypto (going back to sleep) - Not interested...

Kal - Did I mention it's far away from Earth?

Krypto (waking up) - Okay, you have my attention.

Kal (serious tone) - There've been reports of a large group of men, with numbers in the trillions, taking over planets, and they might be in the next galaxy over. The entire league is in on this one. Think you're up for it?

Krypto (sad) - I'm sure no one will mind...after all, I...(shakes head) sure, I'd be happy to come!! Can I bring Streaky along?

Kal (delighted) - As long as you think he can handle things. We're leaving in a few hours. Tell the Dog Stars that they're in charge of Earth for the time being.

[CD] Dog Star Patrol - Much like the Justice League, this group of canine heroes is comprised of many dogs, some born on Earth, others from far away in other galaxies. Though usually only ten members are present (including honorary members), they have over a hundred other dog agents in farther reaches of the universe. Led and founded by Brainy Barker.

[A] The screen turned off.


[S] Kevin and Andrea watched as the area of downtown Metropolis was being reconstructed. It had a crater a few meters wide, cracks along the un-dented street, and slash marks on almost every building in the surrounding area. People still watched in amazement, and some read newspapers that had a large title on the front: Superdog Goes Berserk.

[CD] Kevin Whitney - Age: 12. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: May 16, 2001. Physical Description: 5' 6", 145.6 lbs., brown hair that slightly spikes out in front, brown eyes. Clothing: Light blue shirt with green stripes on the middle part of the front and on the ends of the sleeves and neck area, blue jeans, black shoes, and an intergalactic communicator fastened to his ear.

[CD] Andrea Sussman - Age: 12. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Female. Birthday: May 2, 2001. Physical Description: 5' 6", 146.3 lbs., long black hair, green eyes. Clothing: Violet shirt with several pink flower patterns on it, blue jeans, black shoes, golden bracelet, and an intergalactic communicator. Occupation: None.

Kevin (staring emptily) - Hard to believe it really happened...

Andrea - And so many died...why Kevin? Why'd Krypto do this?

Kevin (sighs) - You know as well as I do...

Andrea (sad) - But that's not it...(starting to cry) why couldn't you stop him? Why didn't...why didn't he come to his senses...I don't care if Mechanikat did this, it's just not right!

[A] She tried to restrain the tears as best as he could. Kevin felt strange today...he started to cough and covered his mouth with his hand. When he was done, he saw blood in his palm. Something was wrong with him...

Kevin (turning around) - Come on...we should go.

Andrea (stops crying) - Yeah...


[S] John, Richard, Sirius, and Leon walked through the long hall in the White House on Earth. Leon wore a black hooded robe with a red Chaos symbol on its back, different from his normal outfit. The hood covered his face in a veil of darkness.

Leon (walking) - So is this how you confront every planet? You don't go in with guns blazing and start beating the s**t outta every living thing you see? Gee, I thought I was with the almighty and powerful ULEP...

Sirius (quietly) - It's important to settle things diplomatically first. If they resist, we'll fight, and even with our superior numbers, we'd be way outmatched thanks to the Justice League. That, of course, is why we have you.

[A] Sirius spoke quietly to not attract attention to him from the FBI agents situated in several points along the hallway. Pretty soon, a large door opened in front of them, and the President of the United States was in the main room, sitting in a red revolving chair behind a long desk. The room was beautiful with marble columns, blue tartan rug, and the US seal printed into the rug. Red curtains hung over the windows, and agents lined the room. The President turned around.

John (bowing) - Thank you for agreeing to meet.

President - It was my pleasure, mister...?

John - Hews...Johnathan Hews. Now then, I've been instructed by the universal government to bring all planets in the universe into their order. We've been granted special army support and special law bypassation to use any amount of force necessary to convert. I, however, will do this only if needed. That is why I ask that you relive duties to the United States to us to speed up this process.

President (outraged) - That's absurd!!

John (smiling) - Please, sir...this is not a request. It's an order. We will shed blood if you do not comply.

President - How can we trust that you're really doing this in the name of good? I've heard of Universal Law Enforcement Patrol, and I have yet to hear anything good about them.

Richard (to John) - Looks like he's not going quietly.

John - Mr. President. If you don't reconsider now, you'll find yourself at the short end of a very long stick that's waiting to run you and this entire country through.

President (calming down) - Kill me if you will...but so help me God you won't succeed. As long as we have the Justice League, we'll never fall to you.

[A] Leon laughed slightly beneath his hood, not loud enough for anyone to hear. This comment gave him mischievous thoughts of how he'd kill each hero.

Leon (quietly) - So that means we get to start killing? Finally...

Richard - Have it your way...we're giving you one hour to reconsider, and then we'll be bombing the hell outta this planet. Good luck, you self-righteous bastard.

[A] With a bow, John and Richard turned around, Sirius followed, and Leon slowly did the same, but first stared into the eyes of the President. They exchanged glances, and he turned around, striking horror into the President's heart when he saw the Chaos symbol on the back of his robe. As the door closed, the four of them walked down the hall again.

Leon (smiling malevolently) - I'm guessing we attack immediately?

John - Bingo...we give those superheroes a chance to strike back, and we'll lose more casualties than necessary.

Leon - Send me in last...I wanna watch them all in action.


[S] Kevin's family watched the news, which was covering the story from a few days ago again. His mother sat to the left of him on the couch, his father to the right, Melanie in his mom's lap, and Krypto still in the rocket sleeping.

[CD] Mary Whitney - Age: 34. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Female. Birthday: October 30, 1978. Physical Description: 6' 0", 184.8 lbs., short brown hair, blue eyes, pierced ears. Clothing: Pink shirt, blue sweat pants, sandals, silver necklace, and several golden rings. Occupation: Metropolis Department of Land Management.

[CD] Eddie Whitney - Age: 36. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Male. Birthday: September 12, 1976. Physical Description: 6' 4", 203.5 lbs., brown hair that spikes out slightly in the front, brown eyes. Clothing: Green shirt, black jeans, black shoes, wristwatch. Occupation: Metropolis Department of Energy.

[CD] Melanie Whitney - Age: 2. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Human. Sex: Female. Birthday: November 9, 2010. Physical Description: 1' 10", 22.0 lbs., brown hair braided into two braids, blue eyes. Clothing: Yellow shirt, pink pants, a diaper, and pink shoes. Occupation: None.

Reporter (holding up an umbrella) - As you can see, the hit to the city is still as strong as it always was. From the initial strikes, many were left dead, and we have a memorial of that to prove it. Their blood still stains every wall on every street, and we're all still wondering who's to blame.

Kevin (thoughts) - Why am I watching this?

Mary - I still can't believe that this happened...

Eddie - I know. It's so...gruesome.

Kevin - Maybe it is...


[S] Kevin climbed down the ladder in Krypto's doghouse, closing the lid at the top carefully. Before he reached the bottom, there was a knock at the top, and the lid slid open, revealing Andrea and Streaky.

Andrea (calling down) - Suppose he minds if we come down too?

[A] Krypto could already hear them, and found their voices welcoming at the least. In fact, he'd heard them from a mile away, his super-hearing becoming more developed than ever.

Kevin - No, that's fine. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Streaky (flying down) - Good, cause we're soaking wet!

[A] Streaky landed at the bottom and shook furiously until his fur made him look like a cotton ball. Kevin and Andrea climbed down after each other, gazing at the giant rocket, at least twenty five feet tall. They climbed the ramp into the open hatch, where they found Krypto wide awake on a large platform in the middle, covered up by a red blanket and watching news reports of a certain "radical organization" that had threatened to attack.

Krypto (watching the screen) - Sorry about all of this ruining your birthday today...

[A] Kevin just remembered that it was his birthday today. He must've just had more on his mind than presents.

Kevin - It's don't have to be sorry.

[A] They all walked over next to Krypto, who seemed quite tuned-in with the screen (he was a little curious about how this organization was connected with him in some way). He realized that his dreams a few nights before were foreshadowing this somehow...Kal and Kevin had both said something about similar dreams.

Streaky - So, K-Dog...this what you've been doing for the last hour?

Krypto - Yeah...not much to do but wait.

Andrea (curious) - Wait?

Krypto - Superman wanted to know if we could go on a mission with him. It kinda just occurred to me that we might not get to.

Kevin - What?

Krypto - Look...

[A] They paid special attention to the screen now. Something didn't seem right about this ULEP...


[S] The entire Justice League was now coming into the Watch Tower, which was basically several hundred heroes under one roof. All of them were fixing the Watch Tower and preparing the Javelins before they left, so that Earth had at least some form of protection from them when they were gone, other than the Dog Stars of course. Batman would stay behind to control the several different towers orbiting the planet. Superman was conversing with Brainy Barker on the screen, currently the only one at the Dog Star's orbiting base.

[CD] Brainy Barker - Age: 5 human years. Birthplace: Arbrius. Species: Arbrius Afghan. Sex: Female. Birthday: January 21, 2008. Physical Description: 2' 9" in normal position, 4' 0" when on hind legs, 34.2 lbs., light purple fur, purple tail and hair, black nose, green eyes. Clothing: Yellow collar with a yellow circle ID tag that has a green "B" on it, and a white cape attached to her collar. Occupation: Leader of the Dog Star Patrol.

Brainy - I understand...we'll guard Earth with our lives if necessary. (saluting) You can count on us.

Kal - Thank you, Brainy.

[A] The screen turned off. Green Lantern came up behind him, as did Diana (Wonder Woman).

GL - We're ready to leave. Where's the dog?

Kal (staring into space) - He'll be here. Trust me.

Diana - I still don't understand the point of taking him along.

Kal - He could use the time away from Earth, even if it's not to relax.

[A] He walked over to an automatic door that slid open when he got near and walked through, Green Lantern and Diana following him. Suspended in this room was a large tube-like tank filled with water, with a hellion plant inside of it, colored purple, black, and red. Many men and woman scientists converged around the tank, studying the beast, with a label below the tank that read: Black Mercy. It looked like it'd been severely burned.

GL - To think that this one plant could cause so much grief.

Kal (closing his eyes) - The most deadly things are the ones we don't expect.

[A] Suddenly, a flashing red alarm went off, and explosions could be seen along the main Watch Tower through the window. Everyone was panicking, and a monitor came down from the ceiling, showing a scientist in a closed room.

Man (panicking) - Superman, we're under attack!!!

Kal (surprised) - What!? By who!!?

Man - I don't know, they just...

[A] The door opened and he was shot by a machine gun with about forty bullets, and the screen went static.


[S] Kal flew to the top of the Watch Tower's main control room, locating J'onn (affectionately dubbed sometimes as the "Martian Manhunter"), who was desperately activating their defenses while many other heroes held off their invaders.

J'onn (calmly) - Judging from their logos...they appear to be part of the Universal Law Enforcement Patrol. If memory serves, we were supposed to be the ones to surprise them. Looks like they've turned the tables.

Diana (looking around) - Weren't they just negotiating a while ago?

GL - Damn it...they tricked us!!

[A] The locked doors were busted open, and heroes were ready to defend against the waves of soldiers flowing through. All seven first members (Superman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onzz, and the Flash) were together in this extremely large room, managing to fend off a lot of them. Their guns were doing some damage, but not much. However, the ULEP soldiers wouldn't stop coming.

Hawkgirl (flying around, bashing soldiers) - This isn't working! They either just keep coming, or just won't die!!

Flash - I'll clear the way ahead!

[A] He sped off, plowing his way into the doorway and taking out hundreds of soldiers while hundreds of heroes in the previous room fought their way through them. As soon as he left, an explosion came from the ceiling, sending pieces down, and Darius and Marius jumped down.

Diana (angry) - Great...more targets!

[A] She started to fly in their direction.

J'onn - Wonder Woman, wait!!

Marius (to Darius) - I'll handle this one.

[A] As she got closer, she prepared her fist and swung it, but met a bone wall, and was then taken back by a leviathan, which she ripped apart before seeing even more of them flying for her. Green Lantern tried next, using his ring to make several tendril-like strands. Darius stepped in front of Marius.

Darius (holding out hand) - Zachair!!

[A] His lightning temporarily stopped the ring's beams, but they came back again, and he tried something else.

Darius - Gibatacoruke!!

[A] The darkness enveloped the green beams and neutralized it, also carrying over to push John back (John Stewart, a.k.a. the Green Lantern).

Hawkgirl - What does it take to kill these guys!?

[A] She was flying now, as well, and met a large summoning circle for Levius, the crimson-red dragon with a slender body.

Author's Note - It occurred to me right now that I'll likely be using the greater summons multiple times. So I'm very sorry for adding this in now.

[CD] Levius - A dragon with a long slender body with crimson-colored skin. He holds the power of wind and fire, and currently serves Marius Centrion under a pact.

Hawkgirl (revving up to attack) - Big deal!

[A] With a single claw, Levius met her mace that she carried and breathed fire onto her sending her down to the ground in a ball of flame. Marius suddenly noticed the heroes that were making a move on him, slowly inching up.

Marius - Don't think I forgot you guys...

[A] He scribed a quick circle in his four compass points around his body, creating red balls of mana that mowed through them.

Darius - I expected more of a fight...

[A] He jinxed himself when he said this, as J'onn came out of the ground and put his hands inside Darius' head while they were still intangible. Lightning now courses through him uncontrollably, and he blacked out.

Marius (stunned) - A psychic!? Mmmmmmm...this could be trouble for us.

[CD] Psychic - A mid-level magic user that uses mana created from the mind to do combat. Certain aspects of their powers focus on things such as concentrating mind mana into energy blasts, reading minds, and even levitating objects.

J'onn (calmly) - Leave now before we use full force.

Marius (calm) - Sorry...but I'm under orders not to leave.

Kal (flying from out of nowhere) - Then we'll make you!!

[A] He hit Marius' jaw and sent him flying into the wall. He got up quickly, bleeding from his mouth, and saw that Levius had been destroyed by Hawkgirl finally. He also saw Green Lantern coming closer, as was J'onn. Batman was currently fighting some of the soldiers (with ease might I add). None of them seemed to be great in close quarters combat, save a few. He did notice that the others were closing in on Marius.

Marius - Perhaps I've underestimated you...

[A] Now every hero remaining in the room was closing in, done fighting for the time being and focusing on the summoner. He quickly scribed a summon circle in the air, and a wall of red mana came out, unleashing a devastating wind that crushed some of the entire room and pushed everyone back a few feet. Kal was still standing and trying to hold his ground.

Marius (attacking still) - You must have no idea how to fight magic users, do you!?

[A] To his surprise, Kal was moving forward, pulled his hand back and into a fist, and punched Marius straight in the head, dislocating it from the neck. More soldiers were coming in, and Darius had woken up. However, from the multiple hallways and passages, more of the Justice League was coming. They were almost ready to start fighting again, when...

John - That's enough!!!

[A] John walked through the biggest door, and everyone immediately saluted him, even Darius, who was about to be torn limb from limb by Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman.

John (noticing Marius) - Rise, Marius. That injury is nothing to you.

[A] Marius' body, with its head twisted around, climbed up along the wall and his hands twisted his head to normal position with a flash of red mana along his neck.

Kal (horrified) - Who the hell are you guys?

John - I am Johnathan Hews, leader of the esteemed ULEP. I suppose it was a waist of men to try attacking like this, but we had to access all of your skills.

J'onn - We won't give up, so leave.

John (realizing with joy) - Oh...did I forget to mention my secret weapon?

[A] He snapped his fingers and nothing happened for a few seconds.

GL - Secret weapon? What secret weapon?

[A] The entire station rumbled, and Leon walked through the doorway while everyone cleared a path for him. His head was tilted down slightly, his eyes squinting, giving him that dark look. He was holding a bloody Flash in his hand by the head.

Diana - Flash!!

Leon (tossing him) - He wasn't much for me...

[A] Diana caught the Flash's lifeless body and tried to shake him to life. He woke up in horrible pain and screamed.

Flash (in pain) - Guys...stay away from him...he's like nothing I've ever seen.

[A] Everyone looked at Leon, who was staring at them plainly.

J'onn - I'll handle this...

[A] J'onn made his approach to Leon slowly, Leon not reacting at all, but everyone else shooting at him as he became intangible.

Leon (standing still) - Cease fire or I'll kill all of you.

[A] They all stopped, and J'onn became solid again.

J'onn - Who are you, and what do you want?

Leon - I'm the one who you'll be fearing for the rest of your life unless you give up.

J'onn - I've seen worse than you before.

Leon - Then you must not know my name.

John (angry) - Leon, get to the killing!

Leon - I will soon...well then, you don't know who I am?

Kal - We don't care!!

Leon - Oh but you will...lemme give you two words.

[A] J'onn was the only one actually listening carefully.

Leon (smiling) - Leon Paranai...

[A] J'onn was horrified looking at Leon now, as he backed up in Kal with fear in every part of his body.

Batman - What's wrong, J'onn!?

J'onn (grimly) - Everyone...stand down.

Kal - But why!?

J'onn - Just do it.

[A] Not everyone was so willing to comply. They all tried attacking Leon head on. He simply smiled and held out both hands, forming them into a thousand. Black energy blasts emerged from each, hitting everyone in the room, save the soldiers, Darius, Marius, and John. Most of them were down now, except for the Green Lantern, Diana, Kal, Hawkgirl, and J'onn. Batman had been hit several times and was knocked out completely.

GL - You asked for it!!

[A] Green Lantern used his ring for a wall of green energy, which was destroyed when Leon expanded his body into a black mass, swallowing it whole. He stretched out his arm towards Lantern and he responded with a green ball-like shield. The punched slid off, but he did it again, this time making his arm into a flow of black ooze that covered the shield and crushed it in slightly. He retracted his arm, and Lantern was knocked out. Diana rushed for him now, but all he did was simply duck the initial punch and go into a handstand double kick to her face while connecting that with a stretch of his arm after he stood on both feet again, then threw her into Hawkgirl and did an energy blast onto both of them. She was still standing and went for him with her mace, but his body simply reformed every time she took a chunk out of him. He grabbed her by the head, and tried to crush it, but Kal came flying and punched him into the wall, releasing Hawkgirl. Then silence...

Kal - Is it over?

John (laughing) - Don't count on it!!

[A] Leon came from the rubble, his body badly damaged by the blow. He formed it quickly and came forward.

Leon (popping his neck) - So you're the famous Kryptonian I've been hearing about...didn't think I'd ever find you...

Kal (confused) - What!?

[A] Leon's single arm became three whip-like tentacles, and Kal flew into the air, flying down at Leon at an angle and barely missing the tri-pronged attack that came around him in the air. He punched Leon's body hard, then gave him a swift kick, but noticed that nothing had happened. His body, where he hit him, had been made even blacker by creating kachin on those areas. Kal suddenly felt the immense pain that comes from hitting that metal too hard. Leon summoned his Arinya and put it to Kal's neck.

Leon - The famous Superman down already? How sad.

[A] Kal punched into Leon again, and this time his punch went straight through him, and when he pulled it out, Leon's body reformed. Leon kicked him in the head, wearing boots that were similar to James' (plated with kachin). Hawkgirl tried once more and met an energy blast to the chest. Kal came flying (again), and continuously punched Leon, pushing him to the wall and still punching. His body was in a jagged and broken mess when he was done, but it was all regenerated.

John (bored) - try and finish this off while we're still young.

[A] Richard came walking in, followed by the ever-present Sirius. Kal was again still trying to fight back, and after a good five minutes of continuous punched, kicks, heat vision blasts, and evasion from Leon's attacks, he was worn out, but Leon was only getting started.

Leon - Done?

Kal (tired) - You wish!

[A] He tried one more blow, but it was blocked by Leon's hand, and he was sent flying into the controls. Every other hero was getting up, and more were coming into the main room, but they stopped when they saw Superman in a bloody pulp. Leon walked over and punched Kal in the face and stomach when he got up, then a kick into the wall, and finally ran him through with a spike made from his arm. He finally ended the fight when he lifted Kal up into the air by his neck. In a last-ditch desperate move, he tried heat vision on Leon's head. Nothing.

Leon - How disappointing...then again, you would've stood a chance if you were a mage like myself. We truly are a grand class...

Kal (in pain) - Bite me...

[A] Leon stretched out the other arm far, ready to swing it forward, when his Chaos symbol went out of control and glowed ferociously. He stared at Kal for a few seconds, trying to realize what was going on, when he saw a dimly inscribed Annihilator symbol appearing on his forehead.

Leon (staring in psychotic joy) - Yes...yes!!! I've finally found you!!

John (walking up behind him) - What is it?

Leon (looking back) - He's an Annihilator...the Annihilator of Earth.

Marius (also walking up behind him) - Convenient...

John (announcing) - Listen up everyone! You'll put down your weapons and surrender at once! ULEP is taking over!!

Leon - Make sure you don't harm this one...there'll be no killing until I say so. Is that clear?

Richard - Crystal clear.

[A] Leon dropped Kal to the ground, and some soldiers were getting ready to restrain him, when he touched his ear.

Kal - Krypto...I don't have much time to say this. Don't come near the Watch Tower. As of now, the Justice League has fallen, and you're the only one other than the Dog Stars that can stop them. Please...get to safety. The rocket isn't safe anymore, I fear. You must warn everyone you can, and get Kevin to somewhere safe. Please, mustn't let them win.

[A] Leon stomped his head after seeing what he was doing. John was on the main computer, searching for targets (actually, searching for a place to put his base of operations).

Leon (picking Kal up by the head) - So...who's this Krypto you're talking about?

[A] Kal didn't answer him.

Leon - So be it...I'll find out for myself.

[A] Leon's arm glowed red, and Kal was in immense pain. Memories flashed before both of their eyes, and Leon dropped Kal to the ground.

Leon (turning around) - I'm going out for a bit...I've found our next Annihilator. Oh...but before I forget...

[A] Leon formed his arm into a green stone that would fit in his palm and placed it on the ground next to Kal. He recognized this as a piece of kryptonite.

Leon - It's amazing the knowledge that can be found in the mind. Make sure you keep him exposed to that...(turning back around) farewell, Kryptonian.

[A] As Leon left, an image came up on the screen as John and Richard searched. The Justice League members were getting secured, including Kal, in well-made kachin shackles and guarded, guns pointed to their heads. The Watch Tower had been taken...

John (observing the image, amazed) - This looks like a prime's larger than any city I've ever seen!

Richard (agreeing) - Truly a marvel...

[A] The city was Metropolis...
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