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Part 1 Chapter 12 - Invasion, Pt. 2

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Krypto, Kevin, Andrea, and Streaky run away from ULEP as they take over Metropolis. Kevin, it seems, has some kind of disease, which could throw a wrench into Elion's plans...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 12 - Invasion, Pt. 2

[N] Mana, in ways, is something that can help...or sometimes hinder, its user. All mana, unless properly controlled, is deemed as able to corrode physical materials. Some damaging effects of mana can be very deadly, especially one that seems to affect the Annihilators most of all, which was common in a third of the Annihilators that died. Kevin Whitney is having strange symptoms of an unknown disease lately. Could this be a simple disease? No...this is much more serious...

[S] In the rocket, the four of them were oblivious as they watched the news on the screen, Krypto still laying on the platform. Suddenly, a beeping noise came from the computer, and a small red light came up.

Kevin (noticing) - What?

[A] Kevin walked over and pressed the button next to the light. The screen went black and a message appeared on it: Now Playing Voice Message...From Superman.

Kal (voice message) - Krypto...I don't have much time to say this. Don't come near the Watch Tower. As of now, the Justice League has fallen, and you're the only one other than the Dog Stars that can stop them. Please...get to safety. The rocket isn't safe anymore, I fear. You must warn everyone you can, and get Kevin to somewhere safe. Please, mustn't let them win.

[A] The message ended and the news came back on.

Krypto (grimly) - What...?

Andrea (surprised) - The Justice League was...beaten? All of it?

Streaky - But that's impossible!! Everyone knows that there's no way...

[A] Suddenly, an explosion came from nearby, and the news shifted to an announcement.

Announcer - We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important announcement. A mile outside of Metropolis is an army of ULEP, the Universal Law Enforcement Patrol. Citizens are currently advised to leave belongings and get to a designated shelter while the authorities and the Justice League sort things out. Please, do not stay, and do not try to handle things on your own...

[A] Kevin's parents were now calling from above, and the message was being played again for those who missed it.

Krypto (getting up) - I have to three go with Kevin's parents.

[A] As he tried to get off, Kevin stood in front of him with his arms held out, barring access.

Krypto - Kevin, get outta the way!

Kevin - No can't do things right now.

Krypto (arguing) - But I have to!! I'm the only one who can!!

Streaky - But K...these guys took out the league. What are two heroes like us to them? And besides, Superman told us to hide!

Kevin - Streaky's right. I'm as concerned about them as you are, but we're outmatched, and there's absolutely no reason to throw your life away.

Krypto (looking down) - But still...

[A] Now another message came up, this time with Johnathan Hews on the monitor. He was on every screen worldwide, and spoke from the Watch Tower, with full view of the captured Justice League in the background.

John - Greetings, people of Earth. I am Johnathan Hews, leader of ULEP. I am here to announce that we'll be in control of Earth for the time being. Your armies can try to resist us, but we have strength in weapons and numbers. And...your Justice League will be of no use to you. Look...

[A] He stepped to the side, and it became apparent to everyone what was happening.

John - Yes, there are still heroes left, but they are no match for us. We will establish our headquarters in the city of Metropolis, and we will not accept any negotiations. You've been warned...but now, here's a special guest that you'll all come to know and love.

[A] Now John walked backwards, and Leon took his stand.

Leon (smiling maliciously) - Krypto-El of know who you are.

Krypto (eyes widening) - What!?

Kevin - Is he talking about you, Krypto?

Leon - Or should I refer to you as Superdog? It matters undoubtedly have wishes to fight back against us, but that is ill advised. I beat Kal-El, and I expect you to be more of a fight than he was.

Kal (in the background) - Krypto, run!! Get as far away from him as possible!!

Leon (laughing) - Run, hide, and keep quiet all you want, but I can find you...good luck, Annihilator.

[A] The four of them looked in amazement at the screen.

Krypto (eyes closed) - Kevin, Andrea, Streaky...let's go. We can't waste any time here.

Kevin - But what about our parents?

Streaky - And my nephew...and the Dog Stars?

Andrea (worried) - Shouldn't we help everyone else?

Krypto - No...they'll manage on their own. No matter what we do, or where we run, they'll find and capture us. But we'll try to manage something.

[A] Krypto stood proudly on all four legs and spun around several times, getting constantly faster. In this moment, light flashed from him, and the three of them saw Superdog once again.

Krypto (refreshed) - I feel like a whole new me.

Streaky - Well don't leave me out on the action.

[A] Streaky stretched out and his lightning-shaped streak on his side seemed to hover off of him and go around him in a coil, producing small bolts of electricity and transforming him into Supercat.

Krypto - Let's go.

Kevin - Right...!

[A] Krypto jumped off of his platform and lowered himself for Kevin to get on. As he was about to do this, however, he clenched his stomach in pain and scream.

Kevin (in pain) - Arghhh...ughhhh...urghh...

Andrea - Kevin, what's wrong!?

[A] She took a closer look at him and found small bumps and bruises forming on his skin, colored distinctly red and purple.

Kevin - Ughhh...I don't know. I...(noticing) what are these?

Krypto - I have no clue...

Kevin (shaking his head) - We don't have time to waste here...let's just get going!


[S] With Kevin on Krypto's back and Streaky carrying Andrea in his paws, they flew to the sky above the city and looked around. Sure enough, there was something in the distance. Both Krypto and Streaky used their telescopic vision to spot it out. Holy crap...millions of soldiers, thousands of tanks and mechs, hundreds of jets, all converging on the city.

Krypto (horrified, flying) - Oh my God...there's no way I can stand up to that!!!

Streaky (flying) - No wonder the Justice League lost! Look at the size of that crowd!!

Kevin (weak) - Krypto...the sewers...

Krypto - What?

Kevin - The sewers, Krypto...that's the best place to hide...

Andrea - Kevin, you can't be serious!

Krypto (frustrated) - I don't see anywhere else to go...I guess it's down for now!


[S] The US army was fighting off ULEP as best as they could. Everything on their own side was getting destroyed, and nothing could be done to the other side. ULEP fired off rockets that destroyed hundreds of troops; mechs fired in the defending army and killed thousands; tanks blew holes in the buildings from a mile away. Metropolis was slowly being invaded as soldiers poured in and captured many. Krypto and Streaky flew Kevin and Andrea down into a large opening in the ground that was made from a few days ago (during the "incident"), and they walked through the sewers along a pathway at the wall, taking heed not to trip into the river of sewage water.

Kevin (getting off of Krypto) - I guess this'll do.

Andrea (disgusted) - smells down here.

Krypto (covering his nose) - I nose hurts...


[S] The sewer systems of Metropolis were long and large. Krypto heard the footsteps of soldiers inside, and even looked above ground with his x-ray vision, along with Streaky, to see the people of Metropolis being dragged off and enslaved by ULEP. Night had fallen, and the four of them were constantly on the move from their pursuers. They had finally decided to stop at a part where the walkways were wider, where there were actually people underground that had camped down there to escape ULEP, and Krypto and Streaky fetched some pieces of wood they could find and made a fire. The darkness and rain coming from the top was unsettling. Drains let it into the underground "caverns" and it trickled around everywhere. Pipes lined the walls and ceilings, beating with a rhythm of water through them. The men and women wore rag-like clothing, torn and shot with holes. The sick were down here, and so were the injured, all bandaged up to stop from bleeding. The site had tents and fires everywhere. Krypto, Streaky, Andrea, and Kevin all laid before their own fire with blankets to keep them warm, provided by the other people down there.

Kevin (tired) - Sure is weird down here...didn't think everyone else would get the same idea.

[A] A man was walking by and handed two cups of water to Andrea and Kevin, and a woman gave Streaky and Krypto a bowl of water.

Woman - We came down here because it's safer. The Justice League really lost, didn't they?

Andrea - Afraid so...

Man - Well, don't worry! We've still got some hope, right!?

[A] This community seemed pleased to see the arrival of the four of them, likely because they could defend them if needed. Kevin and Andrea left the fire, but their pets stayed, and they walked around to see what was happening. The despair was hanging in the air like a cloud of shadows.

Andrea (to a man) - How come all of these people are here?

Man (sadly) - These...are the survivors of the invasion. They escaped ULEP and came down here. Some of us were injured or shot by them, and some of us caught strange diseases and viruses when we traveled to the sewers. I sometimes wonder if it's better to just give in for now...we're all suffering more than we ever will.

[A] As he was done speaking about this, a bell rang and people crowded around a large table, getting in line. Kevin and Andrea did this as well, noticing dinner, but wondered why Krypto and Streaky hadn't responded. Their ears should've heard it easily, even though they were asleep, and their noses couldn't resist the smell. For once, Streaky wasn't concerned about food, which meant that this situation was serious. The two of them were handed a small bowl filled with baked beans and a spoon, and they sat around a fire. A woman next to Kevin noticed his bruises.

Woman - Young man...I hate to prod, but...what are those marks?

Kevin (looking at them) - What, these? Well...I don't really know.

[A] She was silent for a while after that.


[S] Now all four of them were sleeping next to their fire on the ground. People were still up, tending to the sick and wounded. About a few hours in, Kevin became restless in his sleep, and woke up. He looked around and down at his skin. His bumps were starting grow redder. He looked closely at them now.

Kevin (looking) - Hmmmm...

[A] From one of them on his arm, he found a small slit appear, and blood was flowing out of it quickly.

Kevin (panicking) - What!?

[A] Now one on his leg. And another. And another. His face also had them, and the rest of his body was in agony. A few seconds of this, he yelled in such ear-splitting pain that everyone was now awake. Here he was, sprawling on the ground with blood pouring out of him, and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Krypto and Streaky had awoken within the first millisecond of it, and Andrea took a bit of prodding before she finally realized what was going on.

Kevin (holding himself, tossing and turning on the ground) - Aghhh...Krypto, it hurts!!!!!!!! Aughhhhhhh!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


[S] Kevin was asleep on a table, getting bandaged up by a multitude of people while Andrea, Krypto, and Streaky watched in horror. His slits were still giving out blood, but only slightly now. He was bleeding to death before their eyes.

Andrea - What happened to him...?

Krypto - I have no idea...


[S] At the time this was happening, Leon walked along the streets, sniffing the air for scents he might find. Several soldiers were stationed under tarps, while he was in the rain, looking up and catching the rain in between in his eyes, but not feeling a thing. Throughout the entire city, Kevin's screams could be heard, even though it came from the sewer (it was that loud). Leon smiled.

Leon - Time to go to work.

[A] Four minions formed around Leon, and they followed him to a manhole cover. Leon and the minions formed into puddles of black ooze and slipped into the sewer.


[S] The smell of Kevin's blood was irritating Krypto's nose. Kevin was draped over Krypto's back, his slits still letting out blood, but now it was even slower thanks to the bandages. He was unconscious.

Krypto (thoughts) - Please, Kevin...just hold on a bit longer...

[A] The four of them traveled through a long hallway lit up with bright green lights. It seemed mystical as they walked, the passage getting brighter. They finally found themselves inside another encampment of people, this time much larger and more sanitary. There was a shaft that traveled up towards the ceiling of the sewers where supplies were likely delivered. Krypto and Streaky could smell the food, which was likely from a bakery above there. This camp was lit by the light-green lights, as well as a few extra fires to keep warm.

Andrea - This seems like a good place.

Streaky (sniffing) - Oh, that wondrous aroma...I think I might faint!

[A] Krypto was silent, deep in thought. Familiar sound hit his ears. Water ran cleanly (likely from being near the sewage treatment plant), people chatted quietly, and everyone enjoyed themselves, despite being in a living hell. Three dogs then caught his attention...they were sleeping at the moment (as were most others), but Krypto recognized them as Tail Terrier, Paw Pooch, and Hot Dog.

[CD] Hot Dog - Age: 3 human years. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Daschund. Sex: Male. Birthday: April 25, 2010. Physical Description: 0' 11" in normal position, 3' 0" when on hind legs, 20.4 lbs., red fur, black nose, black eyes. Clothing: Studded silver collar. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[CD] Tail Terrier - Age: 4 human years. Birthplace: Earth. Species: Terrier. Sex: Male. Birthday: May 9, 2009. Physical Description: 1' 10" in normal position, 2' 6" when on hind legs, 26.5 lbs., green fur, black nose, black eyes, light green fur-less elastic tail, Western accent. Clothing: Black collar with a light-blue half-circle ID tag. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[CD] Paw Pooch - Age: 4 human years. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Basset Hound. Sex: Male. Birthday: July 31, 2008. Physical Description: 1' 11" in normal position, 3' 4" when on hind legs, 33.3 lbs., yellowish-tan fur, brown nose and ears, black eyes, large brown spot on back, freckles, eight legs. Clothing: Black collar. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[A] Krypto walked over to them, and Hot Dog woke up, but the others stayed asleep.

Hot Dog (surprised) - that you!? Oh, thank goodness, I was wondering if you were still alive.

Krypto - It's...good to see you too. Are you guys the only ones here?

Hot Dog (gloomy) - Afraid so. We were in Metropolis when...well, you know. We had to hide down here for the time being. The other Dog Stars were captured, and were taken to this weird building that was erected in the middle of the city.

[A] Andrea and Streaky came up behind Krypto.

Andrea - Weird building?

[A] Krypto and Streaky used their x-ray vision to look around and spot a large spire-like structure in the center of Metropolis. Hot Dog wasn't was huge!! Now the other two were up.

TT (surprised) - Krypto!? Please tell me that's you and not that other guy...

Streaky - What other guy?

Paw Pooch - Well, there was this man, you see. We were searching around Metropolis and thought we'd found you. I mean, he looked like you at first, and the others sure seemed to think so. But...

Hot Dog - But we were tricked! He changed into a man before our eyes, and he took all of them away.

TT - We managed to escape, but we were followed by soldiers. Believe it or not, but there're millions of 'em down here!!

[A] Millions...a grim number. From the sounds of the footsteps, he was serious.

Andrea (scared) - M-millions?

Streaky - Oh yeah, we're dead.

TT - Say there...what's wrong with Kevin?

Krypto (looking to his back) - He's...sick.


[S] Now they were a group of seven, walking down yet another hallway, this time one with regular lights. They were in the sewage treatment plant now, and Kevin was still blacked out. There were actually workers down here, watched by ULEP men and assisted by ULEP scientists. Krypto had just remembered a few things. First, he saw that only a few people were actually held captive in the gigantic spire in the city. Second, he hadn't seen any deaths other than a few that might've come from resisting. And three, most of the people were actually accepting their new occupants. His thought was broken when they came up to a large machine that was controlling the water flow. The soldiers didn't seem to care that they were there.

TT - Everything seems to be workin'.

Krypto - And that's the problem...

[A] The others were confused by this.

Krypto (looking around) - Look around you guys! Haven't you noticed it by now? ULEP is showing no more aggression to us, as if they're just in the city do something. They've gotten passed our defenses, but now what do they want?

??? - It's simple, dog...if we kill everyone randomly, our search for the Annihilators will be for nothing.

[A] Everyone, including the scientists, was looking around to find the source of the voice. The soldiers seemed to keep calm around this, and were all focused on the seven of them, each man standing on a different level of the complex room. One of Leon's black oozes came from the shadows, its arm extended into a katar form. It had no mouth, but sounds simply came out of its body that were audible.

Paw Pooch - What's that?

Ooze - I'm a servant of the demi-Chaos of Form. And you are wasting my time...(turning to Krypto) you are the one called Krypto-El, are you not?

Krypto - Depends on who's asking...

Andrea (whispering) - We should get outta here.

Ooze - That would be unwise...

[A] One of his arms turned into a hand, which he used to snap, and more ooze creatures came from cracks in the ground.

Hot Dog (angry) - Oh great...!

[A] Krypto was concerned with Kevin at the moment. He slipped him down to the ground, knowing that he had no other choice.

Streaky (serious tone) - So...which ones are mine?

[A] Instead of waiting for Krypto and Streaky to attack, the creatures did so themselves, slicing their way through to them. Hot Dog, Tail Terrier, and Paw Pooch were a bit befuddled at what to do, but decided to help. Krypto and Streaky flew around and hit them into the wall, their remains sliding to the ground, but he then noticed that they simply reformed again and punched them to the ground. Tail Terrier lassoed one, but his sail slipped through it like water. Paw Pooch was all for kicking them, and as you'd expect, he couldn't damage them at all. Hot Dog, however, was managing to do some damage to them by blasting them with heat. One that got too close to him melted and didn't reform.

Hot Dog - Superdog, Supercat!!! Try your heat vision!!

[A] They did just this and plowed their way through them in no time. They now noticed that everyone else had left, and more oozes were coming from nowhere. After maybe thirty minutes of fighting, they grew tired, and fell to the ground. The oozes then formed their arms into strands of black gunk and stuck them all to the wall. Andrea still tried to protect Kevin, but was hit to the ground hard enough to knock her out. As one of the minions drew its arm back and tried to send it down into Kevin...

??? (commanding) - Stop.

[A] He stopped suddenly and backed away. Leon walked out of the shadows. Kevin and Krypto's foreheads were glowing brightly.

Leon - Krypto...(bowing) nice to finally meet you.

Krypto (angry, held back) - What do you want?

Leon (smiling) - I'm honestly don't know what I want?

[A] As he walked forward to the wall where they all were, struggling to break free, he noticed Kevin on the floor, and picked him up by the head. He could see an Annihilator symbol faintly, and then observed his body.

Leon (quietly) - Blood pox...been a while since I've seen that...

Krypto (angry) - Don' him!!!

[A] Krypto broke free and his paw went into Leon's face in a fist. He was knocked back into the ground and got up again. As Krypto flew for him again, Leon whistled in a high-pitched sound that stunned Krypto and hurt his ears, as did it hurt the other three dogs' ears and Streaky's. Krypto got over the pain after cupping his ears for a second and kicked Leon in the stomach, then a punch, and another kick.

Leon (fixing his jaw) - I can see where this is going...

[A] Another strand of attacks, and Leon was fighting back by forming tendrils of black mana on his back that shot out energy blasts of shadow. Krypto was bombarded constantly, and he weakened quickly.

Leon (blasting away as Krypto tries to dodge) - In this universe, magic rules, and nothing matches my power!!

[A] Krypto was helpless on the ground, Kevin started bleeding heavily again, and Leon was forming thousands of minions in the large water works room, each springing to life on a different surface.

Krypto (eyes wide, thoughts) - No...this can't be it.

Streaky (struggling) - Krypto...aughh...don't give up!

Leon (looking at Kevin, conversing telepathically) - Master Elion...this boy's an Annihilator. He has blood pox...

Elion (conversing telepathically) - Blood pox? Interesting...that could jeopardize our chances of a successful Annihilator. Even still, take him.

Leon - As you wish...

[A] He got closer to Kevin, but Krypto grabbed his leg.

Krypto (exhausted) - You can't have him...

Leon - Dog...I'll make you a deal. I have to capture all of you, but especially you and the boy. If you two come along quietly, I'll promise not to kill you or your friends. In fact, I won't even scratch them.

Krypto - Are you serious?

Leon - Your friend here is dying slowly. If you play your cards right, I can help him...

Hot Dog - Don't listen to him!

TT - He'll stab you in the back, Krypto!!

Streaky - Guys, can we talk this over? In case you didn't notice, we'll be killed if he doesn't accept!

Krypto - Kevin.


[S] Leon carried Krypto and Kevin in on his back, Kevin still bleeding. He was followed by his minions and several ULEP soldiers into a large room with padded walls and floors and a desk in the back area with windows along the back, covered by blue curtains. John stood in front of the desk. Leon's minions carried Krypto's friends, still struggling to break free.

Leon - I've retrieved the final Annihilators.

[A] John smiled.


[S] Latched onto a wall by shackles, Kal, Kevin, and Krypto lay there, Kevin still unconscious (but not dead). He had apparently put himself in a coma with the pain, as he was bleeding profusely. Over their heads, on the wall, were Annihilator symbols in different colors. Kevin's was green, Krypto's was red, and Kal's was orange. The Annihilator symbols on their heads had started to slightly appear, and Leon walked into the room, monitored by security cameras, ULEP soldiers, and scientists. Computers analyzed data from them, and Leon watched this.

Krypto (tired) - What are you doing?

[A] Leon held his hand out and touched Krypto's head, his memorycraft symbol glowing. He thought to scream in pain, but had no energy left to do so. In Leon's eyes flashed pictures of Krypto creating explosions through town, Kevin trying to stop him, and Kevin getting lit on fire for a brief two seconds, then becoming extinguished.

Leon (in a trance) - So that's what happened...

[A] Leon walked away after he was done.

Krypto - Wait...where're you going?

Leon - Your friend will live for now. I suggest you start praying for your own life...

[A] The door closed behind Leon, but not before Krypto noticed the Chaos symbol on Leon's cape.

Krypto (crying) - What've I done?


[S] James stood in front of the Aeros' computer, stunned by the news on the internet: ULEP Invades Earth, Justice League Falls.

James (clenching his fist) - bastard...!


[S] ...

Leon - Master Elion...I regret to inform you of one of the Annihilators' condition.

Elion - Is that so? There's no need, really. We cannot help him, and provoking a Release now would ruin our chances of gaining all of the Annihilators.

Leon - His blood pox...we can't cure him, but possibly Epona can.

Elion - I have seen the future, and he will be retrieved by the other Annihilators. We have no other choice but to give him to them. How exactly did they form?

Leon - A mana fire created in a small bit of rage by the Annihilator of Fire. Though the flame died quickly, it sparked the release of his corrosive mana slightly, and his Release will likely tear him apart.

Elion - I suppose nothing can be done...the powers of Water will have to suffice. Watch over them for me, and make sure Hews does not act foolishly. The blood pox could ruin my chances of invading Heaven...

[OD] Blood Pox - A complicated disease that is a result of corrosive mana on a person's skin, and can affect any type of species in the universe. In some magic users, especially the Annihilators before their Releases, the mana can come from inside the body and escape through the skin through slits that the mana creates. There is no cure except to relieve the corrosive mana. The symptoms include bruises on infected areas, slits through skin and tissue, and periods of excessive bleeding.
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