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Part 1 Chapter 13 - Fire, Earth, and Wind

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As Krypto and Kal await ULEP's sentence, as do the citizens of Metropolis, Kevin is slowly dying from blood pox, and Hews is close to truly taking over the Earth. The Cerosas, however, are soon to ...

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Chaos Chronicles - In the Beginning

Part 1 - Legacy of Annihilus

P 1 C 13 - Fire, Earth, and Wind

[N] Kevin's blood pox are a direct result of exposure to corrosive mana, which set off a chain reaction in his body, releasing his mana from inside. Since it had nowhere to go, it came out through small slits in his body, thus creating a constant flow of blood. With this Annihilator bleeding to death, and his friends all unable to help, he has no chance...or so I thought. Leon was instructed not to do anything about the Annihilators, which I found weird, but Jelos had confirmed that the other three Annihilators were on their way. The captured Annihilators on Earth, though having little chance to live when considering that their unknown captor (Leon, but they never heard his name until later) was watching them at all times, were about to gain some help from some unlikely friends who knew exactly what was going on...and were possibly the only ones who could stop this mad beast and this twisted society.

[S] In a large room, filled with computers, capsules, and all other kinds of devices, Krypto, Kevin, and Kal were all asleep in pod-like devices, which seemed to stimulate their vital signs. Hundreds of scientists were in the room, watched over by John, Darius, Richard, Sirius, and Leon. Genji was in the crowd of scientists, all wearing white lab coats, organizing the data. Kevin's pod had a strange liquid inside, which kept his wounds from bleeding temporarily. Krypto and Kal's were filled with green kryptonite light.

Genji (looking over papers) - I see...their mana levels look low at the moment...huh? No...those go over support failure? Fix it...

[A] This was the scene for over five hours, where Leon watched as his catches were examined and probed for data.

Leon (observing closely) - Remember, John...there'll be no killing them until I say so.

John - That doesn't mean we can't learn about our enemies, does it?

Leon (slightly angry) - The more you provoke them, the more likely it is you'll set off their Releases.

Darius - And what, pray tell, is wrong with that?

Leon - Lemme explain this to you nice and clearly...six Annihilators, one planet, and billions of people. One Annihilator contains the power of three suns at least, and you don't want that on your ass.

Darius (smiling suggestively) - Oh really? And why do you know so much about them? Aren't you natural enemies with the Annihilators?

Leon (not answering) - ...

[A] Leon walked from the booth they were all, down a flight of stairs, and into the room with the three of them. He eyed them suspiciously.

Richard - I don't trust him...

John - Nor do I, my son. seems we have no choice at the moment.

Darius (rolls his eyes) - Really, all this trouble over a few mages...


[S] Now in completely different and separate rooms, Kal and Krypto were getting physicals from the scientists while Leon watched. They were being examined, though reluctant at first, and were weakened by kryptonite. Leon watched their auras by squinting his eyes, and also saw Kevin in a completely different room, being bandaged again.

Leon (conversing telepathically) - The boy has mana coming from his slits and merging with his aura...the dog is gathering mana from everywhere...but the strongest has to be the man.

Elion (conversing telepathically) - Hmmmm...that'd be devastating, should John try to kill them now. Cerosa is a few days away from Earth, so stall as long as possible.

Leon - Understood, master.


[S] The three of them, clad in kachin shackles, Kal and Krypto with kryptonite in their's, were tossed into a huge cell, with one wall a large pane of glass (or what appeared to be glass). In this cell were hundreds of resisting citizens of Metropolis, including Kevin's parents, Andrea, Streaky (also sealed with kryptonite), and even the Dog Stars.

[CD] Bulldog - Age: 5 human years. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Bulldog. Sex: Male. Birthday: October 14, 2007. Physical Description: 1' 11" in normal position, 2' 9" when on hind legs, 32.0 lbs., violet fur, black nose, black eyes, black cow-like spots in various locations, British accent, two bull-like horns. Clothing: Spiked red collar. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[CD] Mammoth Mutt - Age: 2 human years. Birthplace: Canus Magnus. Species: Chihuahua. Sex: Female. Birthday: May 31, 2010. Physical Description: 1' 2" in normal position, 1' 5" when on hind legs, 13.8 lbs., pink fur, black nose, black eyes, light brown underbelly. Clothing: White collar with a pink heart-shaped ID tag. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[CD] Tusky Husky - Age: 4 human years. Birthplace: Unknown. Species: Husky. Sex: Male. Birthday: August 13, 2008. Physical Description: 2' 10" in normal position, 3' 9" when on hind legs, 47.7 lbs., blue fur, red nose, black eyes, white underbelly, French accent, gigantic saber-like tooth. Clothing: Blue collar. Occupation: Member of the Dog Star Patrol.

[A] Kevin's parents ran to him, seeing him wrapped up like a mummy in some areas. Krypto got up with Kal, their chained cuffs leaving enough room for them to move freely. They looked around and observed things. Krypto saw each Dog Star encased in a tube (similar to a situation before) that was keeping them from breaking out (no weakness that were easily exploitable like Krypto's). Tusky was inside a tube, large enough for him to curl down into a ball, that was laced with electric pulses. Brainy's had a field of mental disruptors inside hers. Mammoth Mutt's was smaller, but was reinforced with several locks at the top and bottom. Tail Terrier's had...nothing, as did Paw Pooch's. Bulldog's was reinforced, and Hot Dog's was cooled to freezing temperatures.

Mary (holding Kevin's head) - Kevin...Kevin, wake up!!

[A] He seemed unconscious, but was starting to wake up. Oh my God, was his first thought, as he realized how much more pain he was in. He was tired, however, and a clock in the far corner showed that it was one thirty-nine AM.

Kevin (weakly) - Mom...?

[A] She hugged him as everyone else watched. The ceiling, covered with lights that were fairly dim (mostly not searing brightness), showed everyone in the room with a hopeless expression on their faces.

Eddie - Kevin, where were you? We were worried sick about you...

Kevin - Sorry dad...I was...busy.

Mary (hugging) - Well if we ever get outta here alive, you can tell us all about it.

[A] Andrea was now coming towards him, carrying a sleeping Melanie.

Andrea (sighing) - Kevin...don't you think it's time we told them the truth?

Kevin (closing his eyes) - ...Yeah.

[A] Krypto and Kal were talking with the Dog Stars as this happened.

Tusky - Are you sure, Superdog?

Krypto (sad) - As unfortunate as it is, we seem to be the ones they want. Like it or not, we'll be dead soon.

Brainy - This sounds...complicated. That man...I couldn't read his mind. I managed to get two words from him, though...

MM - And they were?

Brainy (grimly) - Chaos...and Annihilation.

Kal (realizing) - can't be.

Krypto - Something wrong?

Kal (sighs) - Krypto, have to stay away from that man.

TT (complaining) - Why!? What's so special 'bout that feller?

Kal - I wish I could speak about it, but they're watching us as we speak. It's a battle that's raged on for centuries, and I would never live it down if you all barged in with no clue what you were doing. Brainy...was there anything you could get from the other soldiers?

Brainy - Mmmmmmmmmm...well, a few things, actually. They plan to kill the "Annihilators", and then completely take over Earth afterwards. The Watch Tower is also being heavily guarded by a man named Marius Centrion, who's apparently a summoner...

Kal - A summoner? Been a while since I've faced one of those...anything else.

Brainy - J'onn was right to warn you about him. The only other thing I found was his name...Leon Paranai...

Kal (thoughts) - So that was his name...not good.

Tusky - Is it really that bad?

Hot Dog (angry) - Of course it is...why do you think we're stuck in here right now!!?

Tusky (rolls his eyes) - Sorry I asked...

Paw Pooch - do we get outta here?

Krypto (sighs) - I guess we don't...

[A] Kevin was finished with explaining things to his parents while Streaky and Andrea listened and helped him through it. He told them everything: the time he and Krypto first met, the intergalactic communicators, about Streaky, everything.

Kevin (weak) -'ve gotta keep this a secret from everyone else. Nothing good can come from telling everyone...

Eddie - But why's it so important?

Streaky - Because superheroes have secret identities.

Andrea - Streaky says it's because superheroes have secret identities. It's to keep their enemies from hurting the ones they love, or something like that.

Mary (smiling) - We understand...this'll stay between you and us.

[A] Kevin smiled, but it quickly left his face when he got a jolt of pain. The blood pox were back, and with full force this time.

Kevin (clenching himself in pain) - Arghhhh!!!!! Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Streaky (turning around) - Krypto, it's Kevin again!!!

[A] Krypto and Kal came running to him, and Kal got a good look at the blood coming from Kevin's slits. His bandages were no longer holding it back, and he soon became a bloody mess in a pool of blood.


[S] Leon, watching Kevin in the cell on a monitor connected to a camera, as everyone else in the room came to his aid, saw a dark green mana coming from Kevin's openings and splashing into the room, releasing itself into the air. Richard walked into the room with all of the security camera monitors and saw this happening (saw everything except for the mana). Uncontrolled mana (mana that hasn't been properly formed into an attack, or is simply just "unfiltered" by the magic user) is basically harmless unless it is exposed to the skin, which can then be deadly. Only magic users can see corrosive mana (those that have been trained properly enough).

Richard (slamming his hands on the computer) - What's wrong with the boy!?

Leon - Seems his "condition" is reacting again...

Richard - Then what should we do?

Leon (calmly) - He's one of the Annihilators...get him some help, dumb ass!

Richard (confused) - Uhhhh, right...


[S] It was now May 18, 2013, two days after ULEP's invasion. From a bridge that was suspended above the absolute ground of the city, about two thousand feet, Maximus Cerosa, with the others standing behind him as the traffic roared on and the rain fell in the night, used his CTIPS to zoom in on the spire building that was ULEP's headquarters in Metropolis. It was at least two miles high, and it had a base that was an approximate radius of a mile (considering it had several smaller buildings and abstract complex structures at the base in varying shapes).

Max (looking at his watch) - It's a mile from here to there, with searchers, patrolling tanks, soldiers, and a few miniature mechs standing in our ways, not to mentions dropships in the sky with more soldiers and mounted guns. Then of course there's a shield around the complex, laser turrets, smart mines, and patrolmen around the entire area.

James (leaning against a wall) - Chances of survival...estimated at around three percent.

Brian (confident) - I like those odds...

Max (turning around) - We split up and come in from different areas. The watches have shield disruptors if they're needed. The defenses around there are too great, however, and might require some maneuvering...hmmmm...

Epona - I can get in with ease. Our priorities are getting the prisoners out, correct?

Max - For now, yes. The three of us will charge it head-on. Keep in the shadows, and kill if necessary. Anyone who can take down the Justice League is no longer weak...

[A] They all nodded in conformation, and Max, James, and Brian jumped off the suspended street, and Epona's body slipped down into a puddle of water she stood in, slowly...

[MD] Water Warp (Epona) - Creates an alternate dimension connected to all sources of water, which is then traveled through freely.


[S] James, in his hooded robe, ran through the crowded streets of Metropolis on the lower grounds, his boots splashing the puddles as he went. The darkness of the night made it nearly impossible for the ULEP soldiers to see him, going so fast and all. He made his way towards the huge building, using Soul Grenades to blast the tanks nearby, then a dropship in the sky, which sent soldiers falling to their death, and then a laser turret that began to fire at him with green blasts of energy. Another one kept doing so, and he pulled out his swords, jumped into the air, and stabbed down, then backflipped off of it and stabbed a group of soldiers, and did so to even more in a series of spins, flips, and kicks. The security cameras were all being blocked by souls that he had slipped through the shield. He felt like something was behind him, stabbed back, and a searcher fell to the ground. He walked over to the barrier that he could see as the rain fell on it, pressed a button on the watch, and a small hole appeared in it, big enough for him to fit through. He blew a hole into the front gate-like door, which was tremendous, and used souls to cover the cameras in there as well.


[S] Brian crawled through the ventilation shafts that ran through the main spire building, not noticing the heat coming through. He had a few chances to kill some soldiers easily, but decided not to in favor of following his uncle's orders.

Brian (thoughts) - Finally, some real action...owww...

[A] The space, though small, was enough for him to reach forward and touch his forehead. His Annihilator symbol was glowing fiercely.

Brian (speaking) - The symbol...but that means...

[A] James had likely sensed this as well by now.


[S] Max used his katars to climb up the steep side of the spire building (it was actually quite slanted in some areas, and he took care to avoid the windows) by stabbing them into a surface. He eventually came to a completely flat plain with a small window at the very base where it began to go up again. He flipped up to it and stayed out of sight from the windows until four men passed from inside. As the left the curving hallway, he smashed the windows in and slipped inside, cutting himself slightly.

Max (thinking) - Okay...if I were a sadistic madman bent on ruling the universe, where would I hide the prisoners?

[A] Through another few doors, he found a door that was next a sheet of strange glass, where he could see hundreds of people on several tiers inside the room. He clapped his hands and the door vanished. Andrea and Streaky immediately noticed this.

Max (yelling over the noise) - Alright, listen up!!!

[A] Everyone went silent.

Max - I'm only saying this once, so listen good!! I don't know what's happening right now, but I can assure you that if you wanna live, you'll come with me!!

[A] Everyone was still a bit silent.

Max (commanding) - Now!!

[A] Still silence.

Andrea - Let's go, guys!!!

[A] They listened to her and followed her out the door. Max looked in and saw the Dog Stars, trapped. He rushed over and freed them, one at a time.

Max (after he was done) - You can thank me later...

[A] He tried to leave but heard a voice.

Brainy - Wait...who are you?

Max (turning around) - My name's Maximus Cerosa.


[S] At the same time as this, the three Annihilators (Krypto, Kevin, and Kal) were brought to a large tiered room that was like a large tube with several tube elevators running up, down, and through it. At the bottom was a small wall that they were chained to, each under their respective symbol (Kal under orange Annihilator symbol, Krypto under red, and Kevin under green). Krypto and Kal were awake, but Kevin was unconscious. They were all exhausted, and Kevin was still bleeding. They all had a sad and helpless look on their faces.

Kal (thoughts) - This is the end...

Krypto (thoughts) - No...not like this. (looking at Kevin) Kevin...please be okay...

[A] Soldiers were lined up everywhere, watching (at least a few thousand of them). John, Richard, Sirius, and three other men walked in carrying guns. They stopped a few meters in front of them, with a gigantic door to their left. Everyone was cheering, and Leon, for some strange reason, was asleep in the corner, and an ooze creature stood beside him.

John (quieting everyone) - Fellow men and women of the ULEP army!! I bring you...the death of three of our most hated enemies!!


[S] James, who had just finished off a large group of soldiers, stopped abruptly at the door and listened to the speech, seeing through it by using the CTIPS. Brian was also looking through a grate on the second tier, passed the people, and Epona could see things from a dimension that looked like an endless see with several bubble-like portals in them.

John - Thanks to our continuous efforts, one more planet has fallen, and this time claiming a greater reward! I speak for everyone when I say that we're doing the universe a favor. May God be damned for letting these beings live and corrupt our dimension!

[A] More applause from the crowd.

Richard - Now for the main event you've all been waiting for!!

[A] Even more applause came from them, and the three soldiers stepped forward.

John - Let the Annihilators' blood stain the ground, and may the gods give them more mercy than we did!!!

[A] Uh-oh...did he just say that out loud? James had noticed his Annihilator symbol glowing, but thought little of it...until now. His eyes widened, his breath shortened, he started to sweat, and he clenched his hands and teeth in anger.

James (quietly, angry) - Johnathan...this time, it's personal!!

[A] As they prepared to fire, Krypto and Kal grew tense with sadness, and a single tear dropped from Kevin's lifeless face.

James (rage, thoughts) - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[A] The fire alarms went off suddenly, and water rained from the high-up sprinklers. Though everyone was confused...

John (angry) - What're you waiting for, I said shoot!!

[A] As the looked ahead, Epona seemed to appear out of nowhere, and Kal and Krypto saw this. Hell, even Kevin woke up suddenly to see her standing before them with her Halos out and ready to be thrown.

Kevin (speechless, weak) -

Epona (looking ahead) - Rest, young Annihilator. You've experienced enough...

[A] Annihilator...he seemed to be hearing that a lot. The soldiers fired many rounded, but many tentacles of water came from the water on the ground, still sprinkling down from above. Then, a Crystal Shield came, followed by multiple crystalline structures along the blue mana shield (Crystal Ice), and then Water Forms, like Leon's black creatures, behind the shield.

John (thoughts) - Oh s**t!!!

[A] At the same time, the large door was busted down by a Soul Grenade, and an energy blast came from the vents, busting the grate open. Brian hopped out and did a Dark Blast into the men nearby before they could shoot or stab him. From the smoke of the door, the attention of everyone, including Krypto, Kal, and Kevin, was drawn to James, walking through carrying two souls in his hands and his head down with an angry frown on his face.

James (angry) -'ve gone too far now...

John (scared) - Everyone, shoot!!!

[A] Every bullet that came for him was blocked by a soul as he walked forward, and everyone walked backwards to avoid him.

James - Soul Chains!!!

[A] Souls attached to his arm in a spiral and bridged their way to two men, flinging them across the room. Brian jumped to the bottom and began to stab people, while delivering Dark Blasts to them. Turrets came down from the ceiling and began to blast away at the Water Forms that were coming through and killing the soldiers. They then directed attention to James and Brian, who dodged every shot and fired back. James then slipped suddenly and tried to regain footing, but was blasted continuously. Hundreds of guards were now entering the room, each one more heavily armed than the ones currently inside. As James got to his feet again, souls formed everywhere around his body and floated around him. Souls were now slowly coming from everywhere, coloring the room a light-blue, and flowing aimlessly.

James (prepping) - Soul...Grenade...Fury!!!

[MD] Soul Grenade Fury (James) - An upgraded version of the Soul Grenade. Uses multiple souls to attack with Soul Grenades consecutively.

[A] Blasts from every possible direction came and killed a lot of the men, but many still remained alive. Some even accidentally cracked Epona's shield.

Epona - James, Brian...we have to go!!

Brian - Concussion Dark Blast!!!

[A] This one went straight for a group of mechs and turrets coming down from the ceiling.

James - But we need to end this now!!

[A] No longer was this a great choice when every kind of mech and soldier came running in with guns pointing right at them, as well as more turrets, and bombs. John and Richard got to their feet, and Darius and Sirius walked in, preparing their own attacks to deliver. James and Brian backed up into the cracked shield and slipped through, now standing in a large puddle of water made by Epona.

James (putting his hands up) - Fine win for now. But we won't let you have these...

[A] James, in one quick motion with his sword he summoned, sliced them free of their shackles and destroyed the nearby piece of kryptonite. They were still way too weak to move, and laid in the puddle with their faces to the side.

John - Not so fast, James. We're not ready to stop just yet!

[A] Epona had already started causing them to slip down into the pool.

James (lowering) - I don't see where you have a choice...

[A] They all started shooting and broke the shield, also destroying the water tentacles, but they were too late to stop them.


[S] Krypto slowly came to his senses after seeming to fall asleep, and found himself being stared down by the Dog Stars that were around his pillow bed. He felt strange...he could've sworn he had scratches and bruises everywhere, but they were gone now...

MM - Krypto...are you okay?

[A] He got to his feet, a little weak kneed, and noticed that he had been bandaged in a few places along his legs. He also noticed how his cape was torn a bit.

Krypto - I...think so.

Tusky - You gave us a scare, eh.

Krypto (looking around) - Where's Superman?

TT - Still asleep.

Krypto - Oh...

[A] Looking around, he seemed to be in a large abandoned warehouse of sorts. He used x-ray vision to pinpoint himself as in the industrial part of town. The warehouse was stacked with cardboard boxes, and people were walking around everywhere, tasting supplies of clean water that they hadn't received in a while. He noticed Streaky and Andrea resting near him, Streaky laying right on top of her stomach as she slept, but didn't bother him. Kal was waking up now.

Kal (holding his head) - Ohhhh...God, that's one big headache...

Krypto (walking towards him) - Superman! You're finally up!

Kal - Yeah, but...(looking around) where are we?

James (out of nowhere) -'re both up now.

[A] They looked up and saw James sitting on a set of railings on the second floor (there was, strangely enough, four floors to this warehouse, floors two and four all being walkways along the wall, and floor three as another real floor).

Krypto - Wait a second...Leon!?

James (confused) - What?

Kal (patting Krypto's head) - Hold on, Krypto...I don't think this is him. He looks...different.

[A] Finally, someone who could tell the difference between them. But James still wondered...Leon?

James - You said Leon, correct? By any chance did you mean Leon Paranai?

[A] Kal nodded, and James' fears were confirmed. Leon was in Metropolis...not good at all. Epona walked around the wide floor and aided those that were injured and hurt.

James (yelling from across the room) - Hey Epona! Where're the others!?

Epona (responding) - Maximus is on the third, and Brian keeps watch from the fourth!

James - Okay, thanks! (looking down at Krypto and Kal) Sorry about that...I'm sure you're probably confused about all of this.

[A] James' eyes were suddenly caught by Kevin on his own bed, his parents sitting next to it, holding his lifeless hands.

Mary (crying) - Please, Kevin...wake up...please!!

[A] Max walked down from some stairs that were nearby, looking down at a checklist he had.

Max - Food and provisions are set, security is installed, and all one thousand, three hundred, and twelve people are situated. (noticing Kevin's parents) Who're they?

[A] Epona had walked up behind Mary and Eddie, touching their shoulders.

Epona (sympathetically) - Don't worry. I'll take it from here.

Eddie - What? No way, you can't take him away!

Epona - He's not dead least, I don't think he is. Even still, he needs medical attention. Please, leave him to me.

James (jumping down from floor two) - Come on, you two...I think I should explain.


[S] Epona was erecting a blue curtain around Kevin's bed, washing her hands and preparing for something. Krypto, Kal, and the Dog Stars were all gathered around a small fire that was just barely out of the dripping water from the ceiling that came from the rain outside. Everyone else was walking around, talking about the situation, but was informed not to leave just yet. Andrea and Streaky were also awake, but still laying on their bed nearby where they were. James and Max were sitting there with them.

James - Before I begin...were you called by any weird names while you were captured?

Kal (squinting) - Why is that important?

Max - Just because, now answer the question.

Kal (sighs) - Annihilator.

James (closing his eyes) - So it's true...the symbols on your heads are proof enough, I suppose. Have any of you ever heard of the Legacy of Annihilus?

Krypto - I've heard...some things about it.

Kal - I know a lot about it.

Max - Well for those who have no clue what it is, it foretells of a time when the six warriors of the Great God of Univus, Jelos, will come together and be restored to their power once more, and the demi-Chaos will finally be defeated. The demi-Chaos is refers to is Leon.

Brainy - That man?

James - Yes...since four thousand years ago, Elion, corrupted angel of Heaven, has been in a war against Jelos and his brother Valrin, using his demonic minions against Heaven's angels. He tried to use Valrin's powers to create his own Chaos and use it against Jelos, but instead he created only a half-Chaos when it fused with a human. This monster, however, is the strongest things the gods have ever seen, aside from themselves. How you kill it is unknown.

Hot Dog (impatient) - So what do we have to do with this?

Max (pointing at Krypto and Kal) - The Annihilators are Jelos' holy warriors of Annihilation, the power to create. They are the opposite of the Chaos, warriors of Valrin with the power to destroy. The Annihilators were killed when they confronted Leon, and Elion's plans to invade Heaven were created when he saw how they were set into continuous reincarnation by Jelos. Once all Annihilators have successfully gained their powers, and are then killed, will he be able to rule. You two...are Annihilators.

Krypto (confused) - I don't understand...

Max - The Annihilators, up until this point, have all gone through a Release. Corrosive mana is built up in the body of everyone, which stays there. The Annihilators, however, have it built up much quicker than anyone, including other magic users. At a certain point in their life, when an Annihilator's energy levels peak, they go through a phase where they rapidly release the mana from their body. The problem is...none have survived the transformation. Until now that is...

James - I am the Annihilator of Light, my son is the one of Darkness, and that woman over there, my wife, is the one of Water. We have all survived our Releases, and we seek to regain the others by helping them through their's. Though it is Elion's plan to do this, with all of use together again, Jelos will finally get all of his strength back. That is why we need you.

Max - The Annihilators are all supreme mages, anyways, so it's not like you won't be completely defenseless. Leon seems invincible now, but mana is the only true way to damage him. You'll soon understand the rest of your destinies without our help.

Kal (scratching his head) - I think I understand...but what about ULEP?

James - We'll take care of them soon enough.

Kal - And aren't there supposed to be six of us?

Max - Come on, you have to have noticed this by now. That boy there is the sixth Annihilator, specifically the one of Wind. That makes six in all, and thus our forces are complete.


[S] Epona, behind the curtain, was taking off Kevin's clothes and wrapping bandages, slowly. She had felt immense corrosive mana coming from him for some reason, and she knew he was an Annihilator, but something seemed wrong. When she was finally done, she was horrified. She ran out of the curtained area, to the window, and vomited out uncontrollably. James had noticed this, and so had everyone else.

James - What's wrong?

Epona (walking back, disgusted) - You have to look at this one with me...I don't think I can do it alone.

[A] Epona, James, and Max walked through, and Max told the others to stay out. Kevin's blood stained clothes rested on a similar table, all heavily soaked in it, as were his bandages, and they saw what had happened to him, trying to control themselves. His slits were still bleeding a bit, but were infested with pus and other gross things. He wasn't dead, but he was sure as hell suffering.

James (horrified, thinking) - No...blood pox? This could mean we've already lost an Annihilator...Epona, please heal him.

[A] Epona nodded and looked down at his naked body, closing her eyes to avoid the sight of his wounds.

Epona (quietly) - Healing Water...

[A] Small drops of crystallized water came from her sleeves and went onto Kevin's body and into his wounds, freeing them of contamination and closing them up for the most part.

Max - Blood pox...this can't be good.

[A] Max put his hand on Kevin's face and saw the memories flash before his eyes.


[S] Kevin was sitting on the edge of his bed, awake, and in new pajamas and bandages to prevent the slits from opening again. Everyone else was free to see him now, and the meeting continued, only this time including Kevin. Brian was looking out the window on the second floor, and arched a few searchers that were coming near with his Splice.

James - Now that we've explained everything to him as well, it's time we introduced ourselves. I am James Cerosa. This is my brother, Maximus.

[A] Max bowed.

James - My wife, Epona.

[A] She also bowed.

James - And the boy up there is my son, Brian. He can be a little out when it comes to emotions, but don't worry. He acts that way around everyone he doesn't know.

Kal - Okay then...I'm Kal-El of Krypton. This is Krypto, my dog, and that's Kevin Whitney.

James - Now then...we have something to say about Kevin. His condition is called "blood pox". Many Annihilators before him have gotten it, but...

Krypto - But...?

James (sighs) - All of the Annihilators before us have died either before or during their Releases. A third of them have gotten blood pox from an increased amount of corrosive mana production, which had no other place to go and gradually leaked through their bodies, creating additional openings from the built-up mana to completely go out of, just like a Release requires all of the built-up mana to exit and become converted to legible mana. The ones with blood pox...all died within two minutes of starting the Release.

Kevin - Is that bad?

James - It takes ten minutes for a Release to be completed...

[A] Kevin gasped and was terrified.

Max - If we can be there when it happens, we can prevent your body from being torn apart by the excess and quick release of the energy.

Brainy - But what happens if you aren't?

Max (sighs) - Then he'll die...


[S] More time passed and everyone was finally feeling better. Kevin was fixed up and was among his parents, Streaky, and Andrea, all of which were questioning him about what had happened. Krypto and the Dog Stars were helping everyone make the best of things. Max was still installing some more security devices (as well as creating more inventions), Epona was helping with healing, and James and Brian were talking.

Brian (observing Kevin) - Do we really have any chance of saving him?

James - Unfortunately, not really. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but it can't be prevented. Even still, he'll need our support to stay alive. His wounds will open again in a few days, and then we'll be majorly screwed...

Brian - If it happens, we'll be ready.

James - Max says it was caused when Krypto accidentally set him on fire with mana. This alone wasn't enough, as it dissipated quickly. But the mana inside him was attracted to it, thus creating a successful case of blood pox.

Brian - Sounds complicated. (looking out the window) When do you think they'll attack us?

James - It could be anytime...
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