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Not Enough

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Jenna doubts Cutler's love...

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"James!" I screamed, falling to his side as he fell to the ground. Blood soaked his uniform and started trickling onto the ground. Shaking James' shoulders, I gasped, "James, can you hear me? Listen to me! Look at me!" I reached forward and took James' chin into my hands, trying to get him to turn in my direction. He couldn't be dead! He just couldn't!"

I shook James' shoulders, trying to get him to look at me. It was too late. James' eyes were already glazed and he was fading away into the dark oblivion much too quickly. I wrapped my arms around him, but scuttled backwards when I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking up, I saw none other than Davy Jones. He still scared me. A lot.

Leaning over James' body, Davy tilted his head and asked, "James Norrington, do you fear death?" With the remainder of his strength, James used his sword to stick it through Davy's heart. Chuckling, Davy stood up and pulled the sword out of his heart, well, where his heart should be anyways. Smiling, he said, "I take that as a no. Nice sword though."

I was furious. Anger ripped through my veins. I wanted to kill that evil fish person for killing my would-be husband. I ran after him, but someone grabbed my arms and pulled me to a standstill. Looking behind me, I saw Groves. He pulled me to him and clapped a hand over my mouth, whispering, "We need to get out of here. If you died on this ship, Lord Beckett would kill me."

Not wanting to leave James' dead body, I struggled against Groves' grip, but he was firm. He tugged me to the side of the ship and pulled be down into the rowboat. I didn't realize how strong Groves was, but there was really no use fighting him. Soon, we were rowing away back to the Endeavor, the image of a bleeding James Norrington written in on my brain.

The ride back to the Endeavor was depressing and gloomy. My stomach was twisted in knots and my heart hurt. Why did James have to be dead? Why had that evil fish person stabbed him? Soon, I grew so exhausted that I fell asleep on the rowboat, my head resting on Groves' shoulder. Groves gently put his arm around me to help comfort me.

When I awoke next, we had reached the Endeavor. As Groves pulled up besides it, I looked up with puffy eyes and saw Cutler talking to an officer. He was holding a piece of paper and smiling confidently. Ahead, was a trail of dead bodies floating in the water tied to barrels. The officer looked at Cutler curiously and asked, "What does this mean?"

Cutler smiled and replied, "A breadcrumb trail that we're meant to follow. Adjust course, Lieutenant." Cutler smiled as he looked into the water ahead, commenting, "We can only hope to reach our destination before they run out of bodies." Cutler smirked as Groves and I climbed back up to the Endeavor. I was in no mood to enjoy the sunny day. It almost seemed like an insult to poor James. Instead, I ran to our cabin and collapsed on it, a mess of tears and sorrow.

I cried for a long time until the door finally opened. A new thought popped into my mind. None of us were safe here. We could all die any day now. What if Davy just randomly appeared in the bedroom and started stabbing us? He could do that, couldn't he? I started shaking and quivering, very afraid. I needed love and protection right this minute.

My head shot up from my pillow and looked towards the door to see who had entered. Luckily, it was Cutler. Poor Cutler had no idea what he was in for. I leaped off the bed and ran to him. I threw my arms around him and sent the two of us crashing to the floor. Cutler looked quite dazed as there was a loud thump and clash. The thump was the two of us smacking the floor and the clash was the teapot falling off the desk we had just knocked into. Right now, I could care less about the teapot. I needed Cutler.

I pinned Cutler to the floor and straddled him. My hands worked over his clothes as I ripped off his jacket, tore off his shirt, and yanked on his pants. Cutler still looked pretty stunned. Blinking, he grabbed my hands as I leaned down and pressed suffocating kisses to his mouth. I rubbed my body against him and tried to free my hands.

"Baby, calm down!" Cutler whispered, stroking my hands and trying to get me to stop raping him. "What's wrong?" So much seemed wrong, I didn't even know where to start. Finally, I sobbed, "We're all in danger. We're all gonna die!" For me, that meant we had to have lots of passionate love before that day came. Cutler looked confused.

"What has you so spooked?" he asked me, still looking a bit puzzled. "We're fine, my dear. We have the upper hand in this. There's nothing to be frightened of. Now tell me exactly what happened. I can tell something happened. You've never acted like this before. Calm down, take a deep breath, and tell me exactly what happened to you.

I followed Cutler's advice and took a deep breath even though I didn't really think it was going me any good. My vision blurred as tears ran down my cheeks and I murmured, "James...he's dead." Cutler looked quite shocked and just lay still under me for a few seconds. Finally, he nodded and looked me in the eye, "A few people were bound to die, Jenna."

I was taken off guard by Cutler's lack of emotion and sympathy for James. I opened my eyes wide and started to protest. Before I could get anything out, Cutler asked, "Tell me, darling, what was James doing when he died?" Hm, well, Cutler did have a point there. I hesitated and just looked down at his chest, deciding maybe not answering was the best thing to do in this case.

"Tell me," Cutler said in that commanding voice of his. I could tell he wasn't going to let this go. Sighing, I murmured, "He was letting the prisoners escape." Cutler remained expressionless as he nodded and replied, "See? This is why he died. You needn't worry about the rest of us, my dear. None of us are stupid enough to make those same mistakes."

It was true, but I didn't like Cutler talking that way about poor James. That made me accidentally share something that wasn't really meant to be shared, "I was going to marry him." Cutler froze again, blue eyes opening wide. He opened and closed his mouth and then finally asked in an almost weak voice, "You were...what? I don't think I heard you right."

Shaking my head, I retorted, "No, you heard me right. I was going to marry him. See this?" I leaned forward and let Cutler look at the hand with the ring James had given me. Cutler's eyes opened even wider. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but I assumed it couldn't be good. Finally, Cutler sighed and asked, "So you wanted to be married then?"

I was talking to Cutler about marriage? Hm, well if I was being honest, I did want to get married. Looking down at him, I nodded and whispered, "Yes. I'm ready to be married again. I was married before to a man who abused me. I want to be married and have a taste of that loving bond of matrimony. I don't want to think marriage is only abuse."

Cutler looked like he was contemplating something. Finally, he sighed and replied, "I'm very sorry then. I suppose James would've made a good husband for you." A tear came to my eye at the mention of James, but I somehow managed to keep myself from sobbing again. Part of me hoped that Cutler would propose to me. After all, he knew I wanted to be married now.

Unfortunately, Cutler didn't seem to be thinking that way. Sighing, he stroked my sides and gently lifted me off of him. He stood up and went to pick up the tea kettle. After putting it on the desk, Cutler sighed and stood at the window. Still lying on my floor where he had left me, I gave him a dirty look for just leaving me there and whined, "Cutler!"

Cutler peered over his shoulder to see me pouting on the floor. Raising an eyebrow, he asked, "What is it now?" I gave him another dirty look. I mean seriously, did he even have to ask what I wanted? I thought it was rather obvious. In a very bad mood, I sat up and went over to the desk and pretended to examine the tea kettle for absolutely no good reason at all.

Just as I thought, I had managed to get Cutler's attention. He came around to the desk and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. My lip still trembled as I thought of the events from earlier. I still couldn't believe James was dead. His life had been severed from his body in a simple flash. What had been alive one moment was dead and empty the next.

Cutler held me to him and I leaned against his chest in a suggestive manner. Slowly, I turned around and looked up at him with the little pout on my lips still. Cutler's eyes crinkled as he kissed me firmly and said, "Mm, I can read you just like a book. You want me to fuck you, don't you?" Since that had kind of been my intention, I tossed him a syrupy smile.

Cutler smirked back and picked me up off the ground, "I hope you want this because I'm in no mood to be gentle with you today." I put my head on Cutler's shoulder and wrapped my legs around his waist as I replied, "Give it to me hard then." Cutler nodded and backed me up against the door. I raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what he was thinking.

"Can we try this?" Cutler asked, pinning me against him and the wall. "It'll either make you feel really good or it will hurt. If it hurts, just tell me and we'll stop." Stop having sex? I gave Cutler a what-the-hell look. In all the time I had known him, there had never been a time when he had hurt me during sex. Usually, I was the one who had to egg him on to keep going.

"Of course we can try it," I agreed. Cutler propped me up on his knee and untied my dress. He let it fall to the floor and kicked it away. Impulse took over and I pulled his pants down all the way. Cutler looked between my legs and positioned himself under me before pushing up into my little slit of warmth. I moaned happily and put my arms around Cutler's neck.

Cutler pulled all the way out of me and then buried himself back inside in inner chambers. It felt good. It was almost so good that it felt like an insult to James again. But after thinking about it, I realized James was gone and wasn't coming back. I missed him like hell, but Cutler was my future now whether he wanted me or not. Let's hope he did.

Cutler continued pushing into me with nice, long thrusts. I moaned with excitement as he penetrated some of the deepest parts of me. Our gentle dance started to get a little less gentle. Cutler started slamming into me faster and I pushed myself down on him to counter the effect. Before long, we were both whimpering as Cutler pounded into me and as I bounced up and down onto him.

The wood from the door was kind of scraping my back, but sometimes a little pain with the pleasure feels good. Cutler's eyes were kind of glazed as he thrust into me. To keep myself from screaming, I grabbed his chin and started kissing him furiously. Cutler kissed me back, biting down so hard on my lower lip that I actually did end up screaming.

Mini fireworks exploded throughout my body, all leading up to the grand finale. I bobbed up and down on Cutler, getting large scraps on my back that I really could care less about at the moment. Cutler pushed me up closer to the door and kept thrusting into me while he grabbed my breasts and started rubbing them in opposite directions.

"God..." I muttered as Cutler gave one last hard pound into me. My whole body convulsed and I went suddenly still as I reached my peak and released. While I rode on my wave of ecstasy, Cutler moaned loudly and released as well. His warm juices flowed into my body as I collapsed limp and helpless. I started slumping down the wall, but Cutler saved me from a hard fall.

Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me down on top of him as the two of us tumbled to the ground. We lay panting in a pool of sweat. Liking the feel of our slick, naked bodies on top of each other, I rubbed myself against Cutler sleepily and pressed a kiss to the side of his neck. Cutler also looked sleepy. He wrapped his arms around my lower back and held me close.

"Cutler," I panted. "I love you." Cutler closed his eyes and looked like he was going to fall asleep at any moment. He rolled us onto our sides and pressed me to his chest as he replied, "I know. Now don't worry about a thing, my dear. All will be okay. Even if James isn't here for you, I am." I listened to his words, finding tears were coming to the corners of my eyes again. Cutler didn't say he loved me back. Maybe he didn't love me enough to marry me? Is that why he didn't propose?
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