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Chapter fifteen-You Taught Me How to Live

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Mikey goes to find Frank and has a lot on his mind(:

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I didn't even bother stopping the tears, I let them fall from my eyes and streak down my cheeks. I exhailed, not even realising that i was holding my breath. I sat, still on my knees, still under the tree, still lifeless. Mikey had left me, at the very spot where he found me when we first met.
I walked down the path leading to the cemetery a few blocks from my house. I moved to this side of town a few weeks ago and am trying to identify my sorroundings, maybe meet some new people from this side of town that would go to my new school. I had to move, I was being bullied at my old school. Mom didn't think it would be a good idea moving so far away that we forgot the whole town entirely, plus this way she could keep her job.
I marched quickly up the dead-grassed hill towards a old looking oak tree, there was something about this tree that seemed to lure me towards it. It made me feel peaceful and calm. I stood under it, feeling protected by the small green leaves that nestled at the tips of the twigs at the end of branches. I smiled, a feeling of pure bliss flowed through me, I hadn't felt this way in a long time. It was unfamiliar, but I loved it. Then a loud 'CRACK' interupted me and a boy came falling through the tree and landed right on me.
"Fuck" I mumbled, more from fright than from pain.
"Shit, I'm so, so sorry!" said the boy and he jumped of me.
"Um, I'm Mikey." He stretched his hand out to help pull me up.
"Frank" I smiled up at him, he was quite a lot taller than me, as if that was difficult. Looking into Mikey's eyes, I could tell that he wasn't like the other guys at my old school. And by the looks of his misfits tshirt, i could tell that this was the blossoming of a great new friendship.

I found feeling in my dull body again. I slowly rose to my feet and looked up at the tree, letting a light smile touch my lips as I saw the broken tree branch that still hung limply downwards, it hadn't changed.. after a year it still remained the same. I wish I could say the same for Mikey and I. I truly don't want to lose him, but Gerard mean so much too. Gerard is a different kind of love and need, one that it seems that no one could understand but Gee and myself.

It felt like I have been under this tree for hours, but in realality it had only been nearly ten minutes. I walked closer to the tree so that it was in touching distance. I gentally touched the tree's trunk with the very tips of my fingers and walked around the tree, still keeping my fingers on it and just let them brush over every dip and bump that the nature made.
Is this what my life will end up like? All alone and contantly dwelling on old memories.
The past is all i've got. Some of the memories kill me, while some save me. Unfortunatly they can't change. They've all happened to bring me to this moment right now. All together they've led me to confusion and pain. Mikey and Gerard make up most of the bad past, but when they're arn't here, it all comes back. Sometimes it's all too much. But I made a promise to myself years ago, that no matter what happens to me, I won't give in. Just take a second to breathe. I'll work it out. There's no point fussing over bad thoughts. It won't help when you're dead.


I walked out my front door, leaving Gee in the lounge. I didn't want to leave him. I worry too much about him. I walked threw the gates of the cemetery and ran up the path that leads me to the hill. i left the path and sprinted up the hill towards the oak. This place was so important to me, it was where me and Frank first met. I had ran away from home after me and Mom had another fight about Dad and Gee and I came to this tree. I climbed up it, trying to get as far away from this world as possible, I thought 3 meters off the ground was a good start. I climbed high off the ground and when i found a pleasurable enough spot, sat still and shut my eyes tight, trying to black out the sourrounding, over powering earth. I was up there for only a few minutes before the branch i was sitting on snapped and thats when I landed on Frank.

As I got closer to the tree I saw Frank, he was circling the tree while softly touching it with him fingertips. He hadn't noticed me yet. I ran closer, out of breath. "Frank" I gasped.
He opened his eyes and stared at me, obviously not expecting to see me.
I felt dread rising in me. Was he expecting Gerard? My plan sparked in my mind, it had to be done, i had to get it over with. "Do or die" I thought to myself.

I didn't say anything, I only looked into his sad eyes. He had tears stained down his cheeks and his whole body seemed to be shaking. I moved closer to him, "Hurry up and do it now, or you'll lose him forever." I thought, doing anything to give myself the confidence to go through with it.

I stepped closer to him, still breathing heavily, untill I am in touching distance. I bite my lip, I'm about to change everything forever. it was the only way though. I had to act fast. I squeezed my eyes shut and was about to lean forward, when the rain started. I heard frank gasp and grab my wrist, pulling my under the tree to shelter. I opened my eyes. He didn't even notice that I was about to kiss him.
"I'm sorry, Mikey"
My chance was slipping away, I could tell.
"I can't lose you, Frank" I leaned in..

Frank Put his arms around my waist and hugged me, For fuck sake, can't he see that im trying to kiss him, not hug him!?
"You're not going to,Mikey" He whispered.
I shook my head, but he couldn't see me. What he said was a lie, it was the very thing that Gerard said to me when he was addicted to drugs and alchol. I told him to stop, that it was dangerous and that i could lose him if he didnt quit soon. He told me that i would never lose him, and I finally believed that when he quit. But I took him for granted as he left me a few weeks later to run away with Dad. This was just the same thing over again. and If i believed that I would still have Frank he will still leave me and i'll crumble down. I had to go through with my dream.

It felt like the only thing that could help.

I've had so many things to help save my life... Gerard.. Frank.. So how am I meant to know whether this will be right or wrong, it'll keep Frank with me, I don't plan for the kiss to go anywhere, I only want me best friend back..

Now before it's too late.

Sorry, another short chapter, Ill try write a long one tomorrow(: R&R pleaaase(: xx
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