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Chapter sixteen-Here Comes the Rain Again

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:O More and more trouble!

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I had only been sitting on the couch for twenty minutes before Mikey bursted through the front door with Frank following close behind. Mikey seemed pissed.
"What's going on?" I asked Frank as Mikey went up the stairs.
"I don't know.. He just seems really annoyed or frustrated about something.."
"Do you think we should leave him? Whenever we go up there it ends in the same way.."
"Yeah, we'll all talk everything over tomorrow."
"Wanna stay over?"
"I can't, Mom keeps complaining about how she hardly sees me anymore.. Plus it's a Monday, school tomorrow" He dropped his bottom lip sadly.
"I just want to start school already! I'm so bored at home."
"You want to start school!?" He looked astonished, "It's a shithole!"
"Yeah.." I moved closer to him "But i'll get to be with you" He smiled and lightly pecked my lips.

We sat on the couch, eating pizza and talking. We hadn't seen Mikey since we came back from the cemetery. I could tell that something was really pissing him off, when we were at the cemetery he kept coming to hug me. He hugged me like ten times! He must have felt bad or been really hurt about Gerard. I was fine with it though, but it sparked that unwanted current that waved through my body. We stayed in the embrace for several minutes before he would pull away and look troubled. After a few more hugs I suggested that we go back to his house because we were soaking, the rain making our hair stick to our faces and our clothes heavy. When we got home, he went straight to his room, I could sense that he didn't want to be followed.. He needed some space. I wanted to follow though.

I looked at the time, 9.30.when i'm with Gee, it's like time falls away.
"I have to go.."
"No.. Frankie, Please." He said in my ear.
"Trust me, you don't know my Mom. You do not want to keep her waiting." I laughed and Gerard looked upset.
"Come see me tomorrow"
"I will." I stood up and bent down to peck him on the cheek, "I'm just gunna say bye to Mikes."

I walked up the stairs to Mikey's room and knocked twice on the door. Mikey paused before saying "Come in" I opened the door and walked inside
"Hey Mikes, I'm going to go home now."
He was sitting at his desk with a text book open infront of him and notes scattered everywhere. I smiled at him, he seemed happier now that he's had time.
"Aw okay" He stood up and faced me. "I'll come by your house to pick you up tomorrow morning."
"Great" I smiled, When he moved closer to me I could see behind his smile. His eyes held worry and anxiety. I frowned, "What's up Mikey?"
"Thanks Frank.. For everything" He showed another false smile.
"Mikey, It's nothing. I don't mind if it's me you need to turn to" I smiled reasurringly "We'll get by."
He nodded and walked closer to me, pain still lurking behind his eyes. And as he moved closer I could sense that there was a reason for this.
He then confirmed my thoughts... I wish I hadn't enjoyed it so much..


As soon as I did it, I regretted it. This won't save us. At all.

But all of my regret will wash away somehow, it just has to. But I will not forget the way I feel right now.

Everything's colder now, I know that everyone gets scared..

.. But I've become what I can't be.
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