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Remember Me-Cloud's Feelings

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Cloud makes his feelings clear to Reno.

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After Cloud and Reno fall...
They were just...falling. And Reno would never find out if he was in love with Cloud or if Cloud even remotely had feelings for him. Reno looked over at Cloud, who was looking at him as well. They reached for each other and managed to grab hands. Reno pulled Cloud over to him and held him tight. Then, something or someone caught the both of them, bringing them back to the surface. It dropped them and the both landed flat on their backs.
"Reno!" Shinra exclaimed, kneeling beside the redhead that was sitting up. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine..." Reno gasped, rubbing the back of his head. "What the fuck grabbed us?"
"That'd be us," a familiar male voice stated.
Reno and Cloud both looked over to find two guys with a huge black wing a piece, one with long silver hair and the other with short-ish reddish hair, one guy with a large white wing and medium black hair, and then there was the vampiric man with the tattered red cape.
"Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, and Vincent?" Reno gasped. "Three 1st classes and a former Turk? What the fuck is going on?"
"And to top it off," Cloud began bitterly as he stood up and dusted himself off. "Sephiroth is my brother..."
Everyone gasped while Sephiroth just chuckled.
"Did Hojo tell you that while he was experimenting on you?" Sephiroth asked with a smirk.
"He never experimented on me!" Cloud yelled. "It was you! While Lucrecia was still pregnant with you!"
Sephiroth slowly lost his smile and uncrossed his arms as Reno stood up and walked over to Cloud.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Reno asked quietly.
"Sephiroth and I..." Cloud began and turned to face Reno with tears in his eyes. "We're the outcome of Project S, perfect replicas of one another. Well, I'm a perfect replica of him, which made me a failure since Seph was meant to be the only one..."
"The only one of what?" Reno urged.
"He was supposed to be the only son of Jenova..." Cloud replied.
Reno gasped and wrapped the poor Shinra warrior in his arms. Cloud started crying as he tied his arms around the Turk and buried his face in his chest.
"It's okay, Cloud," Reno whispered gently. "I'm glad you were created. Or else I never would have had the chance to meet the one person that actually makes me happy..."
Cloud looked into Reno's eyes and Reno wiped away a tear from his cheek. Cloud smiled softly and let Reno go. The redhead smiled back as he allowed the blond his distance. Then, the Turk turned to Vincent and glared.
"As for you, you motherfucker," Reno growled as he walked up to the tall, dark-haired man. "You leave the moment you find out where the remains of your dead crush are, and you leave?"
"I loved her, Reno," Vincent snapped, uncrossing his arms and narrowing his eyes are the redhead. "But that's something you wouldn't understand considering you've probably fucked everyone here and then left!"
Reno gasped in plain horror and dismay. Then, all of them began muttering to one another. He'd never fucked a guy in his life!
"That's a fucking lie!" he growled harshly. "And you should know it by now, Vincent..."
Reno turned on his heel and started back on the road to HQ. He heard all of them talking with one another, but he felt one person walking behind him. I just kept walking a while and then, once he could no longer hear the freaks, he turned and Cloud ran into him.
"Why would you want to go with me?" he asked, almost sadly. "You have Aeris, Zack...anyone...why would you choose some sick asshole like myself?"
"Because, you're the first guy that I've ever been with..." Cloud replied. "The first person in a long while that made me happy..."
"What about Aeris?" Reno sighed.
"Not even she matches up to this..." the blond said.
"Us. The happiness I feel with you, the anger that makes me want you more, the butterflies I get when I think about you, the fact that you never leave my thoughts for one fucking second!"
Reno gasped quietly and then hesitantly turned and started back on the path with Cloud right next to him. He couldn't talk to the Shinra soldier. He couldn't even look at the boy! He was scared. Maybe...just maybe...he was just some sick freak who kept people around until he fucked them. He just didn't want to leave Cloud yet. He knew Cloud wanted it, but Reno couldn't even bear the thought of giving up their friendship. Not to mention what Cloud had just said basically meant that he was in love with the Turk...
They made it to Turk HQ and Rude met them at the front gate.
"Sorry for taking off like that," Reno said to him quietly.
"It's okay. Tseng wasn't too happy though..." Rude responded. "I'd keep clear of him for a little while..."
Reno nodded and walked inside with the blond boy behind him the entire way. Reno immediately went to his room inside the HQ that was designated as his. Cloud closed the door and sat next to the redhead on his bed. Reno knew exactly where that was going, and he didn't really like the idea one little tiny fucking bit...
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