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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Rose's POV:
My brain died. Literally plopped dead of unnatural causes. I could not think of one possible response to this piece of news. My brain was like concrete or bricks; not a single thought could penetrate it.

After barely a second passed, the exact opposite happened: My brain started whirring at millions of miles an hour. Why did he lie? What compelled him to do it? Did he gain by doing it? He probably didn't; if Kobra knew, then he mustn't have. But was Kobra telling the truth? What did he have to gain by lying about his own brother? Was he jealous of "Kelly"?

But in the few seconds of deliberation that all those thoughts took, his expression didn't change. That huge smile was on his face. Liars don't wear smiles like that.

I thought about Poison's face when he told me those things: He stuttered and wouldn't look me in the eye. He was the liar; Kobra was telling the truth.

But that still doesn't explain why...

I considered this all so quickly that Kobra hadn't noticed my pause. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Why would he do that?" I said. My voice sounded hoarse.

The huge smile grew wider, if that were possible. He looked straight at me and said, "Beats me."

It was hard to tell if he was lying or not. It seemed that...maybe he had a theory? I was about to badger him about it, but before words could get out of my mouth, I yawned hugely.

"Well...good night," I said awkwardly.

"Yeah...'night..." I could almost hear his brain whirring. I was dying to know more, about to be overcome with curiosity, but I was way too tired. You have to visit Korse in the morning, I reminded myself. I needed sleep.

But this was really gnawing at the back of my mind...

Kobra probably wouldn't tell me anyway...

I slumped into my sleeping bag next to Poison (my stomach did an unexpected backflip, which I ignored), thinking I would never be able to sleep. A second later, sleep hit me like a sack of hammers.



No, no, no!!!

His voice was amplified more than humanly possible as he screeched at me. The blood ran down his hands: My blood. I was in pain.

What did I do?! I screamed. He didn't hear me. He just screamed louder and louder, higher and higher, but I couldn't understand him! He sounded like a crow had had a child with a fire engine, but he wasn't saying words. He punched me and kicked me, then turned and started screaming at the wall, as if he too were frustrated to look at me.

It was then that I noticed that we weren't alone.

A beautiful woman was kneeling next to me, wearing the same amount of blood that must have been on my face. There was the desert spider tattoo on her arm: she was a killjoy. She sat up, and I understood why the rest of her body was so strangely distorted: She was hugely pregnant.

She turned to me, and I saw the amount of tears on her face. Well? she said. We have to find a way out of this, don't we?

I couldn't answer her, because just then, Korse came back and punched her straight through the chest. A hole appeared and blood gushed out of it in torrents. She screamed an awful, bloodcurdling, earsplitting scream, that formed an awful, haunting harmony with Korse's screams. It filled the room, filled my head.

My pain was hers; it was so terrifying that I screamed too. Our screeches formed a terrible chord as blood pooled into the room. Finally, the pain was all too much, and I blacked out just as Korse was turning toward me...


I woke up suddenly, feeling like I couldn't breathe. A hand was pressed against my mouth, and I thrashed against it, worrying for a wild moment that it was Korse and that it was all real-

"What-the-hell-is-wrong?!" a familiar voice hissed.

My eyes focused to the dim light, and I found myself staring into a pair of anxious hazel eyes framed by bright red hair. I stopped struggling.

All at once I realized that it was all a dream. Poison took his hand off my mouth, still watching me warily. I put my face in my hands, trying to rub away the images now burned to the backs of my eyelids.

"You were screaming bloody murder. I had to stop you or you'd've woken them all up," he explained quietly.

There was a beat of silence before my forehead hit my knees and I was sobbing. I felt so weak.

"Hey now..." he said, patting my back. Ghoul let out a snore. He rubbed circles on my back, telling me it was gonna be okay.

When I stopped crying, I abruptly realized that Party Poison's hand was on my back.

My heart stopped for a second, then picked up double-time. Listening for a few moments, I noticed that he was breathing very fast, perfectly in time with my short breaths.

My natural instinct was to try to strike up a conversation, but the only subject rising to my lips was the lies he told me. And that would make it even more awkward.

After a few more moments of our hyperventilation, I put my head up awkwardly and mumbled a good night. He stared at me for a few more seconds, then walked away, looking slightly zombified (zombies aren't real, by the way).

I stared at the sky, wondering how I was going to sleep after all that shit. But as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep.

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