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24 Shockwave Current

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Vi goes mental in that state of mind.

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Shockwave Current
No, please tell me she’s not dead, she can’t be dead, she’s so young, I just saw her for the second time, she can’t die, she’s too tough to die, she needs to---

“Shockwave!” I heard Poison call out, running towards my scared self and me. I looked down at Rage, a frown on her face, a low moan escaping her throat. I looked back at Poison, wondering what the hell just happened.

“Poison, she just… This just happened, and… What the fuck?!” I said, looking at Rage. “She has the pills Poison, the pills!”

Poison sighed as he sat next to me, also sitting by Rage. “I need you to get some water, Shockwave. Stay calm, this has happened before, but it gets worse before it gets better.” Poison turned towards me, looking at my yellow eyes. “A lot worse.”

I nodded, scared for Rage. “I mean, if this has happened before, she’ll come out fine, right?” I wondered aloud, standing up and rushing to the back of Rage’s army truck. I opened the truck’s heavy duty tailgate and began tossing stuff out, looking for a canteen, a jug, anything that might have water. I looked back at Poison who was giving Rage one of the happiness killers. “Da hell, Poison?!” I screeched, grabbing a canteen from Rage’s truck and running towards Poison, confused. “Why are you giving her one?!”

“Shockwave, she needs it to stop the pain. Don’t you see it in her face, all the pain she has?” Poison asked, making me look at Rage’s face.

“ Well now that you say that, of course she looks like she’s in pain, but why one of those?!” I said, motioning to the pill in Poison’s hand with the canteen. “How come she can’t have a painkiller like everybody else?!”

Poison sighed, taking the canteen from my outstretched hand. “Violet’s had too much pain for the painkillers to work now… These work pretty well too,” Poison said, forcing Rage’s mouth open and shoving the pills in, pouring some of the water from the canteen into Rage’s mouth.

Rage opened her eyes and sat up, folding her hands in her laps. She began to twitch, and I watched as Poison waved a hand in front of her. “Violet Rage?” he asked Rage, looking calm.

Rage glanced around, then shut her eyes, pulling her knees up to her chest. She began rocking herself, singing something, a long forgotten tune. Poison cursed and she suddenly slapped herself, mooing.

Poison now looked worried. “What the hell?” he asked himself, grabbing Rage’s shoulders and giving her a shake, her head rolling. “Aw, fuck,” Poison said, taking the tequila bottle out of Rage’s hand and pouring some of the contents down her throat.

That just fueled Rage’s insanity. She put a hand to her head, scratching her head like mad. I backed away from her one step, worried she might be possessed or something. She turned towards me as I backed up, making me stop with a sick grin plastered on her face. “Don’t leave, Current,” she said in a country voice edged with anger, chilling me to the bone. She began screaming and fell aside to the ground, curling into a ball.

“Vi!” Poison said, looking very worried now. I backed away from Rage; fear one of my main emotions right now. I rolled my eyes, knowing this was just programmed into me, but I heard Rage’s scream escalate in pitch, and programmed fear came back to me, making me human again. I heard Poison saying something, but I shook my head, knowing Rage had lost it. I turned away from Poison, running into a confused looking Kid.

“Kid, she’s insane,” I whispered, looking into Kid’s green eyes. “I don’t know what happened, she… I just… She was drinking, and… Look at her arm!” I screeched, noticing Rage’s bloody gauze on her right arm.

Kid cursed and passed me, bending down over Rage’s screaming and crying body, picking her right arm up and taking off the gauze, muttering something I couldn’t hear over Rage’s screams. Kid, Poison, and I looked at Rage’s red arm, taking in bleeding cuts standing out against her bruised arm.

“You’re shitting me,” Kid said, rushing back in the diner, looking for something.

Poison just looked down at her arm, shock, confusion, and worry all a mish-mash on his face. He traced a finger over one of the cuts, shutting his eyes and whispering, “I’m sorry.” He bit his lip and looked at Rage’s screaming face, pushing her rust hair away from her face.

I walked back over to Poison and Rage, squatting and placing a hand on Poison’s back. He looked up at me, tears in his eyes, a pained expression on his face. I blinked, feeling oddly guilty about this whole thing. I palmed my face, running it over my face, something I do whenever I’m sad. “Poison, it’s all my fault. I mean, if I hadn’t of told her about Shot, or really came here in the first place, she---“

“It’s not your fault, Shockwave,” Poison said, sounding like he was struggling to keep from crying. “It’s mine.”

I shook my head, though not saying anything else. This was turning into the self-blame game, and I never like these situations.

Kid ran back outside from the diner, a bottle of rubbing alcohol in one hand and a roll of gauze in the other. “Gerard,” he said, Poison looking up at him. “You need to move so I can fix her arm. You need to hold her down, though,” Kid said, looking up at me. “You need to hold her down too. This won’t be pretty, guys.”

I nodded, biting my lip, and grabbed Rage’s ankles with my hands. I looked at Poison, who was grabbing Rage’s wrists, his body shaking slightly as he and I noticed Rage’s bloody fingers, one of them bleeding. “How did I not notice…?” Poison said, biting his lip and turning away from Rage, still holding her wrists. I shut my eyes and opened them again, looking down at my hands holding onto Rage’s ankles. She didn’t look as beaten as the rest of her body down here, so her ankles looked like her old skin color. I shivered, knowing she would never look like she used to again.

Kid took some of the alcohol and poured it on Rage’s arm, making her scream bloody murder and squirm beneath my hands. I looked up at Poison, who was crying, watching Rage scream and wriggle. Kid poured more alcohol on her arm, taking a cloth from her truck and wiping the blood off her arm. Rage let out an ear-piercing scream as the cloth ran over her cuts, more blood coming out. Kid cursed and drenched the rag in alcohol, swiping that over Rage’s cut with his right hand. He took the tequila bottle of Rage’s with his left hand and poured some into her open mouth, shutting her mouth and forcing her to swallow. Rage stopped screaming but still squirmed, whimpering and begging for it to stop.

Kid continued to run the cloth over Rage’s skin, making Rage take shaky breaths and try to take her arms away from Kid. Poison shut his eyes, sitting on Rage’s hands and putting his head in his hands. I shake my head, shutting my eyes and trying not to cry with Poison. I mean, it sucked to see Rage like this, but… Nah, it just sucked. I opened my eyes, sighing.

Kid stopped rubbing Rage’s cuts and began to wrap her arm again, making it so tight that Rage’s skin turned her old color from loss of blood in her limb. I gagged as I saw some blood squirt from other cuts on her arm, splashing to the ground softly. “Damn, Violet, you need to stop this…” Kid whispered as he wrapped Rage’s arm.

Poison stood up, taking the tequila bottle from the floor. I watched him as he walked off, drinking the tequila and finishing the bottle. He staggered against the diner’s wall and threw the empty bottle at the ground, looking angry and shattering the bottle. Poison spit on the ground and climbed up a ladder set in the diner’s wall, climbing up to the roof in the hottest part of the day. I stood up, prepared to follow him, but Kid caught my ankle, stopping me. I looked down at Kid, and he looked sad. I bit the inside of my cheek and sat back down on the ground, holding Rage’s hand as Kid finished wrapping her up.

Kid tied off the knot on the gauze and stood up, wiping his hands on his black jeans. “I, I don’t know what to do now…” he said quietly, turning towards the diner’s back door. “Just make sure she doesn’t scream again, Shock.” Kid ran a shaky hand through his hair, and began to walk inside, but walked back out and climbed up the ladder Poison had climbed up.

I sighed, looking down at Rage. “Rage, what ever happened to you?” I asked her, watching her stretch beneath me and begin breathing easily. I nudged Rage slightly, wanting to make sure it was Rage and not somebody else.

Rage spazzed and tensed at my touch, but her she relaxed when she saw me. “Current, why so worried?” Rage asked, looking up at me then around her. “And why the fuck am I on the ground?”

“Rage, you… Your arm…” I said quietly, not being able to form a sentence. Rage looked at her right arm and groaned, shutting her eyes. “Poison saw them, Rage. So did Kid and I.”

Rage looked up at me, worry in her eyes now. She sat up, using the truck and I as support. “Party saw? Fuck, Rage, it wasn’t meant to be seen…” She muttered, looking at her right arm again. She turned towards me and raised her right arm, setting it back down. “I guess I should have been more careful, shouldn’t I?” she asked me, fiddling with her combat boots’ strings.

I smirked. “Rage, you shouldn’t have at all. You could have killed yourself!” I shook my finger at Rage, who wasn’t looking at me. “Do you know how bad that would have been if you died?” Rage looked up at me and shook her head, looking like an ignorant little child. “Poison would have died too. I don’t want to see anybody else disappear for a while, Rage. Shot was enough death for me to last at least a year or two,” I said, looking Rage in the eye. I hugged her tightly. “You are one of my few friends still alive, Rage. You die and all my friends die.”

Rage nodded glumly, looking back at the ground. “I was just so sad, Current, just really sad,” she said, sniffling and wiping a tear from her eye. “Shot helped me through a lot, and then after what happened on the roof, I was just really sad.”

I tilted my head at Rage. “What happened on the roof, Rage? I mean, Poison came after you, but that’s all I know.”

Rage nodded for no reason and gulped quite loudly. “So Party and I were on the roof, right? I fell asleep in his arms, as cheesy as that sounds, and we woke up the next morning to Dracs’ blasts whizzing over our heads. I killed a few until I saw Korse and started screaming, seeing Tim come up to me. You probably heard me scream, because I think you and the guys protected the ladder the most. I stopped screaming and Party held me in his arms, then we had to go down to ground level, and I think the guys were pissed at him or something, and I think he got pissed at me, cause I could tell he wasn’t Mr. Sunshine when he handed me my clothes, and I got sad, and Shot came to mind, and, and…” Rage mumbled, beginning to stutter. “I-I thought P-Party had lost faith-h…” She began to cry.

I shushed Rage as she cried, no doubt emotional from blood loss. I let Rage use my shirt as a rag, crying into it. I put my head on Rage’s head as she cried, wanting her to stop crying. “Rage… Rage, don’t cry,” I whispered, running my hand through her rust hair. “You’ll make me cry, and I’m not one for crying…”

Dr. Death suddenly rolled out of the diner, looking scared and making Rage and I jump. “Violet, Shock, we have a problem. Gather the guys and come inside, now.”
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