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25 Stunned Motionless

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Old Violet's back, the Violet from before she met "Party" Party.

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Doctor was never worried or scared about news, let alone told us the news in person, but here he was, fidgeting in his wheelchair and telling us to get inside so he could tell us the news. I shook my head, my mouth still hanging open from Doctor outside of the diner during light hours.

“Rage?” Current asked, snapping her fingers in front of my face. I turned to look at her, shutting my mouth in the process. “I’ll go get Poison and Kid, Rage.”

I shook my head, standing up. “No, I need to go get Party, Current. You know… One Killjoys can have so many different names… Erh, what?” I said, growing confused at what I just said. What the hell, Violet?

Current was also confused at my words. “Rage, you need to lie down or something…” She looked concerned, and probably didn’t want a repeat of what just happened.

I bit the inside of my cheek. “Current, I need to get Party. You make sure everything’s ready for whatever is happening,” I said, smiling a reassuring smile despite a steady throb in my head. “I’ll be inside in a few with Kobra and Party, ‘kay?”

Current nodded, biting her lip and yellow eyes shining. Hmm, those eyes look oddly familiar… Well, besides the fact that they’re Currents… I knit my eyebrows together, pondering who else has yellow eyes, watching Doctor and Current walk inside, talking quietly.

I walked over to the diner’s ladder up to the roof, climbing as fast as I could with my head spinning slightly. I reached the roof and grabbed my head with one hand, blinking and trying to coordinate myself. “Kobra? Party?” I called, shielding my eyes with my right arm. I scanned the rooftop, looking for the guys. I saw feet behind a box, and ran over to them, ready to help somebody up.

I looked behind the box and gasped, trying not to cry. Kobra and Party were laying on the roof, leaning against the box, blood lines running down their faces. “Party! Kobra!” I yelled, getting on my knees in a pool of blood on the ground and checking for a pulse on either guy, feeling an impending panic attack coming on. I checked Kobra, and no pulse. I turned towards Party, sadness mingling with the panic, fear making it a house party. I looked at Party, who looked like a fallen angel sleeping, and reached up for below his jaw, placing two fingers there. I didn’t feel anything except how cold Party was. I gasped and stood up, staggering back a few steps. “No,” I whispered, eyes wide. I heard a cough behind me, and I turned, expecting it to be Current or one of the guys. “Guys, Kobra and Party, they---“

The Drac behind me raised his gun, five more standing behind him, arms crossed. “You know, Jennifer," the head Drac said with a think southern accent, “running only makes it a lot worse.” The Drac pulled his mask off, and I gasped in anger as I looked into the face of Tim, that sick grin of his permanent on his face. “What?” he asked, coming towards me and laughing. “You don’t like seeing me alive?”

I pulled out my gun and shot his grinning face dead-on, angry at Tim for murdering Kobra and Party. I shot the other five Dracs while they were still getting their guns out, walking across the roof. I bolted down the ladder before the Dracs hit the ground, feeling my old, angry self returning to me. I hit the ground in a pounce stance, one hand on the ground in the shape of a fist, looking around. I saw a cream pantsuit leg and groaned, looking up into Korse’s yellow eyes. I blinked as I remembered Current’s eyes, which are the same yellow color. She looked like Korse too… I gasped.

“Korse…” I whispered as he took a hand and put it around my neck, lifting me into a standing position and shoving me to the wall. He took out his gun and placed it under my chin, the nuzzle of the gun sharply bringing my chin forward.

“Well, Violet Rage, it won’t take me long to pull the trigger. Any last words?” Korse asked me, tilting his head and smiling a Tim smile, eyes shining. His grip around my neck tightened, making me begin to wheeze for air.

“Korse, you’re a terrible father,” I managed to gasp out, feeling my gun in my hand and Korse’s gun at my chin. I gripped my gun tighter, hoping what I just said would work and faze Korse enough to get me to shoot him.

It did. “What?” Korse asked, loosening his grip on my neck for a split second, just enough time for me to get a breath of sweet air. I took my gun tighter in my hand and shot him in the stomach, my face not showing any sign of emotion but my eyes fiery. Korse’s grip fell off my neck and I kicked his stomach with my foot as hard as I could, making him stagger back. Korse fell to the ground, gripping his stomach and looking very angry despite the smile on his face, trying to reach his gun that flew out of his hand as he fell.

I stepped on his hand and turned my foot until I heard something in Korse’s wrist shatter, making him stop going for the white gun of his. I put my gun up to his head, Korse still smiling like Tim had less than two minutes ago. “Korse, I will continue to kill you until I die,” I growled and shot his head in, no blood leaking from the small hole in his robot head. I kicked his body away from me, assessing my situation. I looked to my left, where Doctor and Current were struggling against a group of Dracs, who were binding them up. I ran over to Doctor and Current, shooting down the Dracs with precision and, well, rage. I felt like my old self, a cold-hearted, ruthless killer. I smirked.

“Rage!” Current called, running over to me and hugging my waist. “They got Star, Fun, and Moon,” Current cried, burying her head in my take top and crying.

I awkwardly patted her back, turning to Doctor. “Dracs still around here?” I asked him, anger blooming in my abdomen. I needed to kill something else, and I had the feeling that shooting cacti wasn’t going to help. I looked down at Current, who was now wiping her tears from her eyes, trying to compose herself. I felt more anger bloom, knowing Current was crying because of Korse and his asshole Dracs that shoot every-fucking-thing with trigger happy feelings.

Doctor scratched his neck and pointed inside with his thumb. “Group ‘round front. Probably waiting for the guys you just killed to come back with Current and I. Violet,” Doctor said as I turned to murder the Dracs out front. “Violet!” Doctor called again, trying to stop me from my murder spree.

I turned around to face Doctor and Current. “Cover your ears and sing as loud as you can,” I said, and stalked to the front of the diner, my gun ready in hand. I walked out in front of the Dracs, pulling Ricky out of my pocket and snarling. “Which one of you wants to die first?” I asked angrily, shooting each Drac in the feet. Some fell to the ground, while others started jumping on their feet. I threw Ricky in one hopping around and shot all the Dracs squirming on the ground. I aimed at the two left jumping around. “Dance, fuckers, dance!” I screamed to the two, shooting the ground around them, making them hop and one fall to the ground.

I shot the fallen Drac as I walked up to the remaining Drac, his mask beginning to fall off. I put my gun to his head and pulled off his mask. I narrowed my eyes at the girl and sent her to the ground, blood splashing on my face and clothes as the blast went through her head, stone cold dead before she hit the ground. I shot each one of the Dracs again, laughing maniacally. I walked back to the back of the diner, frowning, angry that there were no more Dracs for me to kill. The blood from the last Drac remained on my face, my clothes also stained red from everyone’s blood.

“Rage! Holy shit, Rage!” Current screeched, dropping her hands from her ears. She ran up to me, arms open, and I pointed my gun at her chest when she came within striking distance.

“Current.” I said with dangerous calm, “I never told you to put your hands down and stop singing.” I pushed her back to her spot on the ground next to Doctor, who was whistling an old tune, and made her put her hands back up. “Stay,” I snarled at both of them, and hopped on the nearest Drac bike, running over Korse when I started the bike up.

I stopped the bike and turned back around to look at Korse’s body. I smirk-frowned and got off the bike, running to the diner’s garage and getting a rope. I attached one end of the rope to the bike’s back and the other end around Korse’s neck. I jumped back on the bike and started it up, spinning my tire and riding towards the edges of the Zones.

Party Poison

Violet rode off toward the south, Korse’s body dragging on the ground behind her. I stood stock still, remembering Vi just a second ago, going blood-crazed and torturing the Dracs out front, shooting them in the end. I looked down at the Dracs below, noticing that Vi left her knife here.

I turned to look at Mikey, who was standing up, rolling and rubbing his shoulders. “Next time, Gerard, we use the holograms,” he said, using my real name.

I nodded, remembering how angry Violet looked, attacking the Dracs underneath the green methane sky. “It took every ounce of my unwell being not to get up when she checked my pulse, Mikey,” I said quietly, feeling the ghost fingers of Violet’s checking my returning pulse. “She had seemed so sad, and then Tim got here… It took everything in me not to move.”

Mikey walked over to me and patter my shoulder. “Don’t worry, Gerard, we did the right thing. She’ll come back, I promise,” he said, a smile on his face.

I glared at Mikey. “How the hell can you smile, Mikey? Violet just ran off again, looking like she could kill me in a heartbeat for tricking her! You didn’t see her, Mikey. The way she shot the Dracs in front of the diner, and the way she talked to Shockwave…” I trailed, sitting down on the roof and leaning against the wall up here on the diner’s roof.

Mikey sat down next to me. “Gerard, don’t worry ab---“

“Don’t worry about it, Mikey?! HOW?!” I jumped up, out of the sitting position, facing Mikey. “I’m in love with her, okay?! Seeing her like that was worse than any pain I could feel if I was being tortured be Korse himself! That Violet Rage down there wasn’t my Vi, Mikey. I need to go get Vi back!” I was yelling now, talking angrily with my hands.

Mikey shrunk back from me. “Gerard, you’re insane, you ---“

“I what, Mikey?!” I yelled, starting towards the ladder down. “I’m getting stupid?! Excuse me if I’m turning into a diva, I haven’t had my Snickers bar!” I climbed down the ladder, seething with anger directed at Mikey.

“Poison!” Shockwave yelled, dropping her hands from her ears and running up to me in a huge hug once I touched the ground. “Rage ran off, all angry, and went on a killing spree… She took on and shot everyone from Battery City here, Poison! All by herself!”

I looked at Current, fear in her eyes. She had gotten scared because of Violet, who was angry because of me. I flat-lined my mouth. “I saw. I’m going after her, Shockwave, so I need you to be strong and hold the fort, okay? I don’t know how Violet’s going to take the fact that I’m not dead…” I trailed off, looking to my left. Violet’s truck sat with the passenger’s door open. I looked back at Shockwave. “I don’t know how long or how far away I’ll be, so I need you to be strong, okay Shockers?”

Shockwave nodded, looking sad. “Please return with Rage, Poison. It scared me to see her like that, and she’s hurt…” Shockwave sniffled, and I put my hands on her shoulders, pushing her from the hug so I could look in her yellow eyes.

“Shockwave, don’t worry. I’ll come back with Violet if it kills me, okay?” I instantly regretted my word choice, because Shockwave started to cry, something she’s rarely done so far, and I pulled her in another tight hug. “Shockwave, I’ll return, promise.”

Shockwave nodded, her head buried in my shirt. “Greene baag bi-let, Poy-on,” she mumbled into me, backing out of the hug. “I want to see her again.”

I nodded and turned away from Shockwave, walking to Violet’s truck. I hopped in, turning it on and looking around the cabin. I spotted Violet’s headphones, and pulled them up from the floor, her iPod still plugged in and dangling from the headphone’s jack. I turned it on and used my thumb to scroll down to ‘Shuffle Songs’ on the main menu. I clicked the wheel and turned the volume up, listening to ‘Cemetery Drive’ by My Chemical Romance as I rolled down the dusty road after Vi.

Way down, mark the grave
where the search lights find us
drinking by the mausoleum door
and they found you on the bathroom floor

I paused the song. Violet went into the bathroom to change back in her clothes, and came out with the right arm cuts. I thought I heard her crying in there too… I shook my head and pressed play, knowing this song would be over soon enough.

I miss you, I miss you
So far
And the collusion of your kiss
that made it so hard

I bit my lip, thinking about Violet again. This song was torture, but I knew if I skipped it I would go nuts and try to listen to it over and over again.

Staring down a loaded gun…

“Fuck!” I said, getting very paranoid, knowing Violet had her gun and was fully capable of shooting herself. I sped the truck up, hitting 107 mph. I didn’t need Violet dead, because that would literally kill me. I mean, look at how I reacted when I knew Violet was still alive but gone?

And if you carry on this way,
Things are better if I stay
So long an

I shut Violet’s iPod off, not wanting to hear any more music that made me paranoid. I remembered Violet had the NOS hooked up to her truck’s horn, and I slammed my palm on the horn, praying to God that there was still some NOS in the tank. By some luck chance Violet had some in the tank, and I flew at 120 mph for a while, passing cacti and old buildings in a flash.

I saw a Drac bike in front of me, and I began to press my foot on the brake. The driver of the bike turned around, her rust hair covering her bruised face. Violet turned back to the road, and I noticed Korse was still dragging behind the bike. I sighed, knowing Violet wasn’t going to stop any time soon. I pulled out my gun and aimed it for her back tire, shutting my eyes and pulling the trigger with a tear escaping my eyes.

I opened my eyes as I heard the blast connect with something, and I stopped the truck as Violet fell off the bike, cursing enough to make a nun blush, the bike falling to its side and sliding a ways. “Shit!” I yelled. I hit the brake and jumped out of the truck before it really stopped, running over to Violet, who was gripping her right shoulder and still cursing loudly.

“What the fuck man?! You don’t just go around fuckin’ shooting chicks on fuckin’ bikes, do you?!” Violet yelled at me, actually looking the picture of somebody with violet rage, as her face was purple and she was very angry, not just at me. She pulled out her gun from its holster with her left hand and began shooting at me, eyes half closed and yet still managing to have near-perfect aim. “Fuck man…” she said, hissing in pain as some dust touched her bloody shoulder and I dodged another one of her close-shots.

“Violet! Fuck, I didn’t mean to hit you!” I yelled. I fell to her side as she shot at my head again, narrowly missing my jaw. “Violet, it’s me, Party!”

Violet stiffened noticeably. “Well this is just fucking super! I’m fuckin dead, ghosted by somebody who fuckin jacked my fuckin truck. Shot!” Violet yelled, looking around the desert. “I’m dead! Shot, where are you?”

“Violet!” I said, grabbing her arms. “I’m not dead! You’re not dead! We’re both still alive, Violet!”

Violet smirked. “If I’m alive, then how come I can’t feel anything on the upper right part of my body? And why is the ground telling such funny jokes?”

“Fuck, Violet, you’re still alive! Shockwave’s waiting for you back at the diner. You scared the shit out of her when you took on all those Dracs by yourself.” I looked at Violet’s right shoulder again. “You’ll never be able to shoot like that again if you don’t come back to the diner with me, Party Poison.”

Violet shrugged. “No need to shoot in hell, Party,” she said, making my eyes wide in fear. If Violet thought she was going to hell then I don't know if she's really dead or not.

“Violet, stop it! You’re not dead! Look!” I pulled her mask out from one of her pockets in her orange pants, putting it around her neck. “If you were dead, this wouldn’t be here.”

Violet’s eyes went wide when she saw her mask. “I’m not dead, am I, Party?” she asked quietly, looking up at me with her pained green eyes.

I nodded and bit my lip. “I’m not dead either. Right not that doesn’t matter, though. You need to get back to the diner.”
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