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26 Blood

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Oh Violet, when will it end?

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Party Poison

I cringed at the mere sight of it.

Most of the time, blood meant needles or being shot, one of which I’m deathly afraid of, and the other I just don’t like in general.

As Shockwave poked through Violet’s healing skin with a not-so-small needle, trying to stop the blood from the blast would that hit Violet’s shoulder, shot by me, I puked onto the ground. The three things I hate the most, besides Korse, of course, were all together in the same situation, all involving Vi. I heaved a second time onto the dusty ground in front of the diner, hearing Violet cursing as her wounded shoulder touched the cold green table in the diner, dust and dirt staring to infect the blasted shoulder.

“Poison, if you don’t want me to save Rage, you get your ass in here and help!” Shockwave yelled, making me stop heaving, wipe my mouth on my jacket’s sleeve, and walk back inside to the diner’s main room, the smell of alcohol and blood hitting my nostrils at the door and making me stop and gag. I took a breath and continued walking into the room, telling myself to stay calm.

“Look alive, sunshine,” Shockwave said, tossing me a pair of rubber gloves and turning back to Violet, also wearing a surgical mask over her mouth and nose, her electric blue hair falling in front of her eyes.

I caught the gloves and walked over to Shockwave and Violet, slipping the gloves on over my clammy hands. “That’s the last time I shoot from the car with my eyes closed,” I half joked, getting hysterical laughter from Violet and a confused look from Shockwave.

“You’re so fuckin’ funny, Gee!” Violet giggled, waving her left hand at me. “Tell me another joke, Mr. Table’s getting jealous.” Here Violet put her hand beside her mouth, blocking her lips from Shockwave. “Mr. Table has a thing for Current, Gee. He’s green with envy at the fact that you have Current’s attention,” Violet whispered a little too loudly, receiving an eye roll from Shockwave.

“Rage is going to say and ask some pretty weird stuff for the next while, Poison,” Shockwave said, looking at me, chuckling. “Some stuff may be drunk funny, other stuff could be not-so funny.” I nodded. “Why ‘Gee’, Poison?” Shockwave asked, looking up at me.

I shrugged. “Vi knew, knows, my name is Gerard, but she uses my name rarely, only in our, erm, ‘moments’,” I said, using my latexed fingers to air quote. “The Gee is unknown to me, because even the guys call me Gerard, almost never calling me Gee, when they’re not calling me ‘Party Poison’.”

Shockwave nodded, looking back down at Violet, whose shoulder had stopped bleeding and who was staring at me with a smug smile.

“What?” I asked Violet, smiling and walking over to the table.

Violet poked me in the chest as she talked. “I know who you like,” she said, still smiling smugly.

I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “Yes, Violet, you. I love you, Vi,” I said, taking her icy hand in mine to warm it up. Shockwave looked up at me, curiosity in her eyes, but looked back down when I saw her looking.

Violet shook her head. “Nuh uh…” she said, smirking. “You like Fun Ghoul.”

I knit my eyebrows together. “Violet, I love you and only you. Not Ghoul.” I looked away from her slightly glazed green eyes, pondering what she just said.

Violet sat up on the table as Shockwave began placing gauze on Vi’s shoulder. “No, Gee, you like Ghoul. I’ve seen the way you look at him. The way you light up when he hugs you, which isn’t often. The way you giggle at his jokes.”

I blushed. I don’t stare at Frank that much… Do I? And do I really giggle? I thought, feeling Shockwave’s gaze upon me once again. I looked up at Shockwave, whose eyes were wide and I could tell she was smile-smirking beneath her surgical mask. “What?” I asked, slightly annoyed at how much Vi’s seen, stuff that I don’t even realize I do. “It’s not like I stare into his eyes.”

Shockwave tilted her head and went back to her work on Vi. Violet’s shoulder was now bandaged and she lay back on the table. Vi looked back up at me with puppy eyes. “Gee, hug me?” she asked, her left arm outstretched towards me and a pout on her now-black face.

I hugged Violet, her hair tickling my nose and I smiled. Yeah, I definitely love Violet, I thought as Shockwave coughed. I looked up at Shockwave, who was removing the gloves and the mask.

“Poison, she needs rest. She’ll be fairly delusional for four hours, tops. You need to keep her on the couch, and if she does wake up, make sure nothing sharp or possibly hazardous is nearby,” Shockwave, walking to the bathroom to wash her hands. “It might take her a while to fall asleep, though. The drugs are pretty strong…”

“What’d you give her, Shockwave?” I asked, carrying Violet over to the couch, which still had junk on it but would have to work. I set Violet down and sat by her feet, looking at Shockwave walking out of the bathroom.

“A little Chloroform to keep her from cursing me out as I cleaned her shoulder up and local anesthesia,” Shockwave said, cleaning the table up. She suddenly looked at me. “Don’t be surprised if she spontaneously screams, Poison, because it’s Rage and all…” Shockwave trailed, biting her lip a little as she put everything in the trash. “When she does scream just hold her down, okay? I’ll tell the guys if they hear a scream it’s Rage and not to worry.”

I nodded, looking back at Violet, who was staring at me with heavy-lidded eyes. “Any chance that she’ll just fall asleep through the drugs?” I asked, watching as Violet blinked at me, smiling sleepily, and shut her eyes.

“Nah,” Shockwave said, walking out of the room.

I looked back at Violet, who was shifting on the couch to curl into a ball. I scooted closer to Violet, wanting her to know that I was here. Violet mumbled something incoherent and moved so she had her head resting on my leg. I bit my lip, part of me wishing she would scoot closer and another part of me calling the latter a sick bastard and to take a nap or something. I turned away from Violet, looking around for anything to occupy my mind with.

“Aha!” I said, reaching for my bear mascot head. I always loved looking at this thing, and this could keep me entertained for a while, at least until Violet shifted away. I glanced down at Violet, who was probably so out of it that I could bang ---

Violet started screaming, an earsplitting shriek, and I pulled Violet into my arms, quietly hushing her and rubbing her back as soothingly as I could without letting my mind wander. I looked up at the ceiling, noticing that there was an actual design on the tiles. I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath in. Man, what I would kill for my sketchbook right now…

My eyes shot open as I remembered my sketchbook here, on the table. I looked around the table, trying not to disturb Violet, who had stopped screaming, seeking out for my sketchbook. I saw a black book on the floor right by my feet and bit my cheek. Of course my sketchbook was right out of reach. I sighed and debated in my head on whether to get it or not.

Well, Gerard, you’re in a real dilemma.

This wouldn’t have happened if you had just put the fuckin’ sketchbook on the fuckin’ couch. Now Violet’s sleeping on you, you wanting her to scoot up closer to your dick, and you’re too much of a pussy to grow a set and fuckin’ move!

Hey hey hey, no need for the cursing, Gerard.

I can do whatever the hell I want, Gerard, cause I’m my own fuckin’ self!/]

You are clearly forgetting we’re the same person.

[*Ain’t no fuckin’ way we’re the same. You’re an fuckin’ angel and I’m the fuckin’ devil, dumbass. I’m the one that makes Gerard kill everybody in the end.

I sighed, shaking my head slightly to get the voices out. “I must be insane,” I muttered to myself, feeling a poke at my rib. I looked down at the source of the poke, who was smiling sleepily and rubbing her eyes with her left hand. “Hey, Violet,” I said, running my fingers through her hair.

Violet blinked at me, something sparking behind those slightly glazed eyes that made me curious. “Gee, can you draw me please?” she asked, shutting her eyes then opening them again. “I wanna see what I look like.”

I chuckled. “Do you want the mirror?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Violet shook her head. “I wanna see what other people see when they look at me,” she said, shutting her eyes again. She just looked so amazing, even with the bruises.

I bit my lip. “You sure, Vi? I mean, you’re a mess right now, and you might not like the sight. You sure you want the mirror image?”

Violet frown-smirked. “Gerard, I’ve seen so many sights in my life if I told a Battery City torture survivor they would shit themselves.”

I nodded, getting up and walking to my sketchbook, picking it up and dusting it off. Battery City torture survivors were people tested before the attacks. The things they saw were supposed to be antagonizing bad. If they survived, they were treated like gods if they could still move.

I walked back to the couch, sitting in my previous spot, Violet trying to sit up. I pushed her back down lightly, smiling. “Shockwave said you needed to get rest, Vi. No sitting up for you.” Here Violet pouted. “You still sure?’ I asked, teasing Violet and procrastinating.

“Yes, Gee, just draw me already,” Violet whined. “I wanna see what you see when you look at me.”

I bit my lip again, running my hand through my hair, which felt so much better red. “Fine, Violet. I need you to stay still though,” I said, getting my charcoal pencil out from in between the rings of the book. I looked up at Violet, pencil ready on paper. “No moving, got it?”

Violet nodded violently, shaking. “You got it, Gee,” she said, still shaking.

I grabbed her shoulders, trying to make her stop shaking. “Violet, you feeling okay?” I asked, and she looked up at me like I had grown a second head. “Violet?” I asked, worried about her mental health.

Violet sat up quickly, backing away from me. “Who the hell are you?” she asked, fear and anger in her tone. She stood up, still shaking a little bit. “Who the hell are you?!” she yelled, pulling her ray gun from her holster. She aimed at me, waiting for an answer.

I let my jaw hang open a little. “Shockwave said this would happen, but…” I whispered, looking into the barrel of the gun.

Violet pointed the gun down slightly and pulled the trigger, shooting the couch right below my legs. “Who the fuck are you?! TELL ME!” she yelled, raising the gun back up to me.

I felt my eyes grow hot as I looked at Violet growing enraged. “I’m Party Poison,” I said shakily, running a hand through my hair. “You forgot, Violet?” I asked, knowing how thin the ice was that Violet was walking on. It was almost like I was right after she walked, only Violet’s not sad.

Violet smirked. “Like I don’t remember. You trying to kill the Sadman, my leader. You know the price on your head for bringing you in Battery City, Party Poison?” she asked, practically spitting out my name and making me wince. “But I don’t care for the money more than I care for the pain,” she said, pulling her knife out of her other holster strapped to her leg and walking over to me, a sick grin on her face. “And the pain is the only enjoyment in my life for me, Party.”
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