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*Edited!* Gerard and Scarlette go shopping with disastrous consequences.

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Another Scarlette/CyanideChild written chapter! Credit where credit is due. She always had the most funny ideas! :D

Scarlette's P.O.V

"Scarlette...? Scar...Wake up."
A bleary voice interrupted my dreaming and I frowned.
"Go 'way Panda, you know I don't like mornings." I rolled over, snuggling into the bed even more.
There was a low chuckle.
"Scarlette, I'm taking you shopping."
I sat up straight, blinking. "Shopping?!"
Gerard smiled wryly. "Yes, shopping. I've laid you out something to wear for now...but we leave in 20. Be ready." He smiled, and then stopped at the door. "Slut." I rolled my eyes.
"And here I thought you were being nice!" I got out of the warm comfy bed reluctantly and looked at the clothes he has laid out for me. The top was too tight and the skirt was too short. But I guess that was his intention. Asshat.

Downstairs, Frank and Pandora were discussing what they were going to do today.
"Morning guys" I said before yawning loudly.
"Morning, sleeping beauty!" Panda said brightly, and Gerard snorted. He was standing by the toaster glaring at it, as if the sheer force of his glare would make the toast ready.
"Clothes today." I smiled at Panda and she giggled behind her hand.
"Good luck. He doesn't look like he's in a good mood!" She whispered, making Frank laugh.
I strolled over to Gerard, and grabbed his toast just as it popped.
"Come on, wonderboy, what are we waiting for?"
Gerard followed after me grumbling about how he could make me disappear so not even Pandora could find me. I sat in the car with a grin, happy to be able to go outside again.
The sun was shining, very much unlike yesterday. Gerard glared out the window before reaching over into the glove box and pulling out a large dark pair of shades. He revved the engine, smirking at me then drove off at top speed, tyres squealing under the pressure.
"This'll be fun." I winked trying to draw a smile from him. He cast me a sideways glance.
"Don't run away. Don't get lost."
"Jeez, I'm not a total idiot. I mean I am a big girl you know!"
Gerard smirked. "Oh I know, I know"


"Wow!" I said, my arms beginning to ache from all the bags I was holding. "This Thank you. I mean just honestly, thank you."
Gerard was barely visible behind all the bags and packaging.
"You think I'd hear the end of it if I never? Besides...I didn't mind, much"
I giggled and twirled in my new dress.
"If you want to go home we can. I think I've got enough clothes to last the next 20 years!"
Gerard shook his head, almost dropping half of what he was carrying.
"No, no, it's fine! Uuumm, we need to get shoes right?" If I had been a dog my ears would have pricked at the word 'shoes'.
"Shoes you say, hmmm...I guess I could get one or two pairs, right?" I gave him a suspicious glance. "What's with the good mood all of a sudden?"
"I dunno. I'm a good mood? Believe it or not, people can just be in good moods for no reason" Gerard said. I smiled leaning against him a little which almost toppled him before smiling


"I'll go pay for them." Gerard said after I'd tried on my umpteenth pair of shoes.
"Oh god...Pandora I'll flip if she see's all these shoes. I probably don't even need the half of them!" I couldn't help but laugh a little nervously.
"Of course you do, my favourite slut." He winked, making me laugh.
He walked off to the counter and I slipped back into my own shoes.
"Long time no see, princess."
I stiffened recognising the voice that had haunted my dreams recently.
"What's that? Got no love for me?" Brendon sat down next to me with a smile. "You're looking good, Scar. Real good."
My head shot around for Gerard but I couldn't see him.
"Looking for Way? He's busy, Scar. Its just you and me. Like the old times. You do remember the old times don't you?" Brendon breathed into my neck.
I pressed my eyes shut, as seedy and sordid memories flooded my mind.
"Get off me." I said firmly. Brendon pulled back, slightly surprised.
"Why Scarlette...I don't think I've ever heard you say that before. Usually-"
"-This isn't usually." I hissed. "You killed someone Brendon. And then you were going to kill me and Pandora" I breathed out, feeling slightly sick from the terror.
"You don't believe that do you, princess?" Brendon said looking slightly hurt. "You're my girl. I would never hurt you. What happened in the alley, it was unfortunate. I wouldn't ever have killed you. I couldn't..."
"And Pandora?" I asked, daring him to say what thought I knew. He just shrugged and I looked away from him. I couldn't believe how stupid I had been.
"I used to believe every word you said." I growled at him, pushing him away from me. "I can see you for what you truly are. A murderer. A liar. A fake." Brendon laughed humourlessly.
"And you really think you're new fancy man is any different? You sure know how to pick them, princess."
"Don't call me that!" I stood up, and he grabbed my arm spinning me to him.
"I'll call you whatever I want." He said into my neck, kissing it softly. "Because you're my princess, and you always fuckin' will be."
I wrenched my arm away from him.
"Never." I whispered, shoving him as hard as I could before running away from him further into the shop.

Gerard's P.O.V

Today was really something else. That girl was witty, she was smart, she surprisingly had manners. Hell, she could hold her own. She could handle him too.
I actually smiled as the cashier swiped my card for what had to be the eightieth time that day.
I knew I didn't have to do this, probably shouldn't have spent just so much. Wasn't like we were short on cash however, I actually kinda liked treating her. Watching her face light up. I couldn't imagine much else in her life would have done that.
I turned my head to look for her but could only see the top of her head. She was talking to someone I couldn't actually see. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and that was never a good sign.
It was then an all too familiar smell hit me. It was like being stabbed in the gut and run over my a truck all at once. I didn't have to even see or hear her to know who it was. Emily.
"How's it going, big boy." She drawled from behind me. "Replacing me already?" Emily walked around to face me, I turned my face away. I didn't want to even look at her, scared of what my reaction might be. I'd never hit a lady but she was no lady. Emily rested her hand against my cheek. "I'm crushed Gerard."
"Go away Emily." I said stiffly, pushing her hand away while trying to watch out for Scarlette who was looking agitated.
"I've moved on too you know. I've got someone who can look after me." Emily brushed against me, I knew she was trying to get under my skin.
"He can take you any day. And I think you know him-"
"-Emily, I don't care." My voice came out flat.
"You don't care? So you didn't cry for me? You didn't beg me to take you back? You weren't a pathetic snivelling wreck who nearly let their entire empire slip away?"
That was it, I'd had more than enough! I saw out of the corner of my eye Scarlette run away, further into the shop. "I couldn't care less. And if you stop me again, I will shoot you, so help me."
Emily looked as though someone had slapped her. "That's it then. Go after you're little slut."
Gerard whirled around backing Emily into the wall, pulling out my gun and holding where I knew no one could see. I pressed it straight into her ribs.
"Don't you ever call her that again, don't you fuckin' dare. Stay out of our lives or you'll unleash a shit storm upon you and your dickless boyfriend. One the likes of which you've never seen and the best is you'll never even see it coming...Good bye Emily" I re-holstered my gun and turned away from her. I hoped to God I'd never have to see her again.
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