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Awww hell, I shot Gerard!

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Another Scarlette/CyanideChild chapter with again a little bit of editing.

Scarlette's P.O.V

I sat in the corner of the dressing room, surrounded by bags, the small pistol Gerard had given me clenched in my hand.
Haunting me.
He was always behind me.
Always there.
Always his.
I pounded by fist against my head and squealed.
"Scarlette!" A voice said, repeatedly banging on the cubicle door before the small lock gave way and opened.
"Fuck you!" I said squeezing my eyes shut and pulling the trigger.
"SHIT!", I heard Gerard exclaim before he feel to his knees in front of me.
I dropped the pistol and covered my mouth.
"Shit! Gerard!" I rushed to his side where he was swearing under his breath, and covered his face with kisses.
"Don't die! Don't die! Shit!"
Gerard was making an odd strangled noise and I hugged him tight, worrying I'd killed him. Then nothing, silence.
"Idiot." He wheezed, before chucking under his breath.
"You're fucking laughing!" I said moodily sitting back on knees.
"You fucking shot me." He sat back against the wall with a grin on his face on hand tightly clutching the top of his arm. "Oh Gerard!" He mimicked. "Don't die! Oh Gerard." He laughed again.
You fucking asshat, I thought I'd killed you!" Gerard laughed a little before groaning with pain. "We gotta get going my little trigger happy slut."
"Before we go...I-I saw Brendon." I said quietly, and all laughter drained from his face.
"I'm gonna kill him" Gerard vowed himself as much as me. "I swear to you Scarlette I will kill him."
I bit my lip. "Did you see anyone? You weren't at the counter, when I looked."
Gerard's face darkened. "No. No I didn't." I could tell he was lying but this definitely wasn't the time or place to push him about it. Especially not when I had just accidentally shot him.
I gathered up the bags. "Should I call someone to come get us Gee?"
Gerard looked up. "What did you call me?" I blinked.
"Oh." He said quietly.
The was an awkward silence and I watched him rub his shoulder painfully.
"Holy shit." I said and he looked up alarmed. "I shot you!"
He laughed again. "Lucky for me you're aim isn't the best. You grazed my shoulder."
I grinned at him. "Not bad for a sluts first time, eh?" Gerard stood, and gathered up his bags.
"You're my favourite slut, don't forget it, alright? Ain't no Moretti-Urie gonna touch you while I'm here. Well shit, I better phone Ray to come get us. Seeing as someone busted my arm. I couldn't help but cringe. He wasn't going to let me forget this in a hurry.

Pandora's P.O.V

"I wonder what Scarlette and Gerard are doing." I said reclining back in the grass next to Frank.
"Scratching each other's eyes out?" He offered, with a grin.
"Biting each others heads off?" I countered.
"Shooting each other?" We both laughed.
"It's such nice weather today. Not like yesterday!" I laughed, remembering the mess with the umbrella.
"Maybe if you had stayed under the umbrella..." Frank said teasingly.
"Oh shush Frankie." I grinned.
Frankie had lost his shirt due to the heat and I admired his tattoos from beneath my large sunglasses. He was looking pretty fine, even I must say.
"Gerard said he wants to get you and Scarlette your own rooms." I looked at his face, trying to judge his reaction to this but it was a flawless poker face.
I shrugged, trying not to look disappointed. "Oh really? I don't mind sharing with you, I mean I wouldn't want to put him to any trouble...And Scarlette is in love with Gerard's bed." Frank grinned. "Gerard told me she likes to sleep like a starfish, and push him out of the bed." I couldn't help but laughI knew all to well what he going through.
"Yeah, that sounds about right!" I jumped and looked behind me as Mikey came running through the large patio doors at the back, throwing them closed behind him which had caused the bang.
He then came running out towards us, wringing his hands and looking slightly panicked.
"What's up Mikey?" Frank asked quizzically.
"Are you serious Frankie?! The outfits for the ball haven't arrived, the caterer is late, and I can't find Gerard!" Mikey said quickly, wringing his hands all the more.
"Oh, I didn't know you guys were going to a ball". I wondered to myself how I hadn't heard anything seeing as Scarlette quite often gossiped to the maid who got all her gossip from the car valet/limo driver.
"We're throwing the annual Masked Ball this Saturday." Frank explained. "And since we're the hosts, Mikey felt the need to dress us up like idiots with new tuxedos."
Mikey pouted. "We will not look like idiots. Tuxedos are classic!"
"Green tuxedos?!" Frank asked and Mikey squirmed.
"Toro likes green." He shrugged before his phone started ringing like crazy in his pocket. He fished it out quickly.
"The caterer! Yes!" He whooped, rushing off into the house again, talking at the speed of light to the poor caterer.
"Hosts of a ball, huh?"
Frank sighed. "Yeah. Every year. Keeping up appearances and all that. It's one of our older traditions. I think Gerard would do away with it if he could but the Don before loved them. Famous for them, well as far as Mafia goes."
"Do you want Scarlette and I to leave? I mean we could go back to our own place for a while, assuming we still have it...I'm sure we'd manage somehow" I bit my lip, worried they were gonna kick us out for the night.
"You and Scarlette aren't going any where! Unless ya feel like running off back to Urie?" He joked, putting his arm around my shoulders and squeezing.
"God no!" I shuddered. "He never liked me that much anyway, not that that's the point..." I trailed off.
"I'm gonna feel like an idiot in that monkey suit Mikey's set me up in. It's grey."
"Grey isn't that bad." I smiled, noticing his arm hadn't left my shoulder. "Better than green!"
Frank laughed. "Spose' so. You looking forward to you're ball gown and mask?"
I looked at him wide eyed. "My ball gown and what now?"
He giggled and gave my shoulders another squeeze, pulling me a little bit more closer to him.
"Well I am co-hosting a ball and I do need a smoking hot date. But Scarlette was already taken. Soooo..."
I gave him a playful growl and crossed my arms across my chest. He kissed the tip of my nose making it tingle and then continued.
"Will you-"
"FRANK!" Mikey yelled, and pointed to the end of the garden. Gerard had his arm round Scarlette's shoulders and she was struggling to walk with his weight, plus all the bags they were carrying.
"Fuck! What happened to you?!" Frank said, jumping up to take the weight of Gerard off of Scarlette as I gather up as many bags and boxes as I could and sat them down gently on the grass. Gerard chuckled and all but collapsed onto the grass next to them.
"Why don't you ask Scarlette?" He laughed, rubbing his shoulder.
"Mikey!! Go get the bandages and a bottle of vodka" Frank called to Mikey, who had been leaning against the outside wall of the house whilst on the phone.
"I don't drink" Gerard said gruffly.
"It's not for you, it's for that!" He said pointing at the wound. Scarlette came to stand next to me, wringing her hands.
"What happened Scar?" I asked her, putting my arm around her to try and at least comfort her a little.
"Uhhh...Well, I saw Brendon-"
"WHAT?!" Frank, Mikey and I chorused.
"Where were you?!" Mikey said to Gerard angrily.
"I went to the counter to pay and I began talking to someone else." Gerard said cooly. Mikey shook his head, I knew he didn't believe Gerard and I wasn't sure I did either. Gerard raised his left palm and Mikey just nodded. I assumed it must be secret signals they had. Kinda like mine and Scarlette's 'she bangs', only not as fun.
"And then I ran away into the changing rooms..." Scarlette winced. "And then I accidentally shot Gerard."
My mouth fell open, I did't know Scarlette had a gun never mind to actually use it!
"You...what?" Frank asked, his eyes wide. Scarlette sighed.
"Well I thought he was Brendon and I was scared so I shot him." Gerard laughed, before wincing slightly.
"Poor little thing nearly had a heart attack when she realised it was me." Gerard said sarcastically. "Oh Gerard! Don't die! No Gerard!" He imitated and Scarlette sulked.
"So let me get the straight." Frank said, struggling to keep a straight face. "Scarlette...little Scarlette...shot you?"
Gerard pulled a face at Frank.
"Go on then. Laugh."
Frank and Mikey collapsed into fits of giggles, and Scarlette smiled.
"Nice one trigger." I winked and she laughed.
"It was an accident!" Scarlette held both her hands up.
"One hell of an accident." Gerard smiled, pushing her a little. "Mikey - quit giggling like a little girl and help Scarlette take these things to our room" Everyone paused while Scarlette and I exchanged glances.
Did he just say...'our room'? As in it was officially his and Scarlette's now?
Mikey stopped laughing and frowned at him. "But Gerard, I gotta..."
Gerard held a hand up. "What? Did I stutter? Go!!" Mikey and Scarlette gathered up all the bags and boxes and packages, and hurried inside.
Frank tried to keep the smile off his face as Gerard glared at him.
"Not. One. Word. Now give me the damn Vodka, this is gonna hurt like a bitch".
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