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A talking box!

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Pandora gets her dress. Just a little bit of Panda and Frankie fluff ^__^ *Edited!*

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A/N: I used to have links for Pandora and Scarlette's dresses. However it doesn't want to let me upload this edited chapter now I've added in the new links. Ficwad seems to think it might be spam. Ugh. =/ I've described Pandora's dress in this one anyway and when it's Scarlette's turn I'll do my best to describe hers. Scar's is a bit more fancy/complicated. You'll just have to use your imaginations guys. ;)

xoxo - BB

Pandora’s P.O.V

“Hey Panda?”
I looked up from the book I had been reading in Gerard’s arm chair, he was still getting checked out at the hospital, he’ll never know. Frankie came staggering in with a box that was just about the size of him.
“Wow, a talking box!” The box wobbled alarmingly as he giggled before he balanced it precariously on the arm of the chair.
“Open” he said, nodding at the box, making sure to hold it steady.
“What is it?” I said hesitantly, poking at it slightly.
“Come on Panda, it won’t bite…I’m hoping you’ll like it…”
“Is it…is it my dress?”
“Open it and see” He moved over to the other side of the chair and sat next to me. I could feel his arm lightly touching my shoulder and it was driving me insane. His smell was intoxicating. I just wanted to bury my face in his side and completely breathe it in.
I looked up and him and he gave me a big grin and pointed to the box.
“Okay okay. I’m gonna open it” I giggled. I handed him my book so I wouldn't loose my place and then stood up. The box really was enormous! The box itself was white and a light blue ribbon had been tied around it with a flourished bow. I pulled on one of the ends until it came off and gently lifted off the lid. In it was a mass of purple material, with the occasional, what I was hoping was a rhinestone.
“Take it out cara mia” He gently stroked my arm and I almost shivered. The dress was strapless, floor length and a rich purple colour. The top half was tight like a corset but the bottom half flowed like a waterfall of purple.
“Oh Frankie…it’s beautiful! It musta cost more than I’d earn in a year…oh jeez…Thank you, like honestly fucking truly thank you!”
“It's fine Pandora, I wanted to make you happy.” He blushed slightly before reaching over me and pulling out a small white envelope from the box. How had I not noticed that?
“This is how you’ll repay me” He looked cutely nervous as he nibbled on his bottom lip, handing me the envelope.
"I have to repay you?", okay, now I was nervous.
"Figure of speech, Panda"
“Oh...What is it?”
“Read it and see”. He looked so nervous and I couldn't help but wonder what for. What do powerful Mafia guys have to be nervous about? Getting shot I suppose, arrested, killed even. But surely not dress and envelopes? He gave me a nudge before I realised I had been sitting staring at it for a while. I carefully peeled it open, not wanting to damage what was inside.
I pulled out a small gold rectangle of card with beautiful black calligraphy upon it.

To Miss Pandora Lockheart,
I had to conceal a giggle as she looked at the next line and saw Frank had replaced the ‘we’ and scribbled in his own name above it.
[*Frank Anthony Iero
requests the pleasure of your company at the annual Grand Masked Ball.

“You really want me to go with you?” I asked hesitantly. Frankie really wanted me to meet all these other Made men and rich dudes?! What if I total fuck or just…I don’t know, do something stupid. I think I’d die on the spot if someone recognized me!
“You won’t be embarrassed to be seen with me?” I mumbled looking down at the card.
“Embarrassed? I’d count myself the luckiest guy on the fucking planet if you’d go with me!”
I felt my cheeks turn red.
“Really?” I giggled slightly. It was the damn sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, which isn't a hard. I hadn't exactly gotten many nice/non vulgar/disgusting compliments in my life.
“Yes Pandora, really…Now would you please go with me…to the Masked Ball?
“Well...if you're sure. I mean, what if someone recognised me?”
He laughed before standing up and wrapped his arms around, his chin resting on the top of my head.
“I don't give a fuck. If anything they'll be even more jealous! Besides you’re gonna look so beautiful Pandora, I can’t wait”
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