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Better Than Me

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Laurie is still sad over her fight with Izzy.

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As the members of Guns N' Roses boarded the plane, Slash asked Laurie, "He broke up with you?"

She nodded slowly, glancing in Izzy's direction.

"I'm sorry, Laur. I shouldn't have been talking about your problem in public. This is my fault, isn't it?"

Laurie smiled sadly up at her best friend. "It was coming, Slash. It wasn't your fault. Izzy and I were never in love."

"Aha! I knew it!"

Laurie spun around, her eyes wide with alarm and a touch of fear. Erin Everly stood directly behind them in the plane's aisle, a triumphant smirk on her face.


"I knew you and Stradlin had a thing going on! Wait until I tell Axl!"

"Look, Everly, don't you dare say one word to Axl about this! Izzy and I are over, okay? Say one word to Axl and I'll--"

"Say one word to me about what?" asked Axl, coming up behind the three of them in the aisle. He slipped one arm around Erin's waist and she lay her head on his shoulder. Axl looked at Laurie, one eyebrow slightly raised, a faint smile pulling on one side of his mouth. She lowered her eyes, blushing furiously.

"Nothing, man," said Slash, coming to Laurie's rescue.

Axl reached forward with his free hand and tilted Laurie's chin up slightly, like he couldn't quite keep his hands off her. He searched her face with his eyes, trying to seek out the truth there, but, for once, he couldn't read her emotions.

"All right," he said finally, taking his fingers out from under her chin and turning away. Laurie watched him hook his fingers through Erin's belt loops as they headed for the front of the plane and had to turn away, burying her face in Slash's shirt, trying to hold in her tears.

"It's gonna be okay," said Slash, leading Laurie to her seat and sitting next to her. "Hey, look at it this way: you're free to take him back now."

Laurie laughed bitterly. "Like I could get him away from her."

Slash squeezed Laurie's hand. He hated seeing her like this, but what more could he do?

After all, once Axl found out about Izzy and Laurie's relationship--and especially the consequence resulting from it--the rest of the Gunners might as well start planning out Axl and Erin's wedding.
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