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Tainted Love

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Jacob receives an important phone call. Bob and Claire meet one of Anna's "friends".

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Holding hands they ran through the gardens towards the pool area. “There is a guest house.” Anna said smiling over at him while blinking the raindrops out of her eyes.

The rain was coming down harder now and he smiled, “We can dry off there.” He teased knowing full well what they were going to do once they reached privacy.

Anna tightened her grip on his hand, “Yes, I am very wet.” Her eyes flashed.

“Oh fuck, Sugar.” Gerard moaned understanding her meaning.

The guesthouse came into view and they ran faster. Anna threw open the door and went in with Gerard on her heels. A flash of lightening suddenly illuminated the darkened room.

“There is a bedroom.” Anna said but before she could move Gerard pushed her back against the door and she found herself wrapped in his embrace.

“Too far.” One of his hands laced roughly through her hair, the other wrapped around her hips and then curved along her backside. It was a hungry, desperate kiss laden with emotion that silenced any further thoughts of the bedroom. He pressed her against the door while tugging her leg to his waist. Pressing the long, hard length of his erection between her thighs Gerard moaned. “I want you now, Sugar.”

Her lips brushed his ear, “I want you.”

Moving his hand from her hair it fell to cup her breast. Anna moaned as his thumb roughly caressed the wet material of the blouse over her nipple. He needed to feel her skin, touch its softness. Anna cried out his name when he yanked at the opening sending buttons flying.

“Oh fuck.” He muttered when his eyes fell on her bare breasts. “No bra.”

Anna was finding it difficult to think. “No, I had a sweater on earlier.” She started to explain but realized it wasn’t important. The only thing that mattered was that his head had dipped and his lips were pulling in her right nipple.

“Gee, so good.” She whispered.

His tight, wet jeans were getting more uncomfortable by the moment. “Anna, I want to be inside you.” He ground out. He reached his hand down between her legs and sliding a finger beneath her panties he stroked the sensitive flesh. “So wet.” He smiled.

Anna’s body was on fire when he slid a long finger inside her. Yes, she was wet. She barely knew when he picked her up, scooping up her backside with his hands and carried her to the sofa while another flash of lightening illumined the way. She straddled him, her skirt hiked to the red silk panties she wore.

Gerard slid her body down his. “Help me get these jeans off.” He muttered.

Anna’s fingers shook as she lowered the zipper. Soon the jeans were discarded becoming a wet heap on the floor. As soon as he shed his briefs he fell to the sofa while pulling her down to straddle his lap. Gerard’s thick, swollen erection pushed aside her panties, the hard length sliding along the slick, swollen lips of her core. Anna shuddered in anticipation, waiting for the moment he would slide inside her. That was all she could think about.

And so she made it happen, slipping his silky head past her sensitive lips and pulling him into the depth of her body.

“Oh, Anna.” Gerard moaned as she continued to move her body over his, taking him in deeper and deeper.

Wild kisses and long, hard strokes of his cock followed. Their bodies melded, hips rocked. They moaned into a fast, hard rhythm that had her pumping her hips and him thrusting his.

Anna leaned back slightly so he placed his hand behind her back marveling at the beauty of the woman riding him. Her breasts bounced as she ground into him.

“Yeah, Sugar.” Gerard moaned as he felt her muscles tightening around his length, “That’s it, cum for me.”

Anna’s head fell back. “Oh” she cried out as the orgasm hit.

Gerard lifted her hips and thrust once more into her hot core. “Oh fuck.” He exploded inside her as she fell forwarded onto his chest.

When, after several minutes, Anna tried to move his arms circled her waist. “Not yet, Sugar. I like being inside you.”

Anna’s lips gently kissed the base of his neck. He automatically rolled his head to the side. Her eyes were topaz and flashing. He knew what she needed.

“No, Gee.” She whispered brokenly.

He stroked her back, “I just thought you might…”

“No” She cut him off. “This was what I wanted, only this.” Her head fell back onto his chest.

He closed his eyes when he felt her hot tears. “Oh Anna.” He said his heart breaking. “Sugar, don’t cry.”

Anna was fighting to control the hunger that was burning through her veins. His blood as calling to her yet she was using ever ounce of strength she possessed to fight the urge.

“Why not?” Gerard whispered softly. “I don’t understand.”

Her voice was so muffled he had to strain to hear her. “I hate this need. I hate this part of me.”

Gerard gently caressed her back, “I don’t hate it Sugar. It’s just a part of you. You might not believe me but it makes me feel good to know I can offer you something you need.”

Her tears fell faster. “I just want to be a normal woman.”

“You could never be a normal woman, Anna. You’re too special for that. I’ve told you before and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I love everything about you.” He gently took hold of her shoulders and pushed her back slightly so he could see her face. The shadows in the room gave her skin an unearthly glow, her eyes were still on fire. “I want to give this to you.” Slowly he turned his head to expose his neck.

Still Anna fought for control. “Gee”

He turned back to look at her. As he watched she took her fingernail and sliced a long line at the base of her neck.

Gerard’s whole body came to life. He could spell her blood, it was intoxicating. He pulled her closer and moaned as the first red drops touched his lips. It wasn’t enough, soon he was sucking, trying to get more and more.

Anna closed her eyes waiting. Soon she would take his blood but not yet. It was only moments later she felt him harden inside her. His cock was throbbing as she began to slowly move her hips.

“Oh fuck.” Gerard muttered against her neck. He could feel it building.

Anna waited until she knew he was almost to the breaking point to pull away from him. Her hand shoved his head to the side and as he exploded a second time inside her she bit into his neck.

Jacob watched from the window of his study as Anna and Gerard made their way through the gardens and back towards the main entrance to the house. The love he saw on their faces made him sigh. Could Gerard be right? What if Judith had been turned? He shook his head in disgust. If that had happened the ramifications could be devastating and he knew he alone was to blame. If she had become a Healer he had not only failed his kind he had placed so many in danger. Judith lusted after power and only power. The Healer’s gift was something he knew she would use only for gain. Taking a step back from the window he cursed beneath his breath. Perhaps he was worrying for nothing. Perhaps she had died as he’d been told. Still when he closed his eyes he could see her the day she’d begged him to turn her. Her eyes he’d once thought so beautiful were wide and full of hatred as he denied what she desire more than anything. He knew at that moment he should have erased every memory she had of his existence but he’s been weak. He let the love he once felt for her cloud his judgment. Gerard didn’t understand why a Pure shouldn’t feel human love, but he did. That love, tainted as it had become, ruled his thoughts. He prayed his mistake did not cause the destruction of the one pure and good love he had in his life.

His phone rang just as he turned away from the window. Glancing down at the screen he saw the callers identity. Jacob prayed this call would put an end to this torment he was suffering.

“Well goodness look at you two.” Mrs. Ellis said placing her hands on her rounded hips. “You’re are both soaked to the skin.”

“We went for a walk in the rain.” Anna smiled still holding Gerard’s hand.

“Mr. Gerard you get yourself up those stairs and change clothes before you catch a cold.” The housekeeper smiled.

“Yeah, guess we should change.” Gerard laughed.

Anna nodded, “Good idea. When we come back down I wish to speak to Jacob.”

Mrs. Ellis frowned, "Oh, dear. You just missed him. He had me call Daniel and have the car brought around back. He said to tell you he’d be back later this evening.”

“Oh” Anna said disappointed, “I wanted to speak to him about Lily.”

Mrs. Ellis smiled, “Your friend from Colorado. She was staying here until just a few days ago.”

“I am glad she decided to come here.” Anna said, “But I assumed she would stay longer.”

Mrs. Ellis cast a look in Gerard’s direction.

“It is fine to speak in front of Gerard.” Anna nodded.

“Of course.” The housekeeper nodded, “Well then, I can tell you that Jacob offered her his protection and removed her mark. She is doing very well, so well in fact that Jacob sent her to Paris to manage one of his businesses. He believes the change will do her some good.” She shook her head, “Sad business, what happened to her.”

Anna sighed, “Yes, it was. I am happy Jacob chose to offer her his protection.”

“He’s a good man, that Jacob.” Mrs. Ellis beamed. “Now off with you two and get changed.”

Gerard took Anna’s hand as they walked up the stairs. He lowered his voice, “So, it’s normal for you to let her talk about Healer stuff in front of me?”

Anna nodded, “Yes, you are bound to me. It is my right to let you know about our business if that is what I chose.”

As they neared the room Gerard laughed, “I like Mrs. Ellis, bossy as she is.”

Anna grinned, “Yes, she has always been that way as long as I have known her.”

Pushing open the door Gerard stood back to let Anna enter first. “So, I suppose I should call my brother.”

Anna smiled, “Perhaps you should.”

“That’s why Alicia called isn’t it?” Gerard asked. “Man, he won’t stop worrying about me.”

“He loves you.” Anna said as she undid the few remaining buttons that hadn’t been lost earlier.

“Yeah, I know.” Gerard said beginning to shed his own wet clothes. “Me and Mikey have always been real close.”

Anna nodded but suddenly her spirits dropped. She knew in her heart she could never let Gerard do anything that would jeopardize the love he felt for his brother. She could never allow him to do anything to lose the human emotion of love he possessed.

Claire sat up in her seat and blinked several times, “Where are we?”

Bob put the RV in park then cut the engine. “I thought we’d stop for a bit and stretch our legs.”

“I am sorry I feel asleep.” Claire frowned. “I am just so tired.”

“It’s okay, Hun.” Bob said pulling the keys from the ignition. “We were up sorta late last night.”

Claire smiled at the memory. They had checked into a lovely hotel and had enjoyed a wonderful night of love. “It was well worth losing the sleep.”

Bob laughed, “Yeah, it was.”

The both got out and met on the sidewalk in front of a small row of shops. Linking hands they began to stroll along slowly pausing occasionally to peer into windows. They were just about to pass a small clothing boutique when a woman walked out juggling several large bags. Bob and Claire stepped out of her way before she could collide with them but not before the woman got a good look at Claire.

“Claire Monroe” Her voice had a slight accent.

Bob felt Claire’s grip on his hand tighten. “Alyssa.” Claire said softly. “Nice to see you.”

A loud clap of thunder made Claire’s grip on his hand become like a vice. Bob pulled his had from hers, immediately placing his arm around Claire believing the impending storm was the causing her fear.

“Where is Annabelle?” Alyssa asked in a puzzled tone.

Claire forced herself to smile, “She is in Vermont with Jacob at the moment.”

“And you are not with her, why?”

Bob tightened his arm around Claire’s shoulder. He didn’t know who this woman was but he didn’t like her tone or her question.

“My husband and I are on our way to Chicago.” Claire answered nervously.

“Husband? You have married?”

Bob’s felt his temper beginning to boil at this woman’s attitude. “Yes, she marred. I am her husband, Bob.” He said through gritted teeth.

Alyssa ignored him and continued to stare at Claire waiting for an answer. Suddenly the older woman’s eyes narrowed. Claire held her breath.

“Oh” Alyssa pasted a fake smile on her face. “I’m so happy for you.” She turned to Bob, “Congratulations on the marriage.”

Claire exhaled a shaky breath, she realized Alyssa was not going to mention the pregnancy.

“Uh, thanks.” Bob said without warmth. He didn’t know what exactly was going on but judging by the fact that Claire’s body was now ridged and tense he knew his wife felt the same.

“Well I must be off. It was a pleasure to meet you, Bob.” Alyssa said airily, “Do say hello to Annabelle for me.”

“Of course.” Claire muttered softly.

Bob waited until they resumed walking to ask, “Who the hell was that?”

Claire sighed, “Just an acquaintance of Anna’s.”

Slowing down their pace slightly he looked over at her, “Kinda snotty acting, isn’t she? Pretty sure meeting me was not a pleasure.”

Despite the fact that running into Alyssa, one of the Pures from the High Council was troubling Claire tried to smile, “Yes, she is snotty.”

Bob laughed as he tightened his arm around her, “She seemed pretty surprised you were married.”

“I suppose she believed like most that I would end up a spinster.”

“Spinster?” Bob threw back his head and laughed, “Oh Honey, really. How the fuck could anything think a beautiful woman like you would end up a spinster?”

Claire suddenly stopped and looked into his eyes, “That is what would have happened had I not met you.”

Bob wasn’t sure how to respond, she looked so serious.

“How far are we from Chicago?” Claire’s voice shook slightly and her bottom lip trembled.

The question caught him off guard. “Uh, about five hours, why? I thought we were going to stop somewhere tonight and drive the rest of the way tomorrow?”

Seeing the Pure had served to remind Claire that many would think she had neglected her service to Anna. And now she was worried knowing that Alyssa had known she was pregnant. Would she report to the council that Anna was being lax with one of her blood bound? Claire knew many Pures believed letting a blood bound have a life of their own was considered a sign of weakness on the part of the Healer.

As Bob looked into Claire’s eyes he could see something was troubling her. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“I just want to go home.” Claire whispered looking down.

Bob wasn’t sure what she meant at first. Obviously meeting that woman had taken her back to Anna. Did she mean she wanted to go to the home in Vermont she shared with Anna?

Claire wondered why Bob wasn’t answering. She gazed into his eyes and saw his confusion. “Bob, I want to go to our home. I want to sleep in our bed. I want to see you in our kitchen wearing that ridiculous apron.” She prayed he’d believe her words.

Relief flooded him. “Come on, Honey. Let’s hit the road. If we push it we can be home for a late supper.” He leaned over and kissed her lips, “And I’ll put on my apron.”
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