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Chapter nineteen-It's Death or Victory

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'It was still obvious behind his eyes and smile what lingered behind'

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I sat at the kitchen table, feeling like shit.
I'm so stupid, Frank probably hates me now. He's probably going to ignore me and convert all his attention to Gerard comletely. I groaned loudly, kicking my foot at the table's leg.
I buried my head in my palms. I wanted to fade away. There wasn't much more I could do.
"Um.. Mikey?" I jumped out of my skin, Frank was standing next to me.
"Oh, um.. Hey F-Frank."
Silence filled the room. It was painfully awkward.
He looked at me, looked deep into my eyes. His eyes looked lost.. worried.
He opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but snapped it shut again.
"A-Are you feeling better, Gee told me that you f-fainted.."
"Yeah, I'm fine."
More silence..
It was unbearable. I just wanted to leave and not come back..
"Hey guys." A tired looking Gerard walked in, I thanked God for that.
Frank seemed to snap out of starring at me and turned to Gerard.
"Hey, why are you up so early?" He seemed to talk to Gerard just fine..
"I don't know, Mom wants me to get up this time to get into the 'school routine'" He air-quoted.
"Right, only a few more days now before you can come to the hellhole."
"Psh come on, it can't be that bad."
"It's worse" I said, truthfully. School was the shittiest place i knew. I only go so i won't end up to be some scummy hobo on the street.
"Why is it so bad?"
"Typical dumbass jocks whos favourite thing to do is beat the shit out of you."
Gerard chuckled, me and Frank looked at him, confusion covering our faces.
"What's so funny?" Frank asked. Me and Frank both got beat up pretty bad, sometimes on a weekly baisis.
"Nothing, nothing" Gerard kept the smirk on his face.
"We're serious Gee. They get Me and Frank all the time." I looked at Frank who nodded at Gerard.
Gerard's smirk dropped off his face.
"They hurt you!?"
"Yeah. They hurt everyone."
Fire raised in his eyes. He remained silent.
Frank made eye contact with me, but quickly turned back to Gee. Why is everything so awkward now.. It's killing me.


They hurt them!? The fuckhead jocks hurt my little brother and my little Frankie?!
At breakfast we talked about it, Mikey and Frankie told me everything they did. It was awful. I knew how they felt. The jocks sounded like they would get along well with my dad. The only thing that was different was how I realised how defenceless Frankie and Mikey were. The barely even try to fight back!

I will make those fuckwits regret very bruise, scratch, smirk, look and blood fall that they've caused.

When Frankie and Mikey left I was worried, I could be saying goodbye to them now, and they could be returning back to me with scrapped up knees and blood covered faces. I felt so useless. This time next week i would be at their school though, where i can keep an eye on them. Neither of them had gotten into a proper fight before. I'd been in pleanty. My school I went to when i lived with my dad was one of the worst in the country! He didn't care though. He was just glad to be rid of me for the day, so he could go get drunk undesturbed.
Seriously, my old school seems like prison. The students had all sorts of weapons stored in their lockers which they smuggled into the school with low security. They were mostly just for threats. I even held a few long knives in my locker, for protection. I learnt the hard way just how tough the world could really be. It seemed to prepare me though, I wasn't afraid of bullies. They were just smaller versions of my Father. I wasn't scared of my dad anymore. I was used to the beatings. My body even learnt how to take punches and be able to block of most pain. I triied to not fight back with my dad though, it would only get him madder. And when he gets mad.. Well.. Lets just say that he had no problem on being childless. No matter what it took.
The night i came back to Mikey i was scared though, he had gotten out a knife. I was so sure that that night would have been my last. It was too overwhelming and I broke down. That barely happened. Dad only beat me half to death, let me recover, then beat me up agian, wait for me to fully recover, then beat me half to death again. It was his sick routine, so he could get the message over to me that he wasn't concerened whether i was alive or not.
I never fully recovered though. I still had scars.
My scars remind me of the past, that it was real.
I felt my largest scar through the material of my tshirt.
It would be there forever and always. reminding me of the mistakes I was capable of making, reminding me of my selfishness of leaving Mikey and Mom.
I sighed. I can't go on living in the past, not while the present is still so rocky and unpredictable.

I noticed at breakfast today that Mikey and Frank kept looking over at one another. Frankie would look a Mikey when Mikey was looking at me, then Frank would play with his food and Mikey would look over at him. Each time they looked, however, they shared the matching look of guilt and worry. I still didnt know what was bothering Mikes, now I needed to find out about frankie too!

I groaned to myself, this will be a long day waiting for them to return home.

I made my way down to my room where i will try make time fly as quickly as possible.


Walking to school with Mikey was terrible. the awkward silence had been broken and Mikey was talking to me sort of like normal. It was still obvious behind his eyes and smile what lingered behind. I probably reflected his mask, trying to act as normal as I could. But how could I? Mikey and I kissed for god sake!
I didn't like this, it was like it was too forced to be normal, that it was unnatural. I wanted to talk about yesterday, but it was very clear that Mikey didn't. When we got to school I had Art first and he had Music.
"I'll um.. See you at Break Frank." I forced another smile and began to walk away.
"Mikey wait."
Mikey spun around, a pained frown on his face.
"I don't like this, acting like everything is normal."
Mikey bit his bottom lip.
"Can we talk about it?"
He continued nibbling his lip. "After school." He finally said.
I nodded, a sad face being permanent on my face.
Mikey turned away and walked towards Music class, his head hung low and kicking pebbles as he trudged along the wet concrete.
It's raining all over my face but i didn't care. I watched Mikey leave until he was toatally out of view.

At the end of the day, our talk might save or end our friendship.

I feel like this is my last chance with him, like he was about to disappeaar forever.

In the back of my mind, the part i've been trying to ignore since yesterday: The part that was egging me on..
The part that wanted me to kiss him again.

I was worried.. that part might take all dominance..
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