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When I Say I Do To You

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Tonight's the night. Six months of planing and waiting all comes down to this moment. I look to Ron who was waiting just like I was. We both don't have our parents here so we're going to give eachother away. He decided on a suit. The same color as my gorgeous dress. It has to be the one of my dreams.

Allie had just gone out to sprinkle the rose petals. I take a deep breath.

Your on next. You look great
Thanks, you too.

I smile up at Ron, linking arms with him and we each take a bouquet. I can feel him shaking. I smile at him "It'll be fine. He loves you." His eye teared up and he noded quickly before we hear the wedding march being played. I blew out a breath right as the curtains were pulled.

Everyone look to us. I smile brightly, not meaning to. The feeling was amazing, having everyone here to see me. The men were in rows. They were all wolves. We started to walk. As we passed, a row would morph to stand for us. They were all dressed in their best for the occasion. Their eyes sparkeled with joy. The December snow fell on their shoulders and heads. They ignored it just for me.

My legs turn to jelly as Ron and I break apart. We exchanged a kiss on the cheek, then turn to our soon-to-be-husbans. I hand my bouquet to Allie, then link my hands with Aidens. They were soft and warm. He smiled nervously, he looks happy and excited yet scared and petrified. I give a small smile just for him. He smiles back.

The whole thing seems like a blur. I stared into his eyes the whole time. I don't even remeber saying the vows because all I hear is: "Dylan Jane Serger do you take this man to be your husband?" I resisted the urge to say 'hell yeah' and responded with the traditional "I do."

"Aiden Jeremy Lupus, do you take this women to be your wife?" As he was talking, I mouthed "Jeremy" to Aiden. He mouthed "Shut up." Back.

"I do." He smiles.

"You may kiss the bride." As if he's been waiting to do that for years, his hands spring up to my cheeks to pull me to his lips. The claping and cheers were downed out. The beautiful wedding moment will probably be the only one photographed besides the one where we're leaving to the limo. Yes we paid to get a limo! We got married in the park. We decided that would be better for the limo guy. "Wait out side the park!" We told him. Of course we still did it in the woods but with the snow falling it was perfect.

"I love you so much." He said to me.

"I love you too" I reply.

He smiled and took my hand. We ran down the narrow aisle as the very same rose petals on the ground showed upon us. A much better alternative to rice. We run nonstop to the limo and waited for Ron and Dante. Even though they have over a million in that bank account, we had to share a limo.

The door opend with giggles and heavy breathing. Ron, followed by Dante, slid into the vehicle. Ron was flushed from all the running. He looked so happy. "Thank you." He say to Dante.

"For what? Loving you?" He kissed is cheek quickly.

"Well yes, but for bitting me. I couldn't be able to get married if I weren't in the pack. It's illegal." He tells Dante.

"It's a good thing I'm here then, isn't it?" They kissed in a cute lovers embrace.

I smile at Aiden before I jump on him. Attaching our lip just as he had done earlier. I stap my arms around his neck and his cling to my waist. Now that we've made love a few times, he's no longer that respectful as he once was, which is okay with me. His hands would move down to my butt or grip my breast, all just making me moan into te kiss and want more of him.

The driver eventually knocked on the window separating us. "We're at the hotel."
AHHHHHH! THEY GOT MARRIED :D oh my god! I have the dress I've been dying to show you guys! ISN'T IT FRICKEN AMAZING?! COMENT AN REVIEW PLEASE!!!!
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