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Honeymoon....just saying, in great detail. Not sure if it's good >.

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I've seen brides being carried in by the grooms dozens of times, but hell, let me tell you something, there is nothing to more going on the the brides mind then upstairs upstairs upstairs. I mean, you make out in the limo then for the big show comes. Whenever you see a bride being brought into a hotel, DO NOT try to talk to her. Your just giving them more time to wait!

We came in and there was cheers. Yeah, yeah, be there done that. Aiden put me down to check in. I stand next to him as he speaks to the women. I was taped on the shoulder. I turn around, at first, I see nothing and when I look down, I see the most adorable old lady. She had white puffy hair, blush like a clown, and a bright purple dress. She had this huge smile on her face.

"Yes?" I ask sweetly.

"That's a hot piece of ass you've got there sweet heart! Where can I get one?!" She shook an old brittle hand towards Aiden. Well yes he is...

My mouth drops as the old women cackled and wattled away. Well damn! Hasn't any one seen a hot werewolf?! HASN'T ANYONE SEEN TWLIGHT?!

"What's wrong?" Aiden asked, placing the credit card in the inside pocket on his tux.

"T-The old lady," I point to her. "She called you a hot piece of ass then just left!" I mean, sa it to the mans face!

He laughs. Laughing?! Really Aiden?! "Well she isn't lying now is she?"

"Well no.."

"Good." He says, kissing my neck. He ducts under me and sweeps me off my feet. He carrys me to the stairs and proceeds to climb them. Strong like wolf! Haha....get it? Speeking of, you know how civil people like to use the key cards that they were given at the front desk? Well not werewolves hot men.

The room was that cheesey red with the heart shaped bed, but hey, sure was romantic. He layed me on the bed and started to kiss down my neck. He wraped his arms around me to carefuly unzip my dress. Pealing it off, explosing the lace bra and panties I've been saving since me and Ron went shopping. He stands up to admire me and to also take off his shirt.

Once that pathetic dress shirt was off, he leaned over me. I strap my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his shoft hair. My god, I'm turned on all ready- was that him on my thigh?! Harder then before, I must say! I start to run my hand over his lovely nipples, teasing him no less.

He smirked at me before wraping his arms around me in order to unhook the thin slip of fabric know as my bra. I whimpered for him to go faster but he barely obeyed. Once te horible thing was off me stared. He did this every time, and how I love it. His nouth started at my shoulder, trailing down to my left breat. He cuped it in his hands and took my own nipple into his mouth. "Aiden." I moan.

He smiles as his lips met mine again. I couldn't help myself. I started my own way. My hands sliped to the dress pants that were too tight for him now. I run my hands through both layers of fabric, first touching his thigh then moving to his sweet soft member, stroking him. I hear him moan into the kiss. Before he could do another thing, I hook my hand around them and yank. I wasn't surprised that he was standing in attention.

He wasted no time getting back on top of me, pressing his member against my sensitive parts. His hands began to explore my body and stop at the underwear I so desperately want off. He kept his index and middle fingers there just to be an ass. "Aiden!" I snap. He snickered as he yanked, exposing me as I did him.

"Gorgeous." He whispered.

"Aiden! Lets attempt to make Aiden Jr, kay?!" Him teasing my is just making me mad.

"Fine by me." He smirked, pushing into me.

"AGGGGGUH!" I moan loudly, finally! He came right after me. Falling on top of me gloriously sweaty and hot.

Oh course, this has been the best we've ever had. It always seems that way when it's your honeymoon.

I lift my head up to kiss him. Him deepening the kiss, pushing me closer to him just makes me want to do it again.
I am so sorry if that wasn't good D: But aw:) They're cuteeee. And I know this is weird to ask but, want the chapter with Ron and Dante's honey moon? It's only if you want it! Even though I'm probably only getting one review anyway... Just tell me what you think!
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