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Sneaking Out

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Jenna goes to visit Cutler...

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I stepped outside into the breezy day and went skipping off towards the Adams' home. I knew the way by heart since they were our neighbors. However, know that I was thinking about it, I realized that James Adams was not really an Adams. Instead, he was a Norrington. Finding this interesting, I wondered if James would ever have the same realization that Cutler and I had made to help us remember our past. Then again, maybe it would be best if James didn't remember his past. His had been filled with mostly pain. Elizabeth had rejected him and after laying down his life for her, he had become a maurder.

A few minutes later, I reached the Adams' home and knocked on the door. There was a few minutes of silence before the door edged open and James peered out. His light green eyes searched mine for just a minute before he looked at the ground. Mumbling without looking at me, James asked, "What do you want? We're rather busy at the moment."

"I don't want anything," I replied just as coldly. "I'm merely here to deliver this letter." I held out the hand with the letter. James took a look at it and frowned. He leaned forward to take it and suddenly froze, looking at something on my neck. He gave me a dirty look and snatched the letter out of my hand, muttering under his breath, "You're disgusting."

"Excuse me?" I asked, feeling rather indignant. Not seeing any reason to keep his thoughts to himself, James replied, "You. You're disgusting. First you let him take your innocence and now you let him mark you. It's sickening." Not understanding what he meant by Cutler marking me, I started to speak when there were footsteps from just inside the doorway.

Mrs. Adams appeared from behind James and smiled down at me saying, "Hello dear. Have you come to stop by for a visit?" I sent James a nasty look; so much for being busy. Shaking my head, I replied politely, "No. I just came by to deliver this letter." I pointed to the letter in James' hand. Mrs. Adams nodded and like James, her eyes focused on something just below my face.

She didn't comment, but instead pushed James inside the door, murmuring, "Thank you for the delivery." I started to say something back, but she had already pushed the door in my face. Wondering what was going on, I walked back to the office in puzzlement. As soon as I was inside, Cutler sent me on another errand and I forgot about why everyone kept looking at me funny.

The afternoon passed slowly and after what seemed like forever, work was over. I bounded over to Cutler and sat on his desk, demanding for his attention. A wry smile formed on Cutler's lip and he murmured, "I do believe I told you that you're dismissed." Rolling my eyes, I replied, "You know I want to stay here with you instead. I love you."

"I am meeting with a man about a possible promotion. I don't think having you around would be very helpful," Cutler stated a-matter-of-factly. I sighed, realizing that he was probably right. Nonetheless, I wasn't in a mood to take answer for a no. I flipped my skirt up to reveal a bare thigh as I replied, "Can't I stay here until the man comes?"

My hands crept forwards and stroked his most special spot gently. Cutler took a step backwards to get out of my reach and replied, "I don't want to embarrass myself during this meeting. I think the meeting would be ruined if the man walked in while you were still here." Taking offense to that, I made a face and replied, "I'm not going to do anything?"

"Oh really," Cutler stated, not even bothering to ask it as a question. "I highly doubt it as you just tried to undress me." Blushing, I defended myself by saying, "I can't help it. I love you." Cutler raised an eyebrow and stepped back towards the desk, inquiring, "Do you really love me or is it more of my body that you're attracted to? You always seem to want me naked."

Since that was one hundred percent true, I decided not to deny it. Smirking, Cutler said, "You know I'm right. Now you really must go. Please get off of my stuff or else I shall move you myself." Cutler put a hand on his hip and waited for me to move. My emotions took over as usual and I reached forward to touch him again, wanting to seduce him into touching me.

Cutler dodged out of the range of my hands and pushed me off the desk. I landed on the floor in a heap. Rearranging my skirts, I got to my feet huffily and then accidentally tripped and landed on my face again. Blushing with embarrassment, I twisted onto my back and started to stand back up. Cutler was already there. He lifted me onto my feet and smoothed my skirt.

"I hate you," I told him with a frown. Cutler smirked slightly and replied, "Oh, I know you do. Now go." He gave my ass a little push towards the door. I gave him another indignant look and slipped out the door. Cutler teased me far too much, but I supposed that was something I liked about him. Sad that I couldn't have stayed and made love with him, I went straight home instead.

When I reached home, I slipped inside without bothering to knock on the door. Mother and Alana were already sitting at the table eating supper. Oh, if I hadn't already told you, father was off on a trip to England. As I stretched my arms and shut the door behind me, mother waved me over and said, "I fixed your supper. Come and eat."

Not in a mood to argue, I nodded and went to the table. I sat down across from Alana and poked around in my bowl. Inside it was a big green lump of some kind of vegetable and then another lump of potatoes. Since I didn't like either of these foods very well, I smashed it up against the sides of the bowl and complained, "You know I don't like spinach, mother."

Mother sighed and said, "Yes, I know, but it is good for..." She trailed off and suddenly gave me a strange look. Feeling her intent gaze on me, I blushed and wished there was something I could hide behind. Curious as to why she was giving me such a strange look, I raised an eyebrow at her and asked, "What is it mother? Are you okay?"

Mother nodded and silently got up. She brushed the hair off my neck and stared at me with an odd look on her face as she pointed to a spot on the side of my throat and murmured, "Goodness, what is that on your neck?" I put my hand up to the spot and realized that was exactly where Cutler had been kissing me earlier. Oh shit, did I have a hickey?

I quickly pulled my hair back over my neck and looked at the floor, blushing bright red. I stammered to come up with an excuse and ended up stuttering, "I...uh...fell earlier." Glaring at me, mother replied, "Don't you dare lie to me, young missy. I know what this is. Was it James? You know what I said about getting serious with him, but apparently you didn't take me seriously."

I blinked in confusion and then realized my mother thought that James had given me the hickey mark. Deciding it was better for her to think that than to know who had really done it, I looked at the ground and nodded solemnly. Mother continued glaring at me and said in a serious tone, "You will go straight to your room after this and spend the time contemplating the consequences of your actions."

I nodded again, not quick sure what those consequences were. After all, what had I done that was really all that bad? Sure, I had a mark on my throat, but did that really hurt anyway? To be honest, I rather liked it. It marked me as Cutler's property. I had no problem with that. I liked belonging to Cutler. My body and my heart had always belonged to him anyways.

"From now on, there will be no free time. This means that you will come straight home before and after work. Are you listening to me?" mother asked, obviously quite angry. I nodded and kept my eyes on the floor. Alana got up from her chair and stood next to mother to look at my neck. She noticed the red spot there and asked innocently, "What's that?"

Too angry to answer her, mother added, "I forbid you from seeing that Adams boy. No more seeing him at all anymore." To be honest, I wasn't angry about this at all. I mean, James and I weren't talking anyways. Just because I was in a bad mood in general, I looked over at Alana and said, "It's called a hickey. It's caused when a lover kisses or sucks-"

Mother slapped her hand over my mouth and gave me a dirty look, "Don't you dare give Alana ideas. Just because you don't have any morals does not mean that the rest of this family does." Almost as soon as she had finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. Looking flustered, mother smoothed her skirts and said, "Mr. Beckers is coming over for a while. Now would be a good time for you to go to your room, Jenna. I expect you to stay there until work tomorrow morning."

Feeling like this was very unfair, I stomped off to my room, cussing under my breath the whole time. I mean, I was really over twenty years old. I could decide what to do with my body. It wasn't any of my mother's business. And really, who the hell did she think she was to be sending me off to bed like a two-year-old? Annoyed, I stepped inside my bedroom and slammed the door behind me.

Very mad about this whole situation, I flopped on my bed and cried. The more I thought about it, the more unfair I thought all this was. After all, what were Mr. Beckers and my mother doing anyways, hm? Suddenly, a thought popped into my mind. If Mr. Beckers was out of the house, that meant that only Cutler would be home, right?

Looking outside, I noticed it was quite dark out. Cutler had to be getting home from the office soon. Partially because I felt starved of many years of his love and partially because I just wanted to do something bad in general, I stopped crying and stood up on my bed. Very carefully and slowly, I unlocked the window. A gush of fresh air and freedom welcomed me.

Without another thought, I slipped out of the window and tumbled out onto the ground. After taking a quick look around to make sure nobody was looking, I dove across the lawn and over to the Beckers' yard. Heart beating rapidly in my chest, I hurried up to the door and tapped on it. When nobody answered, I found myself cursing again. Where the hell was Cutler?

Every moment I just stood outside was another moment that I was more likely to be spotted. Not willing to sit around and risk being caught, I went ahead and tried the door. To my delight, the door opened right up. I slipped through it and shut it carefully behind me. Feeling a bit out of place and like maybe I shouldn't exactly be here, I crept through the house.

After five minutes of looking around, I found Cutler's bedroom. I was positive it was Cutler's bedroom because there were maps all over his desk, the bed was neatly made, and the clothes were all folded neatly in the wardrobe. Yes, I actually looked in his drawers. I know, I'm bad. Figuring that Cutler wasn't home, I decided to wait for him right here.

Tired from a rather stressful day, I stripped off my dress and pulled the sheets in the bed down. I tucked myself up under them and waited for Cutler. After waiting for what seemed like a very long time, I started to fall asleep. I swear I would've fallen asleep if the door hadn't opened right at the moment when I was going to fall asleep. Blinking, I looked up to see who had entered.

Cutler stood in the doorway wearing a burgundy jacket, his white shirt, and black breeches. He sighed with annoyance at something or another and shut the door firmly behind him. Not even noticing me, he went over and drew the windows. After crossing the room again, he started unbuttoning the coat and shrugged it off onto the floor. I smirked, wondering just how long it would take him to notice me lying here in his bed. I had concealed myself quite well under the covers. It might be a while.

Cutler slipped his white shirt off, revealing perfect marble skin and a gorgeous chest with thin and curly brown hairs. Kicking of his boots, Cutler moved his hands to his breeches while I watched intently, hungrily taking in everything he exposed to me. Cutler pulled his breeches off and started to walk across the room, but I couldn't stand it anymore.

Eyes glazed and lust dripping through my veins, I slipped out of the bed and ran to Cutler. I pounced on him and knocked him onto his back. I straddled his naked body and moved my lips from his throat up his neck to his ear. Cutler gasped in surprise and muttered, "Bloody hell, is that you, Jenna?" His eyes raised and met mine.

"Who else?" I whispered as I lost control of my body. Cutler shook his head at me and asked, "How did you get here?" I shrugged and asked, "Does it matter? I'm here now. Don't you want me?" Cutler gave me a funny look and let his eyes ravish my bare breasts. Smirking at Cutler, I got up and started dancing around the room as I sang some song I had heard sung at the bar.

Cutler propped himself up on his elbow and watched me shake my hips and sing. I didn't know all the words to the song, so I just added some dirty innuendos whenever I didn't recognize the words. After about three minutes of this, Cutler got up and grabbed me. I twisted around in his arms so that we were facing each other. Pouting, I asked, "What? You don't like my singing?"

"You very well know how inappropriate that song is," Cutler chastised me, shaking his head. I stuck my lip out even further and rubbed my breasts in circles, trying to tempt him. Getting into his face, I whispered, "So you don't want me then?" Cutler watched my hands on my breasts and replied, "Damn, you have to be the horniest little girl I've ever met."

"So?" I asked. "I'm not really a little girl. You know that." I dropped my hands and brought them to Cutler's intimate parts and started rubbing and squeezing him. Cutler groaned, grabbed me, and threw me onto my back on the bed. Shaking his head at me, he said, "You brought this down on yourself, you know. I don't believe I asked you to do this. But now you've best be ready to suffer the consequences..."

Smirking, I replied, "Oh yes, I'm ready. Give it to me hard."
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