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Jenna's plans don't work out so well...

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Cutler straddled me and grabbed my breasts roughly. He squeezed them tightly and pushed them around, making me whimper loudly. Cutler's hands found my thighs and he pressed hot kisses down my belly with fervor. I shook slightly and arched my back to give him better access to my body. My breath caught as he slipped a hand between my legs, exposing him to my points of desire.

Cutler gave the inside of my thigh ardent kisses and ran his hands over my folds lightly. At his touch, I gasped and murmured, "Cutler!" Cutler smirked and swept his fingertips over my special spot. I groaned loudly and reached up for Cutler when there was a loudly creaking noise of a door opening. I froze and fell limply back to the bed while Cutler looked surprised.

"Who is that?" I asked, looking around apprehensively. Cutler frowned and replied, "My current father, I assume. Perhaps I should lock the door?" Cutler climbed off of me and went over to the door, locking it tightly. Unsure what would happen now, I continued lying on my back and waited for Cutler to come back to me. He came back to bed, but didn't climb on top of me.

Pouting, I said, "I want you." Cutler ran a hand through my long hair and replied, "Don't think I'm unaware of that, but I can't have you when my father is sleeping in the room above us." Desperate for love, I protested, "I'll be quite though. I promise not to make much noise!" I blinked over at Cutler and fluttered my eyes in the most seductive manner that I could muster up.

"Oh please," Cutler rolled his eyes at me and pulled his hand out of my hair, "Like you who ends up whimpering at me the whole time could keep quiet. I don't believe so." Taking offense, I rolled onto my side and replied, "Well, sorry for that then. It's not like I can help it. You're quite big and I'm quite small so can you really blame me for making noise?"

Now given a good view of my backside, Cutler leaned over and compressed kisses over a place below my back and then went in between my legs. I couldn't help but gasp, which only proved Cutler's point. I rolled back over to face him and said, "Can't your father know that you have a woman in your bed? He's got to have heard this kind of thing before."

Cutler raised an eyebrow at me and replied, "Do explain." Faltering, I replied, "Haven't you had a woman in your bed before?" Cutler gave me a pathetic look and replied, "We do need to keep a sense of propriety here. I can't just go around taking any woman I want." Rather glad about that, I looked up at him excitedly and replied, "So I was your first then?"

Cutler nodded and said, "I might as well have lost everything to you. You would've took it eventually anyways." I gave Cutler a funny expression and snuggled over to him. I moved my lips across his belly and agonizingly close to his special place. Cutler stiffened and held his breath. I let my teeth graze across his belly and replied, "It's only because I love you."

"I knew you'd say that," Cutler replied with a sigh. Looking over at me, he snagged his arm over my shoulder and brought me next to him. Tucking me into his side, he replied, "I don't believe we'll be able to stay together that much longer, so perhaps you shouldn't be getting too attached to me. We cannot let the whole world know about our relationship."

A bit sleepy and too busy looking over Cutler's nakedness, I asked stupidly, "Why not?" Cutler gave me a strange look and replied, "I'm sure you know. First of all, we are not the proper age for each other. As I have said before, it might even be considered a crime for me to have intercourse with someone your age. Secondly, even if you were my age, these kinds of acts aren't appropriate."

"Why not?" I asked, looking indignant. Cutler gave me a look that meant pay-attention-or-go-screw-yourself and replied, "Bloody hell, I'm sure you know that too. People of our stations do not just go around having random flings." Nuzzling him, I replied, "This isn't a random fling though. You know me. It's not like we don't know each other. Besides, I know how to make you feel good."

Cutler didn't really reply to that. Instead, he shrugged and replied, "Regardless, we still shouldn't be doing this." I decided to protest again, saying, "But if it makes us feel good, then why is it such a bad thing? Doesn't this feel good?" I lowered my hands to the throbbing warmth between his legs and kissed him there affectionately, my hair falling onto his thigh.

"Jenna! Can't you stop touching me for a few minutes? If you can't stop this, I'm going to get dressed again," Cutler warned me, giving me an annoyed look. I pouted again, but decided to keep my hands off him for the meantime. Snuggling up against him, I murmured, "What was that about us not being able to stay together so long? We love each other, why can't we be together?"

"I've been asked to bring some supplies to Port Birch. I won't be staying here too much longer. I leave two days from now," Cutler explained, looking blankly ahead of him. Feeling my heart break, a few tears fell from my eyes and I said, "I just got you back and now I'm going to lose you again. Can't I come with you? Please? I want to be with you always."

"Don't be ridiculous," Cutler replied with a frown. "You know very well that I cannot bring you along." I started crying harder and put my head in his face, mumbling, "Why not? My parents aren't even my real parents anyways. It's not fair that I'm younger than you. I don't see why I'm so much younger. I want to come with you regardless. Take me with you."

"You're younger because you were reborn after me," Cutler explained. "You know this wouldn't work well. What if you happened to get caught?" I frowned and replied, "I wouldn't get caught. I promise. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you give me some boy's clothes and I can dress as a boy and travel as your assistant. Nobody will ever know the truth."

Cutler hesitated and actually looked like he was thinking about my suggestion. Finally, he pointed out, "And what would your parents do when they realized that we both happened to disappear on the same day? Rather suspicious, isn't it?" Seeing he had a point, I thought hard and offered the only idea I had, "I could run away a day sooner."

"And where would you stay?" Cutler asked, raising an eyebrow at me. "Remember, if you happen to get caught with me, I'd lose my promotion and perhaps my position." I gave Cutler a sexy look and got in his face as I replied, "Aren't I worth it though?" Cutler pushed me away and continued thinking, "I suppose I could allow you to stay here for just one day."

"Is that a yes then? I can actually come with you?" I asked, looking up at Cutler with wide, excited eyes. Cutler sighed irritably and looked over at me. Seeing my expression, he finally gave in, "I suppose so. But you're going to have to be extremely carefully. My goal is to be promoted back to my former station and then I shall resume the task I set out to accomplish before."

I thought sleepily about this, trying to remember just what Cutler had been trying to accomplish before. Realizing that he had made it his duty to annihilate all the pirates, I groaned and protested, "But Cutler, that's what got you killed last time! Do you really want to leave me here all alone again? You can't really be that cruel. I couldn't bear it here without you."

"Oh really? You just made it through twelve years without me," Cutler pointed out. Annoyed, I contradicted, "That's not the same though. I couldn't remember you then. Please don't go off killing pirates again. Can't we just settle down together?" Cutler gave me a no-way expression and replied, "We shall discuss this matter later. For now, I recommend getting some sleep."

Knowing he was right, I sighed and nodded. I pulled the sheet up over my body and sighed contentedly as I snuggled into the curves of Cutler's body. Half-asleep, I said, "When we get on the ship to Port Birch, I'm going to fuck you every night." Cutler wrapped an arm across my neck and made no reply, obviously wanting to get to sleep instead of hearing about my sexual needs.

I kissed the arm over my collarbone and sighed deeply before drifting off to sleep. Already I was planning what I would do the next day. I would go home, pack my clothes, and pretend I was going off to work. Instead of going to work, I would go to Cutler's. Oh wait, I couldn't pack clothes. That would let the whole world know that I was running away. Instead, I would have to run away with just the clothes on my back. Oh well, I would have to be dressed like a boy on the journey anyways.

I fell asleep quickly and before I knew it, Cutler was shaking me to wake up. Blinking, I looked up to see he was already dressed in black breeches, his white shirt, and a formal black coat. Yawning, I asked, "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Cutler sat on the edge of the bed and tugged on his boots, replying, "I didn't want to disturb you. Get dressed."

I dropped to the floor and instantly started dressing. I could feel Cutler's eyes on me, watching my every move. As I smoothed the skirts of my dress, I asked, "What?" Cutler was biting his lip, looking nervous. Finally, he replied, "I don't know about this. You don't look like a boy at all." I looked down at my body and saw he was right. I wasn't giving up though.

"Oh, stop being so paranoid," I told him. "Now open the window so your father doesn't see me leaving. I just have to grab a few things from home and then I'll come back and hide out in your closet all day, so make sure you leave the window open." Cutler, still looking like he was doing this against his will, exhaled loudly and opened the window for me."

I stood on the bed and launched myself up out of the window and onto the ground. Cutler watched me leave and then stepped out of the bedroom, leaving the door unlocked as requested. It was still early out, but I knew I had to get back to bed right away before my mother came in to tell me to go to work. If she found me missing, hell would break loose.

I ran quickly and silently across the grass and went straight to my window. Seeing it was still open, I slipped through it and landed with a thump onto my familiar bed. Knowing I didn't have much time, I thought about everything I wanted to bring with me. My first thought was to go for my brush and a bit of makeup. Just as I was reaching for my brush, a thump sounded from behind me.

I jumped about a mile and whirled around to see James sitting on my bed. His dark brown locks were tousled and determination shone in his green eyes. Not quite sure what he was doing, I asked, "James? What the fuck are you doing here? The sun isn't even up yet. I'm just getting ready to go to work. Perhaps we should talk later?"

James gave me a strange expression and replied, "You're not going to work." I opened my mouth to protest and then suddenly wondered how the hell he would know that. Narrowing my eyes into slits, I replied, "Were you spying on me again?" James frowned and made no answer. Finally, he replied, "So you're running away with Beckers then?"

"Beckett," I corrected automatically. James shrugged at my correction and replied, "Same difference. You know, I could tell your mother about this, you know. I could tell her that you're going to run away and that you had sex with that Cutler." James smiled, obviously glad to have all this power over me. I gulped and replied, "But you won't tell...will you?"
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