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An Old Enemy

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Jenna is reunited with her murderer...

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Cutler looked from me to the glass I was pointing at. He gave me a funny look and frowned, "You know you're underage. I can't let you drink alcohol." I continued pouting at him while he put the wine away. Cutler started sipping his and then looked over at me. Sighing, he gave up and grabbed the wine and poured me a glass, shaking his head all the while.

"Thank you," I told him cheerfully, gulping down my wine. Cutler shook his head again, but let me be. He grabbed an apple and took a bite of it, looking thoughtful. Looking over at him, still sipping the wine, I asked Cutler, "So what's our plan? I know we're setting sail. When are we going? What ship are we sailing on? Is it your ship or just some random person's ship?"

Cutler blinked sleepily and muttered, "Jenna, I just got up. You don't overload me with questions. Firstly, we are setting sail to go to Port Birch. I do believe I have told you that before?" I nodded and looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to answer the rest of my questions. When he didn't and instead bit into his apple, I pressed, "Cutler?"

"You are very impatient, aren't you?" Cutler sighed in annoyance. He chewed his bite of apple and replied, "We're going on the Steady Sailor. Not a name I would've chose, but I didn't have the opportunity to name it. For the journey, I suppose I am considered in charge of the ship. All the men will answer to me. Now do you have any other questions or may I eat in peace?"

"Peace? I'm not doing anything!" I pouted, not seeing how my questions were really bothering him too much. Cutler looked at me thoughtfully and replied, "Yes, you are. You're sitting there naked and that's enough." Almost a little too eagerly, I slipped onto his lap and put my head on his shoulder, whispering seductively, "Mm, you want to fuck me?"

"No, I do not want to fuck you!" Cutler said with a frown. He slapped my behind, causing me to squeal and get up. Cutler smirked at my reaction and finished his apple in peace. Knowing better than to interrupt him, I went around the room picking things up and looking at the portraits on the wall. I had never really had a good look at Cutler's house before.

I picked up a photo lying on a shelf and started to look at it. A beautiful young woman was framed in it. Before I could get a good look at it, Cutler snatched the picture out of my hands and put it on the shelf. He grabbed my wrist a bit roughly and started hauling me towards the bedroom, saying, "You cannot just go touching everything here. This is Alexander's house, not mine."

Cutler pulled me into the bedroom, shut the door behind us, and added, "And even if it was my home, I wouldn't want your dirty little hands touching everything." I immediately took offense to that and said, "Are you calling me dirty?" Cutler tossed me the boys' clothes and stated, "I didn't exactly say that. Now put these on before I put them on myself."

Annoyed, I tossed the clothes right back at him and replied, "No. Not until you tell me that I'm not dirty." Cutler pulled the shirt off of his head and gave me a dirty look, saying, "Jenna, this is very immature. You're acting like a little girl. Now put the clothes on so I can start looking at you properly again." Cutler tossed the clothes back at me.

Stubborn as always, I tossed the clothes right back at Cutler and refused, saying, "What do you mean look at me properly? You still haven't said I'm not dirty either." I put my hands on my hips and narrowed my eyes at Cutler. Sighing, Cutler put the clothes on the bed and replied, "I can't look at you properly when you're naked. You're too distracting. And what exactly do you call someone who wants to have intercourse all the time? I can't think of another word for that besides dirty."

"I'm not putting those clothes on until you say I'm not dirty," I refused. Realizing that I wasn't going to put the clothes on, Cutler gave up and said, "Very well. You're the horniest little girl I've ever met. Now put the damn clothes on." Smirking over at him, I replied, "Fine. That's all you had to say, you know. It wasn't all that painful now, was it?"

Cutler rolled his eyes at my sarcasm and watched me dress. I tugged the breeches on easily and tucked the white shirt into it. The vest did not fit as well. It fit me like it would fit a girl, not a boy. Cutler frowned and said, "Go stand against the far wall. I need to see what I can do to make that fit you better. We have to do something with the vest."

I obediently went over to the far wall and stood against it. Cutler observed me carefully and walked over to where I was standing. He unbuttoned the vest and took it off, leaving me in the white shirt. Giving me a funny look, he sighed, "You do know that most twelve-year-olds have very flat chests." Cutler raised an eyebrow and waited for me to say something.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow in return to mirror his expression. Cutler tugged on my breasts and replied, "Meaning that you really should not have these." I whimpered and replied in a weak voice, "You can't blame me for that. I don't decide how my body looks. Why? Are you complaining about me? I thought you liked my body."

"I don't believe I ever said I disliked your body," Cutler said a-matter-of-factly. "I just wish you could look a bit more like a boy for our current purposes. These should go like this." Cutler pushed my breasts against my chest hard, making me gasp. He let them go and they popped right back out into the perfect, circular lumps. Cutler sighed and grabbed a coat from his closet.

"Try wearing this. I don't know what else to do," Cutler told me, pushing the coat into my arms. I took the coat and put it on. It was rather big for me, but it did a good job concealing my chest. Cutler stood back to observe and nodded with approval as he said, "That shall have to work for now. All I have to do is find something to do with your hair and then we'll be prepared to go."

I nodded and sat on the bed as Cutler combed my hair with his fingers and pinned it up on the top of my head. He found a black hat and put it on top of my head, ordering, "Turn around." I turned and faced him, waiting for his verdiction. Cutler looked me up and down before saying, "That will have to do. It's that or I can cut your hair off. I doubt you want to do that though, am I not right?"

I shuddered at the thought of cutting off my hair and shook my head vigorously. Cutler nodded and took my hand, pulling me towards the door as he said, "So I thought. Come along now." Realizing that we were leaving right now, I got up eagerly and followed Cutler out the door and onto the streets. We weaved through town and nobody gave me a second glance. I guessed I really did look like a boy after all. It was a warm day outside with no wind. The sun was shining brightly and I felt happy for once.

As we approaching the dock, Cutler pulled me to the side of the road and whispered, "Remember that from now on, you are my assistant. You are a boy and your soul purpose in life is to do my bidding. I don't want any trouble and we certainly won't be having and sex on the ship where everyone will think I'm fucking a boy. Do you understand?"

Rolling my eyes, I nodded and replied, "Yes, I understand. I won't embarrass you." Cutler gave me one last fierce look, saying, "I should think not." With that said, Cutler put his nose in the air and stalked up to the ship that I supposed was the Steady Sailor. I trailed behind Cutler, keeping my head down as we walked up the ramp to the ship.

Once we were on the ship, Cutler nodded to the men on the fleet and said, "Good morning. As you all know, we will be sailing to Port Birch to deliver the cargo below decks. I expect us to set sail as soon as possible and for us not to run into any issues on the way. Are we all clear on this? For those of you who do not know, I am Captain Beckett and this is my assistant, Jeremy."

The men looked and us and nodded. Most of them glanced at me without a second look except for one man. His eyes seemed to bore into me and there was something a little too familiar about him. He was rather old with greasy brown hair and sharp, evil brown eyes. My breath suddenly caught in my throat. Oh my god, the man was Ian Mercer!

A little squeak impuslively slipped out of my mouth. Cutler kicked my shin in annoyance and hissed in my ear, "Go below deck and act useful." Eager to get away from Mercer, I nodded and slipped down to the below deck area. I spent the rest of the day rearranging the storage closet since I didn't know what else to do. Finally, the day ended and Cutler came down below deck to sleep.

He took the cabin on the right and and I slipped in after him. After I shut the door, I bounded onto the bed, yanking Cutler down on top of me. Cutler groaned as I fondled his privates and pushed me away, whispering, "What did I tell you about no sex?" I frowned and told him about my current issue, "Did you see him? Mr. Mercer? I'm so scared. What if he tries to hurt me?"

Cutler started stripping and gave me a strange look, "Ian Mercer? Jenna, you're being paranoid. Mr. Mercer is certainly not on this ship." Annoyed that Cutler wasn't believing me, I folded my arms and protested, "No, I swear he is! He's on the ship right this minute. I'm scared. I know it's him, Cutler. I just know it is. He was looking at me funny."

"Paranoia," Cutler said again, rifling through the bag that he had decided to bring with him. As he searched for something or another, I noticed a picture frame hidden inside the bag. Raising an eyebrow, I asked, "Who's that picture of?" Cutler hastily shoved it underneath a shirt and replied, "Nobody you know. Now please stop this paranoia. Mr. Mercer is nowhere near you."

"But he is! I know he is!" I contradicted, deciding to let the picture frame subject drop since I had more important things to worry about. Sighing, Cutler climbed onto the bed next to me and replied, "Next time you see him, point him out to me. For now, I want you to get some sleep and stop whining. You've been naughty today. Now go to bed."

"Naughty?" I asked in mock horror. "Me? Never!" Cutler narrowed his eyes at me and replied, "Oh, you little slut, what am I going to do with you?" I glared at Cutler and hissed, "Fuck you, I'm not a slut!" Cutler rolled his eyes and replied, "Fuck you." Before I knew it, his mouth was on mine and we were kissing intensely, bodies entwining, and hearts pumping in sync.

Cutler eventually forced my mouth off of his, panting slightly as he murmured, "I love you. Now go to bed." He shut his eyes and pulled me up against him. My mouth dropped in surprise at Cutler's words. He hadn't said that he loved me fore a very long time. I suddenly felt very happy. Cuddling up next to him, I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep and forgot all about Mercer.

Unfortunately, when morning came, I had to face the whole Mercer problem again. The next morning, I sat on the bed swinging my legs as I complained to Cutler, "I'm scared of Ian. what if he sees me and tries to grab me?" Cutler, who was busy putting on a dark green jacket contradicted, "How many times must I tell you that Mr. Mercer is not here? Besides, nobody is going to touch you anymore. You're mine and mine alone." Cutler looked over me possessively, obviously more attached to me than it seemed.

"Fine, but if I see him, I'm pointing him out to you," I contradicted, sure I was going to see Mercer sometime again today. Getting up out of bed, I limped to the door with Cutler right behind me. As we walked along, my eyes suddenly fell on a figure leaning against the storage closet. He had greasy brown hair and the dark eyes of a murderer who had killed two innocent little girls.

I tapped Cutler's shoulder frantically and hissed in his ear, "Look by the storage closet! It's Mercer! Don't even try to tell me that's not him because I'm sure as hell that it is." Cutler inconspicuously glanced down towards the supply closet. I watched as his big blue eyes widened in surprise. It was Mercer. He could deny it all he wanted, but I was reunited with my murderer.
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