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Part 12

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“Blackmail is fun!” I smiled as we finished getting ready to leave.

We finished pretty fast and soon, we were deciding who was going to be in which tour bus. In the end, we ended up all going into one bus until we stopped for the night. We ended up at this little rest stop in kinda the middle of nowhere.

"'s really dark out here." Dani mentioned when we got out to stretch our legs.

"No kidding...but the stars are really bright." Patrick looked up.

"Yeah, well I'm hitting the sack..."

"THATS WHAT HE SAID!!!!!!!!!!" Dani screamed.

"PETE! What did you do to corrupt my sister?" Kris said trying to keep a straight face.
“Shush!” Dani smacked her brother over the head.

“Hey, you guys…I found this!” Joe showed up with a couple DVDs.

“Hey! Those are when we ditched Criss’s party! What did we do that night?” Kris said.
“I really don’t want to know.” I said.

“But I do!” Pete yelled, taking the DVDs and running into his assigned bus. Joe, Andy, and Kris all ran after him, Dani followed, laughing behind. I looked at Patrick and smiled.

“You want to go and see?” I asked.

“Sure, we can peek in and see and if it’s not that interesting, we’ll head to the other bus.” He said as we went into the bus with everyone else. Once we were inside, Patrick sat on the couch with Joe and I sat on the floor next to Dani, Andy, and Kris. Pete was putting the first DVD in. We ended up staying for a long time. Turns out that the DVDs were from the Stratosphere’s rides that are on top of the building. I don’t think we ever laughed that hard before. Joe, Andy, and Kris were drunk and getting on the rides, like that big drop and that the one where it spins you over the edge. Their faces were priceless. I didn’t know that they could scream that high. During that time, there was a lot of rewinding and I got a little bored after a while. I got up and told them I was going to be right back and I just needed to change. I went to the other bus and noticed that there was a small ladder like one on an RV. I went inside the bus, got my iPod, a blanket, and my sketch book. I wrote Andy and Patrick a note saying where I was and I headed up to the top of tour bus.

Sitting up there was amazing. There were no city lights reflecting in the sky, so every star could be seen. I put my iPod on shuffle and just waited for my inspiration to take over. The song playing was Let Me Love You by Mario. I saw the moon coming over the mountain and I decided to just sketch that. As I started sketching I hummed the tune. This was a cute song and an example of what every girl should have in a boyfriend. Even Laura if you could believe it. I continued thinking and ended up on thinking about how we got here. I mean, the band hasn’t even sent out an album and we do cover songs so far. I don’t even know how Fall Out Boy even heard of us, let alone found us to take us on tour. I put my sketch book down and stretched out, laying down, facing the stars. The song finished and the next song I stopped once I felt someone with me. I unplugged one of the headphones from my ear and looked to my right and saw Patrick joining me.

“Hey you,” I smiled.

“Hey.” He replied back, lying next to me. “So this is you went.”

“I left you a note, so I can’t get yelled at for not letting you know.” I smiled. “Besides, I wasn’t up here for long.”

“Yeah, more like two hours.” He laughed, grabbing my iPod and began going through it.

“No way!” I exclaimed. “You’re kidding right?”

“Nope, I thought you actually went to bed after the first hour and half after you left.”

“Well then…sorry about that then.” I said, feeling kinda bad.

“All is forgiven…now what are you doing up here anyways?”

“I just came up for the hell of it in all honesty. I didn’t know there was a ladder and I came up here to sketch and think.”

“What were you thinking of?” Patrick sat up, asking me.

“Like how lucky the band is to be here. But one thing that was bugging me was how and why.” I looked at Patrick, sitting up as well. He just smiled and looked up at the stars.

“Look how pretty the stars are.”

“Don’t change the subject, Patrick Martin Stump…” I looked at him seriously. “How did you hear about us? I mean we don’t have any albums out or actually any of our own songs…we only do covers…” Patrick looked down, avoiding my eyes.

“I don’t know if I should tell you now.” He said. I grabbed his face with both my hands, kinda pushing his cheeks together making a fish face.

“No, you’re going to tell me now.” I said, trying not to laugh at his face. He had a small smile coming through.

“Fine, I’ll tell you, if you let go of my face.” He mumbled between my hands. I let go of him. “Thank you.”

I just looked at him. “Okay. When was the last time you talked to your mother?” He said.

“When I ran away, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“She sent us a video of a concert that you guys playing at the Launchpad I believe.” He looked at me. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. My mom sent Fall Out Boy a video of a concert we were playing…we played the Launchpad only a couple of months ago. “We had a contest for any band who wanted to go on tour with us and become a really recognized band.”

“So that’s why…” Was all I could say, mentioning my mom and how she was a major role in why we were here, that was all it took to make my eyes begin to tear up.

“Grace, are you okay?” Patrick asked me, putting his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and just gave him a huge hug. He hugged me back.

“Thank you, so much.” I sniffed, holding the hug.

“Don’t thank me; I think you need to thank her yourself.” Patrick said into my shoulder. We pulled apart and I wiped my eyes.

“What?” I said a little confused.

“After we are done here in Cali, we are going to Chicago, and from there, you can go back to Albuquerque and see her again.”

“We.” I said. Now he was confused. “You and me both, if you can…I haven’t seen her in years, and I don’t know if she’s still married to the asshole or if she divorced him. I need you there. I’d take Dani, but that would be hard to explain.” I really hope he would say yes.

"Yeah, but then you need to meet my folks...I think that's a fair trade, don't you?" He said with an adorable smirk. I couldn't help myself and I smiled back.

"Yeah, that's fair." I said, then I heard something. "Wait..."

"What?" Patrick asked, looking around.

"Here, get under here..." I grabbed the blanket, had us both lay down on our stomachs and covered us both.

"Why are we hiding?" He said, and I shushed him. I pointed to the top of the other tour bus. Pete and Dani were sitting up there, looking like they were just talking. About what, I don't know. "Ha-ha! Red-handed!" Patrick whispered, snickering a bit.

"Aww, how cute!" I smiled.

"She's so much better for him...I've never seen him nearly as happy as he is now." Patrick said quietly. "His mood swings haven't been nearly as bad as they have been before."

"Just wait till Dani has hers...they are two peas in a pod." I smiled. "Well, this has been fun, but we need to get some sleep."

"Yeah, we should get to the studio before the interview starts." He said then quickly looked at me, knowing what I was going to say next.

"What interview? Studio?"

"That my dear, you're not getting out of me." He said as he jumped up quickly and headed down the ladder.

"Damn you Patrick!" I laughed as I followed him down and into the tour bus.
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