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part 13

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I got into my bunk and closed the little curtain and thought about what happened. That's when the butterflies finally came and flapped in my stomach...not fluttered, but flapped. Yeah, that’s not a pleasant feeling. Then I thought about my mom and how she was still helping me even though I ran away. I wondered how many concerts did she go to and why she didn't come backstage to try to talk to me. She could have let me know if my father and she got a divorce and I could go back. This was something I needed to ask her when Patrick and I go's coming and is going to meet my mom...and I'm going to meet his parents...this wasn't helping the feeling in my gut, but thinking about tonight brought a smile on my face. Patrick was amazing for listening and keeping everything hush-hush. I wonder how I was keeping my composure and even breathing while up there. I felt my cheeks turn red.

I catch my breath, the one you took, the moment you walked into the room. I thought...I think I can do something with that. I thought about that line and tried to come up with something more as I began to fall asleep.

~The next morning~

Grace's POV

I woke up and poked my head out of my bunk. From the sounds of the two other snores coming from the bunks above me, Patrick and Andy were still asleep. I took this as a chance to get up and get some coffee. As I got up, I hit my head on something hanging from the bunk above me. I looked and found one of the guys’ arms hanging out. I laughed quietly and pushed the hand back behind the curtain. I went straight to the coffee machine and set up the water and the coffee filter. I searched for the coffee grounds, but there were none. I tore the kitchen apart, but the search was futile.

Where the hell is... Then I realized. "Damn it Pete." I whispered. My best bet was to go into the other bus and steal some coffee grounds from them. I put a hoodie on and grabbed some slippers. Dani I wasn’t worried about. The girl could sleep through a hurricane. Joe wouldn’t care and Kris knows what happens if you get between me and my coffee. It was Pete I was worried about. For all I know, he could had one of those nights when you can’t get any sleep and he was sitting there, possibly waiting for me to sneak in. I looked at the clock to see it read 6:30 am. This maybe the earliest I have ever gotten up in months. It’s actually kind of nice.
Alright, I thought to myself. Enough procrastinating, let’s get go and get this done I headed out of the bus and made my way to the danger zone. I unlocked the door and snuck my way in. Nothing moved and I was half right about Pete. He had one of those nights. He was sitting on the couch, laptop on his lap, but he was passed out so I tip-toed quietly past and to the kitchen cupboard where I easily found the coffee. As I made my way back to the door, I looked onto Pete’s laptop and found that he was on Twitter…of course. I couldn’t help myself and without moving the laptop and waking him up, I hacked his Twitter. I wrote something stupid which just included ‘New Face of Failure has hacked Pete Wentz’s account. Just goes to show you never leave your computer out and logged on when you are asleep. XP’ Then after that, I quickly left before anyone woke up. I didn’t feel safe till I was back in my bus. I finished setting up the coffee and grabbed my clothes and took a quick shower. After I got dressed and my hair straightened, I heard someone walking around, then knock at the door.

"Thanks for the coffee!" I heard Patrick laugh.

"That's MINE!!!" I yelled, running out of the bathroom.

"What's your's?" I heard Dani ask as her, Joe, Kris, and Pete came in.

"Umm..." I froze in mid-stride and ended up falling on my face onto the couch.

" dude." Dani laughed.

"You're just jealous that you can't fall as graceful as me."

"Nah, I bet she could." Pete piped up from the kitchen area with a cup of coffee. "Thanks for the coffee Trick, I forgot I put it in our tour bus...good thing you remembered."

"No problem..." Patrick side-glanced at me as I got up.

"I want coffee." Dani moaned, staring at Pete's mug, then to the coffee maker.

" don't get any." Pete smiled at Dani who gave him the death glare.

"I need my don't want to know how I get without it..."

"Yeah, come here Dani, let's just get you out of here and into the other the coffee smell doesn't get to you." Kris grabbed her hand and led her out.

"You're doing surprisingly well for no caffeine." Andy grinned as he plopped onto the spot next to me on the couch. I glared at him.

"He's right..." Pete thought about it. "What's your secret?" He looked at me suspiciously.

"I-um..." I tried to answer as Dani and Kris came back, Dani holding a soda.

"HEY!!!!!" Pete yelped. "NO CAFFEINE!!!"

"Ahh...the bubbles." Dani sighed, cuddling the soda.

"Give it to me!" Pete went to grab the soda.

"Dude, don't do it." Kris stepped in between Dani and Pete. "Calm's just sprite. It has no caffeine."

"Fine..." Pete growled then sat down at the table. I could still hear him grumbling. Dani snickered.

"Are we all going to stay on this bus till we get to Cali?" Patrick asked.

"Sure what the hell." Joe said flopping down onto my lap.

"Hey Joe, I don't know if you realize this, but this spot is taken." I groaned from under him.

"Well, this is my spot..." Joe smiled and laid back, squishing my head into the wall.

"Yoor name isn'th on it." I groaned as Joe laughed at my squished voice. "Geth ooff of meh."

"Nah, you're pretty comfy." Joe turned his head to me.

"Not if I do this." I grinned evilly and poked the crap out of his sides. He jumped off so fast, he landed on his knees on the floor, nearly taking out Patrick in the process.

"You don't fight fair!" Joe whined as he joined Pete at the table.

"Who said I was?" I smiled as the tour buses began making their way to California.

A couple hours later...

"How much longer?" I groaned as Dani took her turn throwing her card into Patrick's hat.

"It's only a four hour drive, so calm your hormones." Pete sighed.

"How long have we been on the road?" I asked Dani who looked at her cell phone.

"A little over two hours..." She said a little snappy.

"Whoa...sorry." I raised my hands up. "I think someone needs their bitchy crown."

"How do you know about that?!" Pete snapped at me.

"He needs his too I think." Patrick laughed.

" have a bitchy crown?!" Dani and Pete pointed at each other and glared. Patrick and I laughed as we pulled the crowns out and handed them out.

"Ha, mine's better." Dani smirked, putting her crown on.

"No, mine is." Pete puffed out his chest in a manly way.

"No, I'm supposed to be the princess..." Dani pouted. "Besides, I got mine from Hot Topic."

"So did I!" Pete said proudly. Dani got up and looked at his crown.

"Then why does it say Claires on it?" Dani grinned. Pete looked at Joe, Andy and Patrick.

"You guys are bastards..." He growled.

"I is a pretty, pretty princess, a pretty pretty pretty pretty princess." Dani sang victoriously.

"Well what does that make me?" Pete smirked.

"A sparkle fairy like Edward, now go away!" Dani said, grabbing a sprite.

"I don't think the crowns are working..." I said to Patrick who just nodded in agreement.

"I think that they just pissed them off." Patrick added as we watched Pete and Dani dancing around.

"Yeah...hey, random thought, but what do you think is scarier...zombies or psychopathic serial killers?" I asked.

"That's easy!" Pete jumped and sat with us. "Psychopathic serial killers."

"No, zombies are!" Patrick came back.

"How?" I asked. "Zombies are mindless monsters."

"Yeah, and with serial killers, you don't know who is after you, killing all your friends and family, one by one!" Joe joined in.

"But with zombies, they could be your friends and family. Could you kill them?" Dani asked.
"Yeah, I could." Pete said.

"Same." I said. "Would you want to let your friends and family to live like that, being the walking dead and craving flesh?" After they were quiet for a moment, I continued. "Now as for psychopathic killers, they are smart, and will play mind games with you. With zombies, you know what your dealing with and you just go boom-boom.”

"But did you ever think that maybe they just need love?" Andy pointed out and Kris nodded.

"Yeah. They just need a hug!" Dani said. "You try giving a zombie a hug."

This conversation continued for the rest of the drive there.
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