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I didn't mean you

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I know I really like Mai. In this fic Mai is at Zuko's wedding to Katara. Mai in this has a mystery person as her partner!!

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A/N: This is a Mai/Zuko Zuko/Katara Mai/Mystery person

Spent my whole life telling everyone to leave me alone
Don't touch, don't look to close
But I didn't mean you

Mai stared up at the dais. Zuko, her Zuko stood there proud and alone. But not for long. He looked so happy, Mai thought her heart might burst from longing and pride. She was proud of her Zuko. He was a good Fire Lord.

And now you've gone
Because you saw the forbidden sign above my head
And you didn't know,
I didn't mean you

They had been so happy together. Rather Mai had thought they were happy. She had been, she just didn't show it. Zuko, he tried to be happy for her, his Mai. But she kept building her walls and she would not let him in. In the end her Zuko gave up. He stopped trying. Mai felt like shouting up to her Zuko, pushing herself up through the crowd onto the dais and screaming to the world "I didn't mean you". The warm hand in hers kept her in place.

You went to an open door,
Instead of knocking harder at mine
I would have let you in
But you didn't know
I didn't mean you

The musicians began to play and out of the doors came the water tribe peasant, she was dressed in blue and looked gorgeous. If he had tried harder....... Her Zuko and his Katara knelt in front of the Fire Sages. A tear slipped out of Mai's eye. I didn't mean you......

You didn't see that I cleared the path and left the walkway free
For I told myself that I'll only be tread on by you
But now I look with love upon someone
And no one else matters but him
But still, you fool,
You think I didn't mean you

Mai was crying silently as the final vows were spoken. As soon as the happy bride and groom left the dais for the feast. Mai felt the strong arms of her husband encase her.
"Shh, It's okay, I'm here."
Mai looked up into Piando's eyes. Piando brushed his lips against hers.
"He's a fool Mai."
Piando whispered stroking her hair.

Zuko looked behind him as he and Katara left the dais. There was Mai in someone else's arms. I didn't mean you ...........

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