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The Star Song

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Well Sokka is thinking about Ty Lee and how everyones mistreated her.

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A/N: Okat the Song is The Star Song by Bowling for Soup. The most awesomist band that ever walked this earth and I had the plesure of seeing them live on Wednesday! I swear Jaret Reddick looked at me!
By the way I think Sokka/Ty Lee is one of my favorite non-cannon relationship. I also really like Jet/Mai. I will write a Jet/Mai fic next.

Disclaimer: I own nothing

You've got your tongue pierced once
And you say you've got another
That you can't show anyone
Unless it's under covers
But your running around
Showing everyone your new tattoo

Five years after the war! Five years and Ty Lee was still as Ty Leeish as ever. It was driving Sokka, Suki and all other Kyoshi warriors insane. Just last week she got a second piercing and she said she can't show anyone. But there she was flaunting her new tattoo. Sokka didn't know what to do with her.

You got an A in class
And you hoped no one would notice
Your the smartest kid in school
And it makes you self conscious
And your looser of a boyfriend
Is smoking out in the boys room

Ty Lee came home from the dojo in tears. The Kyoshi warriors had been having a academics day as Avatar Kyoshi herself had prized intelligence. Sokka had expected his girlfriend's best friend to come home in tears.
"Today was the worst day of my life! Zaxiu was caught smoking in the training centre!"
Sokka felt angry whenever anyone spoke about Zanxiu Ty Lee's boyfriend.
"And I got the only A in the academics day! I even beat Wei-Wei!"
Ty Lee groaned slumping on the table.

I wish someone would tell you
Your a star the way you are
You know your not fooling anyone no
You've got the eyes of an angel
Don't try to change you
Everybody's got their scars
No matter what they tell you
Your beautiful the way you are

She really was beautiful. With tears running down her cheeks into her soft brown hair. Sokka stared blatantly at her. Ty Lee tried to hide behind her bubbly exterior but Sokka could see through it. Sokka felt angry at Azula for destroying this girls confidence in herself. On an impulse Sokka grabbed her hand. Ty Lee looked up at him. She met his blue eyes with her grey eyes for the first time in years she blushed. Ty Lee had never been looked at that way by a boy. They all stared at her like she was an object. Sokka was looking at her like she was an angel or something.

Your mom was so happy
You became a cheerleader
Homecoming Queen
Just like your older sister
'Till you died your hair pink
And they said what were you drinking
And it never did sink in
It don't matter what they think

That night Ty Lee told Sokka her whole story. Going right back to the time she became a cheerleader, became friends with Azula. She told him about how she had six sisters who all looked exactly like her. She confided in Sokka everything about herself. All Sokka could think about was how stupid everyone was to not see what a brilliant young woman she was.

'Cause your a star the way you are
No your not fooling anyone no
You've got the eyes of an angel
Don't try to change you
Everybody's got their scars
No matter how ugly they are
No matter what they tell you
Your beautiful the way you are

That night Sokka kissed Ty Lee. Ty Lee was shocked. It wasn't that she didn't want Sokka to kiss her. But he kissed her and didn't ask for anything else.
"Aren't you going to make me do more?"
Ty Lee whispered on the verge of crying.
"Of course not. I really like you and I'm not going to put you into a situation you are uncomfortable with."
With that he took her hand and led her into a restaurant.

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