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Jenna is brought back to Port Royal...

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The next morning, I awoke to Cutler shaking my shoulders gently. Blinking, I woke up and groaned, "What is it? I'm so very tired." Cutler nodded and sat across from me on the bed. Looking deep into my sleepy eyes, he said, "You know I have to bring you to the doctor. Whether you choose to believe it or not, I care about you enough to bring you to a doctor."

Cutler gently spread my thighs and started rubbing them with something. Moaning with pleasure, I shot him a satisfied look and asked, "Are you going to fuck me?" Cutler gave me a get-serious look and held up a wet cloth in his hand as he replied, "No. I think we did enough lovemaking for the next month. I'm sore all over. If you tell me that you're not, I won't believe you."

Since I was kind of sore, I didn't bother to protest. Instead, I looked at the white cloth and asked, "What is that for?" Cutler continued rubbing my thighs until he felt me dripping with desire for him. Annoyed, Cutler dried my thighs and cupped my folds in his hand to keep me from dripping down my legs once more as he replied, "Hm, I wonder."

Too tired for sarcasm so early in the morning, I asked, "No, honestly, what's that for?" I felt Cutler's hand cupping me and added, "That feels good. Will you rub me there?" Cutler threw his head back in exasperation and replied, "You will just never be satisfied, will you? I'm trying to clean you up. I don't want the doctor finding evidence of our lovemaking. Now get dressed."

Cutler tossed me my boys' clothes. I pouted and looked at them in annoyance, replying, "I don't like boys' clothes much. I would really prefer to have a dress." Cutler nodded and said, "Yes, I know, but for the moment, you will just have to deal with this. Now please get dressed. We're wasting lots of precious time this morning while we sit around and chat idly."

I decided to play my usual game and said, "Not until you kiss me." Cutler sighed melodramatically and replied, "Must we do this ever single day?" When I made no answer, Cutler came back over to me and pressed a kiss between my legs. His hand lightly skimmed over my thigh as he backed up and said, "Now get dressed. There's simply no negotiation with you, is there?"

"Nope!" I replied, giving him a smirk as I dressed myself. It was a bit hard to do considering the fact that my leg was broken, but unfortunately, there wasn't much to do about it until after I had visited the doctor. Once I was dressed, Cutler scooped me up in his arms and stated, "I'm going to take you to the doctor's now. I do expect you to cooperate."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked, making a face as he carried me out into the street. As we walked, I noticed another one of those signs with my name on it telling everyone that I was missing. Shuddering, I asked Cutler, "How come you think there are so many signs asking for me out there? I mean, I've only been here like one day. Isn't that suspicious?"

Cutler shrugged and replied, "Perhaps. But there's no need to worry. I do not plan on letting you go. We shall tell the doctor you're my cousin, Jenna Beckers." I nodded, liking that plan. As we walked along, I noticed a woman with two babies in her arms scurrying into a bread shop. The babies made me think of poor little James. Whatever had happened to him?

Watching the mother with the babies, I asked Cutler, "Do you think we might have children soon?" At my question, Cutler's eyes widened and he stopped walking for a second. Cutler recovered himself quickly and started walking again, tossing me a wary look as he said, "I do think it is rather early to be thinking of such matters. Do remember that we aren't married."

"Why is it too early?" I asked, not seeing his reasoning. "After all, we have made love quite a few times. Some of you is in me." Cutler flushed slightly and whispered my ear, "Is this really an appropriate subject to be discussing in public?" Cutler looked around warily to see if anyone was listening before he added, "Besides, I doubt it would even be possible. You aren't even a woman yet."

Taking offense to that, I asked, "What is that suppose to mean?" Cutler backed off a bit, replying, "I only meant that you haven't started bleeding yet and therefore are not a woman." Frowning at him, I contradicted, "Yes, I have. Remember with Ian?" Even if Cutler did not remember it, I remembered bleeding in front of him and Ian making fun of me for it.

Cutler thought for a moment and then nodded, "Oh, I do remember now. I apologize." Kissing his neck, I replied, "Apology accepted." The two of us kept walking to somewhere or another in silence. My mind was still on those babies. Giving Cutler a sideways look, I put my head on his shoulder and murmured, "Cutler?"

Eyes still focused straight ahead of him, Cutler asked, "Hm?" I looked up at him a bit nervously and replied, "I was thinking about something." Cutler stayed quiet, obviously distracted by other matters. Annoyed that he wasn't following my questions, I pressed, "Well? Don't you want to know what I was thinking about? I suppose I could keep it to myself..."

I was trying to tempt Cutler into asking me what I was thinking about, but Cutler wasn't really in the mood to work with me. He said nothing, blue eyes staring straight ahead of him. Annoyed, I stopped kissing his neck and bit down on it instead. Cutler flinched and turned to me, "Bloody hell, what is it that you want to tell me that is so important that you feel the need to bite me?"

This probably wasn't the best time to discuss a future marriage, but now that I had Cutler's attention, I might as well tell him my thoughts. Hesitatingly, I asked, "Would you ever marry me? Ever?" I gazed up pleadingly at him, trying to see the answer in his eyes. Cutler immediately went expressionless and didn't say anything for a few minutes.

"Don't you believe it is a bit early to start thinking of things such as marriage?" Cutler asked, avoiding my eyes. I sighed, taking that answer as a no. Cutler and I had always had a problem with our marriage. We had a lot of sex, but we never got to the point of matrimony. Why? Did Cutler not love me enough to make a commitment to me or was it something else?

Tilting my head at him, I asked, "Why don't you want to marry me? I know I'm young, but you proposed to me before. What about when I'm a bit older?" Once again, Cutler remained nonresponsive for a few minutes. Finally, he said firmly, "Perhaps we shall wait and discuss this when you are a bit older. It is quite clear I cannot marry someone your age."

That was true, but I still wanted to plan our future together. Unfortunately, we were at the doctor's office and the conversation had to come to an end. Cutler gave me a meaningful look and said, "Remember to cooperate. I'm going to go out and buy you a dress while you're at the doctor's." Cutler pushed the door to the doctor's office open and stepped inside.

The room was long and had lots of beds lined up on one side of the room. A tall woman with red hair and glasses was standing at the opposite end of the room. I figured she was the doctor. Cutler looked over at her and then set me down on the bed, whispering, "I'll go tell her about your broken leg. Stay here for now. I shall be back in a moment."

I nodded and watched Cutler stride across the room to talk to the woman. It looked strange how Cutler had to lean up in order to talk to her. She was a good half foot taller than him. Finally, the two figures walked back over to where I was lying. The doctor took a good look at me and surprise filled her features. That was odd. Did I know her from somewhere?

"This is Doctor Mary," Cutler told me, pointing at the woman. "I am sure she will take care of you later. I shall be back soon." Cutler leaned down to kiss my forehead. He pretended to pick a stray hair off my dress and instead stroked my breast lightly. We exchanged small smiles before Cutler turned and exited the doctor's office, leaving me all along with Doctor. Mary.

I hate to judge people, but I was having a very bad feeling about Doctor Mary. Something was wrong with her. I disliked the way she was looking at me and the way she towered over me. I felt so weak and helpless here. Finally, Doctor Mary spoke and asked, "Would you like a glass of water before the examination? You look parched. I don't want you to faint from dehydration."

At her words, I did realize I was rather thirsty. Hoping that the water would do me good, I nodded and said, "Yes, a glass of water would be very nice, thank you." Doctor Mary went to go fetch me some water without saying a single word. I still didn't like her much. There was something strange about her, but I just couldn't figure out what it was yet. Hm.

A few minutes later, Doctor Mary returned with water in hand. I took the glass from her hand gratefully and said a polite, "Thank you." Doctor Mary nodded and did not speak. Ugh, I hated the way she was looking at me. It was really creeping me out. I gulped down the water quickly and waited to see what would happen next. Doctor Mary didn't move.

"So..." I started out, forgetting what I had been about to say. My brain seemed to be getting all foggy. That was odd. Why was it getting foggy? I tried again and asked, "What are you going to do to me?" Before Doctor Mary could reply to my question, the world dissolved in front of my eyes and I was sucked into a tunnel of black oblivion.

When I finally woke up again, I was certainly not in a hospital bed. Oh no, I was in a room which was way too familiar. Blinking, I sat up in bed and realized I was in my own bedroom. How the hell had this happened? I scratched my head and tried to clear my mind as I remembered the events that had happened right before I had fallen unconscious.

Cutler had dropped me off at the doctor's and then she had given me some water...oh. I immediately realized what had happened. What she had given me had definitely not been water. It was a drugged water that would make me sleep for hours. Doctor Mary had been looking at me in such a strange manner because she recognized me from the wanted signs. She had turned me in and received the reward of money from my parents. Shit! My plan couldn't have gone any more wrong.

Just as I was thinking this, the door opened and my mother stepped inside the room. I gulped. This certainly wasn't going to be good. Mother was not going to be very happy with me. Looking down at me with a look of disgust on her face, she said, "You should be very ashamed of yourself, young lady. I don't even know where to begin! You have been such a shame to the family."

Deciding it would be best just to stay quiet and hold my tongue. I looked at the comforter on my bed and stayed quiet. Mother sighed and asked, "What were you thinking when you decided just to run away like that? I don't even know who you are anymore. You're not my daughter. You've turned strange. Why that is, I do not know."

I gave mother a strange look. Why was she saying that I had become odd? True, I had run away, but I hadn't done anything else bad. Trying to clear up the situation, I said, "Yes, I suppose I am guilty of running away. I don't understand though. Why does this make you think I'm not your daughter? I have done nothing else wrong ever. You know that."

"Don't you dare lie to me!" my mother said, shaking her finger in my face. "James has told me about every one of your dirty deeds." Oh god...what exactly had James told my mother? This wasn't going to be good...
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