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3- Love never provides a lie. SHORT

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Shorty but more too come.

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When Gerard woke up the next day someone was yelling and shacking him. “Gerard! Wake up! Dad…kind of…Found us?” Gerard shot strait up “What?” He yelled. She laughed “I dressed you after you fell asleep just in case!” She winked. “But he found me in your bed with your arm slung over me! He wasn’t happy but want yelling!” She said and shook her head. “He’s making coffee.” She said. “No I’ve been right behind you the whole time…” He said. She turned and knocked the lamp off the table. “Darn!” She yelled and went to find the broom. Frank had his arms crossed over his chest staring at Gerard. “Hi Frank…What brings you around?” He asked casually trying to get off the other subject. “You’re not getting out of this!” Frank said. “What do you think ‘she-is-off-limits means! You’re going to end up hurting her like any other one night stand! I won’t let that happen!” He said firmly and Kayla walked in with the broom and dustpan. “Dad could you back up so I can get that please?” She said. He nodded and took a step back. “Um…would you like to move in with me Kay?” He said. She stopped dead in her tracks. “Get out! You just can’t come in and control my life! Sure I slept with Gerard! Whatever maybe I lo- really like him! Maybe you said from the beginning you didn’t want anything to do with me! GET OUT!” she said raising her fists and almost crying. He nodded and walked out, glancing at Gerard with anger. She turned and finished the sweeping and sat on the bed. Gerard pulled her into his arms whispering that it would be ok. “No it wont! I knew I should off just stayed how I was before! I made good money!” She said to her self. Gerard confusedly said back “What did you do?” She looked at him with shame in her eyes. “I don’t want tot ell you…” A thousand thing went through his mind but he didn’t say a thing.
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